Sunday night lineups: Tigers at Red Sox

Back after a couple days to find that the Tigers have shipped out first baseman Marc Krauss, optioned to Triple-A Toledo to make room for Kyle Ryan as an extra reliever (possibly spot starter if Alfredo Simon can’t make his next turn?). Krauss wouldn’t have started tonight anyway with left-hander Eduardo Rodriguez going for Boston.

Rodriguez was the return the Red Sox received last July 31 for Andrew Miller, the lefty reliever the Tigers tried to acquire but couldn’t match Baltimore on prospects for. They’ll get a first-hand look at him tonight for the first time.


  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jefry Marte, 1B
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

P: Shane Greene

redsoxlogoRED SOX (numbers off Greene)

  1. Mookie Betts, CF (1-for-2)
  2. Brock Holt, 2B (1-for-5)
  3. Xavier Bogaerts, SS (2-for-4, HR, K)
  4. David Ortiz, DH (1-for-4, walk, K)
  5. Hanley Ramirez, LF
  6. Alejandro De Aza, RF (1-for-6, 2 K’s)
  7. Pablo Sandoval, 3B
  8. Mike Napoli, 1B (1-for-1, HR, 3 walks)
  9. Blake Swihart, C

P: Eduardo Rodriguez


Tigers. 3.5 back for the second WC. Jays lost too

Jays loss included a triple play. Not knowing all the rules myself, was Pillar out because he took a base with another runner already there? Also, former Tiger Carrera certainly seems to be involved in a lot of crazy plays.

Yes, that was the reason for Pillar being out. The coach pushed Zeke

I just can’t hardly stand listening to Kurt Schilling.

Of course, Cantellanos

Of course Iglesias……error #10……and looks like he screwed it up two plays in a row.

He got lucky on 2nd screw up I thought he was safe at 1st. Iglesias has had a few miscues lately on routine stuff.

It’s only 2 innings but Greene seems to be pitching well so far. They’re not giving him much confidence with 4 fumbles already. Davis, Castellanos and 2 by Iglesias.

Bone head baserunning by McCann. ……


I didn’t even get my last comment posted when boo-boo # 5 happened by McCann. Where are their heads tonight?

In Beantown.

I can’t believe the goof ups. Mistakes seem to be contagious.

Since they hired a base running coach it does not look much better .

No excuses for the bad base running. That’s on the coaches. They needed to get some runs for Shane and screwed up. I’m getting mad. Still, Go Tigers!!!

Walking the righty Napoli batting .204…huge. 1 run the water the Tigers are NOT hitting tonight. Could be all they need.

1 run the way….auto correct argh as frustrating as these Tigers



These announcers are talking more about where they’re sitting than the actual game. Geesh…you’re sitting on the green monster, we get it…Jeff

I turned the sound off and am listening to Dan & Jim.

2 straight hits in the 5th…Short leash needed. Everybody is getting warm in the Tiger pen.

Welp…too late.

Just said to my spouse this has 4-1 written all over it and 5 seconds later that pompous jerk.

Can somebody stall so a reliever can get warm?

No one in the BP is up. How idiotic is that? Unbelievable.

Just said to my spouse this has 4-1 written all over it and 5 seconds later that pompous jerk

It’ll be 10-1 before the inning is over. Just showed a shot of the pen and they’re just now now taking off their jackets. This is Shane Greene on the mound…hasn’t the Tiger manager seen this act before? Could he be a little more prepared for it?

I can’t stand Brad. He may be brainy, but he’s slow.

See, that’s on Brad again. He can’t feel Greene losing it until too late.

He’s incredibly obtuse (Shawshank Redemption).

You could see this taking shape last inning. Walking Napoli especially. He is a .200 hitter who Shane could not keep pitches down.
Geene is probably the worst starting pitcher in the league.
Go bury yourself in your hoody Shane.

Put him on the bus to Toledo

Take the manager with him.

Put Brad on the bus to the minor leagues where he should have started to begin with.

Gotta agree with y’ll about Schilling. He is nauseating. And Shulman feeds him the drivel and eggs him on.
Typical Tiger national TV performance.

I’ve always heard that the most intellectual people often lack common sense and maybe that’s what we’re experiencing with our manager. Dan is absolutely right about Greene showing this in the fourth. After the first two hitters pounced this inning he should have been out of the game.

Maybe Lamont should finish the year. And I’m serious. Ausmus is killing us.

Kyle Ryan gets garbage duty. Appropriate.

I have a surround sound setup and I eliminated the center channel so I can’t hear the announcers. Just crowd sounds.

I feel sorry for Shane Greene. He shouldn’t even be in a situation where he should be pitching in the majors right now. He is being forced into it because Dombrowski has nothing better than him on the farm. Seems to be a theme with the pitching staff this year. There’s nothing better.

The pen cannot be that stressed. Why does Brad wait so long?

because he doesn’t have a “feel” for the game or a “pulse” for his players. Clueless!

They just showed Ortiz tossing his bat after his homer…I really can’t stand that guy’s attitude!!

He’s a giant douche bag and bat flipping is the least of it. He’s a proven cheater ….hes only concerned about himself….I have a friend who saw hIm sorta push a kid to the side (not hard or anything) looking for an autograph. He’s not a good guy.

All of you who want the club to sell, remember it was Dombrowski and his staff who traded Shane Greene for Robbie Ray and hired Brad Ausmus, reportedly on the basis of how well he interviewed. That’s why I want to take our final shot this year.

In other news while were all talking about Shane Greene we only have 2 hits. A lot of people not earning their keep tonight except Castellanos. (Everyone’s favorite whipping boy around here)

Now play nice. The Boston kid is tough. Nick’s fielding improved when he started hitting, thus proving that he had been taking has ABs into the field.

Yep he’s awesome…….but this is a theme and he has been struggling

The pen has been overused. FoxDetroit had a graph last night

Please keep Kyle Ryan in a bit longer….oh crap it probably doesn’t matter it’s over anyway.

Nick is a different player right now than he was earlier. Oozing confidence.
But let’s be real, everyone on this BLOG was unhappy with Nick and not shy about blogging it.
Including myself.

Watching a game on ESPN (there is no alternative) is so strange. It’s like watching Sportscenter while some stupid ballgame goes on in the background. I’m in the other room now and have the announcers turned down, but when I walked by the TV a minute ago they were showing footage of Pedro Martinez.

I can still hear that Boston crowd roaring though.

Listening to Dan and Jim because I don’t have ESPN. Of course blacked out on MLB. Any questions about Greene answered tonight. It will take 12+ runs to win tonight. Brad has conceded this game from pitching standpoint. Probably the right decision. If the Tigers don’t get a SP and soon, they just won’t be able to compete. Time to change managers? Rich, absolutely right about DD. Maybe we can trade him for a pitcher.

I think it’s all over after this season anyway so we may as well go for it this year.

8-1 I’m done. 16 hits for red soxs……like I say nothing like tiger’s pitching to get a crappy hitting team going. Time after time after time. And Rodriguez who was struggling unhittable.
It all just doesn’t matter they look like fools …including the GM…..the manager the coaches and the underachieving bums on the field.

Rodriguez had not been struggling. He was tipping pitches for awhile.

And giving up a ton of runs………I see it as the same thing. It doesn’t really matter……with Greeneach pitching your could put a loss on the books 4 days ago.

And giving up a ton of runs………I see it as the same thing. It doesn’t really matter……with Greene pitching your could put a loss on the books 4 days ago.

This ball club is a mess and can only be fixed once Ausmus is gone . Sad Shane Greeene is the best that the Tigers could trot out. Gotta say DD looked a bit worried.

How do our hitters focus and keep good attitudes spending 3/4 of the game standing in the field?

It’s why the Tigers need a starter. At the least. Most of the bad team pitching stats are the result of just a few guys blowing sky high.

I’ll have to write MLB and thank them for blacking me out of this game.

Nighty night …….in the words of Hawk….”this game is Ovaer! “

Some things become abundantly clear:
You can’t rely on our farm system to supply talent, especially pitching.
Dombrowski’s proclivity for used to be wannabe relieves has not, nor will it ever work.
Forget about 2015. Even when this team wins they will always revert to playing poor baseball no matter what.
Concentrate on 2016. They need a quality reliever (and not Papelbon or KRod).
And they need to spend money on him-perhaps lots of it.
They need starting pitching and not ONE, but AT Least TWO.
Ausmus probably needs to be let go. The climate he has created here is toxic.
Not all his fault as DD has been instrumental in the devolutin of this ball club.

This Tiger team “stinks”! You play a Red Sox team that is in last place and hand them a series win? You are an embarrassment to MLB this year! I’m done watching this sack of shit team.

Smart managing to take out the pitcher.
Couple of comments made by the broadcasting crew did make complete snese:
Greene being a ground ball pitcher (he wasn’t always) needs to
A) To cut down on his timing to the plate
B) Unable to prepare himself to field his position

Good pitchers can field their position. We appreciate the ones who do. Anibal can, Verlander can, Price can, Al-Al can, Wilson can, Soria can. Anybody else. Greene can’t. It’s like his reflexes are too slow or he’s afraid of the ball.

Greene shut the Tigers down last year (as we know is very do-able) so DD traded Robbie Ray for him. He may as well have just gotten cash for Fister. I don’t know what to think anymore.

The ESPN announcers are really annoying

We are close to where the players might not be giving their all for Brad. Brad’s a smart baseball guy; he would make a great commissioner; not so sure about his managing ability; in his defense, his team is who he was given; granted, he does makes some misstakes re: the pen, but DD stands out as the real villain in this demise. And I also blame Mr. I for approving these mega contracts which hold you back in trying to fit the right pieces into a team. I love Miggy, but no player should be given a 10 year contract. No pitcher should be given anything beyond 3 years max. Free Agency is destroying the purity of the game. Football players restructure their contracts all of the time to free up cap money for others to sign and improve the team. And their money is not guaranteed. I mean, look at the deal we’re getting out of JV this year. No wins for 20+ M. It’ s pure insanity. We went all in with our hand, and the call was made, and now we lose the big pot.
Tonight’s game was another embarrassment in this year’s multitude of such games.
If the national cameras are on, it’s as though, we bow to the pressure. Igloo was not cool tonight. Mr. Green Jeans is what he is- I don’t know what he is, but pretending to be a big league pitcher is not fooling anyone. Our MLB prospect # 996, Kyle Ryan needs to take his 1970’s sideburns to Hollywood. Feliz is a pint sized Valverde. Look at all of these great young pitching prospects in the AL Central Mr. DD. Where are ours? Even when the scouts find one, you send him to another team. Your system is not working Mr. DD. Help!
1. Nick.

If I were DD I would beg the networks to keep the games off the air . This is a sad excuse for a ball club . The leadership is a failure .

I see a team 4 games back of the wild card with 2 months to play. A bad team? the other must be worse then.
It is the same with Boston, year after year since ever… Only 11 runs, 18 runs two years ago. I was expecting them to lose all 3
Nobody has doubts about Castellanos bat. But he has and Iron glove, cement feet and rubber arm. A DH .
The Fister deal was the worst ever.Only DD ´s cheerladeaders can find excuses for that preposterous trade. I take his 4 something ERA aftter injury over Greene everyday

Liking your posts ET. Truth and humor. “Iron glove, cement feet and rubber arm…” very funny. “DD’s cheerleaders…..” ooo-ooo, can I be a DD cheerleader? “preposterous trade”….good stuff. You’re still on board to compete for wild card. How do we get an SP and who? You must have some ideas.

Thanks. Maybe Latos, or Gallardo. They have some decent prospects. Two middle prospects can add to make the equivalent of one good
DD has pretty good trades in his record but in the long run the good and the bad tend to neutralize each other

Correct, never expect any success at Fenway. I think they took 2 of 3 in what, 2006?
Anyway, the last two series had an indirect impact on the WC race but the next two have a direct impact; head to head with the competition. It may feel like it’s over but it isn’t. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Those Germans from Japan?
Anyone else notice that Rajai has 1 hit since July 12th and no stolen bases since June 12th?
Can you imagine what McCann’s numbers might look like if he was catching pitchers who had ability and interest in holding runners on?
The direction and performance of this team is affecting the way Jose Iglesias plays ball.
In an intelligent world there is no way the Tigers can afford to lose David Price from their current rotation. It boggles the mind to consider what it would look like next year without him.
Then again, why would he want to stay?
The deconstruction of successful baseball franchises can happen swiftly leave a fan-bases fearing the word “re-building”. I will say it is pretty slick to simply “re-group” though.

Germany did bomb Pearl harbor in 1927.

GM Dombrowski told me mindset is still trying to make playoffs not sell

Since 2010, Bluto became a Tigers fan for some reason unknown to me

And I do want to make completely certain that everyone knew the Peal Harbor thing was a reference to the movie “Animal House.” I can make myself look enough like an idiot without any misunderstanding. 🙂

Example, spelling it PEAL Harbor.

I really can’t see management decimating the team while in the WC hunt. I’d be pretty surprised. So I don’t expect Price for prospects.

I should have thought about that before sticking my foot inmy mouth Rich. My apologies. Wasn’t meant as anything more than humour though.
Interesting though. 1927 eh? Man I have to find out more about that.
Anybody else here think Dombrowski may not end up being General Manager of the Year?

It’s a stretch but I also think he will not. 1927, really? I have to check on that as well Greg.

Agree Rich. There is that little detail called interest and attendance.

Well the egg is on my face. I had read about some conspiracy theories on how the US was egged into WW ll. There had been some speculation that Pearl Harbor was planned by the US to move us toward declaring war on Japan, and subsequently the Germans. My dates were way off. Supposedly, some of the secret plans for this attack were in the early stages as early as 1937. Anyway, shame on me. back to baseball just for a moment. If the aim is to try and stay competitive and get the 2nd spot, why would you then play the weakest “link” in the lineup, AKA Alex Avila?

Speaking of conspiracy theories, Rajai Davis just followed the entire Cardinals Organization on Twitter. Genius! Rajai may be frustrating at times, but I love that guy. Take that, rumor mongers!

By the way, thanks for the 2 names ET.

anthony fenech :
“The Tigers are never sellers,” Price said. “They’re always trying to add pieces to get to the postseason and beyond.”

You are welcome.
Greene to the BP. Farmer will start. It makes sense. He pitched a good game the first 4. Luis Alvarez of ESPN in Español was saying before that inning , based on the stats, get ready the BP

Cubs:”JULY 27: Jackson has been officially released”

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