Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Mariners

Marc Krauss joins the team and immediately slots into the starting lineup, batting seventh at first base against red-hot M’s starter Taijuan Walker. Alex Avila, who has reached base safely in 7 of 16 plate appearances since coming off the disabled list, is back behind the plate for Kyle Ryan. One would figure James McCann will be back in the lineup Wednesday to face J.A. Happ with an early start after a night game.

The Mariners, meanwhile, mix in some right-handed hitters against Kyle Ryan, notably Franklin Gutierrez (4-for-9 off LHPs since his return) and Mark Trumbo (five home runs in 67 at-bats vs. lefties this season).

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  3. Victor Martinez, DH
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Alex Avila, C
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Marc Krauss, 1B
  8. Anthony Gose, CF (0-for-3, 2 K’s vs. Taijuan Walker)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

P: Kyle Ryan


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Franklin Gutierrez, LF
  3. Robinson Cano, 2B
  4. Nelson Cruz, RF
  5. Kyle Seager, 3B
  6. Mark Trumbo, DH
  7. Logan Morrison, 1B
  8. Mike Zunino, C
  9. Chris Taylor, SS

P: Taijuan Walker


McCann has all but disappeared. I thought he was better than Avila.

He was. Very disappointing to see Avila in so much.

Back to their old ways . We might see McCann pinch hit or start once a week.

Suárez: 329 .372 .493 .865

Ian TOOTBLAN Kinsler

Ian is brain dead sometimes. Some feel he is a good aggressive baserunner. I think he is simply reckless. Yes he can go from 1st to 3rd better than others on the team but sometimes it is simply because the dude was going anyway.

Another vote here for Jose at the top of the lineup.


Krauss connects!

Santa Kraus comin’ to town!


Nick is starting to produce with the stick. It has been tuff for the kid . Nick was rushed and was portrayed as a phenom when he should have been developing at Erie or Toledo. Still, now is now and he looks like he may finally be a positive factor for the offense.

Krauss knocks out a HR in his 1st “D” AB! Casey a 2-run dinger too! Come on Kyle Ryan, keep ’em in the game for 7 or 8 innings.

Casty hits a 2-run dinger too!


Walk to a guy batting .236
Then hits to guys batting .163 and .167. Bases loaded. Grand slam.

That guy with the grand slam looked familiar

So Jeff Jones decides after 5 runs and 0 outs to get off his butt and go out there. Way to do your job.

If you can’t get these guys out you don’t belong in the big leagues.

Gose taking bad routes in the unknown park. Three times in two games

Shoot, Ryan is not ready for the bigs unless he’s a 1 inning reliever. Ajax gets the GSlam and Gutierrez hits a solo to follow that up. Cant protect a lead to save our ass.

They really need to add a SP

And this is why Ryan pitches away from contact. We’ve gone from the best pitching staff to the worst. Wow. Can’t seem to develop any arms, other than Smyly.

Where do we find these pitchers?….Everyone gets their first against the Tigers….
Jackson hits his first grand slam…Guiterez his first homer since 2003…back to the
drawing board …Ryan. The game is still early….

excuse me first homer since 2013(correction)

Well,mot be fair Gutierrez didn’t play last year and just came back last week. But still.

Wild one folks

I meant “to be fair”.

Alex Wilson in heavy use out of Ausmus’ bullpen. beginning to wonder how much work he can take

Only 4 innings. The whole BP will be tested. Can the Tigers score enough to overcome any BP failings?

2 picked off runners…….can’t stop running into outs on the basepaths this year.

Think positive! After 5, Tigers have 0 LOB.

Guty did not play in 2014. So 2013 is not that far. He always had some pop, 18 HR in a season. But a mysterious disease put him on restricted list

Sorry , I did not see your post
He has 8 career HR against the Tigers

No problem.

gastro-intestinal problems. Seems like that is what Cano was referencing possibly when Dan & Jim said he was not feeling well and didn’t want to talk about his intestines.

Wilson’s arm is likely to fall off from overuse. These starting pitchers minus Price are ick. “We need pitchers”

Yes, Woody, Wilson may be wearing down.

Wow, Kansas City won both games of their double-header today.


7 HR so far in tonite’s game but the cleanup hitters have been shutout

lefties hitting .164 off Hardy coming into the game…11th best in AL

pitching to Cano with game on line…

…and Rondon gets through it

Krauss continues all or nothing in his ABs this game

Don’t want to stay up all night.

leadoff walk exit Rondon, enter Krol. Krol has not had success vs lefties this season at MLB level

Avila vs lefty Furbush with 2 on none out

McCann and Marte on bench, Avila bunting

Ausmus asking Avila to do something he doesn’t do well

could have used Rajai Davis too

Seattle could have pitched around Davis to face Gose

Oh boy, I can’t see us pulling this one out. Seems like everyone (including Ausmus) is in self destruct mode.
Our guys have had the side struck out at least 3 times tonight.
Brutal AB by Avila and Casty. Rajai just about as bad.
If their bats don’t beat us Dantleyy will

Krol needs to vary his times


We let another good pitcher go….We had Furbush…..He had Tigers by the
gulluons…good win for him and the Mariners…..

But, “I’d prefer to not expend both catchers, if possible,” Ausmus said.

JL strikes again. Then why he used Avila at 1B with McCann catching,. He risked a whole game but not one inning.
Ryan optioned as expected , Gas Can Farmer called up

Regrettably I stayed up ……as expected they would lose especially knew they were doomed when they didn’t get Gose in let alone Vmart the next inning. No more late nights

I’m with you GK. Getting to old for this 2 AM stuff. At least the West Coast is done for the year. I think everyone knew the outcome when we went into extra innings. 15 strikeouts is a killer. A major leaguer who can’t bunt is miserable. Now seven out; KC pretty much beats everyone they play. Krauss was true to form; one big hit plus nothing, but K’s. I know the old addage about expecting to win them all, but again this .500 team is true to form. More than 2 wins in a row seems impossible. Anabal, show us what you have this afternoon.
1. Long Ball Power is nice; too many solo’s. AJaxs’ slammy was more impactful.
2. Even though Rubber Arm Alex wasn’t at his best, he got us to the sixth only trailing by one.
3. VMart continues to show why he’s a career.300 hitter. He’s pushing .270 after having been at .219 two weeks ago.
Kudos to Yo and Al; Har and Ron also did their job. Another clutch hit, and we could easily have won. Ryan was never the answer, but guess what. Neither is Buck.

I shut it off when they failed with 2 men on. Had to do it right there and they couldn’t.

So did I because the west coast games have me up half the night . These are games you have to win.

the only decision I didn’t like in this game was Ausmus asking Avila to bunt. after pulling VMartinez for pinch runner, go all in for the win. bring in Davis to put down the bunt if that’s the strategy.

Here’s the thing with these long extra inning games that we always always lose. Better off losing them in 9 …killed the pen again.

“Can’t tell which is the bigger gift:
The boot, or Gose holding/being held at third.”
“Gose was running at a decent speed, but stopped at 3B. Didn’t see if Dave Clark gave any sign. “

I think the window of opportunity there was too brief for Clark and Gose would have needed eyes in the back of his head. If he even rounds the bag he could have been nailed if the SS picks it up cleanly.

The BP is coming into shape

What kind of shape? 🙂

I set myself a 2 AM cutoff time last night, so I did see the ending.
Does anyone think the overall quality of baseball has gone down, and I mean way down? It’s become like the NFL, where most successes stem from the opponent’s mistakes.

Question is when do you sac bunt? The answer is never, unless it’s a pitcher hitting. Throw that out of the strategy book.

Human beings are not physically capable of correctly calling balls and strikes.

I still think there is a time to bunt. It does put pressure on the defense with a speedy buntr. And with a guy like Avila who is gonna K or hit into a DP against a southpaw–it is also a good time.
a cada uno lo suyo

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