Talking with ex-Tigers at All-Star Game (and there’s a few of them)

If one doesn’t count Miguel Cabrera, who’s not here, then there are three Tigers taking part in All-Star Game festivities (David Price, Jose Iglesias, J.D. Martinez). There are as many former Tigers who are here, all of them prominent (Max Scherzer, Jhonny Peralta, Prince Fielder). That does not count Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon, who is on Ned Yost’s coaching staff for this game.

Scherzer not only still keeps in touch with former teammates, he also talks with the manager.

“I keep an eye on everybody. I pull for all the players over there,” Scherzer said. “I really want to see them do well. I text guys every now and then. I’ll text Ausmus every now and then, just different things that I see going on. A lot of great guys, a lot of great memories. I really hope everybody does well over there.”

Jhonny Peralta said the same, even as he acknowledged this year’s All-Star selection means a lot to him after the Biogenesis scandal enveloped his trip two years ago. He worked his tail off, and it paid off.

“With everything that happened before, a new opportunity to be here, and to be starting in the game, for me it’s special right now,” Peralta said. “This is the best moment that I can prove. …

“Detroit is a good team, too. I don’t want to say anything bad. It’s a similar team. The opportunity that they gave me in St. Louis is really good.”

On the Tigers, Peralta said, “I follow them a lot. I keep in touch with a couple of the guys, Cabrera and Victor. I miss being there, too, with the guys. It’s a good team, Detroit. I appreciated everything.”

On the Tigers’ .500 record, he said, “You know, it’s kind of hard to see that. Detroit is a team that’s on top every time, and now they’re behind. But in baseball, anything can happen.”

The one ex-Tiger who doesn’t track them is Fielder.

“Not really,” he said. “It’s just, I don’t follow any other team really.”

That said, he didn’t indicate that his trade to Texas was as much of a fresh start as the lost season he had last year to neck surgery.

“I don’t know. I think definitely the injury helped as far as my approach to the game and everything,” he said. “When you lose something, you realize that you liked it a lot. You try to enjoy it as much as you can when you come back.”


Like being the DH after refusing to do so with the Tigers.

Tigers 3 runs scored or less: 37 games. KC 40

Det. 4.31 ERA, 42 QS & only 21 saves; KC 3.50 ERA, 35 QS & 28 saves.

Just about the difference in the standings.

Mariners trading for a catcher?

Morosi finally got to troll level A. Mariners trading for a player . No team , no players involved. Most pointing to Avila or Mavarro. Morosi´s beloved teams

I didn’t check the source. You’re right.

Tigers starters, ERA/FIP: 4.48/4.18. KC: 4.32/4.24. WAR 5.0/3.7
xFIP: 4.03/4.49.
needs:the BP and a good SP.

I may have solved this blog/PC issue. It appears WordPress performed some kind of upgrade (uh oh) and I noticed that I was getting the same ad every time my page failed to load properly. So I went in and deleted the tracking cookies and now so far it’s working. That’s the non-technical explanation anyway.

Spoke too soon. Issue continues. Typical.

Mariners have same needs as Tigers, BP and a SP. They do need a table setter (Davis or Gose) for Cano, Cruz and company though. Who do they have that they could return for AA or Davis or Gose?

Felix Hernandez! 🙂

rich, same here on MacBook Pro, after page loads it locks up. I refresh after that lock up and it seems to re-load Ok.

Yeah, I was doing that earlier this week than yesterday it wouldn’t work at all. Today I can re-load again. Oh well.

The scroll bar on the right side keeps disappearing for me. Sometimes, when I refresh, it comes back and sometimes it doesn’t ….like right now.

Yeah, it’s like the page comes up for a touch screen.

Staff really needs to pay attention to Jose before he gets into such a bad habit it sucks his BA down to .260
Very evident at the ASG but I have been noticing this at times where he is in a “must hit” situation.
He is off balance, weight on front foot and consequently topping everything or striking out at a rate more than previously. This has been going on for awhile now.
Joyner needs to address this and get him to keep the load on his back foot again. When he does that he hits line drives.

He’s also being fooled quite a bit. Pitchers adjust and now he’s an All Star and will draw more attention. With few exceptions, the best hitters are those who study.

So the drumbeat is building for an Avila trade to Seattle. The best (only?) reason to take it seriously is it’s Detroit, it’s Seattle, it’s McClendon. All of that is painfully obvious. Quite often it’s the “throw-ins” that determine the worth of the trade.

Why a team out of contention would trade for a rental?

I agree Rich–he is getting fooled more. And when you are on your front foot it is very hard to hold up a check swing. He has been getting called out on check swings more often than early in the season.
He needs to stay back.

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