Wilson gets chance amidst bullpen anarchy

Tigers relievers were getting ready to head out to their center-field bullpen at Camden Yards when they saw Joakim Soria called back.

“We saw Soria get pulled into the office and kind of figured,” Blaine Hardy said. “Losing a guy like that is tough, but we tried to make the best out of it out there, making [predictions] out there about who’s gonna close.”

Neftali Feliz got some picks, since he’s been a closer before. So did Bruce Rondon, because of the stuff. Alex Wilson got some predictions, too. Nobody predicted a five-out save, but when Wilson entered the game with one out in the eighth inning, they figured it was his game to lose.

“I had a feeling that if you’re gonna put him in the game, you might as well run with him,” Hardy said, “because he’s been unbelievable so far. With his cutter and his slider, locating his fastball, there’s no telling what he can do. Didn’t expect him to basically have to throw the eighth and the ninth, but he’s done it all year. It’s not like it was anything new to him.”

Wilson, for his part, didn’t know until he walked off the mound at the end of the eighth and didn’t see anybody warming up.

It wasn’t easy — not when he entered in an eighth-inning jam, nor when Matt Wieters’ two-out single in the ninth brought J.J. Hardy to the plate as the potential winning run in a game the Tigers led by seven runs at two different points. But when Wilson finished off Hardy with a ground ball to short, his first Major League save staked his claim to get the chance for more.

“It’s a little unconventional,” Wilson said, “but I’ll take it. If I have to run out for five outs every time we get a win, that’s what I’ll do.”

He would love to be the Tigers’ closer. He will get the chance at more saves, according to Brad Ausmus. He does not get the closer’s title. Nobody does. Not now.

Before the Soria trade, the Tigers had a closer, but no other set bullpen role. With Soria now gone, there are no roles.

Welcome to bullpen anarchy.

“People always say they want to assign roles, or relief pitchers would like to know their role,” Ausmus said. “But you’ve got to earn a role. It’s as simple as that. And roles aren’t handed out. You’ve got to earn them. Joakim Soria earned the role as a closer. He did it, produced that way, and he did a very good job for us while he was here.

“If somebody steps up and shows that they can pitch in a certain slot, we’ll put them there. But at this point, I don’t know that we’ve seen that.”

It might be the best opportunity Wilson could ask for. He might have the lightest track record of anybody in this bullpen, but so far this season, he has been the best performer, the most consistent reliever they’ve had.

If anybody, Tigers bullpen or anywhere, had predicted in Spring Training that Alex Wilson would end up closing games in Detroit, it would have been crazy. It’s not that way now.

“To get a chance to run back out there in the ninth inning, it’s just one more chance, one more opportunity for me to go out there and prove myself,” Wilson said.


Isn’t it obvious that he should be the closer? Who else is there?

Interesting that BA says nobody has a role; has to be earned; the roles aren’t handed out etc.
How then did Joba Chamberlain (who?) get his?

Because he was the only reliable relief pitcher the Tigers had for most of year….maybe they thought he could get it back after being severely overused most of the season last year and tiring at the end. And I’d bet your going to seen Wilson and Hardy do the samend this year. Frankly I’d say Victor’s whimpy bat this year has a lot more to do with losses this year than Joba did.

Good morning, fellow shaftees. Since I discount the Twins as a serious WC contender, we are 1.5 games out of the WC.

Eich you think playoff for tigers lol …from 4 years ok ..JD remain?

There is a good reason Joba is still in the minor leagues.
Jacoby Jones is an interesting one. Thought for sure they would want pitching. The last thing I thought would have been a middle infielder.
Valdez coming up?–better off with Guido.

The last two seasons they’ve traded away too many solid middle infielders (Ademes, Travis, Suarez), so it looks like they’re just getting a little back in that department. I do think that Soria was too much to give up for him, though, but we’ll see if he turns out.

I’m not sure the club is getting what it wants. I sense desperation. Probably waited too long to get started.
By the way, Marty is NOT 87 years old. I was kidding. He’s younger than I am, that’s all I know.

I’m pretty excited for this daniel norris guy – seems like an interesting character.

“One thing to note: Teams know if Tigers want to re-sign Cespedes — reportedly he’s interested — it’s in their best interests to deal him.”
They just could extend him.

Or deal him for a potential Alex Wilson…

Váldez is part of the 40 roster. Knudson is not. You dont want to burn an option in a lost season. Right now, it is about fullfilling the schedule until October

Heyman: “price tag is high on cespedes. belief is, with orioles, they’d seek gausman. last guy o’s want to trade.”
Besides that, O´s dont need another low OBP guy. Of course, they signed Delmon

Correct me if I am wrong. Sometimes this “87-year-old” memory fails me. Here goes> VMart was injured. He went on the DL. When he first came back, he had “some trouble getting started.” (Rich) Then he seemed like his former self, hitting very well again. After the All-Star break, he was back with a “wimpy” bat. (Gk) If it was anybody else besides Victor, it might be possible. But now you have to wonder. Is he hurting again? I don’t see many live games. Has anyone detected something while you watch him at bat?

He said during ST that he needs the reps unlike Miguel. He got it going then his rhythm was altered again by the ASG. At the same time , he needed to replace Miguel. Not many can walk in those boots

If your talking about Victor hitting in Miguel shoes he not even hitting in Avilas shoes. He’s had plenty of time to get his swing going since alkstar . He just gets a lot of slack. I say he should get less he’s the leader of this team one of it’s best players one of the highest paid players in my opinion he should get less slack. He’s been a huge dissapointments to me.

Per Martino of the New York Daily News the Mets are looking in on Cespedes as an option. I continue to believe they would make a good trade partner if it comes down to it. They need an OF bat and the Tigers need pitching, which the Mets have aplenty.

Deadline> 3 hours, 15 minutes

I kinda think the opposite way about the 40 man. Who cares if you burn an option like Zeid? Valdez- I guess the jury is still out but Zeid is 28 and doesn’t look at all as a viable “option”.
If you are looking for “controllable” pitchers I have one for you, take him, please. His initials are Shane Greene.
Avila is looking like he is having way to much fun for a guy who is not even hitting Iglesias’ weight let alone his own.

Speaking of fun, I think that actually may be part of the reason Victor is not hitting. He’s not having much fun playing on a team that can’t get it’s collective heart beating in any kind of rhythm. Victor has heart and I think he has been disheartened.

Marlins and Arizona retooling right now. They are making or trying to traded for MLB players or long term controlled players . Not for hopes

Jays, a team with budget constraints, just got a full BP

Avila “having way too much fun?” Really sad. There was so much potential. A LHB. A good defensive catcher? Since no one wants him in a trade, I hope they don’t offer him a FA contract at the end of the season. Do or die, I’d prefer McCann/Holaday. A LHB that can’t hit over .200 is no bat at all.

If you watch Avila at 1B he seems to taking over the role of mayor from Miggy. Kinda bugs me to see this big smile from a guy who has really let his team down.
I kinda think he should be perhaps a little more humble and resolute.
But that’s just me.

JaCoby,Jones. Tigers 11th best prospect. 1 , 7,11, 13 came yesterday

Heyman: Mets are making a big push for Cespedes.

Jones is 23 and in Double A. His scounting report indicates he has upside but is raww. It also gave Jones an overall rating of 45 on his skillset. 50 is average.

Agree Dan. I wouldn’t be smiling with a .185 BA. But as for letting his team down, it’s not like he’s trying to fail or doesn’t care. They continue to play him despite his lack of hitting. Romine sits far more often with a .285 or so average.

Jeff Baker released

Dombrowski. is gutting the team. Another inf\of for a good pitcher? Lets face it folks, its all about money. Look Mr “I”, I saved you another penny. As far as Avila’s concern, as long as his daddy is in the front office, he will always stay with the Tigers.

“Source: #Mets acquire Cespedes. Wheeler heading to #Tigers.” Fake?

Like in 2014, the fake Rosenthal called the real traded. Same with Price

Cespedes to Mets

Hammond:Fuller and Cessa are the players on receiving end for #Tigers in Cespedes deal

What a horrible couple of days this has been. Saying goodbye to 2 good players is hard.

3 players

This is disgusting.

I’m completely disgusted. Hope that guy in charge was smart enough to bring people in for tonight’s game unlike yesterday had the brains to bring up help instead of running short like last night. With Farmer on the mound (and his arm they just love) is pitching tonight,
They are talking about the Tigers and how they don’t understand why only being a few games out of WC they are throwing in the towel. (MLB channel)

And how they don’t understand why only ?? they were pushing the Tigers : Morosi acting like an agent of other teams, Rosenthal, Sherman,with the help of Henning, Fenech, Mowery, Iott .and above all Nightingale were calling the Tigers to sell, since early July and even before. Not to mention the Tigers fans all around the Tigersphere

Rentals traded for AA pitchers . As expected
The worst thing? they are now top 10 prospects in the system

Ben Sadler:
Michael Fulmer, going to the Tigers, was the Mets’ No. 5 prospect. Heavy fastball up to mid-90s with a plus slider, pounds the strike zone.

I’ll be watching but they’re is little to watch now…..and for a long time unless they make a moves in the winter. But again they’re is no #1 starter on this team, they are not willing to pay the going rate to get one (Price..Scherzer). they’re isn’t a #1 in the pipelines. SO how are they ever going to compete? I’m reading the two pitchers they got are mid rotation guys at best if they turn out? None of DD’s pitching picks have turned out to be anything.

Sorry but JV is still the number 1. He has been pitching like one. Since the season is over, we will now if he is back for real

He isn’t a #1 i he might be a 2 or a 3 but no longer a 1 in terms of ability. ..maybe contract only

To all those “sell” advocates, this is your “haul.”

We are stil in the runing for a WC. Not the wild variety but the British variety.

Sad. Cespedes was really the only bat lately. So exciting to watch. Flipping balls underhanded after an assist. Definitely miss him, i could have seen him here a long time. Ugh. Funny, their willing to throw in the towel on the whole team, but lets keep the worst part about this team….AUSBOT 3000! Did anyone watch Simon’s last 15-20 pitches? He didn’t even break 80 mph. One eephus pitch after another. HELLO??? I bet he hurt something, even the trainers came out the inning before. Before he gave up the tater to Davis, anyone with a brain would have seen he was done, we all knew it, don’t care if he had a two hitter going up 7 runs. You see how important those runs were now. You could see that Ausmus even knew and was ready to get him but got scared and stayed in the dugout. Tons of indecision. Ausmus destroyed this team!!! Please everyone quit defending him saying players have to play, injuries, etc. What a boost of fresh air it would have been about three weeks ago to say goodbye to that joke and give the TEAM a chance. If anyone here thinks you can envision Ausmus as a championship coach, please get checked out by a doctor.

Do you think bringing in a new manager in the middle of the season, was the best move long term for the organization?

That’s easy…Do you think Ausmus is the best option long term? Personally I don’t and we all know he’s on the hot seat. Now they will give him another pass for sure now. That’s what frustrating. He has no accountability. Pretty awful game managing and absolutely no personality for his guys to hang there hat on. He sets no tone. Moot point now, should have been a month or two ago.

Are we “Re-Booted” yet.
Figure Rajai is a lame duck outfielder now?

This is like some crazy bad dream. The Tigers are in the thick of the postseason hunt and then they get rid of their best players. Excuse me for being a little shell shocked here. I never thought they’d flat out quit.

One rival exec calls RHP Michael Fulmer, going from #Mets to #Tigers, an “unbelievable get for a rental” (Cespedes).

There are always comments like that. Doesn’t mean anything.

I am really confused, what does mean something to you?

By my count we got 5 good arms and 1 decent prospect for players that have the same chance to be on the roster next year as they did last week.

I think we have a decent shot of still making the WC. And these prospects help us be competitive for years to come.

I know, he was pushing the deals like crazy

he being Rosenthal

Hey Dan, the only thing being rebooted here is management, right in their skinny white asses.

It was a no-brainer to deal Cespedes, if the Tigers couldn’t extend him. And a deal with the Mets was equally a no-brainer. I saw this coming with the Mets and posted to that effect yesterday.. My problem is the Tigers only got 2 more suspects to join Jones in the Minors. One of them graded out at 50 in scouting reports. The other 2 were scored at 45 On the surface,.not much of a haul for Cespedes and Soria as far as rebooting for 2016 is concerned. I figured the Mets as desperate for a potent bat to make a run and might give up someone like Mats (SP?). I guess the best thing to say about the Cespedes deal is the Tigers are able to re-sign him after the season.

All I know is the farm is in a better spot than it was last week. And the chances of this years WS is not that much different. I think the biggest problem for this year was the inability to bring in some decent arms from the farm for the BP or some spot starts. I think this changes that for next year.

Really glad the farm is better too bad the team I like to watch went from scuffling to pathetic and unwatchable

Fenech:About the Tigers’ trade returns, Dombrowski said, “I think we changed the outlook of our organization in the upper levels.”

Norris top prsopect, Fulmer, second for the Tigers

Are you that stupid? Like I said before, the Tigers willnot get rid of Avila, because his father is in the front office.

Why the name calling? His dad can be fired too..

I look forward to them flipping Simon, Davis, Avila for more prospects down the waiver line. Maybe get 2-3 other mid level prospects that can turn into Alex Wilson.

Hopefully, the Tigers get something for them. Simon might be okay as a swingman in the pen. The other 2 are excess baggage. If the Tigers cannot move those guys they surely will not receive qualifying offers, so they will virtually be giveaways.

Lineup at BAL: Davis 7, Iglesias 6, Kinsler 4, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 9, Castellanos 5, McCann 2, Marte 3, Gose 8. Farmer starts.

Fenech “About next season, Dombrowski said, “Our starting pitching will need to be addressed in the wintertime.”

Translation: We will flip this guys for real pitchers and will sign more FA
11800 MM in obligation. 5 players arbitration eligible. JD around 5 MM, Iglesias around 2.5 MM and Romine 750 K. Al2 and Feliz non tendered. The rest making then min. 125-130
45 to spend
Closer, setup, and 2 solid proven starters with a whole good season track record and a LH OF

$111M is at least $62M under the Opening Day payroll for the Tigers in 2015. I have read estimates of up to $50M plus for FAs next year.

111.8 for 5 players plus Fielder. There are 5 arbitration eligible ( maybe just 3) 10? MM The roster has 25 spots.
“125-130” ,in fact close to 130. 45 remaining

Prospects are question marks. Price and Cespedes are exclamation points. If the Tigers use the freed up money from the FAs to bring in players of their ilk, then the club is way ahead of the game

And DD can then be proclimed KING again.

When the #Tigers traded Cespedes to #Mets, they parted ways believing they’ll be reunited again this winter

Like it or not, what’s done is done. About all we can do is sit back and see how all this plays out. Will prospects succeed? Will there be enough money for FA’s in the off season? My personal wish is for Ausmus and Avila to be gone. We’ll see.

Or walk away like Pirates fan did for good, voting with feet and wallet like GK did

That’s right I can watch for free at home…if they gave up 15 runs as I predict tonight I can change the channel.

Fulmer number 5 below Farmer

Cot’s has the salaries listed for 2015 and 2016. Nothing is set in concrete for 2016 because the Arb guys and their prices are just guesses and it has not been determined who will be retained. Feliz is a big question mark and AlAl is a maybe. $50M plus is possible. So is $45M. Definitely not the $30M something listed by a commenter yesterday. Too early to tell for sure..

Also, like I said yesterday, in the process the Tigers get stocked by prospects and DD gets lots of financial wiggle room to work his magic.

30 MM after an hypothetical extension to Cespedes

Victor not helping the team again. …gidp I’ve lost my patience with him and his limp bat. Step up or sit down.

And yes, Price could easily be re-signed to even a Scherzer-type contract which is backloaded. Max gets $17M in 2015 and $22M in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Then his numbers go up. Coincidentally, the Tigers present local TV contract expires in 2017 and is projected to jump to around $100M/yr, a huge jump from its present number.

TV money fuels baseball money.

Victor a strike out that’s helpful. ….I’m done maybe.

Getting a rotation ready LHP is a good thing for this team. Boyd may be not far behind. We needed them as the two lefty Kyles (Lob & Ryan) are not likely to pan out.
I have no faith in Ryan at all.

Bunting after two HR.. great

How fun is this to watch, just hope they keep it up and win this game.

Even with clear evidence he’s still called out. Why bother.

it was the right call this time

I don’t agree.

I thinking his leg continued to touch it. But again they don’t try or care this year to get it right.

Victor needs the 15 day DL to regain his strength, swing, mojo and confidence. It figures, you trade your #1 SP, closer and 3rd best hitter and best OF and you jump on Chen for a 6 spot in the 4th.

Bad pitch to Jones. ..I knew 6-0 wouldn’t be enough…and his 1 unearness run was too good to be true.


Too bad. It was looking like Farmer might be outstanding in his field.

Please umpire please continue to sqeeze the Tigers pitchers.

Yep these a$$holes can’t get out of their own way. Almost time to shUT this one down ..

Didn’t we all know Krol was the wrong choice?

Problem is there is no good choice because Dombrowski has no clue how to find or judge real talent for a big league pen.

Oh boy, no help from this pitcher. Krol back in your hole.

Marte can hit. He was either the leader or among the leaders in several power categories in Triple A. Unfortunately, his defense is likely worse than Nick’s.

Different strike zones for different teams? ???

If Krol was auditioning for a place on the “new” team, he blew it.

Valdez is on. I commented early in the year he had such such good stuff it wouldn’t surprise me if he was brought up to the Varsity this season. Now that I have given him the kiss of death, the Tigers need to hold on.


Yep…..6-0 not enough. And Valdez yet another Dombrowski relief pitcher who apparently can’t pitch.

Valdez was pitching well in Toledo? Why can’t any of them carry it over to Detroit?

Because Dombrowski and his staff have zero idea what kind of talent it takes to be a major league pitcher….

Oh good Feliz. …that will help.

James McCann I love that guy/

Dolsi and Manny Ramírez

Umpire still screwing over tiger’s hitters……

Things aren’t bad enough you run into an out at home………..excellent.

He blocked the plate

That is on Iglesias, forget the ball. He sent you, run. He slowed down looking at the fileder
Illegal blocking


There was no player telling Iggy how and where to slide.

That was Victor job. I have ESPN. They didnt show that at the moment

He was told to slide by Victor according to the ESPN crew .

What’s blocking the plate then I f’ing hate umpires. They have to be the biggest bunch of incompetent boobs.

The catcher was in the lane before he caught the ball. Did he have to get into the lane to catch the ball?

This ump continuing to show he has either no clue on what a strike is or he has an agenda. Mccann is pissed because he’s been a witness to this umps onesided obviously pro Oriole strike zone

Umpire is a joke. Come on Ausmus show some emotion and get ejected. Jimmy Smokes would have been rung by now…

Oh come on! You got a challenge! It’s the ninth inning. Use it!!! Horrible umpiring.

Just don’t understand. Gibby said we have a challenge left after 7th inning. How do you not try.

Good question …they umps clearly showed tonight they were going to screw over the tiger’s at every turn though so they still wouldn’t have gotten it right.

Good question I guess. At least try .

He wasn’t on the bag…Iggy shoulda been safe but getting any call right clearly doesn’t matter to this group of umpires.

Get a hit that counts Victor nearly grounded into another double play. ….

Gonna see a lot more of this. Pitching horrible …your cleanup hitter I batting 179 in his last 56 ab’s one of the few contributing you traded away….only 2 pitchers you could count on you traded away. Pen continues to be the pen. Two u earned runs tonight. A lot more of this expected.
Umpires really screwed the tiger’s over tonight.

I think that was the absolute worst umpiring I have ever seen, including the NY review team. How does baseball let these bozos decide games? Just awful.

So brads explanation of the second call the umpires gother wrong (iglesias at the plate) is because he didn’t attempt to slide he’s out. I don’t get it. WHERE WAS HE SUPPOSED TO SLIDE MORONS? SLIDE RIGHT INTO THE CATCHER AND BREAK HIS LEGS? The more I watch the more I see the mlb…the league the umpires are incompetent and impossible to understand.

The catcher was clearly in the lane. The first issue is did he need to be in the lane to catch the ball? The second issue is exactly as you stated ,assuming the non-slide explanation is an accurate take. As you put it, “WHERE WAS HE SUPPOSED TO SLIDE MORONS ?”.

“Once a Club has exhausted its available Manager Challenge(s), it will no longer have the ability to challenge any additional play or call in the game” He had no challege available after the CS play
After the 7th:
“a Crew Chief may, in his sole discretion, conduct Replay Review upon his own initiative or upon the request of a Manager who has no remaining Manager Challenges”… “1.A Club that has exhausted its Manager Challenges may request but cannot insist that the Crew Chief invoke his right “

What I imagine I’m seeing in the faces of the remaining players is anger and betrayal. They’re playing mad. A predictable reaction. I saw it in Kinsler, Iglesias, JD, and McCann tonight. They are playing hard and it ain’t for DD. I’ve always thought he loved the business of baseball more than the game of baseball. I’ve thought that for a long time.

“Rule 7.13 Comment: The failure by the runner to make an effort to touch the plate, the runner’s lowering of the shoulder, or the runner’s pushing through with his hands, elbows or arms, “like Iglesias did . Out
” if the catcher blocks the pathway of the runner in order to field a throw” like Wieters did , out.
Clark waved him home, he had to forget about the cutoff and go for home but he slowed down. In the replay, you can see Victor hands while he asking him to slide and he did not.
Even more, he was clearly out . So according to the MLB memo about the rule , he could not be declared safe when he was an easy out. Illegal blocking or not

He had to do what Victor did a season ago in a similar play, and do what the Tigers did, surrender.
BTW: the ESPN in español crew was shocked by the fire sale while they are so close of the WC.
Meanwhile the Detroit press is congratulating themselves for recommending the white flag

Human nature. Umpires will defend their own before concerning themselves with getting it right. Why would the crew chief conduct a replay review for a manager who has already unsuccessfully challenged his umpiring team? The whole challenging procedure is a disrespectful annoyance as far as they are concerned.

Observations from Camden:
1 Tiger fans still out in full force.
2. Go to see Miggy take batting practice: two things were costa ant; big smile and beautiful swing.
3 Jim Leyland was there and posed for everyone; got a pic of D D on his phone making a deal for ???
4. Sat 20 rows behind home plate; if you complained about the strike zone, you were right; very inconsistent.
5. Baltimore fans, especially the drunk ones, are obnoxious.
6. Saw Julio sign several autographs for the kids as well as Brad . That surprised me.
7. Rajai struts like Adonnis in the on deck circle; the leadoff double confirmed his self worship.
8. I do think Buck has potential.
9. The most impressive thing I saw was JV’s assuming the role of chief encourager and bench leader.
10 saw for the first time the time clock set between half innings. Baltimore half innings tend to diminish the effect of the two minute clock.
I knew six runs would not be enough. You could sense that things would explode anytime: the misplayed grounder at first, the pitch off Buck’s leg, the use of Valdez in such a critical spot. I missed the play on Igloo because the tall drunk wouldn’t sit down. I make no judgements there; we lost the game because we can’t pitch. We walk guys always at the wrong time. When I left, I was heart broken for our team.
Three thins I liked:
1. Marte’s AB’s. Showed some real potential; not talking abou D.
2. For a change, Feliz and Bruce earned their keep.
3. Ran the O’s starter againMaybe we should keep their starter in , and avoid their pen.

Very disappointed in Victor and Nick. Casey is making steady improvement at third, but we need the hitting more Glad Gose finally got a hit; he has the most pitiful look on his face after batting. Sorry to have ranted so long. I close with a message fro a Tiger fan I met from Detroit; he told me it is 90 percent certain that Cespedes will be back in Tiger Town next year. Sadly, the Sox and the Twinks lost tonight. Rich, I will be in Row 12,not 6 in sectio 43 tomorrow night. May the force be with us.

Iglesias should have slid wide and low given the situation. That said, he saw that the catcher was blocking the plate be it intentional or unintentional. The catcher, as Gibby explained, could have moved forward out of the base line to field the throw. He did not. I think the right call should have been safe.

Yeah, I get you have to slide on a play at the plate. The first problem as I saw it was the play was in the lane and up the line, NOT at the plate. Secondly, what Iggy did was avoid a collision en route to his approach to the plate, I believe the intent of the “Posey Rule” was to curtail injuries to vulnerable catchers, which was exactly what Iggy did.

And as I asked before, did Wieters have to be in the lane to catch the ball? I watched the game on MASN and Palmer, the home broadcaster, raised the very same issue.

Haven’t read the comments here and missed the last 3 innings but let me say a couple of things and hope they haven’t been expressed already:
Why was Iglesias sent home with nobody out and 2 runs down?
Why would Ausmus entrust a close game to an untested and relatively unknown entity?
Do we not have a seasoned vet by the name of Al Alburquerque?
Oh right, I guess he was being “saved” for the save.
I was not impressed with the handling of the pen once again even in spite of the lack of choices.
Anyway, it is a new day and to complain about the team at this stage of re-grouping is useless.
It is cool to see Jose up at the top of the lineup. It is also cool to see him playing with enthusiasm again.
Alas, Victor having a rough go and hopefully it is just temporary but we all better face the fact he is 34 years old and coming off successive serious injuries. Sooner or later the well goes dry.
A golden sombrero for Nick? Back at flailing at the down and away stuff. Pretty ugly.
Brad will pay the price for Dombrowski’s failure to construct a proper bullpen.
Speaking of Brad, he just must crignge at the thought of playing innings 7, 8 and 9. And not just because of the pen. It does seem to be a time where the offense goes stale sometimes.
Nobody wanted Avila or Simon or Rajai?

Why would Ausmus entrust a close game to an untested and relatively unknown entity? Freddy Dolsi, pulling a JL

I checked Twitter. Ausmus doesn’t know where Iggy should slide either. He wants the runner to knock the catcher over if there is a next time.

Most Defensive Runs Saved in 2015 (by outfield arm)

Yoenis Cespedes 6
Leonys Martin 6
Starling Marte 6
J.D. Martinez 5

Instead of blaming the ump. Ausmus must read the rules book and the memo.
ESPN in español
18 challenges by Ausmus
9 denied
2 confirmed
7 reversed
2015 MLB Challenges
Total: 393 of 812 Calls Overturned (48.4%)
Managers: 366 of 713 Calls Overturned (51.3%)
Umpires: 27 of 99 Calls Overturned (27.3%)
Ausmus 38 %
5th worst
The two last Brewers managers 70%
McClendon 68%
Ventura! 48%
Maddon 51%

I agree Darline. The play was slightly up the line. Not to keep beating this but aren’t defensive players supposed to stay out of the runners’ ways on any base path? There really was no way Iggy was going to slide through the catcher and even reach home plate. Intentional or unintentional, it was a block. And if a safe call would have required Jose to “make an effort” by sliding, then the whole idea of the rule is ignored. It’s a Catch 22. Either or both players could have been injured on the play. And Dan, your question, why was Jose waved home in the first place………exactly.
The pen: another mismanagement by Brad……..but the 3 run bomb given up by Farmer…….come on. And Brad now has even less to work with in that department. The pen could survive but not when it’s entering games in the 4th and 5th innings.

Marty, you can beat the drum on this as much as you wish. It was a key play and may have cost a win. Although I agree with the sell decision by the Tigers because it was a big picture business move, I still believe in miracles and hope they make the playoffs. I will continue to follow the team regardless.

Iggy was not clearly out by 40 feet. He slowed coming to the plate to presumably avoid a collision with the catcher, who blocked the lane. Even at that, Iggy was nearly safe. And according to BA, Iggy was sent becuz Clark felt the throw would be cut. A judgment call that failed, but at least there was a reason behind it.

That doesn’t “cut” it for me. (Clark)
A good throw is supposed to be able to be cut.

There would have been nobody out, 2 men in scoring position and a perfect spot for a DP guy like Victor up.

How ’bout them Jays!
They just designated two guys hiting .279 and .296

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