Miguel Cabrera’s Day Off lineups: Tigers at Indians

Yes, you read the headline right: Miguel Cabrera has a day off. In Cleveland.

“Even Superman needs a day off,” Brad Ausmus said.

The noon start time was the primary factor, Ausmus said. The fact that Andrew Romine is on a relative tear made it a little bit easier, since Romine is the only guy who can fill in at first base now that Hernan Perez is a Milwaukee Brewer. Left unsaid was the foot and ankle and the wariness about that.

“It was just the timing. It’s a 12 o’clock game,” Ausmus said. “There’s not many pitchers I look at the stat sheet and go, ‘Well, Miggy doesn’t hit him.’ I think David Price is the one he doesn’t hit, and he’s on his team. You never want Miggy out of the lineup, but you have to have a little bit of vision.”

Ausmus would’ve considered giving Cabrera a day at DH, but Victor Martinez can’t play first base at this point.

“I could DH Miggy, but then I can’t play Victor. And Victor’s already missed a month,” Ausmus said. “So at this point, if Miggy’s going to get a day off, it’s gotta be off.”

tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Carlos Carrasco)

  1. Rajai Davis, CF (5-for-15, 2 doubles, 2 triples, 3 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (7-for-22, 3 doubles, walk, 4 K’s)
  3. Victor Martinez, DH (6-for-18, 2 doubles, walk)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (3-for-6, walk, K)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (5-for-15, 2 doubles, HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (3-for-11, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  7. Andrew Romine, 1B (0-for-1)
  8. Bryan Holaday, C (0-for-1, walk)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (3-for-5, 2 K’s)

P: Buck Farmer


  1. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  2. Francisco Lindor, SS
  3. Michael Brantley, LF
  4. David Murphy, DH
  5. Carlos Santana, 1B
  6. Brandon Moss, RF
  7. Yan Gomes, C
  8. Michael Bourn, CF
  9. Giovanny Urshela, 3B

P: Carlos Carrasco


I guess if Miggy needs a day off, he needs a day off. But it does give Farmer an extra handicap.

Hang onto your seats, folks. Looks like a bumpy ride.

Buck Farmer. ..ready for prime time???? Just don’t think so…but he did do a good job getting out of 1st inning jam

I’d slide iglesias up to 2, put kinsler at 6 and bump the rest down 1 spot.

Third less valuable player in MLB

It is a long season, glad the day off is an away game but there are a lot of folks at that game wishing he was playing so they could see him in person. Very cute last night his interaction with the kid in the stands

Runner at 3rd and nobody out. Zippo……. unbelievable

Infield in, in the third inning with Farmer pitching. That was a good one

Ok , what did Holaday say to him? 5 SO since the chat

I try to stay balanced about the Tigers, but when runners are on second (V-Mart yesterday) or third (Romine today) with no outs and they don’t score…Well, I feel myself wanting to hitch a ride on the Negativity Train with other regularly disgruntled fans.

That’s the Tigers for ya squander a guy on 3rd with no outs then ……give it away.

I wasn’t sure Farmer could win this game but I hoped he would have a good outing. Stranding runners at 3rd with no outs is a Tiger habit. Then when the other team scores right away afterwards, it hurts even more.

Although he did nothing outstanding in RF, Davis played okay defense yesterday. Not so good offensively or defensively so far today. GIDP with one out and Romine on third. Then a failure to catch up to the type of ball Gose has recently made plays on (Brantley’s ball with JV pitching and the drive he caught up to yesterday).

Well if the tiger’s aren’t interested today neither am I seriously have better things to do. I didn’t really expect for them to win after I heard miggy wasn’t playing but this looks like disinterest.

One hit in 5 innings is no support whatsoever for any pitcher, least of all a rookie like Farmer.

It’s pathetic. Hope they come back but it will be without me watching. Go tigers

So long and thanks for the memories Gorzelanny

a failed DP and a failed LOOGY

This game was ceded to Cleveland before the first pitch. I could do what Tommy G has done lately and it would’ cost very little. DFA this dude and bring up the 2015 version of Zumaya.

Now, that missed DP is hurting them

Farmer is not ready for MLB yet, 103 pitches in 5.1 IP! Gorzo is lost and should be sent packing after giving up a run on a hit and 2 BB. The guy hasn’t looked right in weeks! The press sure built this game up as a Tiger’s gimme before it was started, so I’m sure it was BB material for the Indians! “Take two Indians and you’ll feel better in a matter of minutes!” quoted by the Freep. The Tigers need another solid bullpen piece SOON, whether it’s another closer or an 8th inning guy, they better make some pieces available to get him. Could be Davis, Nick, others.

They don’t need a piece; they need a whole pen.

Yes , Soria and Hardy are OK. Rondón is joining them next week..4 new guys needed. 1 LH

Dan & Jim talking about ASG voting. Nick is 3rd and Manny Machado 5th.

All Royals except Miggy and Trout.

No one fears Tiger pitching…LA licks their chops every time they play them…
with what they have now they will be lucky to be where they are in the standings.
Our relievers can’t throw strikes and are in trouble almost immediately….what they need in the bullpen is a seasoned guy…Albiqur…Joba, really? Soria is sneak bitten
with the HR ball….where is the pitching coach, does he have any successes?

1. Farmer had seven K’s; decent stuff; would be better in the pen IMO.
2. Miggy gets a day of rest.
3. Nice throw by Julio to third.
No life today; team wanted to get back to Detroit for Dinner with their families. Kudos to Julio.

According to Fangraphs, Hardy, Wilson and Joba have the only active roster positive WARs for Tigers’ relievers. Soria has the worst score of all at -0.6. FIP ratings had Hardy and Wilson at the top. Soria was second to worst.

For those not familiar with metrics, FIP is a measurement that strips out the role of defense, luck and sequencing (2 outs followed by 2 singles and an HR and then the third out, as opposed to an HR and 2 singles followed by the third out. Identical events but different results.)

xFIP Soria, best. Wilson third.Hardy 4th

The reason I used FIP is I was referencing WAR and Fangraphs’ version of WAR utilizes FIP.

“Buck Farmer has been optioned to Triple-A Toledo to make room for Rondon”

Josh Wilson in the second spot for a change….he’s a spark plug, use him more.
Even as a reliever, can’t be any worse with what they got….the team needs more
diversity, more pizzazz….just a thought.
What really is mind boggling is how batters continue to swing and miss at pitches
a mile away….and leave the better ones for a called strike, now behind 0-2.
and you know they’re not going to get a good pitch to swing at after that….can anyone explain ? Com’on you old timers….let’s hear it.

“I think Carrasco was good,” Ausmus said. “That’s as good as we’ve seen him, I think. I know J.D. (Martinez) hit the home run, but the guys were having trouble differentiating between the slider and the fastball. When you’re throwing 95, that’s a problem”

Nightingale:”Veteran reliever Chris Perez suspended 50 games for drug of abuse”

After Romine was stranded at third today, I became curious about sac flies throughout baseball. I discovered that, on a game by game percentage, there are fewer sac flies today than at any time since the pitching mound was lowered in 1969 in response to lack of offense. That verified what I had suspected. It’s become a lost art.

I remember not so long ago that Victor seemed to be pretty adept at a sac fly and actually Avila for a while. But I agree too. Along with the sac bunt and holding runners on base.
White Sox have been going through it a bit I think. Need to pound the crap out of ’em!

Read where Kyle Ryan is still starting on Saturday?
Glad I don’t have tickets for that game.
The state of starting pitchers in the minors is pretty much dreadful.
As to thinking that soft tossing lefties might work out—Dombrowski should just forget about it. Unless you have a Cliff Lee or Kenny Rogers.
Dombrowski has paraded a never-ending procession of southpaws from Toledo over the years and at best they have been very, very ordinary, and there has not been many of that kind either.

They need another Solid experienced starter who can pitch into the 7/8 inning nand some BP pieces to replace these ragamuffins they call relievers today (AlAl, Joba, Gorzo) and they need them prior to the trade deadline. By July 31st, if they are still playing .500 ball, they will have to go .700%+ to make it as a wild card playoff team.
They mailed today’s game in before it started!

I kinda like Farmer despite the MLB results. He has a plus fastball and 3 pitches. What people forget is this kid is only in his SECOND year of pro ball.

….After watching the KC game this evening,
KC 6- Seatle zip…..is because they are patient hitters. They know how to break down starters…not swing at every darn pitch served, like our beloved Tigers…
I like talking to myself.

Hope they play better tomorrow as the series with the south siders starts .

KC 3.66 pitches lowest in the AL /PA. Tigers 3.83. The Tigers are grinding the AB. The Royals are the most aggressive. In the current pitching environment, being aggressive is the best approach.
More pitches / lower in the standings

Good info. Straightens out misconceptions. Saw you posted the same info a few articles back. Guess some folks missed it.

Rich… Just a note about sac flys and hitters lifting the ball. Heard some commentators talk about Cespedes and his ability to do damage on low pitches. They said pitchers are statistically throwing pitches lower in the zone and now throw harder; presumably leading to more gound balls and commensurately less fly balls. One would surmise the result would be less sac flys.

That makes sense. Plus the strike zone itself has gone lower since the 1960s. In the late 80s I asked umpire Larry Barnett about the low strike zone and he kind of grumbled at me and said some negative things about then TV analyst Tony Kubek.
Anyway, I never assume a runner on third with no outs will score these days.

Oh we hit plenty of fly ball outs but not when it could result in a run! Lol

I would suggest this is an important series (with 3 southpaws toeing the rubber against us) for Kinsler, Rajai, McCann and Castellanos.
In other words, these fellows have to hit.
McCann will be having his playing time severly encroached upon when Avila gets back. His hitting lately has dropped off and perhaps this will give him a chance to gain some offensive confidence back.
Rajai is quite likely trade material. He also will get little playing time here on out.
Will he still be able to get excited about playing in his new role?
Casty needs to show that he can at least handle the stuff breaking into him since he surely can’t handle the stuff breaking away. as much as we hear about improved defense this year, well I fail to see it. He also could be trade bait as a long-term solution at 3rd base seems far-fetched.
And Kinsler? What planet is this guy on? He is almost spectacular in the field and almost comatose at the plate. He is stuffing up the lineup at the top of the order. If he does not find his way back to some sort of meaningful production this series he should be dropped to the bottom of the order and let Iggy have a shot at what is a very important role in any lineup—getting on and moving runners ahead of the meat of the lineu-up.

Well, that was quick!

Well that lead lasted two seconds. Apparently Simon not fixed . I thought that band box was an aboration for Simon….Guess not.

Gose: last 28 days: 153/.187/.167/.353 IF Davis is traded , they need a real CF. Gose hits like a AA player

Simon´s FIP in 2014: 4.33. DD traded for a mirage. His numbers were based in an abnormal stranding %. He is now, what he was after the ASG in 2014.

Did we reach our 2 run maximum? Now all I’m seeing is Tiger’s strikeouts

He did with his hands, undid with his feet

Another day another wasted runner on 3rd with no outs.

He lacks fundamentals, cant hit and cant field.,,

Contact play never works for us.

” Tigers came into the game hitting .357 with a runner at 3B, less than 2 outs — ninth-best in MLB.
Which seems totally not true.”

I’m amazed that our starters go back out after their team can’t get a runner home from third with none out. On top of that we were given more ab’s to no avail. Truly, amazing.

Typical. ..waste scoring opportunities and wham other team scores. Bums from top to bottom

Now tell me that Rajai is not a defensive liability. He can only play left field

As far as I’m concerned you’re singing to the choir. Give me Gose any old time. Simon has not been great, but Davis is costing him, big time.

White Sox announcers: Davis got a poor break and then got turned around… CF should be part of an up-the-middle strong defense, which the Tigers’ transactions have recently tended towards. Davis is an awful fit for that type of alignment. His athleticism has failed him twice today.

This ten game home stand will determine if we are buyers or sellers

JD came to play
They are 18-18 at home.
For rentals they would not get that much.
I dont remember them selling under DD. Not even in 2008.

Not really pudge was kinda a dump of salary …wasn’t it? I don’t remember for sure.

Pudge asked to be trade. JL did not like Pudge leadership and sat him twice a week( to be fair, he needed it). DD had no problem

Great job by Kinsler and Miggy …….NOT what a waste.

White Sox announcers, again on Davis: He’s hit into 5 DPs and is not much of a bunter. So then, Davis fails a sac bunt and they say again, “Like we said, he’s not much of a bunter.” But, Davis has speed which they recognized on his infield hit.

The announcers also jammed on Kinsler about his inability to bunt, and then he proved them right.

You can write the script before the ab happens. This is not a playoff caliber team. And it breaks my heart.

Shamefully Simon will most likely lose because he walked batters back to back..

Would never bring in Rondo for a stress FULL situation. But we bloggers are all grippers; at least I am. Prove me wrong Bruce

I was typing, use the slider. That slider is money

You proved me wrong Bruce. Will gladly have crow for supper.

Good relkeivers are around 100 MPH:Chapman, Herrera, Treinen, Caminero. Zumaya´s problem was not the arm but his head


Kinsler may have leaned into one but the ineptness of his other at bats cost us. The failed sac bunt probably cost Miggy an intentional walk to load the bases with no out. Not saying they would have scored as we all know how that song has been sung this year.
My oh my–the DPs are attracted to our hitters like ferrous oxide to a magnet.
Really good points made here today. Rajai is not a good outfielder and he is sometimes not very useful against RHP. Doesn’t bunt all that well, and is 35 years old. With Victor back and Cespedes or JD not suited for CF you basically have to play Gose and hope he starts to hit again. Rajai would be useful as trade bait.
Long ball game–as they always are with Simon on the mound.
Rondon looked darn good getting two very decent hitters.

Awesome another double play

And yet again. Uncanny ability our guys have.

Year ago, Granderson GIDP for the first time in the season by middle September.
I do expect Miguel , Victor and JD to hit into a lot of DP. Hard hitters and slow runners But Cespedes, Davis,Iglesias and Gose? They should beat the throw more often

Better not let Rondon throw another inning. He is an injury waiting to happen.
Especially if he is as pumped up as I think he may be

Still below the AL record. Would tie the StL 2011 numbers

I like Wilson. How could you expect anything more for a throw-in to the Porcello for Cespedes trade? He has been a steal.

Tigers 0-29 when trailing after 7 innings 0-32 when trailing after 8. Will this be the day?

Cant bunt either

If Castellanos can go 2 for 3 with a walk. Yes, this is the day

Really? Can anyone besides McCann sac bunt? So, why Gose for McCann?

He cost one, he adds one. Against a RHP

Totally agree with you Darline. Unbelievable that Brad does not recognize an opportunity to create some havoc against a struggling ChiSox team

There was no reason to bunt there. Romine was in scoring position. A hit was enough to take him home. Probably it was, again, a personal call

Except there was no hit and a sac fly was what brought Romine home from third after a passed ball did the job instead of a sac bunt..

It was just an accident, a WP. After the fact , it looks good. Still, a bad play

I disagree. The Tigers needed a run to tie late in the game. This was not the early innings where BA could play the percentages. He needed to manufacture a run and the WP sufficed after the sac bunt failed.

In other words, the WP (or PB) accomplished what the sac bunt should have and the tying run was manufactured by the sac fly as a result.

Miggy having a bad day at the plate today. A single ..2k’s a gidp and a groundout.

Joba is so bad at getting two outs then falling apart

Joba wound up striking Alex out anyway but that first Pitch he threw to him was practically right down the middle called a ball

Alexei I mean

The thing is Gose will not get a hit nor will he even get the runner to 3rd on a ground or fly out. He is far more likely to strike out and has been doing so at a prolific rate for the last little while.
A bunt challenges the defense and puts immense pressure on them with a runner like Gose hoofing to first base.

Gose 4 attempted bunts, 1 successful
Career, 10/27
He cant make contact, swinging or bunting

38%, MLB avg 67

Jobs got the ground ball it was in just the right spot

No faith in Joba Brad sure does though

I don’t have faith in anybody on this team a whole lot of blame to go around today

Son of a b………not just one run but three. Joba will be the goat and he deserves some of it but not all……Simon, the 3 gidp balls., and the rest of 9 left on base.

Carlos Sanchez!!! Joba just made him a good hitter. When will Brad and DD ever learn?

I’ve said it over and over. Our pen has no Slick Rat. Soria threw 24 pitches and Joba was in the 20’s. Robertson will end up less than 15.

Joba 2 blown saves in 2 save opp. Now, losing this game to be 0-2. .. He is a low leverage guy too .

Soria, Rondón, Hardy, Wilson. You need 3 relievers.

White Sox have 8 runs today. They had six in total from June 14-19

Think positive we are stuck with Jobba a few more months . As for Brad we have him a few more years as well as Gene Lamont .

put the ball in play. Just that

Soxs scored 8 runs today and scored only 6 June 14th -19th. Tiger’s pitchers not awesome. Kinsler really needed to be the one there. And he popped it up. AGAIN


Walk Miggy and now poor Josh Wilson who’s pitched more lately than hit

Now, second guessing begins. It was too son to PR for Victor?

Yes, two outs .He was on 1B

Wrong about Robertson’s pitches, but not wrong about the direction this team is heading. I would rather be slaughtered than to lose like this.

At least did something offensively. ..an aweful lot of goats today….

Ausmus must be the Goat Herder then.

Got that right

Change the lineup. Kinsler is messing things up

With Victor back, the two hole is the key, and its flat right now.

Didn’t the 2-hole hit a two run homer? But generally I agree with you

But nothing after that.

A game that should have been won by the Tigers . Maybe tomorrow we get the win .

Blind Squirrel and nut in the first inning for Ian. Too often he is counter-producing in a very important spot in the lineup.

Kinsler: We’ve been playing .500 baseball. We’re a better team than that and there’s a lot of games left and we’re going to try to prove that we’re a better team than that. If the fans think that we’re inconsistent and if they want to root for somebody else that they think is more consistent, that’s fine

II rather have him the Fielder. But none of them would be even better.
Last offseason was the time to sell him high.

Did Alfredo Simon throw Rajai Davis under a bus? I think the bigger question is how many times did he run him over?

Hopefully, Davis’ encounter with the bus will prevent him from playing the OF again. I was among several who commented about his ugly defensive play(s) on the blog. Add the CWS broadcasters to his non-blog critics. And frankly, I think BA and Simon treated him too nicely during their interviews.

The way the Tigers are constructed, the first priority is up-the-middle defense. Any significant offense should be considered a bonus from those guys. The Tigers have been generally seved well in both areas with the exception of Davis’ poor glove, and the periodic failure to do the little things like get sac bunts down. But, base stealing has been a plus.

The corner positions have also been plusses. Cespedes, JD and the Beast have powered the ball AND have provided stellar defense. Nick has not done his job offensively. Defensively, he has improved. He doesn’t have much range, but has cut his errors down to 4. By comparison, 23 MLB 3B have more miscues with Headley the leader at 16. Still, Nick is the weak link.

To me, it comes down to Nick and the pitching staff as maor areas of concern. Looking at potentially available pitchers, at least one really good arm, like Hamels, is needed in the rotation. And a shutdown closer like Chapman or Robertson would bring a totally different look to the BP by bumping guys to spots where they could be valuable contributors.

As it stands right now, this team has more holes and issues than I can list.
That is all.

Not all errors are created equal. Some players, in my personal opinion, should have many more errors than they currently have and some should have less. The official scorer makes that call and some of those calls/non-calls are just plain nuts.

Nothing against Josh Wilson but a guy like Collins on the bench seems far more logical than a 2nd utility guy who doesn’t hit (and doesn’t play).

Here are some facts and they may disturbing.
1) Rajai should not be playing very much CF. That means Gose has to. And if Gose doesn’t hit he needs to have the pressure taken off and bat 9th
2) Kinsler is a mega buzz-kill. He needs to be demoted in the lineup. Period & !
3) We are going to watch Casty play 3B this year, like it or not. Romine will help when he plays instead.
4) I have never liked Simon. Surprised the Tigers took him after the Evan Reed misdeed. He is not an All Star and he is not a good team-mate.
5) Even Ausmus must have seen the light today with Joba. At least it didn’t happen in the 8th!
6) If the GM does not address (and fix) this bullpen problem the President should fire him.

Dave is the President, Dan.

Davis fWAR : 1.2. Gose: 0.2
They better get a real CF.
Devon Travis who is on DL: 1.4 ( in 36 days )
Kinlser probably will be, rightly so , booed at CoPa after his comments against the fans. Fielder redux.

To me, Kinsler is an all-star 2nd baseman defensively. We’d be in terrible shape without him. His hitting in the 2 hole leaves much to be desired. However, he is a veteran and plays every day. It would be nice to give him a day off now and then. The fans still have Nicky C in 3rd place for all-star voting so I don’t anything will be done until after the all-star game because it might make the fans look stupid. They will probably hold onto him, like they did Boesch. Some guys can’t be bench players because they need to play every day or almost every day to keep their edge. Collins seemed to be able to do that.

Also, I don’t have the dislike, almost hatred, for Ausmus, like some fans do. I didn’t have a problem with pinch running for Victor. He put his confidence with Cespedes, for good reason, and it didn’t work out. The vindictiveness towards Ausmus is almost too much to bear. I disliked Leland, too, and would have fired him after the ’08 season.

Not that it matters:
1. Bruce was loose.
2. Had multiple chances to win or tie.
3. Nick’s plate day holds some promise.

All I know about Nick’s day at the plate was when he was thrown out there because he a) missed a sign and b) didn’t execute properly.

Kathy, I do know that Dave is President. Poor attempt at humour I guess!

No, Dan. I figured you were joking!!

Baseball. Gotta love it. Lots of opinions. Little, if any, consensus.

Yep. Yet there are members of the media who lump us all together as “the fans” as if we think with one mind. That’s like saying “the people have spoken” after a 51-49% election outcome.

Davis 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, V Martinez DH, Cespedes 7, JD Martinez 9, Castellanos 5, Holaday 2, Iglesias 6. Sanchez starts. Only surprise, Holaday. It was a good battery the last time , but it was a first good game

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