Update: Matt Boyd is heading to Detroit

When the Tigers traded David Price on Thursday, Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said they could have chosen either left-handed prospect, Matt Boyd or Daniel Norris, to fill Price’s rotation spot. It’s looking like Boyd might will not have to wait long for his shot along Norris.

In a word, yes. The Tigers announced Tuesday afternoon that Boyd will be called up to start Wednesday against Kansas City in what originally was Buck Farmer’s spot. No corresponding roster move will be announced until after Tuesday’s game.

This has been on ongoing storyline. Boyd made his first start since the trade on Saturday for Triple-A Toledo, but pitched just two innings and 40 pitches. Dombrowski confirmed Boyd was on a pitch count, as seemingly had been signaled when the Mud Hens had reliever Alberto Cabrera warming up in Boyd’s second and final inning, but Dombrowski did not get into why Boyd was on a pitch count after not pitching in a game since July 24.

That was the first sign a call-up could be coming sooner rather than later. The empty locker Monday night was more definitive.

While Boyd could add another left-handed relief option to the Tigers bullpen, it’s more likely the 24-year-old would be a starter. The Tigers consider him a starter, as noted after the trade, and he has been used exclusively as a starter for the better part of two seasons.

The fact that Boyd pitched just two innings Saturday design is a strong case he was being prepared to start on short rest. If Boyd was simply being kept on standby in case Alfredo Simon couldn’t pitch next Saturday due to his groin injury, Boyd wouldn’t have to be on a pitch count yet.

Boyd almost surely wouldn’t replace Justin Verlander for Tuesday. More likely is the possibility of starting Wednesday, when Buck Farmer is scheduled to face the Royals. Farmer took a comebacker off his left knee last Friday at Baltimore, though he stayed in the game, and he left without completing six innings for the fourth time in as many big-league outings this year.

In such a scenario, Farmer could join the Tigers bullpen, as some have long suggested fits his skill set, or head back to Toledo.


Boyd, Fangrpahs: “His velo jumped this year from 88-92 t94 to 91-94 t96 and the solid average off-speed is now above average, sometimes flashing better… Basically unprecedented as far as I know.”
” I’d imagine he’ll be a solid back-end starter soon with a slight chance he could have enough funk/feel/pitchabilty to be even better.”
Kyle McDaniels

The better start, doing quick math, 4 runs and 9 hits over 6 2/3. Must be that July 2nd start ended in a bases clearing HR or something similar. Otherwise, kind of cruel leaving him in so long……short. Well, this will be fun/interesting.

Dombrowski gone. ….


Not surprised he’s gone just surprising it didn’t wait till end of season

Does that mean that Mr. I wasn’t sold on the reboot, or just thought the time had come?

Also read that Al Aliva is named the replacement. Also noticed the word “interim” was not used to describe the appointment. Does that mean that Avila is the long term plan. Hmmmmm. We shall see.
— Bob

About time dombrowksi! That’s what happens when you refuse to fix things obviously broken. Good luck blowing through another farm system, for what? – nothing.

Well, since he was GM didn’t they go to 2 world series and win a bunch of divisions? He has made some terrific and some horrible moves, I think he served the D well in his tenure.

Completely agree, He gave us almost 10 years of competitive baseball. Can’t complain. It’s easy to armchair and say crap like he never fixed the bullpen. But please, a lot of other fan bases would love 10yrs of competitive baseball.

Al is VP and GM and reports to Mr. I. Maybe talks of a contract came up and Dave wanted to move on. You read from me first, when they traded David Price. I’m confident Mr. Avila will have a handle on things.

Another big question> Will Al Avila do something about Alex Avila?

you mean, give him a hug or a hand with his bad – on the way out? if Alex is resigned after this year, I’ll be wearing Royal Blue on opening day 2016: fact.

Sounds like Dombrowski wasnt coming back so he let him go first. Less of a firing.

that’s what it sounds like to me, too, although we may never know the particulars.

Press conference at 5:00.

It just came on FSD.

Offered the job on Saturday.

Wow, I’m not sure how to feel about DD’s end of service with the Tigers. I knew it was a possibility, but didn’t really expect it at this time. Lots of big changes to the Tigers’ culture in the last 1-2 seasons.

It seems particularly shocking given the recent deals DD did. That doesn’t seem like the ideal prelude to his exit. either by him or by ownership.

They make it sound like it was pretty sudden, but Mr. Avila sure is happy.

Yes, Darline, the timing is a bit suspect. Don’t know what to think of it. You make two huge trades and then your gone? Who had input, better who had the most input in putting together these deals? I’m ready for the change but there are lots of intriguing questions. Evan, step back from the ledge. Royal blue is not a good color

correct Marty, I live with a blue jay and please do not join that ship

DD was overall very good for the club though the time had come for some change.
Interesting to see how Avila handles the ‘jobs for the boys’ culture that prevailed.
The overly generous contracts came back to haunt the club the past few years or so hen it became apparent the money pit had a bottom.
The biggest stuff up I saw DD make was giving a rookie, unproven Manager a 3 year contract – two years I could understand.

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