Why Dodgers could be best fit for David Price trade

The rumor began building early in the week, if not sooner: If the Tigers decided to become sellers by Friday’s Trade Deadlne, the Dodgers were ready to make a push for David Price.

The appearance of a Dodgers scout at Tropicana Field for Price’s start Tuesday night (he wasn’t there for the series opener Monday) furthered the notion.

Now that the Tigers have made their “rebooting” plans known, the Dodgers’ intentions are clear: David Price is their top target, as colleague Ken Gurnick states. And if they’re willing to go up their prospect ranks, they could have the parts to do it.

It’s likely not going to be a Price-for-Puig trade. Despite an environment that has proven comfortable for Cuban players such as Jose Iglesias and Yoenis Cespedes, the Tigers aren’t looking for that type of deal. They’re expected to seek more cost-controlled players, they need more pitching, and they’ve been frosty in the past about Puig, who burst onto the Major League scene with an impact in 2013 and 2014 but has struggled mightily this season.

The Dodgers do not need Puig to pull off a deal. Their prospects are strong enough that, even if the Tigers are still looking to win now (or next year, really), they can fit Detroit’s needs. Shortstop Corey Seager and left-hander Julio Urias top the list, ranking among the top 10 prospects in baseball, but the Dodgers have been steadfast about holding onto them, which reportedly played a factor in Cole Hamels talks. Seager is their shortstop of the future. The Tigers (or any team) would love Seager, who could play just about anywhere, but given their need for pitching, they’d particularly love Urias.

Given what the trade market has shown so far, one would like to think that favors the Tigers getting what they want. But if the Dodgers feel they can get Price on the free-agent market anyway, they could hold steadfast on their top guys and might still have enough to get a deal done.

The Dodgers reportedly were on the verge of acquiring a starting pitcher Wednesday in Alex Wood, but the 24-year-old could well be of more appeal to the Tigers. Detroit officials liked the left-hander previously when they were looking for young arms to add to their rotation, but never got a deal done. Frank Wren was the Braves general manager when they drafted Wood in 2012, and he was spotted around Tropicana Field hanging with the Tigers front-office group this week. Wren worked for Dombrowski in Montreal and Florida.

If the Dodgers won’t trade Urias, they could still have a prospect of interest in Grant Holmes, their top pick in last year’s draft. Holmes was rumored to be on the Tigers’ draft list before the Dodgers got him one pick before the Tigers came up. Like Urias, he’s a teenager, just 19 years old. Unlike Urias, Holmes is still in A-ball, currently in the Midwest League. He’d be an upside play, and probably not somebody who would help the Tigers win in 2016. But if the Tigers are going to give up the chance at a compensation pick in next year’s draft by trading Price, Holmes essentially fills that type of slot, a little better than that if you go by draft order.

The Dodgers have a much closer to ready youngster in Zach Lee, who made his Major League debut last weekend at age 23. You’d get more out of him now than the other guys, and the young right-hander could slot into the rotation almost immediately. Those who track the Tigers, however, question whether he’s their type of young pitcher. Still, if rebooting for next year is the primary goal, he’s closer than the others.

Other teams have prospect packages that might get noticed. The Tigers had a Major League scout at Double-A Erie last weekend to watch the Giants’ Double-A team, including notably former first-round pick Tyler Beede in a start. He’s struggling to adjust to the Eastern League, having been rushed up, but the talent is noticeably. The Blue Jays have good young pitching, including Daniel Norris (wasn’t he a Rookie of the Year candidate) at Triple-A, but they need a lot of it right now, evidenced by Aaron Sanchez moving off the DL and into the bullpen after showing signs of success in the rotation earlier this year.

If the Tigers can’t precisely match up on prospects, there’s this: The Dodgers were willing to take on extra players and contracts a few years ago to swing a deal with the Red Sox and get Adrian Gonzalez, taking on Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford as well. It’s a much higher payroll the Dodgers have now, but when you’re carrying that kind of luxury tax already, adding another contract for the chance at a postseason rotation with Price, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke makes it an intriguing consideration. That’s something probably no other team would be able to do. It’s not even clear the Dodgers would do it, but it’s in their history.


Finally glad someone came to his senses! And JV was looking good last night too! win win

Yoenis Cespedes, by far the best defensive leftfielder I’ve ever seen in nearly 60 years of Tiger watching, 30 years old next year, with power and speed, is not signable? What kind of contract would he require?

I totally agree with you. They’re just throwing in the towel and giving up on the rest of the team and the rest of the year. I don’t like this trading game they all play. Finish the season out and try to do something productive. I really like Price and Cespedes and would hate to see them go, just to help another team win.

Even if he is traded, there is a chance of picking him up again in the off-season I would think.

I’m upset that the tigers are giving up on the season . I can remember a few yrs back when the tigers blew a 10 game lead in the final month of the season, so it can be done but not when you trade your best players . Verlander is starting to pitch well , as well as Sanchez, don’t trade these guys, if they trade Cespedes and Price , then look for some very dismal yrs ahead .

Having the Dodgers and the Giants in on Price should bode well for the Tigers. Should drive the price up with division rivals competing for the same prize. Jeff

@Bill Victory: I mostly agree with you but the key here is whether or not Price and Cespedes have given any indication they are willing to stay in Detroit. They most likely are going to be asking for huge deals. Can the Tigers afford to go with 2 more huge contracts that will most likely put them into the luxury tax area?

Tigers obligation for 2016. 111.800 MM. JD will double his salary but the rest are making the minimum for first or second year. Al2, Romine , Feliz, JD and Iglesias arbitration eligible.So, maybe 30 -45 MM to spend

After the WS, they can trade the players signed after the recent draft. New rules

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looks like it.

Toronto is the franchise rumored to be Dombrowski’s destination.

Yep , Jays


Norris 4.20 in MLB. 4.08 in the Minors. High SO rate but way down this season. And BB climbing. But he is LH

Brad Ausmus is my 2nd cousin.

Labourt 152 BB in 291 IP. LH Mercedes

276 SO

I would package Sanchez, Soria and Davis to Toronto for Norris and a top prospect RP.The Tigers still have to sign JD Martinez next year.I love Price and Cespedes but, they can’t afford them both.Get what you can this year and look forward to next seasons free agents.Gut the team.

The prospects going to Detroit from Toronto don’t sound like they will help reboot 2016, unless they are flipped. The Cespedes deal or possible extension may be DD’s next priority.

I agree – I would think Cespedes trade is next up.

This is what they got for David freakin’ Price? I didn’t see anything impressive in the numbers so what’s the value here? What am I missing?

Looks to me like one young pitcher who may develop over time and two throw-ins.

Maybe the fact that the Jays picked up all of this year’s remaining salary. From yesterday Rich, not sure of exact seating until I see tickets. Will Call.

Evidently this was the best offer. The Dodgers may not have wanted Price badly enough. This trade does not mean that the Tigers couldn’t make an offer to Price at season’s end. I don’t personally have anything against Toronto but some players don’t like going to Canada. Now, will Price have the same adjustment problems as when he first came to Detroit? I seem to remember …………..

Double taxation plus border checks

Rich, I think Norris is a better bet than Rob Ray.
The Tigers obviously had to come up with pitchng. And again, obviously, of the LH variety. Getting a draft pick for him is way to risky. They got 3 pitchers with at least some track record.
I don’t like the deal but only from the perspective that I thought David Price is one of the top 10 BASEBALL PLAYERS in the game. For a team that needs starters it seems incongruous to get rid of the best. The 2016 rotation is about as sketchy as can be.
The team was hog-tied. We need pitching. This is the best they could do if they made the fatal decision to let him go.

I have seen estimates as high as $50K plus freed up to use on the market once the FAs are dealt. Conceivably, Price could be acquired along with a closer at season’s end. Plus,that kind of money would mean other areas of need could be met. Cespedes is the big chip now.The Tigers must either trade or extend him. Otherwise, he just walks with the Tigers getting nothing. I think the Mets with their abundance of pitching and need for an OFer would be an ideal trade partner. This whole thing is actually pretty fluid given the amount of potentially available money and the number of tradeable/flippable prospects the Tigers could deal, contingent on a probable Cespedes trade.

My error. K should be M for million.

Well that completes the heartdectomy which began about this time last year with the loss of AJ and Smily. At least DP didn’t have to leave the mound in the middle of a game. Oh, you wanted a replacement heart with that? Uhh…no I’m good.

Just read from DD that they were never close on a contract for Price. It’s Scherzer part two. It appears Detroit is unwilling to pay the going rate on top notch pitchers, so Price will not be back. He’s gone forever.

To be honest, a team that quits while still in contention turns my stomach.

Toronto could user Cespedes, and Soria both. Why not? We are not going anyway this year. Anthopolous thinks he has taken advantage of DD already so let’s make a deal!
Send them both with Kinsler for Travis and Reid-Foley.
Go for it!

Sorry. “Heartectomy”. Dan, you mean the guy we let go for Gose? The irony………..

Mine too Rich.

Rich, I get the frustration. However, it’s unlikely the Tigers would of done anything this year other than end up about 5-10 games short. They didn’t have enough depth to pick up a piece to stay with the contenders. And they were for sure not keeping Price next year. If they were close we would of known about it this spring.

That said, this is what they needed, a top 20 prospect and couple of potentials. A lot better than they would have got with the draft pick. This gives them some flexibility for next year. If Verlander keeps pitching the way he is. And you pick up 1 or 2 nice starters and 1 or 2 nice arms for the BP. With the depth from this tradeline its feasible to be competitive next year.

The frustration is more with how the game has become structured with this idiotic deadline event every season. It’s become as big as the WS or ASG and won’t ever go away. It’s a public relations bonanza. Making clubs call it quits with a third of the season left is asinine.
I don’t have as much general confidence in prospects as some, but I do think Norris will work out.
If they move Cespedes, it should be for more pitching. Let’s see how Tyler Collins can do.

The Tigers Opening Day 25-man roster in 2015 cost about $173M. Take away Nathan, plus FAs Price, Cespedes, Soria, Avila, Simon and Davis and that is nearly $63M cleared.. Add in the players received in trade, at whatever their salaries, as well as projected salary increases for the others, and that still leaves an awful lot of wiggle room for DD to work his magic. And the Tigers system is getting re-stocked in the process, however to be used.

Agreed thoug I am a little more of a dreamer and would prefer Moya.
Jason being interviewed by Canadian SportsNet right now.
Really bummed to see David Price go.
Tired of “re-boot; re-group; re-build; re-tool; etc. Semantics and word-smithing.
The truth is Dombrowski has mad some very poor decisions over the last couple of years. Maybe he’s getting old.
Anthopolous just won GM of the year.
I would be shocked if Cespedes isn’t gone by the end of the day.

“We like David,” he said. “We said we wouldn’t discuss it publicly as far as dollars. But we did approach him at that point. It just was not really where we wanted to go from a financial perspective.” DD

Norris will start next Sunday

Mets dont like Cespedes. His low OBP could be a market killer. They need someone able to hit against LHP to platoon with Granderson, that is Davis.

And the Tigers got Wilson and Speier for Cespedes.

Lineup en BAL: Kinsler 4, Iglesias 6, Cespedes 7, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 9, Castellanos 5, McCann 2, Romine 3, Davis 8. Simon comienza.

Have heard chisox are on upton and cespedes now. Things have really turned around for south siders

Yep, DD would traded with them. The question is , would CWS want to help the Tigers down the road? They did with Avisail-Iglesias-Peavy. After Williams was out

I agree Rich and I said it a few days ago our pitching may stink for years because if the going rate for Price and Scherzer is 200+ they are not willing to pay what it takes for a number 1 …there is crap in the farm nobody coming to the rescue. Sunk for years.
And with the second wild card its way too early for this deadline crap.

They think they have a number 1 and they are paying him like one and they have Aníbal who could be the Ace in many teams. They need the equivalent of Fister. This offseason, many pitchers will be FA. The likes of Latos or Leake or even Fister could be added without breaking the bank

We have Rajai and Avila to go yet.
Cespedes is a commodity that needs to bring a return.
Avila needs to go and might actually benefit from it.
Rajai is one of those guys that we will likely not get anything for.
Soria is useless for this team. There is nothing left to save!

The Tigers specifically reached out to the Mets late Wednesday night, sources told Andy Martino of the Daily News (July 30, 10:55 am), but the Mets are not interested, according to multiple reports, including the NY Post’s Mike Puma and WFAN’s Mike Francesa

This is Price’s farewell treat, so I guess it’s time to unfollow him.
David Price ‏@DAVIDprice14 3h3 hours ago
My niece is already ready!! #tigers thanks for everything…#bluejays lets ride!! Entire country rooting for us! #Wow

Tweet, not treat. 🙂

Going out on a long limb but my prediction is the Tigs miss the final WC spot by 15 games.
I don’t get these GM jerks.Dodgers part of a 13 player trade whilst leading their division???
Interesting if any study has been done on the returns on rentals though might be tainted with the seeming low Tig success rate. Short term, player performance seems to drop more often than rise or stay the same.

I’d say 15 games is accurate. Until today, I thought they were going to come back and win the WC. Seriously. The signs were there.

Now Soria is gone……..

Sources: #Pirates, #Tigers reviewing medicals on Soria trade.


we need Shawn Tolleson

Maybe Simon will get traded between innings.

I’m completely disgusted. I’m certainly not going out of my way to watch this anymore and certianly won’t go to another game……and certianly won’t renew season tickets for next year unless I see a serious move over the winter. Norris doesn’t exactly impress mid 4 era in the minors. There’s a bunch of 3’s and 4’s at best.

2003 again.

I don’t understand why you guys are upset. Complain nightly about the team under-performing and now complain about upper management doing something about it.

You guys realize we have a better chance for next year than we did before. We can still resign these guys. Or better guys in the off-season. Who knows we may find a stud in one of these prospects.

I think you made some valid points. Not only can these guys be re-signed, except for Cespedes, but DD can maybe buy those “better guys” for less money. And probably there will be a “stud” or at least some some serviceable players among his acquisitions.

And actually, if Cespedes is traded then I think the Tigers can re-sign him too. I know if he goes FA rom the Tigers he cannot be re-signed.

Yeah, DD. You better watch out! As soon as we find Randy Smith,…………….

Jacoby Jones for Soria

I would have had an each way bet – move Cespedes particularly given his contract made resigning for 2016 difficult.
I don’t understand how midseason, GM’s merrily move players like a robotic chess piece even when their team is performing well as a team and leading a division.
They should confine mid season deals to address glaring weaknesses and not attempt incremental improvements which are more likely to backfire.
Wonder how much contract Bosox would eat on Porcello right now?

I’m not very happy about losing Soria. Price was every 5 games. Soria could have saved maybe 2-3 games in that 5-game span if the Tigers had the lead. Now who? Feliz? Rondon? How about Wilson so he can’t be used in other situations?

I don’t see where the Tigers got very much back for Soria, but they did save some money. I tend to agree with you. Maybe keeping Soria would have helped the Tigers achieve a miracle finish. The closer options look pretty limited.

Jacoby Jones, the Pirates’ 12th best suspect and at Double A. Kinda gives you a feel for Soria’s actual value as viewed by other clubs. I think the Tigers may have valued him a bit more when he was acquired by DD mid-season.

No, he was under control for a season and a half like Price. Now , he is a rental

I know he is a rental. My point is what DD got was probably his best offer and that wasn’t much. Other rentals who are valued highly will get better returns..

He is a reliever. Boston hit the jackpot by accident with Miller

Well, if the pull Yoenis out of the game early, I guess we will know what that means.

I think Davis will be gone first

That’s terrible. Why couldn’t they review the play. Manny pushed his leg off the base.

Mark Anderson;
Getting JaCoby Jones for Soria is solid; tooled up athlete can really run, plenty of pop, likely CF rather than SS; lots of seeing and miss.
Zuñiga 12 best propspect for Pirates,
Me:he will be top 3 with Tigers

Jones is 23 in Double A. He’s raw with some upside. His scouting report is a 45 overall. Not much of an evaluation and not much to rave about as far as I can see.

Dodgers;”Designate RHP Brandon Beachy, OF Chris Heisey, IF/OF Michael Morse and RHP Chin-Hui Tsao for assignment. (4/4)” They got Morse yesterday

With two WC, they should be buying not selling.The deadline was July 15 th until 1985

Sad again. 3 singles wasted.

Pretty much why we are in sell mode continuation of the whole wasted crappy season of underachievement.

So is Victor hurting again or just sucking?

Rosenthal:”Astros’ deadline additions: Kazmir (potential FA), Carlos Gomez (control through 2016), Fiers (control through 2019).”

Real reagrouping

Fire Sale!!!

Boy oh boy. Kinsler is a real wizard on the basepaths.

Wow! Could have been 8-0 except for Evan’s screw-up.

Kinsler is the worst base runner I can remember

Hope they keep Cespedes

Dan & Jim just said his price just went up.

7-0 lead probably not enough

Collins is no Cespedes, nor are very many free agent left fielders either

Upton could be a fit.

Upton bat LH? They need that. Romine>>>Avila. A hit and a sac bunt and .287 BA.

No, RH and will be the top position player FA. Way out of reach

9 runs. More than the last 4 games combined. Red Sox can’t seem to beat anyone but the Tigers. Last 10 = 2-8. Guess where those 2 wins were against.

Darn. Was hoping Simon could get a QS. Missed it by one out.

Oh, come on. 85 pitches? And a shaky bullpen? And Krol? Isn’t it Feliz’s turn?

Greene? Is Ausmule trying to blow this game? I think I’ll just shut up………….

Shane Greene that’s really comforting, I would of rather tested my night with Simon especially since you have crap pitchers going for the next few days.

The Tigers have plenty of money and value. Mr. I bought the club for $85M in 1992. Forbes estimated its worth at $1.125B in March of 2015. Plus a TV contract is coming up in the not too distant future. No player is out of reach for the Tigers.

So they had the money to sign Scherzer and extend Price.
And ,DD has avoided top FA since the first season with the Tigers.
They have a budget . And were are talking about a contract above Werth ,probably above Fielder
There were better players available in the postseason, but the Tigers went cheap for a reason

MLBTR:”he has a chance to top their $240MM contracts” Cano and Pujols

The Tigers have the money. Mr. I has the money. The issue is how much ownership wishes to spend, not whether there is enough money.

When a 9-2 lead isn’t enough? When you face the tiger’s pitching?

Victor. … i haven’t contributed in 2 weeks Martinez.
Last 7 games batting .167 with 0 rbi and 5 strikeouts
Last 15 games batting .200 with 5 rbi a d 11 strikeouts
He’s aweful and as a leader he needs to be the man with Miggy out. Nobody is talking about him i guess he gets a free pass?

The usual reason: Babip:.243 over those 15 games. Hitting to the wrong place.Just like two seasons ago

Come on he’s been grounding or flying out weakly ……if not striking out . Hasn’t hit much of anything hard. He’s as useless as Avila or Krauss at the plate.

And you thought 2003 was bad?

They can lose only 114

I’ve been asking about VMart but no one seems to have an answer.

He’s pressing, trying to do too much. Also takes him awhile to get it going after injury. There’s your answer.

He had it going then it stopped. I think it’s something else

Alex Wilson is a great example of what a pitcher can do with command. Spot your pitches. Don’t need 100 mph.

I agree and i’ve said numerous times since wilson became a Tiger that I like him. Still, wouldn’t you like to see Chapman or Kimbrel closing?

Ha, Chapman is beyond normal with his heater. I haven’t seen Kimbrel since he left the Braves. He comes AFTER hitters when he’s on.

Speaking of relievers, Capps down in Miami is flying under the radar. I think he would look great in a Tigers uniform. The guy is only 24 and has struck out 56 in 29.2 innings with a 0.74 WHIP.

It appears they gave Soria away. If this is rebooting, I don’t like it.
Still waiting for the Cespedes blunder. Not only is he a good ballplayer, he’s fun to watch. Give us a break on this one, Dave. Please?

I’m with ya on this Rich.

They could extend Cespedes. His OBP will scare away the suitors. He is expected to make 15.16 like Kinsler this year

Yes. Please keep Yoenis. If you keep him you give your team a chance to win some ballgames. Wilson has been my favorite Tiger pitcher since May. I appreciated his humble work early on as an innings eater. Now through all this crap, he has emerged as our best reliever. Kudos to Alex. When he came in tonight and delivered the knockout blow in a 5 out save, it was poetic justice. Today is/was my birthday. Seriously. I was afraid it would happen this day. Well, we won a game and my favorite 2015 Tiger pitcher got the save while the rabidized Baltimore fans thought they were about to steal another one from a finished team. Priceless. I will continue to root for this team and believe they can compete in every remaining game. How does it feel watching your team get dismantled Tiger fans? Reboot, regroup………whatever.

Three observations from tonight’s game:
1. Big Pasta is the luckiest 10 game winner I know.
2. Gary Thorn makes Rod Brown appear to be great.
3. The O’s do not quit; of course with a sieve for a bull pen, who would quit?

Three things I liked about tonight’s game; yes, there were good things.
1. Most comfortable plate appearances all season in the first five innings.
2. Won on the road after losing two really good guys.
3. Alex Wilson, who has played at a champion’s level all year long.
Kudos to Cespedes who continues to get better at the plate. I actually thought for a moment that he would catch the Jones Homer. Also K’s to Igloo, Julio, and even Ian, our infamous base running star. It seems like walks have hurt us more this year than any other team, but I know everyone suffers from “them bases on balls”. Marty had warned about bringing the hitting shoes. They better have a couple of 2X4’s for the next three. Lord help us with our own Farmer on the mound. We’ll be there, bleeding Tiger Blue, as the O’s fanantics mock us all the way through. At least we can enjoy some good crabcakes before the game. Will report late tomorrow night from the Holiday Inn Express. Good luck David Price. You are the epitome of class. Mr. Dombrowski, unless you can get 5 prospects for Yohann, sign him up; he wants to stay.

Should be Yoennis

Great post Greg. Now I’m choosing sides here. Looks like you, Rich, ET, Gk, myself, and maybe a few others are on the same page, although I risk making assumptions. Anyone else want to play for us? Our motto “Nobody rides the pines. Everybody plays.” And Nobody gets traded til after the season.

Now that the pressure is off and we already know the bullpen is a thrill ride, just relax and enjoy the drops and curves. It’s exciting if you want it to be. If they blow one, why be surprised?
Oh, and a happy 87th birthday to Marty!

Happy Birthday Marty!

Somehow they have to figure a way to keep Cespedes . Maybe they will as 2016 is just around the corner . Sorry to see Price ride his bike off into the sunset,,,,,

87……….wow……..they didn’t tell me I was that old.

Cespedes is as good as gone.
The term “reboot” is pathetic euphemism at its best.
The Detroit Tigers will always have a great fan base.

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