Monday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Mariners


Nick Castellanos is in the starting lineup after hyperextending his right ring finger and bruising his cheekbone on that hopper Sunday. He said he dealt with headaches last night, but felt fine riding an exercise bike earlier today as team medical staff tested him to see if he felt dizziness as his activity level rose.

Jefry Marte gets the start at first base as the Tigers load up on right-handed hitters against J.A. Happ, fresh back from Triple-A Tacoma.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigerhitterlogoTIGERS (career numbers off Happ)

  1. Rajai Davis, CF (1-for-3)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (2-for-7, triple, walk, K)
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (3-for-16, double, walk, 5 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (2-for-4, double, 2 walks, K)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-5, walk)
  6. Jefry Marte, 1B (2-for-4, double, HR)
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B (3-for-4, double)
  8. James McCann, C (0-for-2, K)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-1, double, walk)

P: Alfredo Simon

oldmarinerslogoMARINERS (career numbers vs. Simon)

  1. Brad Miller, SS (2-for-4, double, K)
  2. Kyle Seager, 3B (0-for-2, walk)
  3. Nelson Cruz, RF (2-for-8, double, HR, 3 K’s)
  4. Robinson Cano, 2B (4-for-9, walk)
  5. Seth Smith, LF (1-for-2, walk, K)
  6. Austin Jackson, CF (2-for-9, walk, K)
  7. Mark Trumbo, DH (2-for-9, 2 doubles)
  8. Logan Morrison, 1B (1-for-3, HR)
  9. Mike Zunino, C (0-for-3, K)

P: J.A. Happ


Why do you not leave Ian in the lead spot. He’s perked up since that happened Don’t get it.

Rajai used to hit well LHP. Used to, off the bench he cant

At least we are getting to see Marte again. I thought he looked good at 3rd the other day. Turned a DP quickly, I’m pretty sure NC would have been unable to do that let alone even make the play.
What on earth becomes of this team if we lose Price?
Still can’t wrap my mind around Krauss being on this team.
BTW-Green got a couple of hits yesterday.
Congratulations to the US PanAM baseball team. They played well and showed a lot of character in their final round robin game against Canada and the Walk Off win against Cuba in the semi-finals.

Hey remember when they signed Krauss and I complained about things always being negative? You guys were right, it’s a negative. I could have sworn he was a temporary fill-in.

Jason “Fourth consecutive start at 1B tonight for (Mean) Dean Green with @MudHens”

Jackson, DFA. He will be released almost for sure. Reunion time?

El Tigre, do you mean Ajax or Edwin?

Edwin. Fan of both

Krauss is temporary until Miggy is back (Mr injury prone) Why pick on him…….there are plenty of high priced bums on this team not doing their jobs.

I see that Edwin was released by the Cubs. They’re saying he may be BP type pitcher now and not a starter. Possibility?? $11MM 2016 salary though.

A touch sad that the Cubs are willing to eat over $15m on Edwin’s contract thru to end of 2016 with an ERA of 3.19 in relief.
Oh to have these luxuries and why not take a risk.

I always like Edwin. He had some struggles, but can still pitch better than some we have. Very handsome, too.

There is absolutely no use to cry and moan about Nick. They are using him just like they did Boesch. Night after night, day after day, no matter what.

V-Mart at 1B. Is it worth the risk given his medical history?

If he is released , the Cubs pay his salary but fot the minimum.

He was a bulldog! We may be able to use him if he’s available in our “stressful!!” bullpen. Actually, I believe if the Tigers can gain a new Starter via trade and JV is still a less than average starter in 2-3 more starts, move JV to the BP as well for the remainder of 2015. You may find a “diamond in the rough”. Edwin and JV in the BP could potentially stabilize a mess if they gain a SP!

Edwin has/had family in Detroit and spent many summers visiting during his childhood. He was very happy to come to Detroit and had a house/apt in Royal Oak. He was a guy who didn’t have a problem coming to Detroit and then they let him go.

Not sure what advantage playing Victor at 1st gives you. You need a DH anyway and unless you have a delicate Miggy on the mend I see no advantage to it.

Pretty much how I feel about it. Was surprised to hear V-Mart was taking reps at 1B.

Can’t see Simon getting through 5

Oh Alfredo. …what happened to the guy from the first few months?

Not to mention to a guy who can’t hit………..

No one gets that

Victor was taking grounders at SS

maybe he can pitch, too.

Davis is horrible in CF. If he cannot make the catch then he has to position himself to make the throw. That is not a play for JD to make. And maybe Gose does make the catch.

I think in this case your being a little tough on him. That looked pretty uncatchable.

Like I said, if it’s not catchable then he needs to position himself for the throw. Horrible decision by Davis. And I think Gose has a chance cuz he gets a jump on the ball. Davis is oblivious.

I’ll give you that Davis is athletic and can sometimes make corrections for his mistakes. But, his arm is not strong, he gets poor jumps and takes poor routes. Just a really bad combo. And his atheticism and judgment fail him far too often.

McCann drove a couple in then some Pretty bad baserunning. …did he think there were 2 outs?

Tigers lead 3-2 but Simon 46 and Happ 29 pitches. We see this a lot. Is the word out to work the Tiger starters out so as to get to the BP sooner?

I think Gibby would be a good manager

Too ornery.

Bull pen nite

Every pitch is torture.

Zunino .161 BA. 9 pitches. Simon can’t get him out? a double and a walk.

Pretty bad……

Guy batting .161 is killing us.

unbelievable…….he can’t get their worst hitter out 3 times

Tigers laying down……..they just don’t seem to care. Or am I just suppose to congratulate another mediocre pitcher on being incredible.

Simon was okay. Not too many hits, but the BBs undermined his effort. Hitters need to step up to pick Hardy up.

Nope their laying down.

McCann could do that too


You PH hit a guy who has been hitting with Avila (who hasn’t) and you don’t PH Rajai who doesn’t hit RHP with Gose?
Explain me that?
And it is not that Avila has power agaisnt a guy who hasn’t given up a homer all season.
Just weird.

Oh boy Ian is getting his MoJo back.

Ok Ian. …now the pen

A huge clutch job. And Ian pounded it.

Kudos to Iggy for buggy-whipping that double to set it up.

Soria…..but I wouldn’t send Feliz to the showers just yet.

What a difference a day makes—now we are probably “buyers” again!!!

Tuff call. Per Nightengale and MLBTR the Tigers are prepared to deal Price and Cespedes.

We used to win lots of games in the late innings and got used to it. Feels real good to see it happen again.

Good win Tigers.
Would love to see them get a pitcher. That might be all these guys need to regain the swagger they are missing.

Did not see that second Kinsler homer coming. Nice surprise.
I can hardly stand to watch Simon pitch. We really need some rotation help. The bullpen can have some success if used properly (read never use Krol).
Edwin Jackson: I like Edwin. Hell, everybody likes Edwin. Works his butt off and makes no excuses. Not enough reason to sign him but I wouldn’t kick if they did. But here again, he’d have to be used properly and I don’t have much confidence in Brad.
Tomorrow night same as tonight, with Shane Greene in the role of Alfredo Simon.

DD has left open the option of a sell-off in his comments carried on MLBTR.

If they don’t get another pitcher in the next couple of weeks, there is no hope. And trading Price? My God, no! Sign him! This guy is pure gold.

Agree but they need to offer him around 220/7

Per DD, a sell-off does not mean “rebuilding.” It means “regrouping.”

Per Darline, it means high angst for the next several days.

It means more Blood pressure medication and headaches . Then when July 31 st gets closer it feels like your heart was cut out.

“Dombrowski rattled off five of their everyday position players, none older than 27”
JD, McCann, Igleais but also Cantellanos and Gose.
Meanwhile the top players in MLB are under 23. We got the slow developing DH
I read it during the 9th but I did not want to ruin the celebration:

Yep. That’s the Nightengale article I referenced earlier concerning Price and Cespedes..

Only Cabrera and Avila played for the 2012 Tigers, “Regrouping” did not work

Tell DD.

Kinsler: “It’s our fault. I mean, we’re playing the games. It’s a tough industry. The Tigers organization has to make a decision.” Well, he is owed 30 MM over the next 3 years. 37 if they pick the option. Any taker?

To me, the trade deadline is like an election campaign, in that I can’t believe anything I hear. I’m certainly not going to spend the next ten days listening to speculation from writers looking for hits on their internet articles. Maybe Nightengale has good info, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe things are still up in the air. End of editorial.
They can replace Cespedes but Price is irreplaceable. They will not get enough return for him, especially if it involves Detroit-scouted prospects.
Some of us are too old to wait out a “regrouping.”
This team has gotten no breaks this year.

Well then, the next article should interest you a little bit.

Good point re Avila as a PH for the much better hitter. I wish Seattle threw all lefty’s Would keep Alex and Krauss on the pine. Also agree about watching a Simon pitching performance; it would be a great addition to enhanced interrogation for the military. He did settle in somewhat. It appears that his release point is way out of whack; I thought pitching coaches worked on those things. Good comeback win; the record for such happenings hasn’t been very promising.
1. McCann’s aggressive approach at the plate; the difference between Alex and him; JMack makes contact.
2. Ian decides to carry the team on his shoulders; he’s got enough chips on one shoulder to take that role.
3. We won another game with nothing from 3-5.
Kudos to Igloo again for being a really good ballplayer. I’m okay with him in the nine after seeing his results. Kudos to BlaineAl and Soria for a clean save. Tomorrow is the day that Mr. Green Jeans shines again.

Also: Would never play Rags in center; he’s exciting, but he can’t read proper routes.

Whose on the SH– list today?

There is a point about managers that has caused me mucho rumination-that they don’t matter. I say hogwash. I previously facetiously said so in a comment signed by Knute Rockne, Vince Lombardi et al. The fact is , if they didn’t matter then guys like Joe of the Cubs wouldn’t be aggressively sought for big money. Instead, in no particular order, EiT, Rich, Dan, Beck, Kathy, Greg, GK, Kate, Illini, Marty2 and a whole host of others would be managing clubs at minimum wage just becuz they love the game. Managers matter!!! They stategize, control the tempo, work the clubhouse, handle the media, evaluate talent, set expectations, mother the hens, batter down the hatches, deal with management/ownership, massage egos, handle personalities, deal with different cultural issues, etc. A good or great manager can be invaluable. Not for an instant do I believe they are insignificant to the success of a team and that one is indistinguishable from the other. There is very much a reason why success follows certain people and managers.

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