David Chadd, John Westhoff named assistant GMs under Avila

When Al Avila succeeded Dave Dombrowski as Tigers general manager, he said he believed that the assistants he wanted to stick around would stay. On Friday, he made his moves to do so, promoting David Chadd to assistant GM among a handful of front-office promotions.

John Westhoff, previously vice president and baseball legal counsel, added assistant GM to his titles along with general counsel. Scott Bream was promoted from director of pro scouting to vice president of player personnel. Sam Menzin is the new baseball operations director.

Al Kaline, Willie Horton, Jim Leyland and Trammell are all being retained as special assistants.

“It’s in the best interest of the baseball operations department that we maintain continuity,” Avila said in a statement. “This is a talented and committed group to our organization, and we believe these changes in responsibilities will further enhance our efforts moving forward.”

Chadd, hired by Dombrowski a decade ago as amateur scouting director, has taken on more responsibility over the years from drafting to scouting to player evaluation and development. He spent the past few years as vice president of amateur scouting as well as a special assistant.

Westhoff’s Tiger tenure dates back to Dombrowski’s arrival in 2002. He has served as the team’s legal authority and chief negotiator on contract negotiations and arbitration filings, as well as administrative matters. In so doing, he has worked closely with Avila.

Westhoff also worked closely with Mike Smith, who had served as Tigers director of baseball operations until he left last week to work in community development in Detroit. Menzin, who joined the Tigers four years ago on an internship and bolstered the organization’s statistical analysis, takes the baseball operations post.

Bream became a valued member of Dombrowski’s staff over nine seasons as a Major League scout, then returned as pro scouting director three years ago following two seasons in the San Diego Padres front office.

Scott Reid has been serving as vice president of player personnel, working alongside Bream. Reid’s situation wasn’t announced, but Avila said in an email that he’s still working on the rest of the front-office posts.

The moves quiet speculation on which assistants could follow Dombrowski to his next position, wherever that may be. Dombrowski, for his part, told MLB.com on Wednesday that he expected most if not all of his assistants and advisors to stay with Avila, and that he could hire from elsewhere to build a group of assistants if the opportunity arises.


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This is more like what I heard Norris is like …..erratic.

Weird. The Red Sox can’t seem to beat many other teams but when they play the Tigers- Wow!

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Ortiz feels pretty comfortable playing against us too

Tigers , are down to 5th in runs per game ( 0.01 runs below Texas). They were 3rd until recently:

It is 1968 all over again. The new era of pitchers, the strike zone in bigger . The Tigers are above average. Only one team over 5

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Lazy running, lazy fielding, showboating. He will win many friends in the clubhouse that way.

Lots going on tonight, so I may as well talk about the scrap. The only thing wrong with that was it shouldn’t have happened in the dugout. We’ve had veteran teams here for a number of years and now we have youngsters.
McCann is the future leader of this team. That said, he probably shouldn’t have called out Iggy from such a distance, as it kind of shows him up. One on one would be better. Iggy reacted as anyone watching him play would expect; big ego there.
I was impressed with Nick’s actions. He got Iggy out of there whether he wanted to go or not. All in all, it’s better than having them doing grins and giggles while badly losing a game.

All the fights and scuffles in the world don’t change the problem with our team, especially over the last six weeks. Sadly, Norris joins a procession of really bad starts, down buy five or more by the third, and then followed by only two or three hitters who are on for the night. Said hitters only come around every third inning, and game slowly leaks away. In the last two innings, a gallant effort is made to overcome the 5+ run deficit, and it falls short. On the way to the end, hitter who is on for the night hits a bomb, and cuts margin to a manageable deficit. Enter long relief, who give up the runs we just scored, and usually more. The other half of our season has been that great OBP which in most of thees games has led to nothing. How many inning tonight with at least 2 on with less than 2 outs. And how many got home? ZERO.
I don’t know what caused the tiff, but I can’t imagine McCann saying anything that would undermine a team mate. Maybe he’s a jerk; I just don’t get that perception. Just another reflection on BA’s management or lack thereof. Maybe Igloo was upset over his AB’s tonight. He looked totally out of sink.
1. Four really good swings for Victor. Didn’t produce much, but showed promise.
2. 6-7-8 in the pen held their own. This is a rare event.
3. Ian on base another 3 times.
Kudos to Julio. This game was about the 20th one where the starter for the opponent comes in with a 4.5+ERA. Terrible WHIP; piece of cake we say. Then we give them the aura of Cy Young. A final comment: I’m not sold on Jones; a good pitching coach perceives the flaw, and oversees the correction. In our case, he doesn’t see the flaw, or our pitchers are flat out awful.
By Greg on August 7, 2015 11:30 pm – Reply

But where was Brad?
My feeling all year has been that Brad is really not effectively “managing” his players. There has seemingly been a disconnect all season.
Interesting dynamics aside it was good (as Rich points out) to see Casty intervene intelligently. Not sure what Gose was trying to accomplish. Never a good thing to come from behind somebody.
Anyway, the real problem remains. We have a team that can play absolutely dreadful baseball one day and decent the next. Good teams have bad games all the time but good teams don’t play dreadfull baseball as frequently as we have seen this year

The McCann comments were before i had read all of the evidence.

Feud among teanmates are not uncommon. The manager is not to blame there.
Jeff Kent and Bonds under JL. Jackson – Munson ( Martin or Lemon). Garvey- Sutton under LaSorda.

Kent and Bonds were Giants. Not under JL

Fans asked fire,accountability.They showed fire, they asked someone to take responsibility

Gose like Laird in the Avila- Galarraga took his side

Norris has one pitch. He is polishing the others .That is done in AAA, unless you already waved the white flag

BTW: two weeks ago, Kinsler confronted Iglesias after he was late to receive the throw.

May have a Bryce Harper kind of thing going on with Iglesias. Too young to have so much talent and have to learn how to behave. Usually they get it eventually.

If it is just a Bryce Harper thing, not so bad…Just don’t let it become a Puig thing.

Maybe they should have had Avila catching so as to “frame” the pitches better and call a better game (just kidding). If you watched the game, several players made misplays. Errors running the bases is rampant on this team, just like hitting into DP’s. Vanman needs to get back in his van and decompress. He was awful.

Posted before:
Norris manager with Buffalo:
“He’s got quality pitches,” Allenson said. “But it’s the ‘mixture’ of how you pitch that he needs to master.
“He’s learning about using the off-speed pitches to set up the fastball, working off the fastball to have success with the breaking ball.”
Wagner from the Blade
With high expectations( especially baseless) come big disappointments

Harper or Puigh? both are overly aggresive on the field to the point of being reckless. I dont see differences between them. Iglesias dogged it

Your comment was in reference to behavior, not playing style.

James McCann WILL have a C on his chest like Varitek did…he cares and he is a leader!! He will do what needs to be done…
— David Price (@DAVIDprice14) August 8, 2015

James “Captain America” McCann is probably a Dudley Do-Right type of guy and I can’t fault him for that. From time to time, he will get on people’s nerves. Seen it before.
Of all the major sports, I’d guess an MLB team is the biggest cultural melting pot.

Reading fan comments from around the web, I’m gaining the impression that people are no less disappointed with this watered down version of the Tigers than they were with the pre-deadline team. That doesn’t make sense to me.
At the deadline, the Tigers could contend if they added a starter and a reliever. They instead lost their best starter and best reliever. How can anyone expect them to contend for anything this year?
Rather than watch tonight’s game, I’m going to watch a movie with my wife. I suggest some of those fans do the same (no, not watch a movie with my wife, get your own).

Price knows his baseball. A real student of the game.
The way I saw things at the time was that I was surprised Iggy didn’t try to make a specatacular play out of one that didn’t totally need to be spectacular. I too wondered why he wasn’t going all out for that ball. And he clearly was NOT.
Two different personalities there. Some people play harder when they are behind in an effort to catch up because they just hate losing. Others tend to slack off when behind and moreso when they think it is a lost cause. I love Iggy, don’t get me wrong, but he seems a bit moody and much like the latter. McCann the former.
I have noticed Iggy giving away at bats. I notice it it because I like him so much and always wanted him to defy the “experts” who have labled him a weak hitter. Been really wanting him to hold the magical .300 level until season end.
We have two of the better young players in the game on our team at the two most important positions on the diamond. We need them both at their best for this team to work.

Love the Captain AmericaDudley Do-Right analogy Rich.

I heard that his nickname is actually Captain America. Makes me think of John Glenn when he was an astronaut.

BTW, I hope nobody here ever expects Daniel Norris to be anything near David Price.

After the first game, sell-sell fans were inducting Norris into the HoF

Remember the Seinfeld episode where George invites himself into a total stranger’s home to watch a movie with him and his daughter because they had beaten him to the rental store and it was the only copy available? He belonged to a book club but hadn’t read the book they were going to review. It was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. So, we’ll be over Rich. What time do you want us? Hope you have plenty of popcorn. Gourmet would be nice.
Am in complete agreement Rich. What did we expect? You trade away 3 of the most important pieces on your team, while your team is still in the playoff picture? What is that? Then after that DD is DFA’d? So the players are understandably a little upset? Nothing wrong here. Nobody said these young pitchers were going to come in and be MLB ready. Norris has a bad outing after a really good one and people are already complaining? The recent events are a bit traumatic for these young guys to be expected to seamlessly adjust. Why are we being so critical of them? I applaud McCann for at least an attempt at leadership, even though he probably needs to learn discretion and fairness. Wisdom is not necessarily reserved for the old, but if you are paying any attention, you will get wiser with age. I absolutely love watching Iglesias play. The guy is gifted. Don’t like his showboating. Can be nonchalant. I hope he learns to reign that in. You can be great and humble too. Again, wisdom. Still, I want him on my team. I was wondering if the the trading away of Yoenis may have both angered and saddened him. Just a thought.
Well I guess yesterday’s game brought us all back down to earth. But today’s another day and our Tigers can still take the series. So cheer up or there will be no soup for you.

Okay come on down, Marty. We’ll be watching “Birdman” though.
I neglected to mention that we traded Price to our chief competitor for the WC! It’s like giving away all your shoes then shooting yourself in the foot.

I totally agree with your Norris comments. The guy is developing at the MLB level. So is Farmer. Norris obviously has very good stuff, but has issues with command and needs to learn how to pitch. There is no way he is going to meet Price’s standard of excellence. To expect consistency and regular excellence out of these kids at this stage of their careers is unreasonable.

Excellent post above Dan. Right on insight.

“Jackie Bradley Jr. was one of the CFs on Tigers radar last offseason before they traded for Gose. That’s why. 16 hours ago ” there was no way to get him

The reason I referred to Puig is his general lack of socialization, not the way he plays baseball. On the field, I can recall when he dissed Gonzo last year. Off the field, he is such a wild man that the Dodgers hired a former teacher to mentor and babysit him. I read an article about the situation not long ago and Puig was basically wearing the guy out.

I don’t think the Blue Jays win the Wild Card.
I think they win the division.

I don’t just think they win the division. I think they win everything.

Yeah, now after the trades.

If you trade stars for prospects, the team that get the stars shorterm is always the winner. If we could have resigned Price, he would be in our rotation still. Jays have a lease; Price was the absolute missing part for them. If they don’t win this year, and don’t sign him to the big contract, we will come out better.I’m still stupid enough to think that Cespedes wants to come back to Detroit, and will take less to do so. But remember folks, I was thrilled with the last Higgenson contract.

Tulo and Price helped the Jays gain their Mojo back as seen by their recent 9-1 string of games! They did not back down from the Royals in their recent series last week and took them to the shed 3 games to 1.

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