Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Orioles

Day off for Nick Castellanos. Andrew Romine gets the start at third. Meanwhile, Marc Krauss returns from paternity leave and returns at first base, moving Alex Avila back behind the plate for Justin Verlander. Dixon Machado was optioned back to Toledo to make room for Krauss.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

84tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Miguel Gonzalez)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-11, double, HR, walk)
  2. Anthony Gose, CF (5-for-15, double, triple, HR, 2 K’s)
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (4-for-8, walk, 3 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-5, walk)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-3)
  6. Alex Avila, C (1-for-5, 3 walks, K)
  7. Marc Krauss, 1B (0-for-3, K)
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-6)
  9. Andrew Romine, 3B (1-for-2, K)

P: Justin Verlander

oslogoORIOLES (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Manny Machado, 3B (2-for-11, double, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  2. Jimmy Paredes, DH
  3. Adam Jones, CF (7-for-36, double, HR, walk, 10 K’s)
  4. Chris Davis, RF (5-for-23, 3 walks, 10 K’s)
  5. Matt Wieters, C (3-for-22, double, triple, HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  6. J.J. Hardy, SS (9-for-36, double, 3 HR, walk, 6 K’s)
  7. Travis Snider, LF (5-for-14, 2 doubles, triple, HR, 5 K’s)
  8. Jonathan Schoop, 2B (1-for-7, walk, K)
  9. Chris Parmelee, 1B (5-for-16, HR, walk, 4 K’s)

P: Miguel Gonzalez


23 pitches and a solo shot. Not the start you’d hope for. …and an impressive 6 pitches the tiger’s see to make 3 outs. Impressive. Hohum

15 pitches 6 outs 2 innings 0 hits. Making another crappy pitcher unhittable.

When Cabrera returns, I have the sinking feeling that it will be McCann who be lost on the bench while they continue to trot out Avila’s .190 batting average, his inability to hit the other way and his overblown rep for handling pitchers. I mean, even Impemba mentioned how many hits Avila loses hitting into the shift. When that happens you know it is chronic.

No Marte?

A run but now Kinsler was tossed……excellent.

The O’s haven’t exactly pounded JV this inning, but things are looking ugly.

Officially pounded.

Things are now officially ugly.

Done…..losers and more importantly unwatchable.

You were much more polite than I would have been. This club is a mess makes you wonder what happens next . Tigers down 7-1 after JV got hit hard .

I guess here is where the season ends.Two starters are not enough.

And spotty hitting.

Shutdown him?

Ugh guys – the Tigers are making me so sad that I can’t read the blog anymore. Usually misery loves company but I just can’t read even more of what I am thinking. Yes I am still watching, yes I am still rooting but just have not felt like I want to spend my time lamenting the downward spiral we are in. I sure hope it turns around before it is too late. Still love my Tigers.

Don’t be too sad we had a good run the 9 year or so. A lot of teams fans would be ecstatic to have our run. We didn’t win the big series, but we won a lot of series.

I must be missing something about Krause. He does not look to me like he belongs in MLB.

Whoa…That was nasty. Hope Nick is okay.

Ausmus should go….anywhere….I’m sure , by now he got to know all the players…
I believe that was his goal..maybe they got to know him as well. He doesn’t appear
to be inspiring….Davis continues to sit out…he’s the only spark plug on the team…
let him play more…he came in to pinch hit last night…couldn’t wait to get out of the
batter’s box.(K)…he seems unappreciated. (my thoughts)
Tiger attendence doesn’t appear to be affected….die hards

Said it was over last night.

2 down

7 1 orioles Verlander 3 inning 2-3 ..SHAME ..AUSMUS GO HOME PLEASE

stop with this disaster ….are tired

I don’t think they need a fire sale they need a NEW manager. They need Gerdinire the old Minny manager

This may well be the beginning of the deconstruction of the Tigers as we know it.
Both Ausmus and Dombrowski should be let go. I am very serious about that.
The team is about as resigned to the fact that they are not a winning club as are their fans.
I suppose it will be another season of JV not realizing his limitations and tendencies.
The 100 MPH 4 seam fastball does not work when it crosses the plate at 95!
I doubt we will see any improvement at 3rd with Nick–especially after taking one of the face (indirectly via his non-glove hand). I have mentioned more than a couple of times that he is ball-shy. He will now transition from shyness to fear. They have to find him another position and that may have to be in another city.
Dombrowski owes Detroit his undivided attention and needs to get busy building a a truly competitive team that can play with each other and feed of each other positively rather than negatively.
Keep Price. Let Cespedes go. Let Rondon go. Simon; Rajai; Avila and Kinsler. Get something in return for those guys and you are ahead of the game for next year.

Brad and the coaching staff need to go. If DD stays next year at this time we are in the same boat . Alot could change over the next off season . If they continue to lose look for more empty seats at Comerica Park.

Does the attendance make it worth it financially to not sell? To me the question becomes what can we do to fix the issues for next year. I think it goes 1 of 2 ways.. 1.) We hang on to what we have till the end of the year (Cespedes the only exception because of the draft pick) and Illitch’s clean house at the end of the year. (Arguments can be made that scouting etc has missed on a lot of players over the last 10 years. I can’t think of any position players around the league that we drafted that are missed. Andrew Miller and Smyly might be the only arms) That’s not a lot of players for the amount of draft picks)
2.) Or they sell and position themselves for a quick reload for next year. I think this shows faith in DD and his ability to field a competitive field.

Granderson . Furbush . Jurjens.
Verlander and Granderson being the best picks for DD with theTigers

Hanging onto Avila, Casty, Cepedes, Simon, Kinsler, Rajai Rondon will only serve to diminsh their value further. Right now they may offer something to still competing clubs with specific holes to fill.

Boy…….I know Castellanos isn’t ever going to be the be all end all of third baseman but neither was Miguel and I don’t remember him getting near the criticism about his defense. In fact I remember the same sort of play happening to Miguel and he had quite a shiner. I’m not sure who anyone wants to keep on this team. Miguel and JD might be the only guys standing in some eyes.

I like Casty, hes not the best 3rd baseman in the game. But at .270/20hr he’s a solid piece to this team. I’d love to keep Cespedes, Davis, and Price but can we? I think you have to rebuild with cost controlled talent. Casty, Gose, Iggy, McCann, and JD fit that. Greene is questionable now.

Am I correct? If they lose this game, it will be the first time this season that they go below .500? They are not that far ahead of Cleveland and Chicago.

Yes , first time since April 2013. They were tied with the O´s 3.5 back for the WC

Meanwhile KC has put a 4 spot on Chis Sale. We can’t hit a crappy pitcher and they hit the best pitchers. Hummmmm

Let’s spin this in a positive way. Here are the guys I’d keep.
Position players: Cabrera, McCann, Holaday, Iglasias(who by the way is still playing this game), Romine, JD Martinez, V Martinez, Cespedes(only if they plan to sign him next year) If not, his present value would be coveted by someone.
Pitchers: Price, Sanchez, Feliz, Hardy, Wilson, Soria.
Try and trade any of the others, with the idea of reloading early for next year and maybe at least be entertaining this year. Fill the rest of the roster with returns plus best you can squeeze from the farm. Can JV be traded, or does his contract have a no trade clause?
This from a guy who doesn’t like mid-season trading.

Yes,he has full no trade clause.. .If the Tigers eat a good deal of his contract he can be traded if he consents ( money talks). Or you put him on waivers expecting a fool to claim him. It happened with Cliff Lee but Phillies were the fools and pulled him back instead of awarding the contract to the Dodgers. 112 MM owed to him

Of course,, he is coming from injury, he rushed his way back and he is paying for it. Put him on DL and wait until 2016 and he could be serviciable enough

Good list. I still think a plan going forward would be to get something valuable for Cespedes and clear the way for a young LHB Moya in the OF.
Machada at 2nd base might be awesome.

Moy doesn’t hit he has more holes in his swing than Swiss Cheese. Lol

I just saw the final score, not good. When JV loaded the bases I had to turn off the game. I could feel a loss. Never, did I think our guys would fail like this and it looks worse because KC is on a magical roll.

Can’t even count the times I’ve heard Rod and Mario say an offense comes in struggling and they pound out double digit hits. I seriously have no idea why I continue to watch.

Trading away a bunch of struggling players won’t result in much return at the deadline.

Gk> You watch because you are optimistic like me. We keep thinking they will come around. Friday night they gave us great hope. Saturday and Sunday they smashed those hopes but good. Simon and Greene starting the next 2 games is worrisome. The hitting will have to improve to overcome what I see as less than stellar pitching.
I truly believe Ausmus is not the answer. But in addition it seems to me that Illitch likes the big names, pushes DD to get them but then cuts off the funds when it comes to a bullpen and a bench. Add in the attempted comebacks from JV and VM along with the injury to MC and you have a recipe for failure. In spite of the LHB, I think Avila has failed as a starting catcher. The Tigers tend to hold on to some players longer than they should. Examples: Inge, Coke, Chamberlain.

My question of the evening is: If you insert lefty batters into the lineup because the opponent starter is a righty, how long do you do this if the leftys don’t hit squat? Is there not another alternative to Mark Krauss in Tiger Land? Lord help us if there isn’t.
Great offensive game for us: 14 hits, left two runners on at least three times.
This team had six opportunities to score six runs; oh I forgot, our BP can never shut a team down; so we actually needed 7; we did get one. The first two innings, JV had 40 pitches; O’s guy had 15. They at least started to work the count a little better, but way too late. So how much have we gained in the wildcard hunt- nothing? The rats are abandoning the ship. Not a good sign. Ian acted like a baby, granted, but an umpire acted like the bigger baby. if he said something, toss him; if he throws his bat, who cares?
1. igloo’s AB’s
2. Krol doesn’t give up a hit or a run; he does walk one.
3. Marte had a chance to play. Why call him up if you don’t play him? Put him at 3, and let him learn on the fly. His bat has so much more potential than Krauss.
These are home games, lost the eries to Baltimore; coming in, Seattle will at least split. So we remain in the doldrum, approaching 100 down. Sell! Keep David at all cost and I’m not talking Dombrowski.

Any wiggle room on the 2016 luxury tax is gone with the extra $6m each going to Miggs and Prince. Sure we have some duds dropping off like Nathan’s $10m though replacements are always costly with the farm stock situation.
If they were really serious about extending Price, it would have already been done being DD’s way. The Scherzer incident from last year is where we are at with Price – with Justin earning $28m per year thru to 2019, unable to afford two pitchers earning around $30m each for the next 4-7 years.
Of the free agents, Cespedes and Price unfortunately the only two likely to bring much in return with Soria’s durability a concern for keeping other than on setup man money, Avila, Rondon, Simon and Davis lucky to bring more than a happy meal in return.

Rondon is of course under team control til 2019 – listed here as possible of other team interest worth giving up if returns are there.

The Tigers owe 111 .800 MM in 2016: JV, MC, AS, VM,IK, Prince Fielder, Nathan.
60 MM for the other 20 players.
McCann, Castellanos, Rondón, Nesbitt, Krol,Hardy, Lobstein ,Ryan,Greene, Wilson,Collins, making the minimum for first or second year.
Arb raises for JD, Romine, Feliz,Al2, Holaday.

“I don’t blame our fans for booing I simply think cheering is more beneficial for us” JV , he has the class Nathan lacks

Cheering is always beneficial when you have something to cheer about. When you look at the payroll this team has and see the results, it makes me want to puke.

They could trade Miguel Cabrera.

I think the last person that brave was linked to Babe Ruth leaving Boston.

Boston landed a 50th . 60th prospect ,depending of what ranking you like, for Miller. They overpaid. That is what they could get for Price.
Lee? older CBA. JS for Russell? he was under control for more time like Price in 2014.
For the rest? they will get only salary relief. A low level player instead of 5 MM for the 333 OBP.
Even for Miguel they would need to eat some money. And he is a 10-5. so they need his consent.
I still think that his fear of change will help the Tigers to keep, Price. For luxury tax, the average salary if used . But for the budget, they could backload the contract.

BTW: had Iglesias made that play, another SS does it and … I have said it before, he likes to show up.
I have seen some SS: Aparicio , he was no longer a MLB then but, Vizquel in his prime, Dunston,Andrus, Guillén, He needs to learn a lot

Speaking of ,5-9 without Miguel this season

At the very least, this team needs another starting pitcher.

That I definitely agree with.

At this point in the season, the biggest failure has been the rotation. Sure, the bullpen had blowups at times and the offense went into a funk, as all offenses tend to do, but it’s that failure of consistency in the rotation that prevents the team from “getting it going.” It was the consistency of the rotation that led to success in 2011, 2012, and 2013.
They need to add at least one starter and the others have to step it up. That in and of itself with take some pressure off the pen and offense.

And in fairness to this team, Miggy and Victor are a huge percentage (pick your own number) of the offense. We haven’t had those two healthy at the same time all year.

I’m very sad about this team. Checked the score during lunch and saw the 7-1 score and new it was over. Last night’s game told me it was all over. Even with Miguel, this team did not play very well except at the beginning of the year. I remember reading a little blurb that Vizquel wasn’t happy to see Nicky bulking up so much. I think he said that during TigerFest. Probably wanted him to stay leaner. Was Miguel a good 3rd basemen? Not particularly, but no where near as bad as what we have now. I don’t usually make mean remarks about players, but they need a real 3rd baseman. Brad needs to go. This team is too dysfunctional and he has to be held responsible for that. I love Dave Dombrowski, but he has some decisions to make for our future. The big contracts are killing us and I do mean the big, big contracts. I’m not holding my breath, however. Is Brad really making the decisions or is someone else telling him what to do and who to play? I can’t believe some of the dumb decisions.

It’s a mind set. It’s not okay to be okay. You have to be exceptional. Belonging to a winning team means everyone here is wicked bad at something…and they don’t fail at that. I remember when the girls on a pretty good softball team realized they were the team to beat. For the first time in their careers, they knew…didn’t think…knew…the team that usually beat them in the districts needed to beat them…and wasn’t going to. That was in the pre-season. The team set the goal to “get to Battle Creek!” They didn’t (and neither did I) think to say, “Win at Battle Creek”. They got there. They got to play in the semis at Brown Field. Then… they got beat. They went a far as their minds could see. We learned that if you know what the score at the end of the day will be, non of the crap in the middle shakes you. You stay focused, but never frantic. In short you get what you picture. Right now, the boys are not picturing it. Maybe Brad believes it. But, if he does…his biggest failure is his inability to paint the right picture for his Lads…and failing to convince them to buy in. Ver…do the right things. It’s a law. Do them long enough and good things happen. Teams win and lose the same way people get rich or broke. Real slow….then all of a sudden. Choosing to see it.

Maybe some of them only saw getting rich. Nothing else.

If they get a pitcher, and a descent one,..maybe we need another hitter as well.
and another…most teams would love to haveLKinsler and Nick….how can these players play well, with the lousy pitching staff they have? If they trade these players who willl
replace them? The critics (here) have a thing against these two players..once traded …they’ll haunt Detroit as many others that have left..namely, Furbush, Garcia, Rayburn, Hunter, the list goes on…..they feast on Tiger pitching, like may others do. trade Miggy for a first rate Pitcher(Greinke), while he’s worth something
Gose is not a prime player…a minimal clutch hitter.look at his rbi’s(not to good)
Davis should be playing everyday…the man has spirit and spark….he gets rusty
sitting there…this manager can’t see what he’s doing to him, a waste of talent.
Why is this guy still managing…he’s thick….

One oher thing…If a team respects their manager, they’ll play their hearts out for them, if not , the situation is as you see it.
there is no cohesiveness there
I find Rod Allen annoying….he knows everything. make him the manager!

One oher thing…If a team respects their manager, they’ll play their hearts out for him if not , the situation is as you see it.
there is no cohesiveness there
I find Rod Allen annoying….he knows everything. make him the manager!

A statue of Peralta could replace Casty. Sel, sell.. who pitch for Price? Who close for Soria? Who field and bat for Cespeces? Romine, Marte ,Krauss can play for Castellanos

Tigers are 4.5 GB the last wild card spot. they have to leap over 4 teams (Houston, Baltimore, Tampa, and Toronto) as it stands now. they will have 5 more games with these teams (Tampa 3, Baltimore 2) before the deadline. losing ground at home vs Baltimore over the weekend makes the task more difficult. plenty of blame to distribute. as the faces of the organization, the GM, manager, and underperforming star player (Verlander) are the lightning rods.

There is a boat load of blame here . However the brass at the top has to figure out what went so wrong and look in the mirror . This club is going down fast without some major changes .

Ten more days to see what the direction is. There are trades the Tigers could attempt that would help the team this year. If they go into total “sell” mode and acquire a number of youngsters, it will be analogous to another show at Comerica, the Rolling Stones; it was a great performance but we don’t know when or if they’ll ever be back.

Here in Venezuela, a sport journalist likes to use an example that I find preposterous, he claims that Cash won the batting title thanks to the expansion. I would like to ask him, the expansion was only for Cash ( we know now he was using a corked bat but still)
Bob Gibson had an ERA of 1.12 and Tiant of 1.67 ( McCalin 1,96) thanks to the mound. That is true, but did they lowered the mound for the opposing pitcher? They were better than other pitcher in 1968. For sure , to compare them with pitchers post or pre 1968 could be unfair. But not with the other pitchers in 1968.. Greinke is profiting from the expanded zone, but the zone expanded for all. Simon, Green, JV have not been helped by it. They can put the ball in the legal zone, less in the expanded . Porcello should be headed to the Cy Young but he ditched his sinker

23.4%. Wild-Card: 16.6%

Canada won the Gold Medal in xtras. Lennerton should be on his way to Toldeo
Here , waiting to watch USA. Venezuela in female baseball ( yes, baseball not softball)

Did the Tigers called some relievers up? Simon and greene and Ausmus wasted the full BP?
BTW: he was right leaving JV there but failed later.

They did not. Ferrell might have been a candidate, but he was injured in last night’s Mud Hens game.

There is very little to be excited about other than Joe Jiminez. Maybe Turley could help out with his knuckler.
I don’t see any help in Toledo.

I doubt Simon will get through 5 today

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