Tigers to recall Dixon Machado from Toledo

The Tigers will recall infielder Dixon Machado from Triple-A Toledo ahead of Friday’s series opener against the Orioles. He’ll take the place of first baseman Marc Krauss, who will be placed on paternity leave list while he joins his wife at home in nearby Deshler, Ohio, for the birth of their second child, a girl.

It’ll be the second call-up for Machado, who played three games with the Tigers in late May. He started two games at shortstop while Jose Iglesias was injured, going 1-for-7 with a walk and a strikeout. He did not play Thursday night for the Hens after returning from the Triple-A All-Star Game in Omaha Wednesday night.

For the season, Machado is batting .272 (87-for-320) for the Mud Hens with 15 doubles, four home runs and 36 RBIs. He’s also 12-for-12 in stolen bases.

What Krauss’ absence means for first base remains to be seen. It’s possible manager Brad Ausmus will go back to the first-base mix he had before the Tigers acquired Krauss a week and a half ago. Catcher Alex Avila started twice at first base before that, both times against right-handed pitching. The Orioles are scheduled to start three right-handers this weekend, opening with Ubaldo Jimenez Friday night.


Well this one is a real head scratcher.
For a team that needs to get Ws in the Win column immediately, this makes little sense. It does possibly suggest some possible trade movement.
The only thing I can think is that Romine will now be the 1st baseman and Dixon the utility infielder.

Anybody else he figure that may be the last we see of Marc Kraus?

I wouldn’t count on that. They’re just as likely to send Machado back down. That said, Romine looks like one of those guys who can excel at any position, including relatively new ones. Who knows?
It’s just the way of things that they could use Kelly about now.

Revived talk of Cueto. I don’t see it. Another free agent on the roster makes little sense for next year.
Go for Kazmir or even Leake.
Don’t see DD going for another reliever. His perpetual state of denial regarding the bullpen gets restored every time he adds an injury plagued veteran like the Joba, Nathan, Soria, Feliz. I doubt he makes a move there.
We got very spoiled the last few years with solid rotations. The rotation will be what makes or breaks us.

Morosi has about as much credibility as a toddler caught with his hand in the cookie jar while saying “I didn’t do it.”

Admit it, you pictured it…………

I really hope DD does not want to be known as the who traded Randy Jonhnson and David Pirce


Not to mention Johan Santana

Well they pretty much have to keep David. After losing Max and Drew and Doug the rotation has been compromised severely.
All the rhetoric about Illitch’s $$$ notwithstanding, this is a team that has been going about the business of saving money in various alternatives.

How can they keep him with this team’s payroll unless they get very creative like Washington did.
This team started so hot the first 11 games. They could do no wrong. They were so energetic. What happened to that team?

If Brad continues to keep Nick at 3rd late in the games, I’m just going to give up. He can hit with power is his only saving grace and that power comes and goes. I don’t think he will ever improve defensively.

Pretty much agree with your assessment on Nick. The only place I see a place to hide him is at 1st. The question still remains if he will ever live up to the expectations of being an offensive force. Unless Nick starts flirting with .300, 80+ RBIs and 20 homers, his defense can’t be justified at the hot corner.
We keep talking about trade chips in the minors yet Nick is probably one of the better chips we have.
As to Price, well some team is going to sign him. We know Detroit is a great baseball town, the stadium is often mostly full and Illitch has a reputation of being almost philanthropic when it comes to financially supporting the team. So why then can other teams afford signings that are necessary to stay competitive and we can’t?
The answer will always be blamed on Mike. That DD was hog-tied by an interfering owner, that the contracts to Miggy, Prince, Verlander and VMart have “broken the bank”.
Does Mike want to win or does he want to “look” like he wants to win.
I expect the Detroit Tigers are a very profitable enterprise.

the crazy thing about this team is if they can somehow eke out a wild card spot, and have Price lined up to pitch that wild card game, they would have a very good chance of moving on. for that reason, I don’t expect them to move Price unless an extended losing streak occurs soon

Only lol now Machado ftom Toledo in 1 B.🙂 Go home Ausmus please and for bulpen Neftali Feliz and…ARILOLLLLLLLL my tigers is a total disaster

The Tigers have an opportunity to pick up 1 1/2 games or drop back 1 1/2 games based on HOW the “Shark” and Danks pitches against KC and what Sanchez does against the O’s! Let’s hope for a solid start and finish today.

Yes, they have an opportunity, let’s see if they can capitalize on them. This home stand should tell.

9.5 back. KC won

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Prediction: Avila costs us at least 2 runs defensively.
Romine is a better alternative.

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