Tigers calling up Ferrell, VerHagen for relief help

The Tigers are about to get a bullpen shakeup, beginning with converted starter Jeff Ferrell and continuing with Drew VerHagen. Whether it’s a matter of fresh arms for a taxed bullpen, or something longer-term, remains to be seen.

The Tigers are giving Ferrell his first shot at the big leagues, purchasing his contract from Triple-A Toledo. Credit John Wagner of the Toledo Blade with the first report. The Tigers have not officially announced the move, but multiple sources have confirmed, as did Ferrell to The Blade.

Also coming up is Drew VerHagen, the former starting prospect who converted to full-time relief pitcher a month ago. He got the call from Double-A Erie.

The corresponding moves aren’t yet known. Detroit has an open spot on the 40-man roster with Joe Nathan on the 60-day disabled list, and VerHagen is already on there from his spot start last summer. Still, somebody has to go off the 25-man roster, and the report that Melvin Mercedes is being promoted from Double-A Erie to take Ferrell’s spot in Toledo suggests it’s not simply a matter of optioning somebody else down.

The Tigers could decide to make a larger change with a veteran reliever such as Joba Chamberlain or Tom Gorzelanny. That should become clear by Friday afternoon. What’s clear now is that the Tigers are dipping deeper into their farm system for help, now including two guys who were starters on their way up the system before converting to relief this season.

From the time Ferrell became a full-time reliever, he became a very good one. Add in the fact that the Tigers desperately needed bullpen options, and he moved quickly. After missing most of April, he took over closer duties at Erie and dominated for a month and a half, saving 12 games while allowing five runs on 21 hits over 27 innings with four walks and 35 strikeouts.

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski saw Ferrell convert a two-out save at Akron on June 20 during a tour of the farm system. A week later, Ferrell was in Toledo, earning the save in his Triple-A debut June 29. That ended up being his only appearance.

VerHagen’s conversion came a month ago after he opened the season on the disabled list. He had three struggling performances at Toledo before finding some success in Erie, allowing two runs on six hits over 6 2/3 innings with two walks and five strikeouts.


The Tigers have to do more than to just address the bullpen, the have to fit a left handed bat in the
lineup. Maybe Collins or a Moya. Also get rid of Chamberlain, Gorvo the left hander. Plus trade our third baseman and second Baseman and get And if we’re lucky 2 other ballplayer or 2 draft pick from 2017 for Vole Hamel than we have a chance to win the central division this yr. Also bring up the pitching coach of the mudhens up and let go
Jones. But I still would give Brad Asmus this year and next because how can you blame him when the let go Max Rick and Drew Smyley? But I still have faith in the team.

AA and AAA: BB/9 1.3 S0/9 11.7 1.9 HR/9. Good peripherals for a reliever ( maybe too high HR/9 but that comes with control and Ks)

Austin Jackson could be available since he is near FA

Collins on DL

I miss leyland

Love him or hate him, he wasn’t boring.

Speaking of missing people, I’ve contiued to scan unsuccessfully for Beck. Has anyone seen anything definitive about his status?

I’ll check.

Good one. Hope you were just taking a little time off and all is well.

Well, if Melvin’s filling Ferrell’s spot in Toledo, all the more reason to think nobody’s going down from Tigers

So long Joba and Gorzo, and thanks for all the memories( not)

Does that mean a release? I believe Ferrell is player #26.

and VerHagen 27. Two released or traded

Oops. I must have been typing as you were clarifying your point.

I saw Avery was granted his release after he opted out.

Scrambling to keep up with changes. Is VerHagen a starter? Who is Avery?

He was. Converted to reliever after back from DL ( back soreness). Avery , utility, released and replaced by Tyron Robinson

Avery had good numbers in AAA

Avery? Really?
Surprised with that one. Maybe they saw him as too much like Gose and Berry.

Still waiting to see who goes. Joba? Gorzelanny? Rondon with an injury?

Since the Tigers among other teams are scouting the Marlins, it appears Latos and Haren are considered available starters. Of the 2, I like Latos better. His ERA is rather high this year, but he has a decent track record. Also, his FIP is respectable and he is younger. Both guys will be FAs at the end of the season.

Not sure this team is going anywhere…..why trade away even more. As sad as the idea makes me might be the year to be sellers.

The suspense goes on. Is it just an internal move or is another team involved?

Miami? Would the Tigers be interested in Dee Gordon?

of course, but they would need to hand then the keys of Toledo

Supposedly: McCann to the bench tonight. Holaday to Toledo.

They better not let McCann polish the bench. Avila has not proven he can hit enough to take over.

Tigers PR The #Tigers have designated the contracts of RHP Joba Chamberlain and LHP Tom Gorzelanny for assignment

Holaday optioned. All moves as expected

Jabba and Gorzo = Sad but necessary and overdue.

Joba was an unwise roll of the dice. Gorzelanny should have worked out.

Cespedes batting second
“It used to be the two-hole hitter was a guy you wanted to hit behind the runner at first, move guys over from second. And I think people really have moved away from that and the whole idea to hit the ball the other way and get the guy over. You realize that the more people you have on base in front of the heart of your lineup, the more opportunities you have for them to drive them in. There’s been a little shift on that, I think” Ausmus to Jason

The Tony LaRussa thing. Well, the other way wasn’t working, so glad to see a change.

Lineup vs. TOR: Kinsler 4, Cespedes 7, Cabrera 3, V Martinez DH, J.D. Martinez 9, Avila 2, Castellanos 5, Gose 8, Iglesias 6. Sanchez starts

And the pitcher is batting 8th

And this:
“Despite the Sabermetric theory that there are more RBI opportunities in the second spot, Ausmus won’t follow the trend (the White Sox moved Jose Abreu to the second slot last week), and slide Cabrera up a slot.

“Nope. … No. … Never,” Ausmus said. “There’s a lot of theories about where you should hit guys, based on where the RBI opportunities are. According to the numbers, second and fourth are the best RBI opportunities. Except that those numbers are all based on the fact that everyone hits their best hitter third. So it’s not exactly as cut and dried as it seems.”
Ausmus to Mowery

Line-up still has Iggy at the bottom. But Ausmule is trying something new so maybe I’ll have to drop the reference to stubbornness (mule).

Having a good hitter at the bottom is not a bad idea. He serves as a second lead-off.

The key to this lineup shake-up will be Kinsler.
If nothing else, ladies and gentlemaen, the bullpen at least just got a lot better “looking”!
I hope VerHagen works out but Ferrell is likely the guy to impress us.
I told my friend here in Kamloops (a Blue Jay fanatic) that if the Jays don’t sweep the Tigers they should fire John Gibbons.
That being said I am holding out some optimism for the lineup.

Can Ferrell pitch late in games? Ausmus: “Quite frankly, other than meeting him today, I have never laid eyes on Jeff Ferrell in my life.”

candid, truthful. not a guy to be counted on. has no cache of high expectations i.e. not a top prospect or high draft pick. didn’t even pitch in a regular Spring Training game. longshot to help.

gets a shot before Zeid, Knudson, Mantiply because he’s had more success in minors

Nesbitt, Nathan, Chamberlain, Gorzelanny…half the opening day bullpen is gone. despite the minors numbers, not expecting much from Ferrell. it’s a big leap to the majors, most don’t succeed at first promotion.

Ausmus: “If there’s a lefty, you might see Hardy. Righties, Rondon maybe could possibly pitch the seventh or eighth, full inning.”

Dombrowski has created a monster. The long-term contracts proffered to Verlander, Miggy, VMart, Fielder have had long-term consequences as well.
When success and enthusiasm is high is not the optimum time to negotiate long term deals. Miggy’s is and will remain a good deal but the other 3 have lobotomized the team to a large degree.
One of the spin-offs these kinds of deal is the knee-jerk reaction to having to save money through Blue-Light Specials such as Joba and Gorzo. It was abundantly clear that the team needed high-end relief help but DD opted for economic opportunity because the cupboard was bare.
Thus we find ourselves in a very dire predicament for the 2015 season.
As to Rondon, he is far more similar to Zumaya than Chapman. Chapman throws the ball 5 MPH (consistently) faster and that DOES make a big difference to opposing MLB hitters.
Rondon is OK–he is not a saviour.

I loved Joba’s passion and grit; it was his arm that I didn’t love. Tom should have done better. Sometimes, i think certain pitchers are suited for the NL. He might be one of them. I honestly think Rick P. would be very good in the other league. The plus in tonight’s game if there is one: the 8 game winner had an ERA near five. Sanchezs’
job is to hold the Jays to four. No problem.

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