Monday’s lineups: Tigers at Rays

Andrew Romine gets the start at first base tonight against Rays right-hander Nathan Karns. Former Tiger Curt Casali gets the start behind the plate for the Rays.


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  3. Victor Martinez, DH
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jose Iglesias, SS
  8. Andrew Romine, 1B
  9. Anthony Gose, CF

P: Anibal Sanchez

RAYS (career numbers off Sanchez)

  1. John Jaso, DH (1-for-14, 4 walks, 2 K’s)
  2. David DeJesus, LF (2-for-3, double, walk)
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B (3-for-11, triple, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. James Loney, 1B (4-for-12, triple, walk, K)
  5. Logan Forsythe, 2B (2-for-5, HR)
  6. Steven Souza, RF
  7. Kevin Kiermaier, CF (1-for-2, triple)
  8. Tim Beckham, SS
  9. Curt Casali, C

P: Nathan Karns


Passed ball called a wild pitch.

Former Tiger Casali coming up

Anybody know why Rod Allen is on studio duty some nights and Gibby is doing the games? No offense to Gibby but not the same without Rod in there.

Who knows. I enjoy Rod in the studio, also. He gives some good insight. Gibby is so very calm so maybe that’s what they want right now. People complain about not listening to other announcers when the Tigers play on ESPN. One of the best values out there is buying the radio feed on the Tiger website where you can hear Dan & Jim on your computer. $19.99 for a year and that includes spring training games.

people complain about listening to other announcers.

Sanchez. 2 innings. 43 pitches. Must cut down pitch count. Who be Casali?

Yea, Karns 3/30, Anabal 2/43

Probably the final score

Oh, that Casali. HR. Figures.

Karns? Another Cy Young clone? Tigers certainly find a lot of them.

Gonna get no hit tonight? Quickly and quietly tiger’s continue to fall.

3 times hit hard, a single to show. Sometimes better lucky than good

Karns= 10/ppi…..Sanchez= 10/ppi. Tigers not hitting again. I am so weary of this.

Karns, 4/40. I agree that you need to be ready for the fastball, but once you have a runner, take a pitch or two.

Sanchez= 20/ppi. My error.

A other team coming in which is scuffling and having a hard time scoring runs…..yep nothing like the tiger’s to get ya going.

White Sox leading Red Sox. Tigers headed to 4th place?

If it doesn’t matter to them I can hardly see how playing hard and winning should matter to me. WHATEVER

McCann makes that play

Second time in 11 games he fails to begin the 7th

It was off line a bit don’t you think?

Yes, no speed, no location until the 3rd

4 hits and 2 walks for these miserable bums in the last 15 innings. Yep tiger’s are tough.

They are putting me to sleep here. There is something seriously wrong with this team and I don’t care what any of you say, none of us really knows what it is. You can’t fire 25 players. If Ausmule isn’t gone soon, the season is over. Swallow your pride, DD, and admit BA was the wrong choice. Tell Papa that Alex has to go. He is an albatross around the team’s neck. Don’t give away any players for “prospects.” It’s the atmosphere that has to change.

DD is not going to admit Brad was the wrong choice . The radio crew Dan and Jim both admitted these are must win games . The Tigers seem to have no spirit.

It was the same problems before BA. But I agree, bring in fresh blood from the top to the bottom of organization.

Well no like Rod just said Anibal didn’t have his best stuff but he still gave his team a chance to win….. but the bats continue to sleep. For the 3rd time in 5 games have saying scored a predictable 1 run or less with 5 outs to go.

And yes Karns is good but not as unhittable as the tiger’s made him look.

Another homer by Casali and #Rays score more than 4 runs for 1st time since July 8.

Like I said nothing like tigers to get your team turned around

“Everytime a tiger’s reliever comes into the game a ball gets it’s wings.” I just read that cartoon on line. Got it close only to let these idiots give it right back. All I got to say it must be nice to have pitching and guys who actually get meaningfull hits that drive runs instead of just maintaining artificial high batting averages.

Jake Thompson traded for Soria allowed 6 runs in 6 IP

The season is over. Forget about salvaging it.
Time for guys to start thinking about themselves and their own numbers.

That might be the problem for the whole year.

They are going to put Rondon into a position where other baseball people also realize he has no value.
He used to be at least a prospect.
Who cares if he throws 98. It isn’t 100 and he is inclined to throw over the middle of the plate. How do you spell M-E-L-O-N-S?

You got that right. Brings back fond memories of Zumaya.

Dombrowsi has ruined the tam from the outside in.
The outside being the bullpen.

I had weekend guests so I missed those games. Decided not to watch tonight. Checked in on the game and was not surprised to see the Tigers losing in the 8th. I read the posts on this blog and feel for those that are still so connected to this season.

3 under .500.
Meanwhile Dave has pretended this was going to end up being positive and other teams have walked away with the prizes.
Wait until the deadline Dave. Maybe there will be guys like Valverde, or maybe some guys that we have never heard of before.
Dombrowski has ruined this team and was slick enough to always make it look like it was the owner’s fault and not his.

`DD is going to hang on to his delusion until Avila, Rajai, and Simon are worth absolutely nothing since the “holes” that contending teams have will have been filled.
Actually all three of those guys will bring exactly the value back that can be expected if anyone still wants them.
DD will also wait too long on Cepedes.
Maybe he will find a free agent in Jerry Lewis`Fantasy Camp

Avila is a liability and most teams know it. He misses half a year every year with injuries and then rarely hits over .200, There are lots of better catchers out there – even McCann who has been a consistent hitter and durable player.

If they sell, the rotation will be Simon,Farmer, and Ryan.The Tigers will end near laast and they will need years to be back.
I dont get the eagerness to sell.

Because you cant win like this. Not next year either. The Reds got a good package for their guy. We should get similar or better. Start rebuilding, maybe next year or year after we are ready to compete again.

No offense to Miggy who has been one of the most durable players ever but WTF is a calf strain that takes six weeks to heal?

Grade 3 calf strain is 6-8 weeks and that might be optimistic.

Something is going on. The FSD staff is interviewing Tampa players over and over. No word from the Tigers clubhouse. Usually, Brad’s interview is right after the guys talk about the game, go to commercial and then the clubhouse interviews. Must be no reporters allowed. Maybe a closed door meeting.

It’s on twitter. Mr. D is there in the clubhouse.

LT, the team has to sell. The question is what and how much. If they sell Price they are not `regrouping` by any stretch of the imagination. They should NOT let Price go. They are so fortunate to have a player of that calibre and character. He is a baseball fan as well. A player who respects the game and its intricacies.
They have to maximize opportunities such as Cespedes. Right now (not later) there may be a market for Simon.
Same goes for Rajai and Avila. They are worthless to the cause next year.

No one ever answered my question about why Avila is in the lineup; granted he walked twice tonight, but I can’t recall the last rbi hit that meant anything to the team.
I’m catching James at least 5 and probably six games a week. If you want Avila in the lineup, put him at first. Avila and whom else in the lineup minus James does not work at all. The day of reckoning has come I think; again if we don’t keep Price, our future for a while is toast. One could see the tone of the game early; guys too anxious to hit
that fastball that they never got into a hitters count. Julio is slipping into a mini slump; if that continues for any time, then two runs or so is the norm.
1. Krol finally mans up.
2. As poorly as Anabal pitched, he didn’t outdo Mr. Greenjeans for nightmare starts. A three run deficit in the sixth is doable.
3. Kinsler’s AB in the 8th. was fantastic.
Loose Bruce is still trying to get through an inning 1,2,3. Hadn’t had too many.
Fourth place is waiting for us.

Yeah, Kinsler’s AB and Cespedes fighting off that pitch for a single. Then Victor just got out in front of one and yanked it foul. Almost had ’em. Made that guy throw a ton of pitches.

They can and should make deals that brings back big league talent, not prospects. If that means dealing Price, than do it. There are holes to fill.
Personally I think the team is snakebit this year. Too many unfortunate events to think otherwise.
By the way, I thought it was a pretty entertaining game tonight. I can enjoy baseball even when the Tigers lose. And I don’t think anyone has quit or isn’t trying hard enough. To say that is insulting to the players and I don’t think they deserve that. Try playing this game sometime.

Jays, 1 and a 1/2 game ahead traded for Tulo

that’s a shocker.

Lets see:
McCann/Avila. Marte. Kinsler( sell must include him and his big contract but that is only me) Castellanos. Iglesias, Moya, Gose( no platoon and he cant hit LH , Collins is LH) J D. Victor
Rotation: JV ,who has been good in his past starts, Sánchez who has gone beyond 113 in his last 5 games or so nearing a breacking point,Simon who finally found himself, Farmer and Greene.No closer.
2003.And the opportunity to waste another top 5 pick.
Trading a SP for prospects worked well with Fister

Alfredo Simon ERA: 4.46 FIP: 3.96 ( the defense ) Projected before the season:4.58
Porcello. 2012 :4.59. 2013: 4.32 2011: 4.75
BTW: last season, it was the fake Rosenthal the first to report the Prcie deal to Detroit

2015, this Tiger team just cannot find many (any) ways to win games. KC makes it look so easy and effortless night after night. Tigers have lost a lot of series this year to cellar dwellers, it seems. Sorry, Rondon is not the answer in clutch situations.

In my opinion Rondon is not the answer IN ANY SITUATION. After the DL he rehabbed with the Mud Hens and had a 12.00 ERA with lots of appearances. If he can’t pitch AAA why would the Tigers bring him back up?

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian explains why the Tigers will be buyers at the trade deadline: “If you’re around .500 in the American League right now, you have a shot at that second wild card.”

ElT, what do they need besides SP, backend BP stud and LHB? With Kazmir and Cuetto gone, who’s left? Chapman, F. Rodriguez or Papelbon? Zobrist?

Ross, Cashner , Shields,Latos, Gallardo , Leake,maybe Samardzija ( CWS could do it, but It s DD ready to help them down the road?)It is a buyers market for SP.
BP? Axelrod, Jackson.

I guess Tazawa is out or reach like McGee. and Ziegler has a too low SO rate

Meant to say, who’s left for SP? Can they afford or do they want Chapman, F. Rodriguez or Papelbon? Is Zobrist a viable option as switch hitter OF, INF help?

Well, got to start somewhere. It WILL happen; it’s just a matter of when (and if we’re alive to see it).

With 60% of the season gone the Tigers simply cannot afford the high payroll for such meager production. Verlander get $25 million and has pitched more to Kate Upton than to AL hitters – he’s had 7 mostly mediocre appearances. Joe Nathan pitched 1/3 of an inning – for that he gets $10 million. Victor Martinez gets $17 million to play in 2/3 of the games and produce like a minimum salary rookie. And then there’s Prince Fielder whose $24 million salary at Texas is mostly being paid by the Tigers. What a deal! And while Avila gets $4 million+ to play in 40% of the games, he earns 8 times more than McCann who hits nearly .100 points higher. Add to that Cabrera’s $20 million, Price $20 million, Kinsler $15 million, Sanchez $16 million, and Cespedes $9 million and what have you got? A .500 team with no bullpen. Amen

Clubs that have spoken with #Tigers in last 24 hours say told they’re not selling. Could even look to add a starter, or reliever, or both.

season over, but not now but four months ago..and Ausmus again bla bla play off LOL

Lineup at TB: Kinsler 4, Cespedes 7, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 9, Castellanos 5, McCann 2, Avila 3, Iglesias 6, Gose 8. Price starting.

Will Avila ever get another hit in a Tiger uni? Will Rajai?
I know Cespedes will.
Rajai looks like he has had the life sucked right out of him.
Good on KC for going for the gusto. I applaud them for going after Cueto and Zobrist.
Meanwhile Detroit fans are forced to wallow in the DD/Ausmus illusion that this is a team on the verge of making a rebound.
I will say I hated the Simon deal when it was made and was not “keene on Greene” either. I hope his hoody keeps him warm enough in the bullpen at Tampa Bay.

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