Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Orioles

J.D. Martinez is going to give it a go today in the series finale. His left knee isn’t good as new, but it’s feeling more stable than it was last night. It was more instability and weakness than pain when he left last night’s game.

The Orioles haven’t seen Daniel Norris in a regular-season game, but they faced him twice in Spring Training. Normally that means nothing, since pitchers don’t often use their normal arsenal. Sometimes with young pitchers trying to win jobs, though, there can be an exception. It’ll be interesting to watch how they approach him.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigerpitcherlogoTIGERS (career numbers off Jimenez)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (1-for-5, double, walk, 2 K’s)
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-1, HR)
  3. Ian Kinsler, 2B (5-for-20, 3 doubles, 3 walks, 4 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (9-for-27, double, 4 HR, walk, 5 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-7, HR, walk, 3 K’s)
  6. James McCann, C (1-for-2)
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B (0-for-4, K)
  8. Alex Avila, C (6-for-25, double, HR, 8 walks, 8 K’s)
  9. Rajai Davis, LF (0-for-5, K)

P: Daniel Norris

oscartoonlogoORIOLES (no numbers against Norris)

  1. Manny Machado, 3B
  2. Gerardo Parra, LF
  3. Adam Jones, CF
  4. Chris Davis, 1B
  5. Matt Wieters, C
  6. J.J. Hardy, SS
  7. Jimmy Paredes, DH
  8. Jonathan Schoop, 2B
  9. Nolan Reimold, RF

P: Ubaldo Jimenez


“His left knee isn’t good as new” say no more. sit him. enough dumb moves, brad.

Come on game time!

Good point Evan. At most he should have been DH’d

Three questions:
1) Is Norris’s nickname spelled Dino, Deeno, D-No or something else?
2) have any of the recently acquired young pitchers had their arm surgery yet?
3) why play an injured player in the current situation?

Maybe BA figures his job is in jeopardy and JD’s bat is too valuable for him to sit.

Norris looks to be the prize prospect acquired at the deadline. His overall scouting score is 60. Fulmer’s is 50 and both Cessa and Jones are at 45. 50 is considered an average talent score.

JD!!! Sore knee and all.

He said last night he planned on playing today.

What a find. How about this Valencia on DFA from Toronto?

Norris 1-2-3 inning. I’ll take it (and hopefully many more)

Nick looks like he is finally developing into a solid MLB player. He may not have much range, but if he continues to make plays as he just did things will be fine defensively. Add to that his recent power suge (one of the AL leaders with 20 RBIs since July 6) and the Tigers have a valuable corner player.

I am able to watch game live today. (MLB free) One question> How much has that shift robbed Avila of hits? I know he just hasn’t hit well (understatement) but can’t he learn to hit the opposite way sometimes?

yes, seems to me Avila has been hurt more than most by the defensive shifting

Norris has to get the ball down more. You would think these hitters will start squaring up on that high fastball. Great hustle by Norris laying out for that bunt. Very nice…now a double play.

Manny Machado is such a slick fielder…

Daniel looks good but he is going to get hit if he doesn’t get the ball down

Like I said!

Per the scouting reports, the knock on Norris has been his command, leading to high ERA and WHIP marks during much of his young career. The kid obviously has some decent stuff.

For once, the unknown LH call up is killing the other team

i thought lobstein did surprisingly well when he got called up last season

This is a fun game to watch!

Castellanos is 7th worst and Iglesias 13th worst in base.running ( MLB). Thanks to plays like that , lazy run to 3rd base

I noticed he was slowing down on his way to 3rd…thought for a minute he may have hurt himself, but I guess not. Jeff

Avila batting his nutrisystem weight, .176! I guess there were no takers at the deadline for his framing capabilities?

Nice pitch count but Ausmus should make sure the kid leaves on a high
Iggy looks like his right leg is bothering him a bit

Pitch count good. He’s hanging in there.

Baltimore Rondon has a 20+ ERA after 3 scoreless today!

Leading 6-1. Only 84 pitches. A measley single. Pulling him better not be a mistake, Ausmule.

I thought it was a good time to get him. He’s had a good outing your BP should be able to get 5 outs in a 6-1 game.
Kid looks good, needs work on command it seems. But, definitely a great get.

Baltimore crowd gave Norris a nice little ovation as he exited. Very classy on their part.

No complaints from me. The “Van Man” can field his position.

Best Tiger ballgame in recent memory…by far. Nice win fellas.

Welcome to Detroit, Norris.
Not expecting every outing to have the same results, but we have seen what the hype was about. Great job by the kid.

now that was a nice (calm) ending to a great pitched game…Norris,
you da man!

If Daniel continues to pitch well enough and gets run support, unlike David Price, and if Alex gets comfortable as the closer (I think he will), then the question is, how well can Rajai fill Yoenis’ position on a regular basis. Way too early to tell, but I think Yoenis’ absense, being an everyday player, will be most missed. I think Wilson can be better than Soria. On to the WC#2 quest.

the players are thinking the same, and they should until officially eliminated. upper management however thinks they’re done now. Tigers can definitely be spoilers for Twins, ChiSox but not much beyond that it seems. in the meantime, some valuable experience for young players and young manager to figure out how to succeed.

Norris pitched very well, a quick worker, and showed why he was the prime pickup in the otherwise Detroit madness. Then again, you have JaCoby Jones hitting 3 homers today at Erie.
Don’t jump on that WC bandwagon just yet, Marty. 🙂
Best for fans is a win to carry over through an off day. Now, if KC doesn’t sweep the Tigers, THEY underperformed.

Forgot to add, I’d be real interested in acquiring Danny Valencia.

Ditto on Valencia. Will he reach the Tigers or be claimed by another team before? Plays 1st base, 3rd base, LF? Even after Miggy returns, Val would make the bench stronger.

Porcello to DL after being roughed up again. Simon may not have provided what Tigers were looking for this season, but keeping Porcello was not the answer either

KC dont want any friends
They became the Yankees in one trip to the WS
Jose Bautista
“Just heard #NedYost comments about the game. Lost a lot of respect for that man today”

Several excellent signs about the Lads since the deadline. I do not trust DD or his motives. One thing is certain, neither he or the FO believes these boys will pull off a WC berth. That alone may be what is driving the level of play we are seeing. Don’t tell me we can’t! And I don’t think Brad and a team of Belgians could have kept JD off that field today.

I don’t know why you guys think the FO don’t believe in a WC berth. The truth is these moves were made for next year and beyond. Because barely reaching the 2nd WC spot is not what the organization strives for. So they made the smart moves, they cashed in some chips and got good prospects. I think a WC berth is still possible with the current team. Losing 1 dominate pitcher that pitches every 5 games doesn’t change the percentages that much if you are still getting good performances from that same spot.

Yost is a buffoon this year! The Blue Jays are an aggressive, superb offensive team
and they crowd the dish trying to force the pitcher to pitch outside. Now that the Jays have Price and some pieces, they may be a force to be reckoned with on the playoffs.
KC is a bunch of “punks” that plays with a lot of emotion and thinks they belong. We will see over the next 55+ games what occurs. I hope the Tigers gain a WC berth!!

Back from Baltimore; Just saw the replay.
1. Even on one leg, Julio is mighty good.
2. Glad Gose made an offensive contribution; Still would not lead off with him. Hands are tied to some degree
3. Norris was not intimidated by the Big O’s today.
Some one already said this was one of the best played games of the year. Easy to watch; just my luck, I had tickets for the torture performances. Norris graduated from Science Hill HS in Johnson City, Tn, known more as a HS powerhouse in football. Their most famous grad: Steve Spurrier. Hate to see Victor going through such hard times-three weeks ago, he was at .270. Have no qualm with Alex’s defense, but we might as well face the facts that he’s in the lineup with righty pitchers, all of his .174 average included.
Orioles were so lucky to play all seven against us without Miggy. Looking to the future, maybe we can give the rest of the Central grief for the rest of the year. Major kudos again to Alex Wilson. That trade was a great benefit while it lasted ie. Cespedes. Also kudos to Kinsler, who 4weeks ago was about .265, and he’s nearing .300 after today. When Miggy returns, I would give Victor a week off just to regroup; probably should do it sooner.

VMart does need some time away and he always comes back stronger after a rehab session. Has been said before on this blog, we have not been 100% healthy the entire season. We may be able to be a spoiler or even squeak into the playoffs, we’ll see. There seems to be less pressure on the guys now.

Who or what is the FO?

Front office.

I’ll guess Front Office.

Today, on MLB Network, they did a segment on JD. They were talking about his approach to hitting, etc and then the guys says JD would be in the MVP conversation but he plays on a bad team. Those last two words and the MVP mention are a quote.

I never jumped off the WC bandwagon Rich🙂 Taking the post season pressure off this team while lighting a fire is just what they needed. Now they play as underdogs with something to prove. I like that role. Am listening to Telegraph Road, Dire Straits. Knopfler’s lead is one of my favorites. Gotta say, I’m feeling more relaxed now that the deadline is past. Don’t think about next year yet. Gotta be in this year. No sense in moping around feeling sorry for ourselves. Danny Valencia would be an excellent addition. Played for Twins. I saw him play at AAA Rochester. He has some skills as they say. By the way we came close and should have taken 3 of 4 from Orioles in their own park. A day to rest, and keep the bats going.

It is another much needed win . Lets hope they can keep it up .

Regarding earlier MLBN comments about the Tigers being a “bad team” and JD being an MVP contender, I think the team remark is tough to refute given how the pitching has dragged the offense and defense down to one othe worst team records in the AL. As far as JD is concerned, he definitely merits MVP votes. Moreover, he should be considered for a Gold Glove.

JD has been more than solid inf RF.
This team could use another type of FO…Forward Observer.
Agreed, Avila has been a poitive surprise defensively. Not nearly enough to make up for the hole in the lineup though. Still bummed no one wants him.
Still could get a useful waiver deal.

Best of luck to David P today.

Time to promote Joe Jiminez. At least to Erie.

Castellanos, near the bottom.. of the page
He needs blind fans not reporters…

“Boston’s Xander Bogaerts leads all players with six four-hit games. The 22-year-old shortstop is hitting .391 (34 for 87) with RISP and .319 overall.” Hey , he is young, be patient…

The first rose that blooms is not always the best. Sometimes a little patience is worth the time. I just wish Nick could have spent more time growing in the minors instead of at the MLB level.

David Price was won over by the fans and they by him.
He deserves it. Dominating and inspired pitching today

Brad Ausmus is a nice guy. Casey said nice guys finish last. We need something else—something in between JL and BA.
Larry Parrish is calling it quits—is there anybody more deserving tha Alan Trammel?
Yeah–I know what happened before but before was before and not now. Alan is ready, he is smart, and he is far more experienced.

Vinnie Pestano is available. That is exactly the kind of name that attracts DD

Show some guts, or some vision, or some adventure. Do SOMETHING with Joe Jiminez

There is not a better time to do so

The full-out diving play by Norris yesterday excited me because the guy REALIZED how important that OUT was. Baseball acumen. This kid has it.Unlike a fellow we once suffered with who knew nothing about baseball after the ball left his hand. Who was he?
Remember Rrayan Villarael? What a talent that went deep south.

One more thing–anybody else here think tha tAlAl has been severely under-rated and short-changed? This guy had (and hopefully still has) a virtually unhittable slider.
He has always answered the bell and has never been as bad as Joba, Nathan, Krol, Coke, et al, but he has always survived as well as being under-estimated.

A pitcher like Al, never quite trusted by managers, can never succeed. This year his fastball appears to have improved. Now is a perfect time to give him some innings.

Cespedes 3 doubles, 4 RBI

Yes, they love him in the big city and I bet he likes it there, too. Watched Price pitch today…..lights out. Yesterday’s breakfast.

Is there any way to promote MiLB HR king Mike Hessman to the big club? He deserves it.

Looking at what I wrote up there about Alburquerque, I think it came out wrong. I meant to say the lack of trust from managers would prevent him from succeeding.

Is there a way to edit remarks?

Boyd of Toledo, a piece in the Price deal, has an empty locker. He only pitched 2 innings last Saturday with a pitch count. What’s going on?

They’re skipping Simon so that’s not it. Either joining the pen or been flipped already?

The ageless left-hander tossed his team-best 18th quality start on Sunday, showing there s still some gas left in the tank. Buehrle has allowed two earned runs or fewer in 11 of his past 15 starts.

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