Verlander Day lineups: Tigers vs. Pirates

Here’s the lineup the Tigers will send out to try to stop Gerrit Cole from becoming baseball’s first 12-game winner this season and a two-game winner against Detroit. Unlike Cole’s win over the Tigers in Pittsburgh back in April, the Tigers have the DH slot available, and a healthier Victor Martinez to fill it. Cole kept J.D. Martinez hitless in that game, but he’s on a tear now, with six home runs and 11 RBIs over his last six games.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Gerrit Cole)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-6, 3 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (1-for-3, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (2-for-6)
  6. J.D. Martinez, RF (0-for-2, walk, K)
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-2)
  8. James McCann, C
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (0-for-2)

P: Justin Verlander

pirateslogoPIRATES (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Gregory Polanco, RF (0-for-0, walk)
  2. Neil Walker, 2B (2-for-10, double, triple, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF (2-for-13, 2 doubles, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  4. Starling Marte, LF (1-for-1, triple)
  5. Jung-Ho Kang, 3B
  6. Pedro Alvarez, 1B (1-for-10, 6 K’s)
  7. Francisco Cervelli, DH (1-for-3, double)
  8. Jordy Mercer, SS (1-for-1)
  9. Chris Stewart, C (0-for-2, 2 K’s)

P: Gerrit Cole


Monday off days are rough – gotta wait like 50 hours between games. I watched a twins-reds game last night I was so hard up.

Gerrit Cole is out to beat every Cy Young winner he pitches against. Problem is that this year’s JV is not pitching like a Cy Young winner.
You would think this was homecoming week. The Pirates called up Lombardozzi and Gorkys Hernandez.

Now I see where the Pirates DFA’d Tabata and Volstad. I at least recognize those names. Would Volstad be of any help in the Tiger bullpen? I’m sure many of you can think of one bullpen artist the Tigers could replace.

Verlanders not looking good so far. Single and 2 walks. With Cole on the mound 1 run might be too many

You notice how Pittsburg is not swinging at the 1st pitch. They make him pitch. He’s already up to 25 pitched and it’s the 1st inning.

Keep your fingers crossed everybody. Go Tigers!!!

Too many pitches. 14-14 strikes and balls. A near miracle JV got out of that inning. Can that be his worst inning for this game? We can only hope.

Gonna be a long night for us and a short onve for Justin.

Tigers gotta get him some run support or it’s gonna be ugly.

It feels like it’s only a matter of time until the Pirates score a lot of runs with JV already giving 4 walks. The Tiger bats will have to solve Cole in a big way to win this.

Dan & Jim say it’s gonna take a few more starts for JV.

Terrific throw by JD and McCann has “golden hands.” He doesn’t drop the ball.

1 run was going to be a lot to overcome…..3 well I’ve got my fingers crossed. JV gonna have to stop the bleeding though.

Best thing we could hope for is a nice long rain delay.

Way to make em pay for plunking Victor. …oh wait you didn’t.

My mind is wandering trying to watch this game. I think I figured out Ausmule’s line-up plan. First GK in honor of our own GK. Then C, M, C, M, C, M. That’s why he won’t move Iggy up in the line-up. It would disrupt the “plan.”

Might be a HR.

that idiot fan. That looks like a HR.

Idiot kid…..cost us a tie game most likely

Let’s not leave 2 on. Send ’em home.

What a shame, I want to beat that jerk with his own glove.

Dumb shit kid……just cost your team a tie game.

Not to menoon 2ND and 3rd with nobody out and none of these guys can even hit a stinking sacfly. Gose and Iglesias seem to usually fail in such situations…..I won’t even talk about Kinsler. ..

Ausmus has to do something about Kinsler and Gose. This is getting real old real fast. Iput a lot of blame on Ian for 1st pitch swinging there. Not so much on Iggy who just about ambushed Cole after the 4 minute delay.
Tough break for McCann that could have been a dinger.
Miggy needs guys to get on base in front of him or he will continue to be unMiggy like.

Why is Gose in the line-up? No least Davis looks alive..I guess Davis
doesn’t impress enough…Davis is more of a threat up there….my opinion.

When Rajai is in the game, people cry and moan. It doesn’t matter how many good things he does, they just remember a mistake.

I agree Davis shows more right now. Not to mention righties hit over a point higher than lefties against Cole.

After a rough start Verlanders righted the ship. Tiger’s hitters….well I don’t have a lot of good to say about them tonight. So far anyway.

I’m in love with James McCann.

McCann will probably be the only thing to be happy about once this season ends. He has been a great surprise, a real keeper.

Oh, I’m not ready to give up on the season.

Ok miggy runner on 2nd……need to get job done……nope

Verlander looked better than I expected he would.
Miggy’s numbers are great but he is no longer “locked in”.
Gose really does need to sit. He is not helping enough to justify his defense.
Even Ausmus can see this.

Game not over we have 6 more outs.
Things I’m thinking about
-Walks by Verlanders but rebounding
-Error by Miggy for unearned run
-Idiot fan wasting a homer and atleast a tie game
– 3 for 12 with rise including 2nd &r 3rd 0 outs
And 7 lob

Oh boy Joba in. This ought to be good.

And I’ll add Joba giving up another 2 out 2 strike single. That’s a big run. Hardy hitting the batter.

Damn stupid pitch to throw. Joba had to throw a ball in the dirt down and away slider and he simply let McCutchen time him.
Brad will not learn with Joba-it will take an injury to prevent him from using him in these late-inning give-aways.

Jd is about the only guy consistently showing power. And yes that includes Migue 1 on last 10 games that includes homer friendly parks of NYY and Cleveland. Im hopeful he gets 1 more AB

Joba is one of the worst two strike two out pitchers I have seen in a long time.

JD does it again…what a magical addition to the Tigers Miggy who?

Second check swing that ump has screwed up. ..

Ok ….Doesn’t look like Miggy will get to hit. Come on Vmart

Come one, guys.

I mean, come on!

I don’t understand the negative comments about Miggy.

What negative comments. … he does have an error and someone said he’s slowed down a bit lately which he has.

I don’t know if I can watch. I just can’t stand the thought of them losing this game.

3-14 risp…….10 lob. Just sad

Miggy’s fine….we just expect him to succeed all the time. Right?

He’s fine but he is having a slow last week….2 rbi in last nine games. Don’t necessarily know how many opportunities he’s had. But a mini Miguel slump.

1 on 2 out….come on Miggy.

Nope he left the strike zone for a whiff. Ugh

that’s where you want him to hit a double.

This is beyond stressful.

Wilson is handy but another pitch to contact guy and not a great 2 strike pitcher

I better take that back!

Agonizing. ..a robbed homer….3 for 14 risp and 11 left on base. Agonizing

Is Gorzelanny the only pitcher left in the BP?

Yep…Ryan warming earlier too. Neither very comforting

Because I save my comments for after the game, I’ve forgotten everything I had thought to say.

No kidding right?

It’s too bad that Wilson has to be used up like this. He’s done great work but his second half may suffer. (Joba 2014)

Yep not sure Joba has,recovered.

Joses ‘s avg going to take a hit..0-6 tonight

How long have Iggy and Gose been stuck on 11 RBI’s? I feel it’s been quite awhile,

2 most undependable and predictable guys in the pen have cost us a game
Neither one belongs on this team

Wow! Wilson into his 4th inning. Ausmule afraid to use Gorzelanny? I would be.

I feel bad for Gorzlanny but geez.

Good luck Gorzo….you need a win at this point….it’s been pretty tough
going. Give it your best and all will be forgiven.

I spoke too soon….

A break only if Gorzlanny gets walker out

Miguel and Victor have a chance to be hero’s again.

Good night you’all…..

It all goes back to that idiot fan who interfered and cost us the two runs. I have no patience for that kind of stupidity.

Seems like we’ve ended a lot of threatstuff with the damn gidp. .
I know two people will getting all the blame. But they had multiple opportunities to score runs and didn’t. 16 strike outs 2 gidp 3-16 risp.. 12 lob and an error which lead to an unearned run. But I know there are always scapegoats. They certainly have issues but those two aren’t the whole picture and let’s not forget the dip in right field.

It was a team effort but the guys who gave up the 2 runs to lose the game deserve criticism
Both have shown time and time again that they will fail

Another great opportunity to gain a game. “Garbanzo” just doesn’t have it. Eat the contract, and get anybody up here. It would be an improvement. Once again, this team cannot get into a winning groove for more than two or three games. Big bats let us down when needed.
1. Alex Wilson is truly an unsung hero.
2. JMac is a joy to watch.
3. Julio gives you a chance to win.
JV was okay; no command, but is doing okay; he didn’t lose the game. GARBANZO was a major culprit. He makes Coke look like Cy.

I like Wilson. The Latinos in my family love JD. Miggy had the best June in MLB? V-Mart looks like V-Mart. Nick is starting to look like the phenom DD projected. JV?

I guess what I’m saying is it’s the big picture that counts. The season is a marathon. But YEAH, the Tigers need a sense of urgency, not panic.

Was it another bad dream. …nope

Darline, the only problem with the big picture is that the curtain is at intermission. Half the season almost down, and we are seven out in the lost column. I guess my question is this: Is KC going to lose seven more games than the Tigers will over the the last 86? The great thing about our game is that the second half(not really half) could see the Tigers play lights out. If we do, some things have to happen. Anabal, David, and Pasta will have to be rock solid. JV will need to make a meaningful contribution. Tom G will have to go missing in action. Brad will have to bend on his stubborn streak of when to use Joba. Nick will need to hit .265 the rest of the way. Rondon will have to be magical if not for half a season. Igloo will need to move up in the order. Rajai will have to vacate center field. Gose needs to bat nine always. JMac will need to catch the majority of games. If nothing else, put Avila at third if Nicky is facing a really tough righty. Defense would be no worse. VMart will need to finish at .280 with 60 RBI’s. Soria will need to rediscover his early effectiveness. Miggy will have to really finish on a high not, becoming the undisputable soul of this team. Kinsler will have to make a commitment to kill bad habits. Cespedes must remain steady and continue to patrol left field with authority. That leaves Julio. Let Julio be Julio. The bull pen needs to grow up. Throw strikes; put the ball in play, and let the chips fall where they may. Romine’s contributions this year are really appreciated, as with Alex in the Pen. Brad needs to throw a hat, kick a chair, or at least occasionally act like Leyland. Put all these things together and we win the Central. Of course KC sits in the cat bird seat and says, “when pigs fly”.

It’s a .500 team, and there’s nothing in sports more frustrating to watch than a .500 team because it always seems they could do better.
There’s no lack of effort so chair kicking is not the answer. In tight spots, they in fact try too hard.
Factor in the bizarre things that happen to .500 teams, such as one of your own fans robbing your rookie catcher of an electrifying 3-run game tying homer just when it’s needed the most, and everyone begins to expect the worst all the time.
So you follow along, not even able to give up on it.

Soria and Rondon both excellent and that leaves Wilson and Gorzo. I shut it off and went to bed knowing full well the guys could not get the big hit when they needed to. I didn’t even see Gorzo pitch, but I don’t blame him.

Among various issues, the bullpen. Gorzelanny should have been a good FA sign but it hasn’t worked out. Now he’s a formerly successful veteran pitcher who has actually changed his delivery in mid-season. It’s obvious Brad doesn’t want to use him. Joba, who was NOT a good sign, can’t seem to ever have a clean outing. Both need to be sent away so Brad doesn’t have to use them. As they say, even if your bullpen is bad, you have to use it as if it was good
On the other hand, I can’t say enough about Alex Wilson. He should win some kind of award for what he’s done. He received a much deserved ovation from the fans that were left last night.
Verlander had a promising start. The starters have to go much deeper than they have been.
If this all sounds obvious, it’s because everybody sees the same thing.

Gose is the worst hitter in the lineup and it’s crazy to give him the most ABs every game. He needs to be in CF and hitting 9th. Why has that not happened?
Somebody needs to be in Kinsler’s ear about his plate approach until he has dreams about staying level and going opposite field.

I watched 12 innings, didn’t need any more frustration. Rich is right, this is a .500 team. They do what .500 teams do, have a good run and get our hopes up they will go all the way and then they play horrible baseball and make the fans wonder why we bother to watch. After every loss there seems to be multiple players to point the finger at, they all get their shot at this rotating list. Going forward if they get into a real (read close) competition with KC for the division that will be exciting. If not, the take away this season will be about the great things we see from Iggy, JD, McCann and possibly Nick. These guys can make the Tigers future brighter.
Right now my glass is still half full. Go Tigers!

I heard yesterday on MLBN that Miggy had the best June in MLB. I finally got around to checking his stats. For the last 30, Miggy was #1 in BA (.384) and OBP (.480). He was #4 in OPS (1.073). So, I guess if you believe in the metrics approach Miggy has a pretty solid argument.

It’s sad to say that numbers like that aren’t enough to energize this team. He will have to break records in July.
Rich is right on about Gose and Kinsler.
BTW, with Miggy’s gaudy June numbers where did he stand in RBIs? I’ll bet comparatively not as good as the other numbers because of the top two guys in the order.

Fans get let down by Miggy because we expect so much from him. His June numbers are great, but somehow a bad game can erase that in our minds. He can’t, and shouldn’t be, expected to carry the team or always be the one to set the pace of the game. The guy is not superman. But, secretly in my mind he is.

The dumb fan should have been escorted from the game. The ball was hit over the yellow line and deflected of the idiot’s glove. Dumb idiot, fan.

At least we’re not engaging in the ridiculous second guessing on Twitter. “The fans” say that Brad should have used Rondon there instead of Chamberlain because Rondon would have gotten McCutcheon out and JD’s homer would have given us a 4-3 win. That’s the gist of it, at least.
Of course, that’s assuming that Rondon got McCutcheon out. It’s further assuming that JD, in an entirely different game situation, would have still hit a 2-run homer.
There’s no future in this type of second guessing.

Dan…Miggy was 13th in RBIs with 19. Arenado from Colorado was 1st with 33.

BTW, JD was 3rd with 26.

Before I get the your picking on Miggy response. For starters he makes over $100,000 per game your damn right I expect a lot. And I bet he expects a lot out of himself too. I love he’s on my team I love his heart and I love watching him play
And I’ve said this before he’s hitting first great average he’s getting walk a ton whether intentional or unintentional. But if you look strictly at his xb power he’s not up to his standards ….not close if you look at his numbers since 2011.

2012. 39

And that’s with a very similar number of hits in the mid 90’s with an outlier in 2013 when he had 118. Scoring less runs yes I know Victor wasn’t behind him but he’s also not hitting doubles so it’s taking 3 hits to get him in. Less RBI and some of that might be a product on who’s ahead of him…but also a single isn’t as likely to score somebody on 1st base.
I don’t know maybe it will work itself out in the end if he stays healthy. That’s my hope and what I expect. But do I think he can and should do better…yes sir I do. Do I think he’s even amount the top 4 or 5 problems with this team no I dont.

Like I said, they’re trying too hard, including Miggy. I’d like to give him 81 games a year in a smaller ballpark so he can hit any pitch anywhere. While they’re bringing in the fence at Comerica, then can leave a space between the wall and the idiot fans who try to catch a ball in play.
You get the idea that REALLY ticked me off?

Madey head spin. By the way his homer production is very similar….it’s the doubles.

I watched last night’s game to the end. Definition of irony……my vote for the Tiger’s POG gets tagged with the loss. Agree Rich, and I’ll add without Alex Wilson the Tigers would probably be sub 500. He rather efficiently turned 3 innings over for the offense to get the win and they couldn’t do it. That was the definition of a high leverage pitching situation. I think he’s fearless. Gose’s defense was missed late in the game. I think you have to play him but why he leads off is a mystery to me. You have to keep him in, but bat him 9th. I think Iggy can mentally adjust to leading off. Give him a chance to get relaxed up there.

Everyone in Tigerland seems to be on the Fire Ausmus bandwagon. If David Price took himself out of that game, on his own, then he has issues. It’s disrespectful to the team, fans and manager. I wonder if he would do that with Joe Maddon at the helm?
How would you like to have the mess the Angels’ organization is in right now?

Well I’ll tell ya, I thought Price was out of the game myself. Wilson had been warming for some time. Price doesn’t strike me as the type to show people up.

I agree Rich he strikes me as a stand up guy and teammate. But hell I thought Scherzer was for a few years too.

I don’t think so either. Back to the Gose thing. We should talk about this openly and repetitively. I think this BLOG is being read by people we want to make some changes..
It is absolutely ludicrous to keep batting Gose leadoff for so many reasons it is impossible to ignore as a knowledgeablebaseball person. Ausmus simply has to invigorate this lineup and the obvious place to do this with a struggling team is right here and now.

Tonight won’t be a problem. Gose is leading off from the bench. He gives me the impression of one who wants to make an impression, and when he doesn’t he takes it out on himself.

Alternatively of going by way of pages and pages of Rethink unblocked games, you
need to get to the core of those relating to what you are seeking for.

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