Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Mariners


Jose Iglesias returns after missing last night’s game with illness. He joins a parade of right-handed hitters the Tigers will send up against Mariners lefty Mike Montgomery, who actually has held hitters from the right side to a lower average (.206) and OPS (.570) than he has left-handed hitters (.255 AVG, .721 OPS).

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio



  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jefry Marte, 1B
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

P: Anibal Sanchez

marinerslogoMARINERS (career numbers off Sanchez)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (0-for-2, 2 K’s)
  2. Kyle Seager, 3B (1-for-7, double, 2 K’s)
  3. Nelson Cruz, RF (1-for-7, HR, 3 walks, K)
  4. Robinson Cano, 2B (3-for-14, double, K)
  5. Seth Smith, DH (9-for-24, double, 4 HR, 3 walks, 6 K’s)
  6. Mark Trumbo, 1B (5-for-15, double, 2 K’s)
  7. Dustin Ackley, LF (2-for-6, triple, HR, 2 K’s)
  8. Brad Miller, SS (0-for-1, 2 walks)
  9. Mike Zunino, C (0-for-1, 2 walks, K)

P: Mike Montgomery


This is the best line up with miggy. V-mart at 1st , JD DH, Marte at 3rd, Cespi, Davis n Gose outfield Mccann catcher kinsler n iggy finish the infield

Haven’t seen Montgomery, but those splits make it sound like he must bust ’em in on the hands. A long night of splintered wood?

reverse splits for a lefty? good if he’s a starter, not so good if a reliever. both of these teams seem on a road to nowhere. McClendon and Ausmus can now commiserate.

Trying to decide between Tigers and Sharknado III……’s getting pretty pathetic around here? Lol.

Perfect, Cespedes cant hit LHP. So, he should hit him?
When reversed splits collide

Unless I am mistaken Tiger catchers have yet to make an error this year. Not sure how that is possible.
I think JD has 1 error. Cespedes 5 or 6. Gose a few.
JD has had a very impressive year.
Joba ends up in the Jays system. I kinda figured that would happen.
He has good stuff. Just too damn predictable.
Did I see Greene skate-boarding in the dugout yesterday?
I am really interested in seeing Moya, even with all the flaws in his plate approach.
The only free agent I want to see here next year is David Price.
He is one in a million and we are lucky he has taken to this Tiger team. I remember a year ago when it was widely thought he did not like it here much. This guys is a gem.
Kudos to Andrew Romine.
Iggy has been a treat and we have Jhonny Peralta to thank for that.
I still say that JV should be considered as a late-inning reliever next year if he is unable to become the old JV.
Brad Ausmus will be doing something other next year.
What ever happened to the Gosse Lake music festival?

I nominate Prince’s “I Love You but I Don’t Trust You Anymore” as today’s official Tigers song.


It is now or never,double down

Cantellanos strikes again.

Cantellanos, 5th worst in base running. MLB

Gose WAR 1.3. Davis 1.1. The one playing less has been almost as valuable

Kinsler , halfway of home with that

LT- you sure don’t think much of Gose do you? The cat is young, he bats LH and he is light years better than Rajai in the field. I get the excitement factor but next year? Rajai is going to be a tad less exciting at 35 than Gose at 25.
Sanchie looking good tonight–Victor seems to be a bit flat lately

Boy Victor has come up twice with ducks on the pond and failed. …nobody is talking about it but he hasn’t been hitting well last 7 winder I’m wondering if he’s hurting again. If not he needs to step up.

200. Usually happens to him after long breaks


Well, there you go and Miggy is there to see it.

Well, a DH in the making

Nice to see Miggy’s smile. I’ll bet the team is happy to have him hanging out.
I like Gose too, always fun to see some of his diving catches.
Somehow, keep Price. I know, I am asking for too much.

Well quite an inning….including a granny Nick!
Meanwhile Anibal was looking good aND 2 runs and 3 hits with 0 outs. Please don’t tell me 8 runs aren’t safe?

Anibal falling apart and another nonchalant error by Jose. Nope 8 runs not even enough.

not the first for both

It is nearly impossible to relax while watching the Tigers. No lead ever seems big enuff and when they are not hitting it feels like if they even give up one run it’s an insurmountable deficit.

I hoped Good Sanchez was pitching tonight, but it looks like that guy was body-snatched by HR Derby Sanchez.


Oh boy… The way this is going the BP is going to be up soon so it can throw gas on the fire.

Just don’t let Cruz get up wth runners on this inning.

I’m nervous. 2 on and Cruz up. The BP is on. Now, I’m really nervous.

IR% 44/ 11 for 25

Yeah. So, what do you do? Bring a lefty in to face Cruz. Not the ideal spot for Wilson.

A big K!. What the heck do I know?

Just a fact.

Now, someone better tell me why Wilson is out after 1 batter. And you better make it a very good reason. I am having thoughts of another Ausmule blunder.

Now a double. Is Krauss really a better fielder than Marte? He is not a better hitter, for sure.

Hey, I gotta give it to Davis this time. He played Smith’s ball off the wall the way it should be done.

“How can a .500 club with their track record think about dismantling?” one NL GM wondered”

Well, signing Price may be impossible. We have been spoiled, money-wise. If they can’t sign him nest year (and I guess they can’t), they may need to trade him. Otherwise you are gambling everything on this year. Then you get nothing for him. I like Cespedes, but same thing there, too.

So now he takes Hardy out? That’s it, Ausmule, burn through the bullpen until the Mariners can start a forest fire.

Hardy has thrown 3 days in a row. Don’t want to run him into the ground.

Wilson and Hardy. Gotta give it to them. Wilson threw some tuff pitches and came up with the big K on Cruz. And Hardy pounded the strike zone, especially to the dangerous Trumbo.

Too much fiddling with the BP. He drives me crazy.

And now Soria? What happens if he can’t slam the door? Who’s left in the BP? Krol, Feliz, the ghost of Coke?

Its just never easy……..with this bunch.

4 for 10 IR , Soria

4 for 12,now

Gee, why do I feel like they need another 8-run inning to win this game?

The Tigers have 2 caddies out there now, Romine and Gose.

Could they carry an extra reliever? They glue the 25th player to the bench anyway

Absolutely not. We need Krause for his…Just why do we need Krause anyway?

What in the world is it with you? What did Krause ever do to you? Financially
or otherwise? The guy hasn’t played enough for you to critizise him the way you do.
Get a life!

Krause doesn’t measure up to MLB standards that I can see, And in plain terms, he can’t hit for average, doesn’t have power, can’t run and his defense is what? How much defense does a 1B need since on most teams it’s an offensive position ? He’s played enuff. Check his track record. Krause hasn’t done anything to me as far as I know, “financially or otherwise.” Plus, he just had a baby and is probably a swell guy.Also, I have a life. Maybe you should get some manners and not be insulting to someone who hasn’t been insulting to you or even recognized your existence on this blog, as far as I can recall.

Actually, Krause’s name is KRAUSS.

The arm is not as strong, but JD’s stature and some of his game bring back memories of Rocky C for me.

Never a doubt about this one. AFTER I took 2 xanax and drank 6 beers. Kidding…sorta.

For the old school :
Aníbal 10-7. Scherzer 10-8

WHEW! The Tigers aren’t the only ones who needed this game. We all did. I hope Price has a good game tomorrow. The weekend starters look to be JV, Simon and Greene at Baltimore?

3.5 back for the wild card

So here we are sweating this 5-run 9th inning lead……..
Why didn’t Brad just send Wilson back out there for the 8th? Simplify it, man! You have a shaky pen and you’re using too many pitchers. Throw that damned book away.

Okay now, Darline……….Rocky Colavito? It’s cool; my first game at Briggs Stadium Ted Williams played the outfield and he was right in front of me.

Got the size and the dark, good looks. On the AL leader board in nearly every power category. Plays the same position and looks strong. Not quite the rifle of an arm, but can blast the ball for distance (see last night). Hit close to 40 HRs combined last season in Toledo and Detroit. And looks like he might get better than 40 this year. Yes,I see some similarities .

But you saw the Rock play. That puts you in a select group…..of codgers. 🙂

I really wish they could sign Price. Open that wallet just -one- more time and we’ll shut up.

If that wallet opens up, maybe some bucks can fall out for a quality late reliever as well.

If they are going to sign Price, then they had better trade Cespedes for a pitcher, cause they won’t be able to sign both. Even if thery aren’t going to sign Price, I would be happy with trading Cespedes for a good strarting pitcher. As someone said, we have 1.5 starting ptichers right now.

Never thought I’d sweat a 5 run 9th inning lead but I was preparing for the worst. This is getting too hard. ET, is that not a stressful enough situation for Wilson? I’ve said it before, he’s fearless. All the sweating and brow wiping are for show. He wants the ball.

I would happily trade Cespedes and keep Price. Outfielders can be replaced.

The offense has improved since Miggy’s injury.
Kinsler is putting his money where his mouth is. Have to say I’m impressed.

Fantastic bunch on this blog; my favorite Tiger was none other than Rocco Domencio
Colavito. As far as I know, still doing pretty well at age 81. He definitely had that Italian swagger. I guess we gave DD some more thinking to do tonight. The lead was solid, but I never felt comfortable with it. Anabal seems resigned as a 4 ERA guy this year. Can live with that if your team scores. Hope we don’t let down David tomorrow. He always represents our best chance to win. He needs 4, 3 runs minimum for tomorrow.
1. Nicky gets a slam, and then makes a great play on the hot stove.
2. Ian keeps leading this team with a revived bat.
3. The Wilson K on Cruz.
Kudos also to Igloo, Cespedes for two more walks, and McCann. It’s great to win when the Twins are a little cool for the evening. Finally, lot’s of pieces from the Pen, and we survived. By the way Taters Lary, is alive and well at 84, on the farm in Alabama.

The question is who would trade for an OF rental since he will be a FA? The only fit would be a contending team willing to part with a good pitcher ready to pitch now, assuming Tigers are still contending. Maybe a ML ready prospect. Any contenders flush with pitchers and in need of offense? We would sure miss him. Rajai would be an instant starter.

The Angels are in the market for a LF addition. According to Gonzalez of, they are warming to the idea of a rental and are considering a quality player like Cespedes.

Apparently no one in their minor league system, save Newcomb, is off limits. Heaney is also a possibility, but not a likely one.

The more I think about it, the more I do not want to lose Yoenis. Can’t sign him for next year but we need him for any chance this year.

Nice string tonight Tiger Lovers! Gotta love reading these… about to sleep the sleep of a contented fan… Win tomorrow, wake Baltimore up with taking the series there…hope springs eternal! 14 assists for JD Darlene! Bonus!

Huntington said. “The impatience of the industry. The expectation that you can turn an organization around in a year. Rather than (targeting) the best prospect in the system that may be in A-ball, teams are starting to look for the guy in Triple-A that might have an impact in a year or two.”

Reagrouping is the trend

Tigers ERA 4.58 . FIP 4.23. The defense is not that good

Starting to look like Oakland is the Wal-Mart of ballplayers? One stop shopping.

My view , DD has been following Beane´s path .The Tigers have had revolving door for a while too.

There has been recent interest on this blog concerning extending the trade deadline. According to an AP aticle I read this morning, MLB is now considering that very same issue.

The rationale is the addition of the 2 WC teams has changed the pitch of the playing field.

Isn’t that a good thing?

It could be. I thought it was neat because it looked like our commenters may have had cutting edge thoughts on the prospect and it seemed the Commish was taking a progressive approach as far as possibly needed adjustments to the game/business were concerned.

ElT…No offense intended, but our opinions have been on different sides of the coin on more than one player. Regarding our perpetual Davis-Gose debate, Zuniga wrote a recent article which pretty much was a re-statement of my position, plus more. It’s on the Tigers website and in the NEWS. Zuniga has some insights you might consider interesting regarding how those 2 see and help one another.

I read it , Davis credits Gose for his improved defense

Well, the Cubbies want Price. You know, that’s where he’s going. Who do they have that we need? Pitching, I hope.

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