Tigers recall Ian Krol for lefty-heavy Mariners lineup

The Tigers will not be short of southpaws in Seattle. The next bullpen adjustment Brad Ausmus hinted at doing all weekend came down Sunday, with lefty reliever Ian Krol recalled from Triple-A Toledo. Drew VerHagen, who just joined the Tigers on Friday, was optioned out, sent to Toledo.

Krol probably would’ve come up with Friday’s bullpen shakeup had he been eligible, but he hadn’t spent 10 days in Toledo since being sent down after the series in Cleveland a week and a half ago. He hit that 10-day mark on Saturday. He made four appearances for the Mud Hens in the meantime, allowing two unearned runs on one hit over 4 2/3 innings with two walks and four strikeouts.

Krol returns to a vastly different bullpen than the one he left. He had been a third left-hander behind Tom Gorzelanny and Blaine Hardy. Now, Gorzelanny is out, and Brad Ausmus is essentially trying out guys for roles. If Krol was ever going to get a clean slate to make his claim as a late-inning lefty again, this is it.

He should get ample opportunity to do that this week. The list of prominent left-handed hitters in Seattle includes Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager, Logan Morrison, Dustin Ackley and Seth Smith, among others. Joe Mauer awaits in Minnesota over the weekend.

Krol has limited opportunities so far, but Major League left-handed hitters are 6-for-15 against him so far this season. By contrast, International League left-handed hitters are 9-for-42 (.216) off him.


At least Infante did not get voted in.
JD should go-over Cespedes if need be.
Last chance for Krol to “smarten up”?
DD still hasn’t learned that a successful bullpen evolution will not be a result of internal machinations.
Another year I am not going to Seattle to catch the Tigers.

Looks like DD figures he has solved the problme at 1B.
He just claimed Marc Krauss.
Now there’s a hig profile name that out to replace the game’s biggest star.

Whew, DD is on a roll to improve this team. LMAO.

Why does everything have to be negative on here? They had to get somebody fast and he’s a LH bat.

Rich, are you going to Baltimore?

Agreed, he’s available and cheap. Seems good to me. Nobody, can replace Miggy. If we are being honest, it was a longshot to make the playoffs before the Miggy injury.

I think we have to face the reality that our best chance at a WS title was the last few years. DD did a good job of giving this team a chance at another run at the WS if we didn’t have all the injuries. We are only 5 games back in the standings, I think there is still a chance we get hot and make a real run at the WS. However, I don’t think it’s likely enough to be buyers in the market.

In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing the team sell if the return is good. DD has shown he can build a competitive team through trades and free agency. So it’s forseeable that he could turn the roster around quickly.

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