Monday’s lineups: Tigers at Royals

Looks like a night off for Jose Iglesias, who had played every inning of the Tigers’ last 18 games. He went 1-for-13 over the weekend against the Red Sox. Andrew Romine gets the start against Johnny Cueto, who has been particularly tough on lefties (.177 average, 70 strikeouts in 266 at-bats). That said, Tyler Collins had three decent at-bats against Cueto, and he’s back in the lineup in left. Alex Avila starts behind the plate.

TIGERS (numbers off Cueto)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (2-for-7, triple, K)
  2. Tyler Collins, LF (1-for-3, double)
  3. Ian Kinsler, 2B (2-for-6, double, triple, walk)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (0-for-9, walk, 2 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-7, walk)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (0-for-4, walk, K)
  7. Jefry Marte, 1B (0-for-1, walk)
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

P: Matt Boyd


  1. Alcides Escobar, SS
  2. Ben Zobrist, LF
  3. Lorenzo Cain, CF
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  5. Kendrys Morales, DH
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  7. Salvador Perez, C
  8. Alex Rios, RF
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Johnny Cueto


Apparently our manager thinks this is a “throw-away” game. This lineup is about as absurd as he could make it.
Wonder if we will see James and Jose playing tiddlywinks together on the bench.

To follow up on a comment by Kate on a previous post:
I agree. I have had a very difficult time in accepting Brad as a credible “manager” ever since the bullpen fiascos of last year. This whole season has verified my opinion (in my own mind).
There has been a disconnect pretty much all along. Brad’s post game interviews seem about as meaningful as the ones Jim Leyland used to go through the motions with. Brad may not be spewing out food with his interviews but he sure spews a lot of nonsense, non-speak and cliche. I admit that there is only so much one can say in an interview, especially when you are beholden to management and players, but some kind of honest emotion and equivocation need to be better balanced.

I do believe Brad has to go. He doesn’t “feel” like a Tiger to me. I am all in on giving tram another kick at the can.

They have done the right thing with Krol, now if they would just send Gargoyleznny to the Hiroshima Carp my wishes will have been fulfilled. Though instead of skateboarding in Phoenix I see they have already sent Greene to Toledo.

Einstein’s definition of insanity with these lefty’s in the bullpen! Keep trying the same guy’s that keep failing over and over.

I wish they’d play some military marches when Brad goes to the mound. Left right left right…………..

Just got back from vacation in the UP. I like Brad. I really like him a lot. He does not impress me as a manager of a baseball team. Tram did not get a fair shake. Maybe Iggy should be back in the 9 hole as his avg has slipped. I thought Jimmy Smokes was boring but BA has him beat. Might as well give Moya a shot. I don’t care about his AAA stats. How does Toronto win so many games? I am not giving up like Carol is. Go Tigers!

This lineup appears to be up yours “Tiger Fans”, I’m tired of your piss’n and
moan’n…I see they have Anthony Gose leading off again…Maybe it was because
he may have hit Cueto last game against KC…Good Luck! I mean it!

All these posts regarding Brad must go brings back memories……who remembers the Fire Millen chant?

Saw that Uehara is out for the season with a fractured wrist. Kinsler realy smoked him to b sure. Amazing that Kojii fired a strike to first on the play to finish the game.

So Brad says they are giving up. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play your best. I see when Miggy(hope he dosen’t rush back)comes back I suppose you will play your best than. Tram-Gibby- Gerdinire would make good managers. Is it me or is Iggy stating to get cocky and lazy in the field. That is why I think a new manager would pull in his rope. I also think a new bull pen is needed. Also Gose might be fast on the bases but he sure strikes out alot at leadoff. If you are going to lead him off he has legs USE them if not bench him.

Totally Joe. Gose should not be hitting leadoff right now as has been thoroughly expressed here on this BLOG.
Jose is mixing up flair and arrogance. It is OK to have flair.
I am a fan of Jose, as well as McCann.

Well, Ausmus was right about Iglesias and leading-off

Here we go. 3 pitches. Gose strikes out. How long do you think they’ll be in this game tonight?

They’re already probably out of it.

Regarding Victor. …while I’m not urked by what he said…his tone was not great. I wasn’t in the car much today but people were very mad at him and Iglesias. I think what these athletes seem to forget is that a lot of people have very hard jobs and don’t get paid nearly as much. So when they get all indigent when people boo them they have to remember that it costs a lot of money to go to a game and to see these guys play so poorly all year is wearing on people.

Well, this is not looking good already.

Curious what you all think…..I know that Ausmus and DD are taking the heat. However what’s the biggest problem with this team PITCHING. …is Jones on the hot seat or should he be?

Well this game is over and it just started…only hope was to keep them from scoring and it’s already to much. Whatever.

Jones is very good at fixing mechanics but I doubt he can fix the mental strategy or communicate with the farm the up and coming pieces and their arsenal of pitches and readiness. This game is over in the BOTTOM of the 1st inning! This is one of the Tigers biggest problem this year. Good Night!!

He doesn’t seem to be fixing anything though? They are all broken.

Boyd 33 pitches already even after the first 2 batters singled on the first 2 pitches. I may have the answer to my question above already. I’m not going to sit here for 2+ more hours when the anemic hitting has little chance to make up those 3 runs. I’ll check back later after I read some exciting Dr. Seuss books.

I’m going to go get a root canal. Lol

I got the National TV Blues.

38 pitches an 12 outs for Cueto…….um if not for a JD double were being no hit

It is Cy Cueto. Second lower ERA in MLB since 2011

He’s really good… doubt about it. I’d just like to see a little fight. We seem to be the only team who doesn’t foul off pitches and drive up pitch counts. I don’t know.

On another subject, The Red Sox were all upset by Marte’s bat flip on Saturday. Funny, they don’t seem to mind Ortiz routinely doing it.

I thought same thing king of the bat flip and showboating.

So much for “repeatable” mechanics. Some guys need it and some guys just need to release the ball whenver and from wherever.
Seems to work for Cueto.
This is one boring ass game. How about a brawl. Preferably with the other team though.
This is very likely the last inning for Boyd.
This has been a very agonizing year for Tiger fans.

Hope this road trip does not turn out to be a disaster. Maybe they can turn it around,

Anybody else here think it wil be a minor miracle for the Tigers to score even one measly run tonight?

Lobstein threw for Lakeland today. Went 4 2/3

These announcers need to do a little more research. I think McCann has a pretty decent arm as well.
Also I could have sworn one of them said that Gose has “power” in his first at bat. I may have heard that wrong. It certainly is wrong!

After the miscue while Verlander was pitching. Marte has been earning his keep. Head-up play

Perez has 24 CS (34%)
Captain America has only 18 but 45%.
Way above the league average of 32%

Against a good pitcher, swing early. You dont want to face him 0-1

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Miggy- charge the mound and slap those dreadlocks off that dude!

Do not like Cueto’s act. Kind of cocky. Most of it is just confidence I know. Guess if you’re good……..And people think Jose is arrogant.

Unbelievably bad LHP in the Tiger system. Hopefully the new guys are different.
Hard to believe they are so obtuse as to throw 3-2 fastballs to guys that are sitting dead red.
We all knew this game was a give-away from the git-go.
Shame on Brad for that.

I actually think Marte has been darn good at 1st. I did no see the play in the Verlander start though.

We need Jack Morris out there tonight……………………..on the mound I mean.
One of these Royals needs to get coned.

Must be nature was calling Joe West. My gosh, his strike zone got bigger than a camel’s bladder……….am I allowed to say that?

No. Delete that post immediately.

Take away the first inning and this was actually a close game. Here come the Tigers in the 9th as Mario says.

Cloned? Cwoned? Oh coned.

Guillén and Jérez, ESPN in español confirmed, Miguel told to Venezuelan press that he will be ready for Houston

I had the game on but I can’t say that I really watched it. I understand that they only count area viewership so my TV doesn’t count anyway. Just as well, I didn’t watch the ads either.

Miggy will at least give us something to watch.
Smart managing by Brad. He didn’t use any of our good relievers. Which are the good ones again?
But seriously, Boyd may have something there. One can hope.

I liked the commets Mario and Rod said about Lorenzo Cain chit-chatting with Victor. Lorenzo put a kibosh to it after they lost 2 games. No more chit-chatting.
Cueto is everything you want in a starting pitcher, especially a rental who will take you to the World Series.

Jason twitted:
“Make of it what you will, but as a group, Tigers LHPs have given up a higher AVG to LH hitters (.269) than RH hitters (.267) this year” No more match-ups.Or better no more LH in the BP

Not to mention, they are still carrying an extra pitcher

Boyd starts badly, actually pitches well enough to win; talking about a broken record.
I think we all knew it was going to be Cueto’s night. I think our guys hoped he would get the complete game. Hats off to him. He deserved the accolades tonight.
Three observations from tonight’s game:
1. Boyd can be a 4 or 5.
2. Anthony Gose is not a leadoff hitter.
3. Rajai would look good in Dreadlocks.
Three things to like about tonight.
1. Tyler’s peg to second; great throw that got lost in the shuffle.
2. Marte’s presence at first is getting better and better.
3. Speaking of defense, it seems that Nick is now able to make the routine plays routinely, and is starting to make more challenging plays.
Back into the rut of no hitting. From what I’ve seen, I do believe that it is critical to shut down the Royals in the first and second innings. They feed off a good start and never look back, because they know that unlike the Tigers, their Pen is no Bull.

By the way, Alex can’t hit, but no one would have swung at the third strike call from Country Joe. It was a blatant miss.

Actually those were SIX good observations Greg.

Dreads better than Rajai:
Joyner and Vizquel would kill for dreads.

I like your style.

Love watching Cueto pitch, it’s like more than one person on the mound.
If Ausmus is not a fan of the dreads, I vote for a Johnny Damon mohawk for him.
As a Tigers fan, I am not proud of how my attention has focused on who will get into the World Series. I would love to see the Mets & Blue Jays. Do not want to see Scherzer in it. I, like others, soured on him (and his oversized ego).

Castrovince pronunciation of Avila is the proper in Spanish. In Spanish, orthography applies for last names too.
New direction , with the same team ? I, like many, still think there is something more.
At the time, frictions between IRod and JL about leadership were mentioned as a reason for him asking a trade.
I would like to see a pitcher as the next manager no more catchers.
In my times, the SS was the player you expected to be the team captain. Usually, is the best player.
I understand Ausmus was complaining about the samba move Cueto does during his delivery
Henning forgets in his analysis the 6 MM owed to Fielder, he liked that trade that much that he wanted to trade Cabrera
Even with JD doubling his salary, there must be around 45-50 MM available for FA
Cafardo has Cespedes 100/5

Trying to get inside Cueto’s head a little?
I think Cespedes is gone for good. We blew our shot at keeping him.

Even with the Fielder and JD deals, I figured about $50M for FAs I think that could be enuff for Cespedes, a strong closer and maybe even a Max-deal for Price. Max got a big contract, but much of it comes at the backend. I detailed his earnings per year a few blogs back. Max is at $17M this year and then bumps to $22M for 3 more years. He doesn’t hit the stratosphere until 2019. The Tigers get a new TV contract at the end of 2017 and could treble its annual worth.

Price would want $28-30+ MM/year, Cespedes is now in the $20MM/year bucket and a strong closer is easily $10MM+/year. Where do the Tigers get their CF and setup guy(s) from? Those 2-3 guys are easily $20+MM, depending on tenure and capabilities. I just don’t see Price and Cespedes back in Tigers Unis.

I said a Max-type contract for Price Re-read the figures. The start is 17M/Yr and then a 3 year bump. 17 plus 20 plus 10 is 47 for 2016. They are just fine with Gose in CF. He is a defense first guy, just the way the up-the-middle defense was designed. And I think only a VERY FEW people saw Cespedes and Price in the same uni to start. I think it’s possible again.

And Jay, like I said before, the current TV contract expires in 2017. The Tigers should treble their money in that area. There is plenty of money,

I haven’t been disappointed in how little entertainment a club that’s quit mid-season has provided.

A lineup is not official until it is handed to the umpire. Device Detection’, ‘Module was not loaded.

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