Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Red Sox

The righty-heavy lineup (save for Anthony Gose) gets the call against big Red Sox lefty Henry Owens in his second Major League start.

On the Red Sox side, Pablo Sandoval gets the day off, denying him a final chance at Justin Verlander this season. He went 0-for-3 against Verlander in Boston last month in their first meeting since his memorable game in the 2012 World Series.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio


  1. Rajai Davis, LF
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS
  3. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jefry Marte, 1B
  9. Anthony Gose, CF

P: Justin Verlander

oldredsoxlogoRED SOX (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Brock Holt, 3B (1-for-4)
  2. Rusney Castillo, RF
  3. Xander Bogaerts, SS (1-for-3, K)
  4. David Ortiz, DH (10-for-29, 4 doubles, 2 HR, 4 walks, 8 K’s)
  5. Travis Shaw, 1B
  6. Alejandro De Aza, LF (9-for-37, double, triple, 2 HR, 2 walks, 10 K’s)
  7. Blake Swihart, C
  8. Josh Rutledge, 2B (1-for-3, double)
  9. Jackie Bradley Jr., CF

P: Henry Owens


“I can get you four outs,but I can’t get you five.” This is on Kinsler, Iglesias and Marte

And Justin for walking really really bad hitters. Sometimes you need to pick up your teammates. Kinsler

Ya Kinsler had an error but you walked two guys batting below. 170. Pathetic Justin

My bad he didn’t Rutledge….but still walked 2 in that inning which is a disaster waiting to happen ….of course we walked twice the same inning and did nothing.

6-27 when losing after 2

AHA! Got a runner in from 3rd.

Way-y-y too many pitches by JV. 80 in 4 innings.

5 pitches, 3 outs. How many more “Cy” pitchers are out there? Tigers find so many.

Oh, great. Ortiz with a man on base.

I fear the Gose offensive experiment is failing. His BA is falling, he’s not stealing bases as much and now he gets picked off. Add to that he is not good under pressure when there is a RBI opportunity.

Last 28:155/.234/.241/.476
SO% 25.4

I simply don’t understand why the Tigers are stymied by this horrible pitcher Masterson. He’s had very few games where he hasn’t been shelled yet in every appearance against the tigers a supposed good hitting team he excels I just don’t get it.

Gorzel (gulp) lany?

JV didn’t pitch the greatest game but he kept it close. First batter GZ faces and it’s a HR from a .133 hitter. When will they ever learn?

I simply don’t understand even how the pathetic tiger’s pitching staff can walk Bradley and allow him a homer to a very deep part of the park, it really is simply awful. And that’s right behind getting a lead off double and standing the tying run.

Who Gorzelanny said he was ready for the majors again?….my god who makes these decisions? Really sad…

Iggy is slipping also. Down to .305

F’ing Jackie Bradley Junior Again. A$$$$holes. I’m done with these bozos

Well, that wraps it. Two Tiger LHP can’t get out all those Red Sox LHB. Gorzelanny and Krol have been disasters this season.

I would think that next year the bullpen will be improved by Al Avila. Especially if the rumors are true that Mr. I was ticked that the bullpen was never fixed. Maybe AA will not wish, hope & dream like DD did regarding the bull pen.
Wish our team was doing better, but it is what it is.

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Let’s give another pitching coach a chance..Jeff Jones is no help at all…as soon as he puts his hands on anyone, that pitcher becomes a disaster….my opinion.
We don’t have anyone who is close to unhittable.The opposition has no fear of any of our pitching staff…all they say is way them out…and bang!
Please clean house someone.

I was very surprised to see Gorzo back. I think he proved why.
Krol is a nightmare. That is some of the worst pitching I have seen in a long time.
There is no reason to keep this man any longer.
And now it is time for Brad to humiliate AlAl by putting him in another meaningless game.
Tigers prove my point again about this knack of playing dreadful ball at the drop of a hat. They can look like a good ball team for a short while then inexplicably look as bad as any team in the game.
Al Avila needs to put his stamp on this team this month. Forget the wild card, there are far too many obstacles, in the dugout, the front office, the bullpen and the clubhouse to overcome them.
Getting back to AlAl, why has he been under-used, mis-used and abused so much this year?
Kinsler has gone from absolutely atrocious to awesome.
Verlander looked pretty darn good today.

Boy did Marte ever get robbed today.

No earned runs by JV over 6 innings. Not a great game, but a very encouraging performance. Plus, he hit 97 about 100 pitches in.

Gose needs to sit. May as well since he pretty much doesn’t even bother to swing at strikes. I am really disappointed in how much he has fallen off. It may be time to realize he has peaked and look elsewhere for a center fielder. He’ll be lucky to hit .245 this year.
Call up Moya. And let Rajai finish his tenure as a Tiger in CF
This team is about next year—why not.

Dan, some good points. I really cannot figure Krol out. He has nice stuff, performed well in Toledo and has been stinking it up since his promotion. AlAl’s lack of use is also a mystery to me. Yesterday, I questioned why he didn’t get in, especially given the way Hardy has labored. And Marte has a reputation for being a hitter, courtesy of Alex. I’m just not sure he knows what a glove should be used for.

And I’m good on the Moya idea. Kathy raised the the Cespedes loss and the pathetic LF play issue yesterday. Why not Moya? What’s to lose? But I do feel differently about Gose. As long as he covers, .245 might be acceptable. He’s still quite young and could yet develop.

Maybe on another team…his accomplshments are nil at the plate….good fielder,
that I’d admit…but terribly boring as a player….young, I’ll admit, there are many
young players, waiting to develope…Tigers were not in a rebuilding stage this season. Maybe next season…on another team in AA ball.
You seem to be down on on Davis…He’s far more exciting and productive
than Gose, especially with the limited playing time he was given…Thank you,

When a guy, this time Bradley, is having a “day” why wouldn’t you take that into account when matching up? Get your head out of the book and get a feel for the game at hand. Ausmus is a terrible game manager. Eyeballs and instincts, man. This isn’t a math quiz.

Not sure what if anything Brad takes into account . What if any advice do the coaches give him? It really make you wonder if they are watching the same game as us .

They could have tied Minnesota for 2nd place with a win today. The rest of August looks ominous. KC, Houston, Cubs, Rangers, Angels, Blue Jays. All teams playing winning baseball.

I was very keen on Gose. And he had a really hot spring and beginning of season. But it is hard for me to project anything for him other than striking out too much to be helpful. The Blue Jays seemed to realize his limitations.
Our 40 man roster is a puzzle. We have guys like Ferrell, Valdez and Zeid on it. What on earth for? Then again we have Gorzo, Krol and Greene on our 25 man!
Put these guys in a place where they can be good. Krol in the minors, Gorzo in Japan, and Greene at a skateboard park in Phoenix with his hoody on.
Let’s swap some of these guys and take a look at Fullmer (who pitched great again today), Knudson and Jiminez.
Same rationale: Why not?
Forget service time and crap like that.
And a memo to Al Avila, don’t be so quick to admit you were all in on all DD’s deals and strategies. Put a little distance from the man who neglected the glaring problems in the bullpen for years and who let Fister, Scherzer, Price, and Smyly go but gave Ver a TEN year $200,000,000 + contract FIVE years ago when that kind of money was unheard of for pitchers.

It was Avila´s call with the advice of Larry parrish
Iglesias? the grind of his first full season in MLB.It is not that he was batting that much .Singles hitter without power . Not even xbases at CoPa, since he cant take the ball out of the IF
Quintin Gose? regressing to his career numbers once he ran out of luck. While just the second time picked-off. CS 30 % of the time. Someone tells him he is not faster than the ball

Wagner from the Blade.
“BTW, #Tigers fans … I get that Jackie Bradley Jr. has terrible numbers. But hear me: He’s gonna be a player. #RedSox”
Jason yesterday:”Jackie Bradley Jr. was one of the CFs on Tigers radar last offseason before they traded for Gose. That’s why.”

No one is actually surprised at the results of the last nine days, are they?

Rich, funny you should say that. I looked at the standings over coffee this morning and saw IN PRINT the Tigers were 6-4 over the last 10 and KC was 4-6. Kinda made me think twice and then I watched us lose today. I figure Dr. Leary musta spiked my expresso.

The Tigers are 4-5 since the trades were completed.

Gotcha on the trade thing. Just thought you would have found my profound new insight interesting given the aura of our era gone past and its glorious perception enhancers.

Against Boston? The surprise was the W

“Gorzelanny v. LHH: 14 ABs, .214 BA, 4 BB, 5 K’s, .571 slug%; v. RHH: 16 ABs, .125 BA, 5 BB, 6 K’s, .313 slug%. (2 of 2) ”
10:46 PM – 8 Aug 2015
I guess Ausmus does not believe in the numbers.

Before anyone scoffs at the idea of Jiminez being a 20 year old in A ball. Well, firstly he shouldn’t still be in A ball. Secondly, take a look at Roberto Osuna for the Jays. He played in the rookie league last year and is just 20 years old as well. BTW he had nowhere near the dominant numbers that Jiminez has.

I think you may feel about Jiminez the way I do about Valdez. Both guys have power arms with command issues. Control issues seem a common curse to that breed.

The thing is, once added to the roster,they must remain there . To take them out , they must go thru waivers. Not only Jiménez: Mantiply , Boyd and Knudson
And the service time is important,you could lose him as FA at his 26 YO season
Valdez? Ausmus pulled a JL there and threw him to the lions. His first PA ever in MLB in the highest leverage possible

..Gose is a very boring player,(again and again)..needs to sit….Collins should
play left, and Davis play center. certainly can’t be any worse than it is now. Or bring in Moya….Why Ausmus had Gose leading off… amazed me, he hardly ever got
on. Never felt confident when he was up with runners on base…What the hell was
Ausmus thinking with this guy?

He certainly has been even worse with men on base. It’s a shame, perhaps they could use him as a LH relief pitcher! He simply can’t hit.

Maybe he can use that under hand lob, he has after catching the ball.

Moya has struck out 136 times already this year..18 homers low obp….batting 239. He’s not the savior .

Gose batted 9th not leading off.

I beg ur pardon sir…I;m talking about most of the season,,,not recently.

Wow, I DVR’d the game, but will go ahead and delete without watching.

I’m not sure if Tigers fans are on the same page as the organization. The Tigers have restructured talent deployment. Pitchers are no longer K-first and up-the-middle defenders are no longer expected to pound. It’s now pitchers are expected to produce grounders and up-the middle defenders are expected to be defenders first. Iggy, Kinsler and Mc have done their jobs defensively and put up surprisingly good offensive numbers to boot. Those numbers were never expected, especially from Iggy or Mc. Gose was expected to cover lots of ground and he has done that. His 3 tools are speed, arm and glove. Any offense is a bonus. And certainly no power is expected from him. Given those parameters, I think things look pretty good for the Tigers on defense. It’s the pitching that has been horrible, both in the rotation and in relief.

NJBengal…I am down on Davis only as a regular. He has had only a few seasons when he got pretty regular time despite being with several different clubs. The reason is, he has big holes in his defensive game and cannot compensate for them with his other skills. Even though Davis is now older and no longer remotely resembles the greyhound he once was, I think the guy still has value . In certain running situations or against certain pitchers he can still produce offensively. The guy, however, remains a hack job in the field. He hurts the team defensively. If Davis could bang 30 HRs and knock in 100 every year or hit .300 with lots of walks and 80 SBs I’d be more forgiving. Hey Mags was a liability afield, but his offense was so special he was a must to retain in the game. Davis just doen’t cut it that wayfor me.

In fact, Zuniga wrote a recent article about Davis and Gose. It was posted in the NEWS and on the Tigers website. He reiterated essentially many of the things I have been harping about for months. Interestingly enough, Gose has been working with Davis on his weaknesses. And Davis recognizes Gose is special defensively, unlike many of the Tigers’ fans.

Hi again. Darlene: Thanks for your feedback. like Rich, I’m a field guy…I know
what I see, I like Rajai for his aggressiveness and speed…how many games
has he lost for the Tigers with his bad play…how many has he won for the Tigers? A grand slam,
a home run to tie the game in late innings,not too long ago…I’ll take Rajai’s’ not so great fielding . for better hitting anytime. He deserves more playing time,,,he could have given us a few more valuable
wins,,,I’ve said many times here…Gose is not an every day player. should be playing
for defensive purposes only. Thanks.

For me, Gose plays a good enough defensive CF to justify being the regular. He should only hit 9th, thus limiting his ABS (NEVER leadoff!), and Anthony himself needs to improve his bunting and baserunning skills. He also needs to learn to work the count and quit hacking at everything. He’s been pretty much what I expected; it was his hot start that surprised me.
I’m a big fan of Rajai, but his defense has plummeted. I don’t see keeping him much longer.

Pitching has killed this team. Simple as that.

I don’t see Ausmus learning anything, so may as well find a new guy this offseason. That will bring an entirely new staff.

There are stories out there about the business side of things; TV contracts and such, but that’s not my bailiwick. I’m an on the field guy.

Had to watch the replay today. Deacon’s meeting. Glad I had the meeting before the replay. Not going to say much of anything, except JV, outside of the high pitch count, should have won the game for us; Groundhog Day all over; GorzaWHO and can’t miss Lefty in the Fister Trade, turn Jackie Brown, Jr. into a superstar. WHEN will this team learn that Pitchers who don’t pitch well, usually don’t pitch well. How many times Brad does it take a matchup disaster until you maybe use a Rondon, an Al, or even a Buck to pitch to a guy batting lower than most NL pitchers. I’m so sick of BP garbage.
Use the best pitcher for that situation, regardless of the Tag on his shoulder. My 6 might be more helpful to me in the 8th. inning tonight. Bochy, several games ago, brought in his closer to pitch the 8th., and a rookie to work the ninth. Why? Because, the batters in the 8th. were 3-4-5. The Rookie got the save by facing 7-8-9 in the 9th.
The closer was more valuable in the 8th. Not us; stick to the schedule, and fall flat on your face. And 1 player gets half your hits. Wow, hang on for the last 50 games. If Brad is involved, we win less than half.
1. Kinsler- Guts and desire
2. JV- Three of the last four have been fine; alas not much to show for it.
3. Marte- Surprisingly good power. But what does he have on Alex? Well, three homers in less than 15 games. Improving defense, but hey, if it’s a righty, give us Alex.

Interestingly early in the season this team was pitching pretty well and couldn’t hit their way out of a paper bag. Now for the most part they can hit enough but their pitching staff couldn’t get me or Jackie Bradley Jr. out.
I don’t know why I expect anything to be any different. They are just pitiful and down right disappointing.

In yet another oddity from an odd season, KC’s record in the Central is 30-18. Detroit is 29-18. They fight it out tonight for best record after the Royals took a half game lead with their win yesterday.

Just can’t bear anybody else

Too many series losses to poor teams, Boston, Oakland, White Sox and then the other series losses to Balt, Pitt, Reds, Yankees, Brewers, Angels (4 game sweep) and KC (June). Getting the lead early has been non-existent and then the Pitching staff has given opponents leads early and then more runs after Tigers score to cut into the lead. Same song over and over again game after game! I have not been able to watch (stomach) a full game since mid April.

Disappointed in Victor’s remarks after the game. He better watch it he’s gonna find himself in the same position Nathan dI’d with the fans.

Too late for that. He already was. The most extremist fans want him and Miguel traded.

The Rangers have the worst BP in MLB ( ERA, WAR, middle of the pack LOB%) and the team most hit by injuries. They are closing into the second WC

Dodgers bullpen worst since AS break, per Morosi. I didn’t look it up.

yes, 1 full run above ERA. 1 % less LOB% -0,8 WAR. Tigers 0.4

What did Victor say? Got a link?

I was going to ask the exact same thing.

Alejandro Zúñiga ‏@ByAZuniga · 22h22 hours ago
A dejected Victor Martinez said he wishes he knew how to fix the Tigers’ struggles:

This has been one crazy season…from upper management, down through the team, all the way to the fans. There are so many players on the fans chopping blocks, for multiple reasons. He can’t hit, he can’t pitch, he is a trouble-maker, he has a big ego, he’s too old, he’s too lazy, etc. I guess it will be a blessing for Tiger fans when the season is over. We can then exhale and our heart rate can return to normal.

Fans dont know , sometimes you must tip your hat.While I disagree with the former , I have not played baseball since High School, I have said the later more than once: the other team came to play too

Tigers PR:
The Tigers today announced that they recalled the contract of LHP Kyle Ryan from Triple A Toledo.Krol optioned

And at MLB network, they want Iglesias benched.

BTW: Castellanos said the same.Those broken bat words are his

“That’s all you are trying to do, put the barrel on the ball,” Castellanos said. “Fans and you guys (media), you love results because at the end of the day this is a results-driven game. But as a player, you can’t focus as much on results because you can fail to hit a ball hard and get a hit, and you can smash it and be out.”
“They’ve been caught,”

I don’t see anything wrong with either statement from Victor or Nick because they’re both true.
Two kinds of fans: sports fans and baseball fans. Big difference.

I’d thought all along that Ausmus would finish this season but now I’m not so sure. Unless he’s been told to audition players, he’s not doing a very good job. Unhappiness can reach a tipping point and he may be the next target on the radar. Obviously nobody is safe these days.

I agree. Ausmus almost feels like a “puppet” all analytics and no feel. His “intelligence” was perceived as a plus on his hiring but, what we’ve witnessed is by the book decisions and most have proven to be the wrong results, unfortunately.

Apologies, I should have finished my thought. So, who does Avila Sr. have connections to for 2016? The rookie project (Ausmus) did not work with this group of talented ballplayers.

I’m sure unhappy. Let Brad go, end this nonsense.

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