Kinsler on buy/sell: “I would like to send any message I can”

Ian Kinsler sent his go-ahead two-run homer Monday night 396 feet to left field, according to MLB’s Statcast, and sent the Tigers from a potentially crushing loss to a 5-4 win over the Mariners. He hopes it sent a message a little further upstairs towards the Tigers front office to hold off on selling.

“I would like to send any message I can — text message, email, whatever,” Kinsler said. “Yeah, we’ve always had the pieces. Yes, we have weaknesses. Yes, we have strengths, just like any team. But baseball’s crazy. Every year you see something crazy happen in this game and you have to continue to compete, and you have to continue to play hard, and hopefully the guys upstairs see something positive and try to shore up those weaknesses.”

Whether Monday’s win makes a difference remains to be seen. If it does, it’ll depend a lot on what happens the rest of the week. A report from Bob Nightengale of USA Today cited sources inside the organization saying the Tigers are preparing to put David Price and Yoenis Cespedes on the market ahead of free agency. At the same time, others from clubs monitoring the Tigers told that the team isn’t expected to decide whether to buy or sell until the end of the week. That doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t an internal decision, but at this point, teams are still waiting to see what the Tigers want to do.

“Have not heard anything different,” one Major League front-office member said late Monday night.

As some have pointed out, that timetable coincides with the start of a three-city, 10-game road trip that carries the Tigers through the trade deadline. 

From an attendance standpoint, any public signal to sell would make more sense to delay until after the last game of the Tigers’ homestand Thursday. Coincidentally, David Price is scheduled to start that game. The Tigers are planning to gather top officials and scouts with them on the road, including next week’s series at Tampa Bay just before the deadline.

A wait-and-see stance essentially puts the onus on the players to prove this team deserves a chance to try to salvage this season. Kinsler wants to see this team take that brief window and make a point.

“I hope there’s urgency in this clubhouse,” Kinsler said. “If you’re asking me personally, absolutely. I don’t want to be in a situation I haven’t been in since 2008. I’ve been running for the postseason since 2009, year in and year out. I don’t want to do the other thing. I don’t want to just play baseball for no reason. There’s a lot of opportunity here, and I think everybody understands that and hopefully there’s still urgency here.”

At the same time, Kinsler acknowledged, “It’s our fault. We’re playing the games. It’s a tough industry. The Tigers organization has to make a decision. Obviously for the past however long — six, seven years — they’ve had the best interests in mind. Whatever they do, we have to roll with it, and hopefully it’s something that we can look at as a positive in here and get going.”


no player would want to give up any shot at the playoffs, however remote.
it’s really too bad that MLB doesn’t extend the trading deadline into mid to late August. with the wild card situation, more teams can claim a ‘shot’ at this point. as the season shortens, it ought to become clearer who really has a reasonable chance.

I agree with Darline, a manager is important. I compare a manager to a teacher…..who wants their kids to be in a class with a first time teacher with no obvious passion? Our young guys (Iggy, McCann, JD) would be better off with an experienced manager, IMO. It might be better to try someone else next year.

i agree and I say this as two months ausmus go home

I agree with the sentiment to move the trade deadline back, maybe even until August 30.
I am not buying DD’s leak of being a seller. He does not show his hand this early. Is he maybe flooding the starting pitching market to get a better deal on another starter? A couple starters getting hot for the Tigers could bring about a long winning streak.

I’ll see it when I believe it, as the convoluted saying goes. Here on July 21, you have a possible scenario where the Tigers are leading the WC race and trading away their players. We’ll see.
Unfortunately, I don’t have much faith in the organization’s ability to identify and develop prospects. Over the winter they could flip prospects for major league players, but even then they’d have had to acquire the right ones.

Same here Rich not sure what DD is up to . Is he ready to throw the towel in ? I really do not think so. This however will play out in the next week .If the Tigers are able to sweep the Marniers it might play out different .

I agree with you on the Tigers evaluation of prospects. That is why I don’t think they will chase young prospects IF they deal. They will be like last year and ask for the equivalent to a Smyly and AJax. I would think they would want someone already in a rotation for Price.

Re managers: no they are not all the same and I think that notion stems from most of them using the same in-game strategies. I’ve also joked with my wife about how many intelligent fans could step in and manage a game. One game.
I have no idea if Brad would make a good “regrouping” manager. On the whole, I’ve been disappointed in him because he’s such an avid disciple of The Book.

With my wife, daughter, aunt and uncle being teachers, I point to the manager as the leader. My Uncle taught high school in Yuma and won the baseball state championship in 1973. He loves baseball but was never very good playing it! Go Tigers!

You can be the brightest, most enthusiastic teacher in the world, but one of the most valuable traits of a good teacher is classroom control.

Classroom control………love it! 🙂

Nightingal pointed that the equivalent to a Smyly and AJax( and Admames , a top prospect) is unlikely. 1 year and a half and a draft pick vs 2 months and no draft pick

The Tigers season is far from over, and there are plenty of reasons to keep this group together and try to make a run:

Can Greene keep us win the game tonight? I hope so because I don’t want to be sellers. We have Price and Cespedes for a reason. And we are very much in the WC race. As Ian said,”anything can happen.” No chance if Price is dealt, Very little if Yoenis is dealt. Less than none if they are both dealt. And that’s practically impossible. When was the last time we’ve been privileged to have a Tiger LFer with the skill sets YC possesses? How many times has he kept runners from scoring from 2nd? And he hits. I mean, why do you throw away the season for return prospects that may not even pan out? Roy, Krol?
Play the game. If you can get a serviceable starter, then great. The hitters and defense will just have to help out their struggling pitchers. BA needs to keep a short leash on all of them. BP may not look like other teams’ but they seem to get the job done if not overworked. Alex Wilson has saved a lot of arms with the work he’s done. A while back I said I thought BA was a decent manager. I can change my mind, right?🙂 I’ve been questioning a lot of the in game decisions he’s been making lately. (The 3-0 loss to O’s)…..and others….AA PH for James last night…….sheesh. Still, it would be unfair to solely blame him for the present Tiger record. Darline, if I could manage one Tiger game it would be one David Price started. I think there’d be a good chance I could retire with a MLB perfect 1-0 record. Decisions…what decisions? I’d do it for free……..big of me eh?

Tigers 111 MM owed in 2016.
Miguel, Kinsler, Victor, Verlander, Sánchez and Fielder. 61 MM below opening day in 2015. Take 25? for arbitration ( JD and his 5-6 MM , Iglesias, Romine, Krol, Al2, Rondón , the time on DL was service time) and those making the minimun ,all the others
Still 30 MM for a “couple” of FA

Their obligations are. Sorry having problems with my keyboard

The older the students, the harder the classroom control, experience talking . And in MLB , long gone are the days when respect, or its microwave version,fear, was useful

don’t disagree. Worked in public education 30 years.

So the bombshell story so far is that some unknown baseball people (I guess they have baseballs in lieu of heads) assume that the Tigers are prepared to deal Price and Cespedes.
I assume my next door neighbor is prepared to exit his house if it catches fire, but that doesn’t mean a blaze is imminent.

I have a good feeling about tonight. Kudos to Kinsler for being all in, I like that he spoke up.

As a long time elementary school teacher, I can tell you that class room control is the difference in surviving. Mediocre teachers have survived because of said control. I’ve seen brilliant young, exciting teachers leave because they were eaten alive by 11 year olds. I have always though that I was, if not an excellent teacher, one who made a difference in the lives of inner city kids. My success was simply based on tough love, classroom management, consistency, and equity. The learning took care of itself.
Is Brad a solid manager? Was Jim? The latter is mentioned among hall of fame greats. In one sense, Brad’s legacy could very well be determined, more by the events he couldn’t control, than by those he could. He knows the game, but is being eaten alive by the children.

You know you made an impact on a student when 40 years later they remember you. And you will most likely never be aware of how you made them a better person. Teachers deserve a thank you…….thanks to you all.

LOL Greg. What city did you teach in?
My wife taught primary for 37 years. Still recognizes her students out of context and time, as they do her. It’s very neat. Educators are the lifeblood of society IMO. The good ones don’t need recognition but it is nice to see it happen.

Thanks Dan. I taught in Roanoke City, Va. 90% of my students were minoirty, with 93% of our school on free or reduced lunch. It was a calling, and I’m glad I answered it. I get phone calls from kids I taught 20 years ago, who simply said,”Thanks for caring about me”. Those times represent my bonus and riches gained from being a pedagogue.

Just curious—what were the “three best things”!?

On another note; I am flabbergasted to see the extremes of buying and selling being bandied about. I can see Cespedes, Rajai, Avila and Simon (who in hell would want him?) but Price?
I don’t get that. Without David next year we do NOT have a rotation. If this is to become a “regrouping” (Oh David Dombrowski you are a crafty word-smith and a slick politician), then you better hang on to one of the most valuable assets you have happened across in your tenure here.
Cepedes is replaceable. He is a RHB. he is quietly aging, he has periods of complacency. He is a gun for hire. David Price is consumate professional with a deep and sincere appreciation and understanding of the game. A fabulous team-mate. you don’t get much better in this day and age.
If they get rid of him they will be in fact throwing in the towel.
What is our rotation next year without DP?

If you are at all serious about winning you keep Price . If you deal Price you wave a huge white flag. Tigers need to understand that attendance will be way down in August and September . The rest of the season becomes a wash.

1. A parent conceding,” you were right Mr. Sturgill.”
2. Things that kids shared with me in confidence; known to no one except God and me.
3. Having the confidence of my Principal to do it my way in the class room. A saint of a woman, who has had Altzeimer’s since age 60.

Now the team is in a clubhouse meeting and I would suspect it’s about that dumb story last night. Man, I hate the deadline.

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Krauss and Avila; the students eating the teacher alive. Removing McCann’s bat from the lineup borders on maniacal.

Thanks Greg.
Highly creative lineup tonight. Wicked LHB (Avila and Krauss) brought in to counter Walker tonight. Between that philosophy (of Brad’s) and Hoody-Man (Shane, there is nowhere to hide on the mound!), it would seem like a very tall task tonight.

And Iggy is out sick. The big men are going to need to produce tonight.
I guess Marte can’t hit RHers like Krauss, who absolutely rips ’em.

If either is in the lineup tonight, I will walk away from TV during their AB’s.

Put on some comfortable walking shoes. Krauss is hitting 5th.

A lot of teachers here. Salt of the earth. My wife taught 30 years. She just retired this year. My sister was a reading teacher for 30 years. My dad taught HS history for 10 years following a career in the USAF. He started teaching Phys Ed before WWll but enlisted and flew the P51 Mustang “Cadillac of the Skies” in Europe. OK, now we’re all caught up on our biographies. No wonder we get along so well.

Well, there goes the good feeling I had about tonight.

Funny Rich. The part about hitting 5th…..I know, you’re being serious. I can still laugh..Bless you Greg and all you other teachers.

And the part about the walking shoes. Can I wear running shoes instead?

Shame (sic), go to the dugout and put on your hoody. No, really, please –put on your hoody.
Speaking of shame, it is a shame that you can have an individual or two on your team that can absolutely deflate your team and contribute to prolonged demise.
Ausmus playing Krauss is an absolute insult to Tiger fans.
At least Alex has a history and some success as a Tiger.

Gose could really benefit from improving on hitting inside fastballs.

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