Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Royals

Jefry Marte gets another start at first base, this time against right-hander Yordano Ventura. Nick Castellanos gets a break for a day, giving Andrew Romine a second consecutive start.

TIGERS (career numbers off Ventura)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (3-for-5, walk, 2 K’s)
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-3, K)
  3. Ian Kinsler, 2B (5-for-9, double)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (4-for-8, 2 HR, walk, K)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (3-for-7, double, 2 walks, K)
  6. Tyler Collins, LF (1-for-3)
  7. James McCann, C (1-for-3, K)
  8. Jefry Marte, 1B
  9. Andrew Romine, 3B (1-for-4, walk, K)

P: Anibal Sanchez

ROYALS (career numbers against Sanchez)

  1. Alcides Escobar, SS (8-for-28, HR, 5 K’s)
  2. Ben Zobrist, 2B (3-for-22, 3 walks, 2 K’s)
  3. Lorenzo Cain, CF (4-for-23, K)
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B (9-for-31, 3 doubles, walk, 2 K’s)
  5. Kendrys Morales, DH (5-for-15, 2 doubles, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B (3-for-20, 2 doubles, 4 walks, 5 K’s)
  7. Salvador Perez, C (2-for-17, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  8. Paulo Orlando, RF (1-for-3)
  9. Jarrod Dyson, LF (3-for-24, double, walk, 5 K’s)

P: Yordano Ventura


If I’m Ventura and I see Gose leading off, i see a groundout, weak flyout or a strikeout.
Goes does not intimidate a starting pitcher Ausmus!

HR Derby Sanchez, again. 26 and counting. The guy is killing himself. How long does a fix take? Or, is he done?

How is this a much better start than last night? Playing ketchup again already..

I am no longer high on Sanchez. I would trade him, but I don’t think any other team out there thinks enuff of him to give much in return. Too much of a buy high, sell low situation for the Tigers. Probably need to hope and hang on.

Gose is striking himself out of a job.

11 K in last 5 games

Must be trying to tie the number of DP’s the Tigers have hit into?

Not a fan I’d the pro-kc strike zone.

Yes, Sanchez has been disappointing. But, I am not ready to give up and trade him.

Nor would I. The Tigers couldn’t get anything for him. It would be a salary giveaway.

Sanchez has been most disappointing …not worst of expect a lot more from him.
Meanwhile tiger’s still suck..

Sanchez has not only given up the second most HRs in MLB, he has a 4.82 ERA. Not good. There was a comment recently that Sanchez would be an ace on other teams. Tough to figure that one.

I can’t do this no more, guys. That trade deadline garbage took it out of me.

So Rich, you are jumping off the insanity train and leaving the rest of us fans? We fans are guilty of watching the same team over and over and expecting a different outcome……yep, we know what that makes us.

This umpire clearly sucks

I’m having a hard time deciding if Rod and Mario work for the Tigers or KC.

I guess they just appreciate a locked in team. They do tend to drool over other teams & certain players. It is annoying, but not much to get excited about with the Tigers.

Screw it. Nighty night…..Anibal sucks and so do the tiger’s hitters.

When the guy that put the team together doesn’t believe in it, why would the players? So they show up, they play, and that’s it. As most any employee would do in those circumstances.

And we are struck watching another 1 1/2 months of this . Maybe they can do better tomorrow .

You’re not getting max effort anymore. It’s debilitating when you’re still in the race and management quits on you.

demoralizing to the whole fan base and players.

Looks like they are just going thru the motions . Hope they can figure it out by 2016.

The press and many fans wanted a sale. They got what they asked for

Those fans who wanted a sale must have been a lot younger than many of us.

I wanted the Tigers to go for it . Still cant believe they threw the towel in so early and with so many games left. Fifty plus years I have been a fan and not giving up.

He is owed 38 MM. Nothing compared with the bad contracts of the previous decade.They could eat it all if needed.

Aníbal xFIP 3.93 If FB became HR at a normal rate that would be his FIP
He is walking players below his career average.His SO rate is the 4th best for his career like his BB/9. 5th lowest H/9
Already his 5th best total SO
He allowed 21 HR as Tiger before 2015. His HR rate was going up before the trade to the Tigers.Jones fixed something.He did before, probably could do it again.

He need one more HR to tie Scherzer´s mark in the full 2011 season

His ERA was 4.43

Sanchez sucks and you can paint that picture in whatever numbers you choose. He still sucks.

People who pull up small samples and/or peripherals to make a point really have nothing solid to go on.

I read about folks who wanted to blow up the Tigers, but what reasonable person wants to sell with a reasonable chance of recovery. This team had the worst or near worst record in MLB for about 4 months, after that 11-2 start. Baseball is a sport- business. In 2008, I had a decent market portfolio and then went into recovery mode thru other investments. What’s the difference in managing baseball stock? Loyalty? There is no loyalty in baseball. The ownership sells and trades and the fans boo and shun. This is not amateur baseball. It is money ball. It is all about the bottomline and/or winning.

So, don’t throw good money after bad money. Go into recovery mode or go down the toilet.

Just a thought….Maybe, just maybe, Sanchez and other decent players on the team just don’t like playing for this manager and are just waiting for Avila to fire
him….before they hit the bottom of the division…they are so close at this point..
Cleveland appears to have a lot of energy, along with the Chisox.
This team was destroyed by both DD and its’ manager,coaches…..
Today’s game showed the difference between a professional team and
a bunch of scrubs….Kc was playing with the Tigers….allowing them to go so
far and then stopping them at the gate.

NJBENGAL, that is absurd. If you didn’t like your manager but still got paid a fortune to do your job, what would you do? Start crapping the bed and being terrible? No, these guys are doing the best they can, there is too much $$$ on the line not to. Maybe, they aren’t being put in the best possible spots to succeed, but that is another story.

It’s a sad state when 3 of your four hits come from rookies. It’s also sad that we have to endure 40+ more games this season. Most baseball experts had the Tigers in the WS this season; I can’t think of a more bizarre year than what we are witnessing. Basically, nothing has gone right. It will be good to get Miggy back if for no other reason than to see that big smile. Almost think it’a time to move Casty to first, Marte to third, and Migg to DH, and try to trade VMart. I love this guy, but being stuck with his contract, and seeing Migg more vulnerable to injuries, maybe the time has come to bid goodbye to another class act. I’m talking end of the season of course, but Marte is a keeper, and needs to play. I’m sure Rags in on the waiver wire; Alex should be. Boy wouldn’t you like to be in on those contract discussions. That scenario will determine whether Al is going to be the Man or not. Jones need to be fired before Brad. Not ready to give up on Anabal yet. A good pitching coach could correct a lot of our mistakes.
GK was correct tonight; Blue was as inconsistent as any I’ve seen this year. Would not hurt my feelings if Technology called balls and strikes next year. It’s gotten that bad. I don’t think anyone would object to consistency; it wasn’t there tonight. The level of play tonight was no better than the 2002 guys. Dropped balls, continued pickoffs from first, are amateurish, especially this late in a season.
1. Marte.
2. Marte.
3. Marte.
2-3-4-5 was embarrassing. I’ll be honest with everyone. I knew it would be tough, but I never for one moment thought that we would be so irrelevant. To fall from first to worst in one year, is a hard pill to swallow.

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Ace Sanchez now leads MLB in HRs with 28. His ERA stands at 4.95. How does that not suck?

I’m taking a Xanax and going to bed.

I did not comment about this particular game because I did not watch it. I enjoyed watching the Yankees losing their 4th in a row. Walk-off in the 16th

Anibal is smart, has good stuff and can throw 95.
He has had a bad year.
I’d stick with him.
Now Gorzelanny, c’mon–what IS the point?

Sanchie threw som very ill-advised fastballs today.

ElT… You did not comment? Then who made the other 6 or so comments under your tag under this post? What the heck is going on here?

And if you didn’t see the game and you still commented, how valid are your comments?

I don’t see any comments on the particular game. Just comments on the Tigers in general.

Yeah. I can see where ElT is coming from, now.

Sanchez may have touched 95, but he hung out in the low 90’s. And he tended high with little movement. He sucked and his stats proved him out. It’s the same sorry Sanchez time and again.

Rich, I still don’t get how you are disappointed in selling. What else could they do? The team fielded for the first half of the season played losing ball. They needed a lot more than just a starter and a reliever. And what kind of starter and reliever could they get with our farm? Instead of playing .400 ball they might play .500… It still doesn’t get us into the post season. At least now they have a chance to fix this so we don’t have to watch .400 ball for the next 8 seasons.

Non of it matters…..the management made it clear it doesn’t matter and the players sure don’t care! So I’ll watch but I’m really going to try and accept that a bunch of millionaires can’t even get it together for the Detroit Tigers fans in order to entertain them. Their wasting a lot of people’s time and money. That’s the thing with gurenteed.contracts…you can throw in the towel and go through the motions team has zero recourse. I’ve said it before I’d like to see their pay base partially on incentives. Betcha you’d get better effort!

gosh this is like a broken record – starting to watch games now and turning them off halfway through, which I normally never do Just so frustrating to watch them. And Victor is killing me with his pop outs lately. I love my VMart but geez.

I agree with Rich. I don’t get how people were so resigned TO selling. They had a chance. Soon Miguel will be back. We are now seeing the result of a team ripped apart to save, what, a few bucks? 2016 has nothin’ to do with nothin’ as far as I’m concerned. You play for now. They are deflated. Beyond that, last night every break went KC’s way. Every bad break went Tiger’s way. This usually happens when a team is emotionally down. It’s uncanny but always true. You’d expect breaks to even out but they don’t. KC is flying high right now and can do no wrong. And they play like it. Tiger’s woes punctuated by Collins’ dropped ball and Gose’s pick off. When was the last time we saw an outfielder drop a routine fly like that? Now 5 under.500, I don’t expect any miracles. I had hoped that they’d rally around all the diversity but it looks insurmountable at this point. I just expect them to show up and give it their best effort. That’s all. Hold your head up and play baseball. That’s what you expect. The breaks usually come when max effort is given.

it is amazing how when you are good, you get all the breaks and when you struggle nothing seems to go your way, either that or you just notice it all so much more

I thought I had given my reasons for not wanting to sell. At the time, they were 1.5 games behind the nearest legitimate contender for the WC with two months to play (this was before they sold their star pitcher to one of those contenders). I saw things that led me to believe that they were going to turn it around enough to get into the postseason, which in my mind is the ultimate goal. I saw those things because I’ve watched a zillion baseball games, not from looking at numbers.
A large number of smart baseball people agreed with me. It got Dombrowski fired. You don’t quit when you have a legitimate chance.
Why am I so dead set against quitting? I have 58,220 reasons for that.

Would love to have a sit down conversation with Dave and Mr. I and just get the facts.
I agree, Rich that we bailed too early. So did DD hit panic mode, wondering what would happen if we missed, and then had nothing for Price or Cespedes? His contract expired on 8/8, so he must have read the tea leaves. Did Little Caesar give him guidance, or had he already decided to change directions. One would be a fool to not agree that Miggy’s absence altered every aspect of the lineup each night. Things had to be different once he returned to the lineup, but how much. Maybe Mr. I was fed up with the BP mayhem that has been going on way too long. Would just like to know the mentality of both of these gentlemen. We will probably never know and have to speculate. Finally one would surely agree also, that even without Miggy, we have lost at least five games, maybe more due to simply executing properly as MLB players should.

Should be not executing.

The only upside to all these events is that now Miggy shouldn’t/wouldn’t feel pressure to get the team into a wild card position when he returns. Especially if his leg starts biting at him again. We have seen what happens when he tries to carry the team. My hope is he helps the team win some games, helps the guys get some confidence back and inspires them to play up to their potential.

Diversity above should read “adversity”. So would I Greg. I can’t imagine DD alone made the decision to trade those guys. Is he willing to make it appear that way by remaining quiet? What gain for him from that? Some of this may clear up after the WS. But these guys are all really good at “non-speak”.

Fact is DD doesn’t need to say anything. He’ll find any job he wants and those fan bases would be ecstatic to have him. DD being let go I am sure has nothing to do with the decision to sell. I’d imagine it has more to do with hiring Ausmus. Ausmus has drastically under-performed with 2 pretty good teams. I knew coming into the season this season depending on Ausmus learning from his mistakes last year. Doesn’t appear he had. Injuries certainly didn’t help anything either.

Correct. He doesn’t. We’re just sayin’ the facts would be intriguing.

To TigerFanInSLC….regarding my absurdness….Have you heard of people(still being paid) not producing the way they should for a boss who constantly makes wrong decisions? I rest my case.Anyway, that’s my opinion. Ausmus should have been gone a long time ago….case in point: Gose leading off…how many times does this guy get on? guess what he’s still leading off. Thats just stubborness and
stupidity…..Kinsler is supposed to knock in who? He winds up hitting a double with
two men out, and winds up stranded…over and over.
I wonder who is whispering in Ausmus’s ear…If he were managing a NY team he’d be gone.
Thanks, Mr. absurd

I happen to agree, he should be gone. I think he’s had 2 teams capable of winning big and he has under-performed with them. I just thought it was absurd to think the players are laying down.

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