Tigers, Reds rained out

The Tigers have kept their expectations tempered for Justin Verlander since his return from the disabled list. They’ve never expected him to command the weather.

What was shaping up to be a long rain delay at Great American Ball Park quickly became a postponement of Thursday’s series finale between the Tigers and Reds. The forecast called for rain off and on for much of the evening, but what was hoped to be a window in the radar quickly closed.

The rain hadn’t arrived at the scheduled game time of 7:10 p.m., but rolled in by 7:30. Considering both teams had used their bullpens heavily the previous couple innings, including eight innings apiece Wednesday thanks to a sixth-inning rain delay and a 13-inning game. Given the circumstances, the idea of losing both starting pitchers after an inning or two was less than appealing.

No makeup date was announced. The two teams have common off-days on three Mondays in August — the 3rd, 17th and 24th. Aug. 3 is the Tigers’ return from a three-city road trip at Boston, Tampa Bay and Baltimore. Aug. 17 is the Reds’ return from a West Coast trip. Aug. 24 is in the middle of homestands for both teams.

The Tigers have yet to announce their rotation. If they simply push back their starters as expected, Verlander would get Friday’s series opener at Yankee Stadium, followed by Alfredo Simon and Anibal Sanchez.


Kate, I agree. Miggy, Iggy, and McCann are about the only position players I have any interest in watching. I’d throw in JD and Rajai too. Pitchers- Price and Hardy. That’s about it. Stayed up to the bitter end last night. What a crock. At least Frasier mercifully sent us to bed with the grand salami before the birds started chirping, although I might have heard one or two. Rich, that was funny. I felt the same way this morning. The baseball hangover…..or, better, “This is your brain on baseball.”

JWagnerBlade ‏@jwagnerblade
“[Rondon] threw the ball very well. He had good plane on his pitches, & ball was jumping out of his hand easily.” ~Parrish (1 of 2) #Tigers
“[Rondon] was under control. That right there will get anyone out.” ~ @MudHens mgr. Parrish. Rondon 1 IP, 0 H/R/BB, 2 K’s (2 of 2) #Tigers

Collins optioned, as expected

going to the mud hens game tonight, was really hoping VMart would have one rehab game in town

I was hoping they’d keep Collins he’s the only power threat off the bench.

He wouldn’t get many ABs unless you use him in place of Cespedes, JD, or Victor. If Romine or J. Wilson was playing thirdbase, there would be some opportunities.

After a much needed night off from the Tigers I am looking forward to tonight’s game.
Welcome back Victor, you have been missed.

Victor: if he comes back and is healthy but still struggles getting his groove back and it goes on for awhile, they need to be willing to drop him in the order until he starts to get it going.
Castellanos: there seems to be two groups of people. One group wants him banished forever. The second group wants him to take a 10-day stint in Toledo to get some much needed non-pressure ABs; work on his timing, etc. I’m in the second group. It seems a no-brainer to me.

Yeah… It’s not Nick’s fault he was brought up to the Tigers when he wasn’t ready. On-the-job training for a player on a contending team is not an ideal situation. There are very few Trouts, Harpers, Bryants and Pedersons out there and he is not one of them.

MLBTR has the Yankees on Cueto.

Victor usually takes some time getting his groove back, so I agree they need to move him in the lineup if he struggles. Would take some pressure off him.
Nick should have already been sent down to work out the bugs. It would have been better for Nick and the team. Toledo is not punishment, just some needed therapy.
Let’s go Tigers!

If I could remember who it was, I’d give credit to whoever once offered the following analogy. Being a member of a sports team is akin to one of those old time 1930s type prison movies; the one where the stripe-clad inmates are scampering around the prison yard while the dark and faceless guards atop the towers sweep the ground with spotlights. Get caught in the spotlight and bang! The spotlight here is negative fan/media attention (one feeds the other in either order) and it sweeps up and down the roster on a regular basis.
Nick is the latest inmate to be trapped in the spotlight and becomes a member of a large club that includes, among others, Verlander, Avila, both Martinez’s, Nathan, Joba, Kelly, Coke, Peralta, Miggy, Raburn, Boesch, Magglio, Pudge, Jones, Valverde, Inge (bright light! bright light!), Bonderman, Laird, Sheffield, Jackson, Penny, Betemit, and Ty Cobb as The Beaver.

I don’t dislike Nick. Young and handsome guy! However, I have my doubts about him as a 3rd baseman. I read somewhere that he was in third place for All Star game. Merciful heaven, please send him to Toledo for baseball therapy.

I doubt Nick will ever become a good defender but historically these guys can begin to make up for it with experience and get to the point where they’re at least not a negative. Everybody who sees him knows he has hitting skills. It would be frustrating if the club waits and waits and then in the end sends him down for some work anyway. Wasted time and lost ballgames.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver. Theodore here has been telling me how much he enjoyed the “prison” spotlight.

Yeah, it occurred to me later that not everyone would get the Leave it to Beaver reference…….but this ain’t Twitter after all.
Thank you Eddie.

it’s always fun with someone with actual potential gets hit with the spotlight: Rodney, Grilli

I totally forgot Grilli! The managers aren’t included because they’re over in solitary confinement.

what about brandon lyon? lol. And talking about prison spot lights…. something something Evan Reed

Lyon? Seay -Lyon was one of the few bright spots in the BP after 2006

Tiger are done for the year. They look like they are dead. Someone needs to step up and take charge. They look terrible.

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