Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Mariners


James McCann gets the start behind the plate over Alex Avila today, even with right-hander Hisashi Iwakuma on the mound for Seattle. Brad Ausmus said McCann and David Price have worked well together in recent starts, including last time out, so he’s keeping the pair together.

tigers1901logoTIGERS (career numbers against Iwakuma)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (9-for-26, double, 3 HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  2. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (11-for-27, 5 doubles, 4 HR, 7 K’s)
  3. Victor Martinez, DH (5-for-9, 2 HR, 2 walks)
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-5, HR, 3 K’s)
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B (3-for-5, double, HR, 2 K’s)
  6. Marc Krauss, 1B (2-for-6, HR, 2 K’s)
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS (2-for-7, 2 K’s)
  9. Anthony Gose, CF (1-for-4, triple, walk, K)

P: David Price

pilotslogoMARINERS (career numbers off Price)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (4-for-21, 2 doubles, 11 K’s)
  2. Kyle Seager, 3B (0-for-10, walk, 2 K’s)
  3. Nelson Cruz, DH (12-for-32, double, 4 HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  4. Robinson Cano, 2B (18-for-67, 3 doubles, triple, HR, 3 walks, 7 K’s)
  5. Franklin Gutierrez, LF
  6. Mark Trumbo, RF (6-for-16, 2 doubles, HR, 5 K’s)
  7. Logan Morrison, 1B (2-for-6, double, K)
  8. Chris Taylor, SS (0-for-2, walk, K)
  9. Jesus Sucre, C

P: Hisashi Iwakuma


Krauss over Avila at 1B. I guess it doesn’t matter. Neither one is hitting his weight.

Bagagrly: #SFGiants checked in w/#Tigers and found reports they are in sell mode a bit overblown, at least for now. OF Rajai Davis interests them.

Tigers 3 out of last wildcard. without the 2 bullpen implosions it would be 1. ok, i’m done chewing yesterday’s breakfast. it’s a bit cliched, but Tigers have been their own greatest foe this season.

Twins face Pirates’ Cole today. very good chance a Tiger win puts them within 2 games.

uhh scratch that. facing Angels’ Richards. Angels on a roll.

If you’re referring to the blowup in Minnesota, then they’d be tied now. Head on head counts for two.

JD will get consideration when it comes to Gold Glove time. I’m serious

I agree. And I’ll one-up you. Although JD won’t win, he’ll also get some MVP votes.

Not a bad recovery for a guy who just a few months ago some fans wanted to send down (and maybe even deport). Baseball is a strange game in some ways. No comment about we fans.

He should be leading the vote as now. First in DRS, the stat used for precalification

DRS? Does that mean you are a Fielding Bible fan?

Rawling now use a SDI, deveolped by the Saber society . One of the components is DRS. They also use UZR, But until they publish the current DSI ranking. DRS could be a good proxy
He leads too in defensive WAR at RF, 2 W over Zeke Carrera

Cubs and Toronto have scouts there. This might be the last game we see Price pitch in a Tiger uniform. Maybe even Yoenis.

Jd givith and Jd taketh away.

Oh boy can the tiger’s hitters manage a run or 2 before our pen gives up 5?

Now, Price until a runner reach base

I know it’s silly, but too often when I say something positive about a player or situation or whatever it’s like I’ve jinxed things. The same is probably true for lots of fans. So JD, it’s not your fault. The baseball gods are punishing Dan, ElT and me.

Better get it going, fellas!

Baserunning blunder on McCann.


Victor. Really? Strikeout?

Now we get to watch Soria.

Hope everyone knows we will lose this game now. I’m sure David is sick of this by now

This will be the killer if we lose.

Get ready for the heartbreak.

OK, now Soria is in with no outs and a guy at 2nd base.

Well, add a manager to the wish list.

Bud Black. No more catchers

Soria he doesn’t strike people out and he the 8 million pitches last night. Betcha they won’t strand a double like the tiger’s did.

pop-up for Cruz.

Price can lose the game but not win. That the way you deal with your best pitcher

Oh,, thank goodness. Tigers have to get it done here.

I didn’t think Soria could do it.

Will Marc Krauss surprise me?


Rajai. …I think I could just cry.

Well, that hurt.

Why does that always happen a runner picked off or caught stealing then there’s a hit anyway. Cry


I know.

Alex Wilson. I don’t think I can watch.

Xtra innings. Now what? Soria? Rondon? I doubt Rajai will play first base so he is lost for the game.

I’m going outside. Can’t stand it.

FWIW: lead-off walk scores 36% of the time. Lead-off single 36%

Come on ump that was a strike. …how many more are you going to screw up?

Alright Andrew and Rondon

Now we have to face their lights out closer.

So it’s baserunning blunder day at the park…..

They just know what this team is going to do and and tricked the Tigers.

Lloyd is smarter than Brad. That doesn’t mean I wanted Lloyd as manager.

The longer it goes, the worse our chances.

Ya….I’m praying keeping and my fingers legs and toes crossed.

Pretty much the way I see it . So many chances to score .

Someone said earlier that the Tigers needed 3-4 runs for Price to win. It’s sure looking that way. The Tigers just couldn’t hit Iwojima.

Krol surprised me, but how many innings can he pitch?

Please, let’s win off Rodney.

Well thats that. Flipping Zunino and his 169 batting average that’s pathetic

And there it is. Mr .190 drives in the go ahead off of our prize for Fister. We are not an extra inning team. If we come back in the bottom, we will make the playoffs.

No score since the first

Here again, the bullpen pretty much got it done but now no offense. I suppose Brad will take flak for having Krol in there.
This is a frustrating year.

Too many stranded runners. You pitch they can’t hit…..hit can’t pitch . They’re exhausting.

Let’s go Tigers!!!!1

I wish they could just hit a HR and win it.

Well that was a pretty crappy homestand. I think that might of sealed their fate.

Well, that’s it.

Can’t win at home even if your ace is pitching. Pathetic.

It just had to come down to Victor’s spot AGAIN, even though PR-ing for him was the right move. This is a bad year.

He hasn’t exactly been very hot lately. Tigers just don’t do well when they are behind late in the game. The good teams win. We don’t. I’m not sticking around to hear the post game interviews. I don’t think Price and Ausmus get along. Just my opinion, though.

Ausmus put him in lose-no win situation. A good manager does not do that . Going from Maddon to Ausmus…

That’s all folks….

Your boy Krauss was awesome today. He got a hit and elevated his BA all the way up to .149. Of course the Tigers had to run for him because he has no speed, as well as to avoid his getting picked off again. Now Krauss’ slugging % is all the way up to .270. I must admit it looks like he is on his way to elevating his BA up to his 3-year MLB level of .190 … You need to check your player facts, especially if you want to get personal and be insulting. A course in social graces wouldn’t hurt you either.

Darlene..You want to talk about facts, that catcher thats’ killing the Tiger pitching
was batting .162…facts don’t mean squat in baseball….When you guys/gals get on someone, it’s relentless…Krauss is filling in for one of the best hitters in the league, if not baseball….Just cut the guy some slack ( He’s part time).I guess, in this blog, it’s a little difficult knowing who I’m
talking to….sorry if I affended you….I’m just as frustrated with this team as you other bloggers.

“Ausmus said he stuck with Krol because he was running out of pitching. Alburquerque wasn’t available, and Hardy had thrown 3 days in a row”
Jason answered it before , Ferrell is injured so it not available. But they will need to find anothe reliever ASAP. And go short on the bench if needed. Or a starter to go long relief

Three things I learned about today’s game:
1. David Price is one of the best pitchers and finest gentleman that we have had the honor to call a Tiger.
2. Brad Ausmus can’t catch a break in making managerial decisions in extra inning games.
3. Those who watch the Tigers every day can usually predict with 90% certainty the outcome of our games before its conclusion.

Three thing I liked about today’s game:
1. Cespedes’ defensive play.
2. Igloo’s consistent offense day to day.
3. We were never out of the game(theoretically).

Three things I didn’t like about today’s game:
1. RISP was non existant.
2. Had Seattle’s starter on the ropes early. Should have gone for the jugular.
3. Base running efficiency(the lack thereof).

Julio has cooled off which is expected. Lowe got crucial K’s, where we have to scratch to get outs. Kinsler’s last AB was regressing back to swinging for the sky. I think we saw the final home start for David. Granted, we are close in the hunt for the last spot. But, Someone, probably El Tigre can help, tell me the last time this team won three games in a row. Odds say the breaks would even out over 162 games. If that’s the case, we should be getting a ton of them soon.

June 21-23. Against Cleveland.

Yup, that is probably the last time we will see him in a Detroit uni. And, Astro. One of the best pitchers in MLB. I wish him well.

Your’e the Best El Tigre.


This Tiger era is going to go down as a great what might have been.
Can’t help but feel this season has a few more excruciating twists and turns left in it.

I can’t decide what is more difficult, watching our team lose or waiting for DD to show his hand. Suspense is not my friend.
One thing everyone here agrees on, David Price is awesome in every way.

I know hurry up and wait……I watched every minute of todays game just hoping they could score enough. Of course it did not happen .

The hallmark of a .500 team—-win one………….lose one…… one………………..lose one.
About the only thing they have been consistent with all year.
And yes Brad is to share blame.
Every team deals with injuries. He inherited a good team. They have not been able to win.

Brad interviewed for the Boston job the year before he got hired by Detroit. I remember an article saying he didn’t want to manage any other team but Boston. He also owns a home in that area. It’s a snobby town. I wish they would have hired him.

I guess it’s the position we’re in, but this year’s trade deadline, something I’ve always hated, is really grinding my gears. I mean, how dumb is it to be playing do or die games in July? There’s a full third of the season left. Things can and have in the past changed drastically in that time frame. Guess I’m just old…and fashioned.

Since Greene was driven from the game Tuesday night, Brad’s decision to start mixing and matching at that time has haunted both yesterday’s and today’s games. His hands were tied today. He did the tying.
And he hasn’t much pen to work with tomorrow night either. Someone suggested dropping a position player and adding a reliever. Not a bad idea.

If the Tigers keep Price, it is for a run, and they need another pitcher. If they let him go, they need another starter more. I say trade Cespedes for a starter. Hate to see him go, but without pitching they will do nothing this year or next.

I agree with that. They need another starter to keep them in games and to eat some innings for this overworked bullpen. I can’t remember Detroit ever having a better leftfielder than Cespedes. It’s been said he wants to re-sign here even if traded, but how often does that actually happen?

Willie Horton?

At the very least, he was probably the best fist-fighter given his boxing experience. Do you recall his confrontation with Billy Martin, when Martin managed the Tigers?

A sad commentary from the last four. Our guys could have and should have won all four. The absence of Felix made this even more possible.

I had happily forgotten that. Seven games, no Felix. We won four.

The selling has begun. Kazmir to the Astros and Ramirez to the Pirates.

AUSMUS: ‘I don’t know if you think I have a bevy of arms down there all named Mariano Rivera” So, it is not his fault but DD´s

That was an unnecessary and snarky remark by Brad. People are coming up with alternate ways to use the arms he has out there. Too hot in the kitchen for him?

K Rod and Ricky Henderson were traded and resigned with their former teams the following offseason
Resinging as a gesture is common like Gibson years later to retire as Tigers. Hunter too.

Lombardozzi DFA.
Once Jackson is released, they should sign him if possible.


Yes, he was DFA too, Still in the limbo

I think the Royals are going to fade. It’s just a question of how much.

Someone recently suggested a theme song for this year’s Tiger team. My suggestion is Molly Hatchet’s “Flirting with Disaster”.
Like so many fans who comment here, I try to listen to/watch every game and I check this blog every day. This year, too many games have been painful. Thank goodness for classic rock stations.

Major kudos for remembering Molly Hatchet! You remember Blackfoot? I used to jam with their drummer.

At the risk of getting too far away from baseball analysis, I used to work with a lawyer who represented Blackfoot. The stories of the trouble they got into before, during and after concerts are legendary.
Here’s hoping that out Tigers create some legendary stories of their own real soon.

“Cespedes is telling friends that he wants to re-sign with the club, regardless of the circumstances,” Rosenthal .

My opinion, keep Price for the stretch run and if you re-sign him that depends on this years playoff results and the $200MM+ contract expectations. If you do not re-sign Price you get a compensatory pick. 2nd, trade Cespedes for another starting pitcher then allow Collins to play LF regularly to see if he’s MLB ready after 60 games. You may be able to sign Cespedes in the offseason if need be if he truly wants to play the game in “D” with Miggy and VMart. Trade Moya for another bullpen arm and/or pick up Edwin Jackson and convert him to the bullpen. Too many ugly losses this season, very soon the luck has to turn in the Tigers favor. I agree with Rich, KC cannot keep up their torrid pace for an entire 162 game season. They have lost Gordon for 2 months and 2 SP’s in Vargas (arm) & Ventura (mental). Thoughts?

That’s “our Tigers”. Darned fat fingers

Lynn G. Henning ‏@Lynn_Henning 35m35 minutes ago Alabama, USA
David Price should leave Detroit — ASAP. Not handing ball to Ausmus yesterday. Walked off after 6 innings on June 28. Self-absorbed pitcher
What do you make of this? A bizarre tweet out of the blue. Price wasn’t even holding the ball when Ausmus reached the mound, Nick had it. Are we being prepared for the trade?

It is bizarre he mentions it now, for sure. Casty was the one who got handed the ball. There is so much gossip out there about this team.

Ausmus is not ready for MLB manager slot. Seems this has been brewing for weeks and he has clashed with Price. Price would have respected a Leyland as he does Maddon. Perhaps to fix this if you get the right missing (2-3) pieces is bring an old school manager in by August 1st?

Jay, I think it’s rare to bring in a manager from outside the organization mid-season. Someone may have some instances of it happening. Be more likely to turn it over to Lamont.

Lynn Henning is self absorbed.

Well, it looks like Price himself is handling this. Great, now we have Twitter wars between players and writers. What’s next?

Remember when Lynn wrote the column about Kinsler not even making it to Detroit right after Prince got traded? A bunch of people were pretty upset that he was talking about the Tigers trading him before his plane landed in Detroit.

He wanted Danny Worth at SS and Hernán at 2B

I dont follow Henning. Sometime ago, he was campaigning to trade Miguel to allow Fielder to remain in 1B. I replied to him and he blocked me. Not to mention his penchant to talk about subjects he lacks any competence to.

Henning would fit in Boston.
Ausmus is the one who should go ASAP if he is the obstacle to resign Price.Managers are dime a dozen

David Price to Henning:
“remember when we got stopped in Anaheim and you were in the clubhouse HORSE laughing?! Professional…I think not”
“HAHAHAHA!!! I didn’t have a ball and they were switching balls out…let me guess you aren’t in Boston are you?! You’re so bad”

One thing I’ll say in Henning’s favor is he will answer back and engage people on Twitter. He also provides some interesting retweets on various subjects.
I can say the same for Price.
El T, if you haven’t been blocked on Twitter, you’re not getting through to them. 🙂 I got blocked by an actor on a sitcom.

I follow him. He provides lots of entertainment ie. current events, historical photos, philosophy, and the Tigers.

Looks like we got the good Porcello and the good Verlander to start the game.

Heck of a strike zone Porcello is getting…..

Hanging curveball

BTW: who called that pitch?

Making friends in the OF

JV doesn’t fool anyone after the 1st time through the batting order! He needs to work on his secondary pitches and consider a role in the BP to resurrect his career. Of course, Porcello is spot on this evening for the 1st time all season!

You do realize JV throws more off- speed stuff than fastballs now? I think that and his sequencing have been his issues, particularly when he couples those factors with poor command.

5.68 ERA and now he is Cy Porcello

Ha typical Tigers ..but last 2 starts porcello only gave up 2 earned. He’s been pitching better.

He’s trying. The Tigers need to help him out.

Seems like too many good Tiger pitching performances are lost due to little run support.

I was not looking forward to this game due to the fact Boston lost 8, I think, games in a row. You know they want to redeem themselves in front of the home crowd. Let’s make ’em sick real good.

We’ve been known to let other teams feel better about themselves.

Porcello lasted 5 vs LAA. 102 pitches. 2 HR

Time to add one SP. Losing 3 at Fenway is the usual

I knew I would see “Cy Porcello” somewhere here if I checked…

If you compare out the Rh/LH splits between Avila and McCann you will ask why Avila is playing – ever. McCann is hitting right-handed pitchers better than Avila.

because it’s Verlander would be my guess.

Actually Porcello has been better of late. He has allowed only 5 earned runs in his last 3 starts, a matter of 18 innings.

He allowed 6 in 2 IP vs Toronto before the two good games

3 games.

3rd worst ERA in MLB

I’m just laying out the facts, not defending him. I think the Tgers won the Cespedes/Wilson/Speier deal.

And responding to an earlier comment that this was Porcello’s only decent outing this year.

I haven’t seen much of Betts, but he looks kinda ugly defensively. He did a whirlybird on one ball and ran to the wall and ducked on a second one, when he should have positioned himself for the throw. On the latter play, he turned a probable double into a potential HR. De Aza had to come to his rescue.Just being athletic is not enuff in baseball, A player needs to know how to play.

He is just the 9th best defensive CF in MLB and the most valuable player for BoSox

DRS 11

Are you watching this game?

One bad game .He is 22 YO.I watch too many BoSox games. ESPN has them vs the Yankees once and again

Like I said, I haven’t seen much of Betts. What I have seen today has been very poor defense. Maybe the kid is just having a clunker. It happens. But, he has been extremely unimpressive so far.

Better have someone warming up

With the Tigers poor record in the late innings, this game is not looking very good.

7-5 when tied to begin the 8th

6-6 when tied to begin the 9th

Really? 7-5. I don’t remember those 7 for sure. It must be the extra innings record I’m thinking about.


Have the Sox used their best 2 relievers? Uehara won’t go 3 innings, will he? Maybe he won’t even be available tomorrow. Let’s hope the next Tiger pitcher(s) can continue to hold the Sox.

Rondon? Oh, my. How many of you would have him in there now?

Fenway, where ERAs go down

Victor has really regressed. I haven’t seen him SO this much.

seems to me Cespedes is the most certain of Tigers to be traded by this time next week

bad call to run there forcing to swing a bad pitch

You’re right.

here is where you bunt the runner to second base

BTW: Sandoval cant hit LHP

walk him and go for the DP

You’re right again.

You’re right there too.

That’s the Tigers for ya. Victor continues to wiff…..and we continue to run our way out of innings. By trying to stay out of the double play ….they go into one anyway because Victor strikes out again. I blame Victor I don’t think it was a bad decision at all. Victor stinks lately despite his 2 RBI yesterday. If he’s hurt again that’s one think other than that he and cespedes need to get off their butts and contribute at the plate. Your paid to drive in runs.

3-8 in xtra innings and very doubtful chances with Simon and Greene starting the next 2 games.

I am used to defending the Tigers but at the same time I recognize keeping unextended FAs is foolhardy.Unless the Tigers win the remaining games with the Red Sox this team needs to be blown up and a “regrouping” needs to commence.

That was stupid to start the runners with Victor facing Masterson, who he owns. Brad will say he was trying to stay out of a DP. Negative thought process. That was our shot and the manager blew it.
Secondarily, where (again) is Wilson?
We’re going to lose our players because the manager makes so many mistakes.
By the way, anyone with baseball sense would expect Porcello to be on tonight.

I just don’t agree……Victor grounds into a billion double plays and doesn’t strike out as much (until recently that is.) Victors been aweful he swung at 3 pitches out of the strike zone including the final nail. He has to be the leader and step up his game. So has Cespedes for that matter.

So you were that sure he was going to hit into a DP? JD was on deck. That’s defensive managing. Victor is 9 for 21 against Masterson. Want more reasons?
I’m not happy with this stuff if you can’t tell.

The old Victor is is 9-12 he’s a shell off himself this year.

We haven’t even talked about the bottom of the 11th. Who to pitch and who to pitch to.

Should have walked Bogaerts but that is an easy call after the fact. I was thinking it at the time though.

Chiming in late. Pitch well-no hit, hit well- no pitch. Evidently this misery is going to last all the way down to #162. Not going into my usual diatribe.
1. Verlander pitches well enough again too win.
2. Kinsler still trying to lead the troops.
3. We get a solid inning from Loose Bruce.
The one walk of the game, by normally a very dependable guy, sealed the loss. Walks make me mad. VMart is struggling right now; Always glad to see solid production from our Twin leftys; neither is still hitting their weight. I can’t fathom Krauss as a viable option during Migg’s absence. Bring up Hessman or anybody for that matter. There is no advantage if your lefty hitter does no good against a righty pitcher. And then to bat Avila and Krauss back to back, well let’s just say that teams tremble in fear when those two are in the lineup. Time to go to bed.

Krauss AND Avila is downright stupid.
Anybody else here think McCann makes that play on Betts?
I think Victor is (as said above) a leader but what is there to lead right now?
The man is disheartened and that actually may be contributing to his plate appearances.
The Tigers need to make a “statement” to their fans.
Making excuses for Ausmus is not the “statement” I want to hear.
He has had a good baseball team for two seasons ant can’t get them to play up to potential. Nuff said.
Took the night off to find true entertainment–(Lucinda Williams and Band in Vernon, BC.
Sounds like JV did OK? What has happened to all the Ks our pitchers used to get?
Yikes, are we playing Sunday Night? National TV? If that is the case I fully expect a final embarrassment.

Uehara has a much lower ERA against left hand hitters, so go figure that. Verlander was terrific, but I knew we’d lose.

Gose made a strong throw and Avila held on. From my video angle, Betts initially looked dead in the water. On a slowed down replay, it appeared his front leg missed the plate and he caught it with his back leg. During the interim, the tag was seemingly applied, which made the play very close. Since the plate can no longer be blocked, I don’t know how McCann could have done any better. AND, JV was effective. He went deep and didn’t get squared up too badly.

That should have read the Tigers initially looked dead in the water, not Betts.

Lets hope the Tigers show up for the ESPN game . Please lets get a win on national TV.

Perhaps a useless stat:
The Tigers, Toledo, Erie, Lakeland, West Michigan all lost their games on Friday and not a single home run was hit by any of them.

Useless perhaps, but oh how fitting our year.

It looks more and more like the Tigers need to be sellers on Cespedes if they cannot compete, particularly if they cannot extend him. Not only does he not qualify for a compensatory pick, but if Cespedes is released to be a FA at the end of the year the Tigers cannot re-sign him until MLB is into the 2016 season. To me, Cespedes is really not easily replaceable as has been suggested on this blog. There has not been a finer LFder in Detroit since Willie Horton.

Agree Darline.

Totally. Great player. Not a fantastic clutch player but he is replaceable nad actually needs to be replaced by a power LHB. Either him or Gose.
We need that (and have needed it for quite awhile now). Limping around with the likes of Avila and Krauss is absurd. Essentially this team has almost zero power from the left side.

Lennerton released

The new guy at Toledo must now be the chosen one to serve as inventory for the Varsity.

Or maybe Krauss has been so impressive Brass has to find room for him.

Dean Green, he is learning to play 1B . With Erie .316.392.480.872 10 HR but with Toledo .
In the end, Krauss numbers are above those of Raburn or Cringe

Huh? Krauss above those guys? What numbers are you referring to?
Lennerton actually IS a 1st sacker. Green a DH. I do think that Lennerton probably would not have hit at the MLB level though.

Cringe and pre ASG Raburn back in 2010-11

Still hard to believe. What is Krauss hitting? .150?

Working on 200 posts for this heading (Thursday lineups). I guess even Jason has become as disengaged as many of us.

FWIW: Kirk Gibson played LF

Yes. But I don’t think 165 games in LF over 12 years with the Tigers really cuts the mustard. as far as the purpose of quality comparison is concerned.

Yoenis, 81

That’s my point. Cespedes played 81 games in LF in a little over half a season. Gibson just dabbled in LF over his 12 year Tiger career.

Aw heck. I give up Debating stuff like this is nonsensical. Just forget it. Gibson is THE guy in LF for the Tigers. Have it your way.

BoSox keep disrepecting Yoennis

TOOBLANC. Wait until the ball left the IF

??? What does tooblanc? I’ve seen it used before but no idea what it stands for.

Why is it that red soxs players always look like dirty stinky slobs?

To distinguish themselves from the clean shaved Yankees

Have a feeling standing all those runners in the fifth including iglesias on 3Rd with nobody out will come back to bit us in the rearend

Crushed by Nick

TOOTBLANC :Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop. A stat created to honor Ryan Theriot

Nick looks like he might be turning the corner. When he’s hammering, his defense doesn’t seem like such a big deal just as long as his glove remains reliable. I’m hoping he has a Ron Cey – type career.

Out for being a good sportman

Hey 6 IP out of Simon with only 1 run is a positive! Now the BP starting with Krol, ouch! 4 run lead is not enough for the Tigers bullpen this season!

Just got home from work and had no idea the game started early. Must be a 4:00 start? Oh, man. What have I missed. Tigers are leading. Go Tigers!!!

Just saw the gif of Yo throwing out Ortiz. OMG!

They have NO need for Avila and his .193 BA that kills rallies with his weak AB’s. Please trade him and get some value for his “defense only” value soon. Sorry Dad, it’s time to part ways.

Something tells me they keep Alex . Next year Tigers are still in the same position.

1. The nonplay by Kinsler to make Ortiz the baserunner was great; again just enough chip on his shoulder to make him the leader.
2. Alex Wilson. What can the guy not do from a pitching standpoint.
3. The Cespedes peg at the plate and the great catch and tag by JMac.

Kudos to Pasta for sloshing through the lineup today. Injury did not look good. Kudos also to Nicky for the bomb. He’s making better adjustments on plate appearances. Kudos to Cespedes for his D and his O. Soria has become more in the mold of Todd Jones as a closer. Throw 21 pitches instead of 12-13 like most closers, give up a hit and a walk, but usually pull it out in the end. This was an easy game to watch today. Decent all the way around. The gift of all gifts to Tiger Fans would be a nice performance from Mr. Green Jeans. Keeping my fingers crossed.

That nonplay by Kinsler is the first time I can recall ever seeing it done in a professional game. I’m pretty sure it’s been done before, but it was such a surprise and fun to watch. Made the decision on his own. I loved that.

I remember Pudge doing it once….for some strange reason he was playing 2nd.

When Polanco got hurt. I remember that.

With Infante on the bench.

Omar mostly played SS back then didn’t he?

He replaced Polanco until Neifi Perez was added. JL did not trust Omar back then

Jim wanted Neifi. OMG, that caused fans to go nuts on JL. I will remember him for the great play he made in Verlander’s no-hitter. That’s it.

I’ve been a proponent of the Tigers trading their free agents to be for a couple of weeks, but taking a closer look at their schedule should tell us that these guys are not out of the picture by any stretch. As bad as they have been recently they still 12 head-to-head match ups with the Royals, 6 with the Twins, and 6 with the Rays who they are currently tied with in the wc race.

The question in my mind is do they really have enough marketable talent that other clubs want in order to add a starter, a LHB, and possibly a reliever? All we hear about is how depleted the farm system is…so do they even have enough to land some help at the deadline. They almost have to gamble and try to find lihtning in a bottle with some cheap, under the radar additions to the roster. I don’t know…maybe I’m off base and trying to grasp at straws.

They could trade Cespedes for a starter, but then he has to be replaced by someone.

They need Cespedes as much as they need a SP. Look at what he did today. His play is getting sharper and more focused as these games get more intense. I say they have to keep him. He and Iglesias take pressure off Nick. Seems like this team is so close to breaking out. They’re due for the breaks to start falling their way. Another SP would be fantastic but don’t trade away Cespedes. Have to give Greene another chance. Maybe he figures it out tomorrow. Can they find a serviceable pitcher who won’t cost a starting player?

We still have a few guys in the minors with potential. Yoenis is the best LF’er I have ever seen on a Tiger team. That golden arm of his and his athleticism are a sight for sore eyes. I wanted the Tigers to sign him as soon as he escaped from Cuba and saw that video, but Oakland got him first.

I don’t know if management will place more weight on our place in the standings or how well the team is playing. I foresee a turnaround in fortunes. It’s been all bad luck so far and that usually doesn’t continue. We’ve got guys coming back from the DL. The last thing I want to see is a sell off just when it appears we’re going to make a run.
From reports, KC had a deal for Cueto but it’s fallen through at this point.

What an impressive defense we have. Probably why Krauss gets so much playing time. He’s a true first baseman who can field. I don’t mind him playing first for now, even Avila, but please Brad, don’t play them both at the same time. Regardless of RHP vs LHP, play one or the other, not both. James should be catching every day with occasional rest. If Avila catches, Romine or Marte must play first. If I had my way, Romine would be playing first every day, but seems I don’t get my way around here. Andrew is a smart player, maybe not much power, but will not hurt you on offense. In fact, we’ve seen some creative ABs from him. I am always optimistic when he comes to the plate. Do I expect HRs and gappers? No. Just that he will make something good happen in that batting situation. Did I mention we can’t afford to lose Yoenis?

Who does Romine remind you of? Hint: his initials are Ramon Santiago.

From MLBTR, Twins: “Their bullpen has a league worst 6.08 K/9. The Tigers are next worst with 7.30 K/9. Twins GM Terry Ryan acknowledged the advantage strikeouts can provide in big situations. If somebody’s got the out pitch to be able to get a strikeout, that’s great. Unfortunately there are pitchers that don’t have that capability as much as others, so it makes those sac flies or putting the ball in play with the infield back … it just gives the other offense that advantage”
Same diagnosis, same solution for the Tigers

The Royals are back at it again this morning trying to get Cueto.

After two strong performances by Verlander, the Tigers should be looking to add on SP. Not enought quality players? give more players lke they have been doing for a while

Rosenthal:Source: #Royals getting Cueto.

Cafardo: Furbush could be on the market.Reunion time?

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