Dombrowski: Tigers “rebooting,” will listen on trades

The long debate on the fate of the Tigers season appears to be over. Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski confirmed that they’ll look at trading their pending free-agents heading into Friday’s nonwaiver Trade Deadline.

“We look at it more as rebooting going into next year,” Dombrowski said Wednesday afternoon on his way out of Tropicana Field following Wednesday’s 2-1 win over the Rays.

The decision puts All-Star pitcher David Price, outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, closer Joakim Soria, outfielder Rajai Davis catcher Alex Avila all onto the market with about 48 hours to go. Price and Cespedes immediately become among the most coveted players available, while Soria and Davis become intriguing pieces added to the puzzle.

The Tigers’ win Wednesday halted a three-game losing streak, but did little to change the perception of their fall out of the thick of the playoff race. Detroit improved to 49-52, 12 ½ games behind the Royals in the American League Central. The Tigers stood four games behind Minnesota for the second AL Wild Card spot, pending the Twins’ result against Pittsburgh, but four other AL teams were between them, including Tampa Bay, Baltimore and now the White Sox.

“We’ll only make a trade if we think it makes sense for us,” Dombrowski said, “but it gives us a chance to maybe restock our club [after] some of the prospects that we traded away, get some people that will help us reboot and take it from there.”


Making no real attempt to build a bullpen or to replace Miggy kind of signified what was in store.
As far as “rebooting” goes, I’ll have a name for it when I see what it is.
Guess I’ll follow the local team in their pennant race for the remainder of this season. After 10 years of contending, I can’t do meaningless games. Spoiled.

And too old.

Rebooting?? I hate those words……..reboot, restructure, regroup, reorganize. When they are spoken by upper management it usually means “I screwed up”.

Thankfully, he didn’t use RESET; actually that’s what he really meant.

I am happy to see this, I think this makes more sense then trying to buy.

Yes, Im eager to watch Gose, Moya and Castellanos in their bid to match Deer, Incaviglia and Tettlelton…in SO

Latos to Dodgers fell apart. Price to LAA?

Saw that. Wondered the same.

CWS is half game ahead of the Tigers and wont sell. Why Rosenthal /Morosi are not pushing them?
But for Jason, the guys covering the Tigers seem to hate the Tigers. One was calling Ausmus names ( freudian slip or mistake?) while other was insulting Price.

the beat writters

Selling was inevitable once Miggy was hurt and the Tigers couldn’t remain competitive. Unless extensions with any of the desirable FAs can be done, then holding on to them would be foolhardy. Better something than nothing. Besides, this presents an opportunity for some minor leaguers such as Moya to gain MLB experience as well as obtain ABs.

moya struck out 190 times last year and 124 times this year in the minors. He’s Hessman redux.

Different is not always better, as we’re about to find out. Some fans out there are just tired of the same players, although those might be same fans who are expecting “a haul.”

The Tigers have the worst record in MLB over the last 3-4 months. There was plenty of opportunity for them to turn things around. They didn’t and things haven’t looked any more favorable since Miggy’s injury. SELL or extend the desirable FAs. There is no need to sink with this ship Prospects can get MLB experience and money will be freed up to spend later on the FA market. And/or new acquisitions can be flipped as well as current prospects traded..

True, except since 2011 the Tigers have won their titles in the second half. I was looking for a similar run once everybody got back on the field. Not to be this time around.

One good thing, at least for me, is that this year’s deadline lunacy is almost over. I think it has effected the play of some players and teams. This year it seems the deadline has gone on for so long it’s not even dead anymore.

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I’m disappointed they traded Price. Why not try to unload Verlander?
I question the abilities of the hitting and pitching coaches. Strand players on third and can’t hit a run in??!

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