Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Mariners

The Mariners have lined up six left-handed hitters to face Shane Greene, who has allowed a .349 average and .993 OPS to left-handed batters this season. The Tigers, meanwhile, have a pretty standard lineup for Taijuan Walker except for Andrew Romine, who gets a start at shortstop in place of the ill Jose Iglesias.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigers1957logoTIGERS (numbers off Walker)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-3, K)
  2. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (0-for-3, K)
  3. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-3)
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-3, double)
  5. Marc Krauss, 1B (2-for-4, double, HR, 2 K’s)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-2, HR)
  7. Alex Avila, C (1-for-2, HR, walk)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS
  9. Anthony Gose, CF (0-for-5, 2 K’s)

P: Shane Greene

oldseattlelogoMARINERS (career numbers vs. Greene)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Kyle Seager, 3B
  3. Nelson Cruz, DH (2-for-8, 5 K’s)
  4. Robinson Cano, 2B
  5. Seth Smith, RF
  6. Dustin Ackley, LF
  7. Brad Miller, SS
  8. Logan Morrison, 1B
  9. Mike Zunino, C

P: Taijuan Walker


Good luck tonight, fellas! Go Tigers!!!

Krause in the 5-hole. Why? I don’t even understand how he is in MLB.

Whoops. Read back on the previous post. Guess I don’t stand alone.

All very logical why Krause is hitting 5.
Being a career .188 though .132 this season and .105 the past 7 games, he is going to go on a one game tear any week now and get back close to his career numbers.

If they get rid a Price……………….than forget the season this year and next year and the year after that

Bad jump from the CF

Uncatchable it was hit too hard in my opinion.

Guess Greene isn’t fixed. Nothing like being way way way behind the eight ball less than 10 minutes in. Like I say nothing like tiger’s pitching to get your anemic offense going.

Too bad. I wonder if he can make it out of the 1st inning.

Victor has,slowed over the last 7 batting .238.

Please get him out of there. . Greene is aweful

How can you have someone pitching for your team who’s era is close to 7

There isn’t anyone else.

That’s pretty sad. Dombrowski seriously f’d this up. Seriously miscalculated.

Because of David Dombrowski.
(repost)Shame (sic), go to the dugout and put on your hoody. No, really, please –put on your hoody.
Speaking of shame, it is a shame that you can have an individual or two on your team that can absolutely deflate your team and contribute to prolonged demise.
Ausmus playing Krauss is an absolute insult to Tiger fans.
At least Alex has a history and some success as a Tiger.

My only question is why would you break up the club, when Krauss’s backup will be back next year , and the team fully recovered health wise. The backup just happens to be a future hall of farmer.

Hard to figure out isn’t it ?? Maybe they will change their minds . Sure hope so.

Way better off with giving Farmer exposure than trying to justify throwing HoodyMan

Never seen one hit further

Moves must be done. Cespedes has all kinds of traction in trade rumours but it would be completely obvious to take advantage of that fact. This is a guy who will attract attention because of his skills and power RHB with speed but he will not hit 25 homers, will not steal 10 bases and will not be selective enough to have a good OBP.

Wel, they are pitching to JD with Krauss there

I guess that’s why BA is hitting Krause 5th, so he can protect JD.

Obviously, I’m joking. .

Greene is gone. I don’t think they can get far with only 2 dependable starters. Even Price and Sanchez have occasional rough games or little run support. Poor scouting or whatever, they also don’t seem to have anyone in the system who can come in. Even a .500 pitcher wins half his starts. Where is Paul Foytack?

5th Inning, Ian and Yo homers to get it done and its tied up @ 5-5!

Kyle Lohse 6.15 ERA. And unlike Greene qualified. Kendrick at 5.92. Porcello at 5.90 CC

“And the Tigers take the lead”. Do I sound like Mario? : )

Paul Foytack——lo)ve it!!!!
(Hank Aguirre was my favourite!

I loved Mossi’s nose

Victor just isn’t hitting…..wonder if his legs are bothering him yet again

Krol vs LHB
375 .483 .500 .983
Ausmus needs to read BR

it always work. The blind squirrel

Bad throw

Bad move by Ausmus (again) taking out Krol who was throwing well. Trumbo was up but there were LHB to follow.
Hope we get out of it but uneccesary

Nicky saves the day!

Well, it’s getting interesting again.

Third time Kinsler was bad positioned

It just can’t ever be easy #8th ining Feliz

too hard to score even with 2 outs

WP but a good catcher keeps that in front of him

Tigers drive me to drink….if it’s not one thing it’s another.

1 1/2 pitchers in the entire pitching staff you can trust. PRice and half a Sanchez.

That is why he was released

Are you kidding?

He should have been postioned in the seats….gimme a break!

It’s true. You can never have enough pitching.

There is a reason for plyers being waived.
DD just loves ot save money by experimenting with miracles in the bullpen.
How is that working out for you Dave?

Sometimes it works for some guys. It’s worth a shot.

Rajai to PH! Ridiculous.

Interesting how some managers don’t let it get to the point of a grand slam. Hmmmmm

Would you want Soria going in there then? Who else was available.

Alex Wilson.

Maybe or Wilson a fresh arm not one that was obviously struggling. It all starts,with these crappy starters. One pitcher since break has gone 7 sanchez went 6. The rest haven’t made it past 5. When your pen gets overused it’s bound to happen.

I thought they might walk JD. Guess not.

I’m convinced DD and his staff have minimal ability to judge pitching specifically pen. Starting to wonder about starting pitching.

What about position players? Besides JD who have the struck gold with?

Didn’t I say pitchers…..? It’s been a problem FOREVER! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I’m annoyed. Position players Peralta…Miggy…VMart…Iglesias

My point was it’s not just pitchers they judge poorly. Iglesias was gold but when we got him he was already known for his glove. Peralta was a nice turn around project. Miggy and VMart were both no brainers.

Joba wasn’t pretty, but this game makes him look much better.

Worth’s knuckler in the 8th would have been no worse.

As much as I respect your opinion Darline, no way. Joba was brutal.
We have one guy to pin the blame the most for this season.
Who would you think that is?
It is clear to me who the man responsible for this awful season is..
Time to go Dave.

Every thing in this game is brutal, save for Julio’s bomb. There is no fluidity in the way we play

This team simply exhausts me mentally. What it comes down to is I must be slow. Correct me if I’m wrong ..baseball is experience entertainment. ….this baseball team is anything but entertaining. It’s stressful even if they win…most of the time they are fumbling and bumbling around the field. If starting pitching is working then they don’t hit. If they hit they can’t pitch. And then on a lot of nights you might squeak by the pen blows it. Why do we still watch and expect anything different to happen? Like I said I must be a little slow!

Rogers,Price,Verlander, Scherzer, Fister, Smyly, Valverde, Benoit,,Seay, Walker, Lyon, Soria,Zumaya,Miller,.

Washburn Renteria Huff, Sheffield, Nathan Rondon Feliz Coke alex Gonzales Putkonin Reed Whelan Farmer Perry Pauly Turner Ortega Villareal Bonderman Ii ,Downs Schlereth Crosby……and the list goes on and on and on especially failed pen help

I wonder how many teams would love to have JD.

Took a Xanax and am calling It a night.

Let them wonder. He is an attribute worth keeping and cultivating. Even building upon.

Second that Dan.

One starting pitcher, please, DD…

That’s all we’re asking for…..realistically.

Just watched Brad’s presser. There were many questions about the 8th inning and whether to use Wilson when Feliz began to struggle. My question is, why didn’t he bring in Wilson when Greene left the game? If we were going to come back, Brad would have wanted those L-R matchups later anyway. I thought he spent his pen too soon. I also thought the pen as a whole did a good job but your starter leaves you out to dry and you end up with one guy who almost but doesn’t quite get it done.
On that note, Feliz was out of the 8th IF Jackson hadn’t beat out that slow grounder. After that he tired.
One interesting thing: long time Tiger fans know that Guttierez kills us. While walking the preceding hitter was sound strategy, I’m not sure I would have done that with Guttierez on the bench. I would have called that a gut decision, but I don’t think I’ve heard Brad use that term.
It was a long game but interesting throughout.

Granted it’s none of my business, but I would recommend that some of you take a few days off. There’s nothing more gut wrenching to watch as a .500 team. In any sport. I say this with the best of intentions. Peace.

One starting pitcher could make a world of difference. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, this team has been hitting up a storm and the bullpen has improved.

Robbie Ray has been pitching well for Arizona. He’s left handed and was the supposed prize in the Fister deal. DD traded him for Shane Greene. Is this an example of his “regrouping” skills?

One tries to think of the right words to describe tonight: Let’s try from start to finish.
Hopeful, Resigned, Maybe, Awesome, Not again, Yes, Nightmare, could we again,no.
As a Tiger fan, if I still drank, it would be an all nighter. In all of the years, I’ve followed these guys, I can’t recall more of a roller coaster ride than this one. How many have we lost after leading into the 7th.? I don’t know, but it surely seems like a whole bunch. In today’s MLB, most every team has a decent if not above average 8th. inning guy. Not our team. Granted Mr. Green Jeans put us in the hole early, but we led way past the time he left. This season is literally wearing me out. So may good things, but so many bad, too. The absence of a second lefty starter is really showing up. I love Blaine, but we need a dominating lefty in the pen. Krol has the arm, but he is the curse of the Fister trade. This thing of buy/sell is another reason I hate the business side of the game. I can’t fault moving some pieces, but if Price is part of that, then we become a 75-80 game winner for the next few years. Can these expensive guys rework their contract to free up money like it’s done in the NFL.? I keep hoping for miracles, if we could hang on till Migg returns. But I don’t think we can.
1. Nick has a great day at the plate, and nothing comes his way to miss.
2. The Goss catch.
3. Cespedes’ walk. Hard to believe 32 games without a walk prior to tonight.
Kudos to Julio ,Andrew, and Nick. Also to Yoennis for the tying tater.
If I get a pitcher early, I come in with Alex always; he has proven himself multiple times in that capacity. Finally, I am amazed that Neftali comes in, retires a couple, and then can’t retire anyone. But he’s a steal, and I must admit that I said the same thing myself. Sorry for all of the rambling. I’m still experiencing shock and awe.

The Erie BP reportedly gave up 17 runs in a DH sweep yesterday. Sounds like some arms down there are ready to be brought up to Detroit.

Jason Beck ‏@beckjason · 5h5 hours ago

At least three teams had a scout at that Erie doubleheader, including Phillies

Beck. “Ausmus said he was holding Alex Wilson in case of extras, was not going to use Soria before 9th. “We were running out of pitchers,” he said.”
And whose fault was that?
Never keep your pitcher for the extrainning, it could rain.I undertand his reasoning but it was his fault,
Romine was available
They better add another long reliever. Ryan? Farmer?. This will be the same every 5 days

A freaking grand slam in the 8th inning. Doesn’t it seem like we have given up a ton of grand slams this year? How defeating is that. We claw our way back into the game and then get slapped upside the head. First game i a while I have been able to watch start to finish – that will teach me. Geez. Amazing homerun by JD – dude was such a great pick up for us last year

Could Wilson be stretched out for starting rotation?

I was pretty adamant about getting Greene out of that game beginning after the third inning, to the point where my wife probably got tired of hearing it. When he survived the 4th on hard hit outs, I saw no choice but to go to Wilson. I was surprised when he brought in Hardy and began to mix and match so early. It seemed like it was all book strategy and no feel for the game at hand. Wilson excels in middle relief and we were in the middle innings. Yet all anyone talks about is Wilson in the 8th. It shouldn’t have reached that point.

It strikes me as absurd that a handful of games in July are dictating not only the remainder of this season but the entire future of the franchise. What an odd sport baseball has become.

2 wins out of 5 games. So a 40% chance to be a buyer?

Dave better be on the phone trying to get us the most for players we have no business holding onto. And trying to find a manager too.

Exactly Rich. Why Hardy so early? Greene should have been gone after 2 runs first inning. Greene is not happening this year. Simon is barely getting by. Bring up someone. Wilson really becomes the de facto starter anyway. Why not stretch him out a bit with more rest in between appearances? Or start him as I was asking above? Future of franchise? Play now. Good grief……..

How ’bout that Grinch! Stole Christmas in July right out from under our noses.

Deadspin: “Yeesh. To be clear, this is a professional baseball manager justifying his poor bullpen management by pointing out that he was preparing for an extra-innings game at a moment when his team was up by a run and just four outs away from winning. Remember this moment the next time some play-by-play guy tries to convince you that Ausmus is a brilliant manager because he went to Dartmouth.”

Fartmouth…more like it

The fact that there is close to 90 comments says something. Lots of venting, questioning and pure frustration. Tiger fans are having a rough time right now. Don’t give up yet, a little time can make a big difference. Could get a starting pitcher and Miggy could be back. Things have to start going the Tigers way sooner or later, the curse must be lifted.

All the signs point to shutting it down with a third of the season to go, so there’s not much optimism to be had.
I might have to switch to the Nationals for pennant race baseball and they are about the most boring team I’ve ever seen. At least the Tigers are/were interesting.

Head on collisions are interesting, but for the wrong reasons. This is what happens when you sign starters to long contracts, go into full denial about your bullpen, and have a junior-league “coach” as your manager. Expect it to be worse next year.

I have never liked the long term contracts that have evolved in baseball. for front line starters, $1MM/start is insane! #1/#2 SP’s are commanding $20+MM/yr, #3 around $14-18MM/yr, #4/#5 SP’s $5+MM/yr each unless you have young guys under team control. It is not uncommon to have $70-90MM in SP and another $10 in your Closer and $8-10 in your setup guys. Most likely $100MM in just pitchers? The game is taking a turn for the worse in many phases! It is not like the game we grew up playing and loved without the huge salaries. Dr Evan, you are correct in your comments.

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