Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Yankees

A few days after Brad Ausmus talked about Nick Castellanos, the sophomore third baseman is getting the night off. Andrew Romine gets the start at the hot corner.

Again, tonight is an MLB Network telecast for those of you outside the Detroit and New York markets.

Gameday | TV: MLB Network, FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigerroarlogoTIGERS (numbers against Nathan Eovaldi)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (2-for-3)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-3)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (3-for-6, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (0-for-2, walk, K)
  5. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (3-for-9, double)
  6. J.D. Martinez, RF (2-for-6, double, K)
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Andrew Romine, 3B
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (0-for-4, K)

P: Alfredo Simon

yankeeslogo2YANKEES (career numbers off Simon)

  1. Brett Gardner, CF (4-for-12, 2 walks, K)
  2. Chase Headley, 3B (2-for-5, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  3. Alex Rodriguez, DH (0-for-7, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1B (7-for-17, double, 2 HR, 4 K’s)
  5. Brian McCann, C (2-for-7, double, K)
  6. Carlos Beltran, RF (2-for-10, HR, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  7. Didi Gregorius, SS (2-for-6, K)
  8. Stephen Drew, 2B (1-for-4, K)
  9. Chris Young, LF (0-for-0, walk)

P: Nathan Eovaldi


Max again nearly threw a perfect game, but did get the no-hitter and a shutout.

But Max did NOT want to remain in Detroit. The initial return on investment may seem to be solid but over time Max will turn out to be worse than JV if that’s possible! Power pitchers don’t outlast their contracts. JV’s contract stinks.

Yes, it does, but so does Victors and Miggy’s. Not sure DD can be blamed for these contracts (and Prince’s) as much as Illitch.
Max wil always be one of my favourite pitchers as a Tiger. The guy has talent, brains and intensity.
JD got a litttle confused defensively on that play

I hate Yankee Stadium and these rinky dink homers it gives up. What I hate even more the tiger’s don’t manage to take advantage while there. Tiger’s still embarrassing themselves.

Because they play 81 games a year there. They were signed to fit the park or adapted to it.
The Tigers can risk to mess with their swing for 3 games when that kind of swing would kill them at CoPA

And Ausmus is playing infield back giving up a run with 2nd & 3rd? Does he not think giving up a third run is fatal to our offense.

Didi hits homers in back to back games!!! Move hime up into the middle of the order or is it just shitty Tigers pitching? This pitching staff is mediocre at best!!

Reality is setting in that we are not a very good team.

$cherzer preserved himself as Tiger for the big day

Easy only been this,way because he has easy outs in National League. He could barely get through 6 in American League.

I am gonna go and do some painting. And watch it dry. Pretty much the same thing watching Simon

3-0 and 2ND inning and sadly I’m almost ready to move on tonight. They are nearly unwatchable because you know they can’t score enough to catch up. I’m sure they’ve already thrown in the towel. No grit no self respect

By the way Alfredo is throwing strikes and ass of an ump not giving them meanwhile Evaldi getting calls 4 inches off plate.

The Yankee announcers just said how surprised they are with this kind of team Detroit has and what they are ding on the field. Said they look “lifeless”.
This is an indictment on Ausmus IMO

I agree with the Ausmus thing he’s a bore with zero personality. I know you didn’t like Leyland like I do but at least you can say he has personality.

And he has fire. He would be spitting mad at what is going on. JL could handle people and was passionate.

I agree that Ausmus isn’t doing well with this team, but I don’t think it’s because he has a boring personality, even though he really seems to. Lloyd McClendon has tons of personality in Seattle, but it doesn’t seem to help anything. (I wonder how he would have done with the Tigers.)

The complains about Tabata are silly, he is paid to beat Scherzer not to help him.

A similar thing happenned with the Tigers versus the Angels a couple of years ago. But, it involved a bunt as I recall. There was plenty of whining from our side back then. Personally, I think Tabata was a chump.

I agree ……tabata isn’t paid to make things easy on that jerk.

Simon is putting his players to sleep

Watching Simon is torture. Trade him. Look at the Tiger defenders. They don’t need no dose.

I think Gose has talent, but he does some questionable things on the bases and in the field. For instance, that fly he took away from JD and his throw to third. JD had the angle and the momentum whereas Gose was moving away. It’s not like JD throws weakly like Davis. And he is more accurate than Gose. Which brings up the quuestion as to the whereabouts of Davis

No Doze…………sound of snoring…………..yawn………more snoring.

chris mccosky tweets that “simon, i think, is paranoid about runner on second stealing signs. that’s why he’s calling mccann to the mound so often.”

Simon has missed 3″ inside on about 50 pitches now. News flash……Yankees are not swinging at those. They haven’t been since about the first 2 batters.

I’m going to watch 1 more set of at bats for us then it’s Netflixs for me.

10 homers given up by tiger’s in the last 31.2 innings.

Gotta throw a zinger at you. How many HRs did Max give up in the last 30 some innings?

Don’t care…..but as long as you asked 6…..

With Detroit 20..29…23….18 and 18.

You confused me for a moment. I asume you mean 6 in the over 100 innings he has pitched this season? Anyway, I see you are checking out. Good night and hopefully the Tigers start a turnaround tomorrow.

I’ve never witnessed a team which takes itself ou of games so early.

Victor is back. Now what’s their excuse? Simon will be lucky to get through 4 innings. It’s hard for me to keep up when Gameday keeps locking up.

Finally…………..a new pitcher. Oh wait, it’s Krol. Oh wait it’s a 3 run homer. Perfect.

Well, goodnight. This is ridiculous.

Well, gotta love what happened with that pitching change.

I can’t think of one good thing to like about this game. Good night as we head to the cellar.7

Quoting the old peasant guy after being loaded on the black plague death wagon in “Monty Python and the Quest of the Holy Grail”, ‘I’m feeling much better now.'”

I’m done……incompetent pitchers incompetent batters. Every single one of them.

Seriously, can we blow this team up yet? This is worse than last year when I gave up on them.

Meanwhile, Porcello allowed 6 in 4 2/3 and KC is winning

I hate this team right now! I know Ausmus is not entirely to blame, but he seems clueless. These guys need a strong manager and it’s not pretty boy Brad.
Time to turn the channel and have a drink to relax.

Quentin Gose did the same to Cespedes last night., He is the captain of the OF , but a good CF knows when is not his play.
He is not making any friend there after being appointed regular CF over Davis without playing a single game.

Doesn’t anyone know why Davis hasn’t been playing? Seems like things have gotten worse since he hasn’t been in.

That’s the truth El T.

They could begin the clean up with Gorzo and Krol

That was a good move. Now, they will retaliate

Need a new manager. Poor base running, poor pitcher performances, and where or who isthe batting coach? This has to be an over rated team or more likely an under performing team.

Another bad outing for the pitching staff . Then the offense did not show up . Is there a hitting coach ? What a mess this club has become .

The Cubs beat the Indians 17-0 a few days ago. Hope it doesn’t get that bad. Have had an upset stomach for 2 hours now and am going to bed.

Anthony Gose is not a lead-off hitter…he very rarely gets on or trys to get on….
Brad is a terrible manager if he can’t see it…RJDavis is a more exciting and at
least looks more exciting…Gose puts one to sleep, in fact, the whole team
needs a boot in the a–there is no leadership, no nothing as we speak they have 2
hits in the 5th and losing 13-0, that’s disgraceful…..HAPPY FATHER”S DAY,
Tiger Fans.

Meanwhile, this team is embarrasing itself and more importantly, its fans, on national TV once again. The NY announcers have correctly assessed this team on national TV. Lifeless.
Miggy deserves better. Trade him to a team in a hitters’ park and start all over.
Ausmus is emptying the bench and further embarassing (humiliating) those players too.
I have seen managers fired for less than we have seen done here in a year and a half. The experiment should be terminated.
Make some trades, call up some youth. Fire the manager. Create some interest.
As it stands now this team could actually end up in last place.

Possible managers:
Leyland (Patrick)
Neftali Perez
Donal Trump

Ditto….what in the hell is Lamont being paid for? Give his salary to charity.

As to further makeover–I agree about Gose not leading off. I think Gose has more potential than he is given credit for. But, if you are not going to make a premium base stealer because of Miggy coming up then bat him 9th. Elevate Iggy to a position (1st or 2nd) where he can feel good about himself. He is a .325 hitter and is being treated as though he is Mendoza line material. He has a huge ego and it needs to be fed. He w,ould do a fine job at the top of the order.
Kinsler or Castellanos need to be sold (let’s face it we are gong to be sellers as much as we are going to be buyers) and promoter Machado.
When Avila is activated Mccann will become fodder. Do him a favour, send him down, let him play if this is the misgudied approach management takes.
As toa Raja, great guy but his career is in rapid decline. Now that VMart is back he will get virually zero playing time. Trade him while you can.
Next year you have to let either Cespedes or JD go and let Moya show what he can do. This team needs LHB—period.
This has been an awful year. A resounding and deplorable effort from the top on down to the secondary coaching staff.

It is possible that Brad completely misses the mark when it comes to the “personal” leadership component. I was one that disliked some of Leyland’s bone headed & stubborn decisions, but on a personal level I think he did well at handling the guys. He knew how to joke with them and was not afraid to chew some butt. After 1 1/2 years of Brad maybe the guys feel like they are floating on a raft with no land in sight. I have always felt a team needs either a good manager (w/experience) or a Jeter type clubhouse leader.

I turned off the game at the end of the 1st inning so I assume I was first to jump ship tonight. Could already see how it was going to go, and it’s not like I had something else to do, because I didn’t.
If you want Brad fired, that’s going to take awhile. Not likely this season unless something really bad happens; more than just losing ballgames. And if they just replaced him with Lamont, you’re no further ahead. A team always looks lifeless when they’re not scoring runs. Personally, I don’t think Ausmus was given a real strong team, as witnessed by the failures at different times of nearly all facets of the game.
The Yankee RH hitters probably spend a lot of BP flipping the ball to right, just as the Red Sox lefties would practice going to left. The Tigers have no such homefield advantage for their hitters.

By the way, Ausmus did clear the clubhouse tonight for a team meeting.

They look like they have given up . Maybe tomorrow is a better day . Wonder why Brad left Simon in for so long ?

Who is saying Good-Bye?

Fired, traded, released, sent down? Or are you talking about us fans?

Kudos—MAJOR kudos to Max (The Villain) Scherzer. Not sure why he has accumulated so much disrespect for being the kind of balll player any team would want on their side.
This team lost a lot when it lost Max. I guess he was a bad guy for doing what everybody else in the games wishes they could do.
Meanwhile we have two dependable pitchers to get us through the rest of the season.
Ausmus was given a decent team and he undoubtedly had some input in the further construcion of it. He has missed the mark in that regard as well as in how he has managed it. This team will not win with him as they don’t identify with him. A change in manager will not necessarily guarantee a better season but a change is probably the only thing that will reinvigorate viable interest in this team the rest of the way. Ausmus’ employment here simply did not work. I think he is done.

He left Simon there because the bullpen is worthless but for Soria , Hardy and Al2.And they wont have a day-off until 8 days from today.
BTW: they missed with Rondón,he is ready but the rules force him to remain with the MudHens for 7 more days
Rajai must be the regular against RHP. Gose was lucky and he is bad batting, on the field and running

During his time here in Detroit and with Ausmus, Rajai Davis seems to have been held to a higher standard than the other players. He has the ability to spark a lifeless offense and needs to play every day for awhile, but his failures doom him to the bench while others failures keep them in the lineup. Even some fans do it. Rajai makes one mistake and these fans are like “See? That’s why he doesn’t play.” Meanwhile, other players loaf, make mental mistakes, take dumb ABS, and fail on a regular basis.
Don’t keep Rajai on the bench just because they traded Devon Travis for Gose.

Then others want him to play every day. I have my own personal opinions as to why Gose gets more playing time but won’t express those opinions here.

Well, it’s another day. Let’s see which Sanchez shows up.

Tanaka with Betances available. This could spell trouble. But I guess that’s why they play the game.

The Tigers have faced 51 RH starters and 17 LH starters. A L-R platoon at any position is foolish.

I watched Scherzer’s no-hitter from start to finish. The Pirates approach was to swing at everything they saw. It was a mismatch. Max could have pitched two more innings if necessary. These NL hitters are putty in his hands.

Lineup at NYY: Davis 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, Cespedes 7, J. Martinez 9, Holaday 2, Romine 5, Iglesias 6. Sanchez starts

OBP vs RHP: Davis 323/ Gose 330. Not real difference

to justify benching Davis or play Gose

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