Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at Reds

No Rajai Davis or Tyler Collins tonight against Johnny Cueto, with no DH slot available. On the flip side, David Price was hacking in batting practice the last few days, and he’s been watching a lot of college ball thanks to Vanderbilt.

Speaking of Cueto, the Reds have their pitcher batting eighth. Meanwhile, Joey Votto gets the night off.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

84tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Cueto)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-1)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (0-for-2, walk)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS
  9. David Price, P

oldmrredlogoREDS (career numbers against Price)

  1. Brandon Phillips, 2B (3-for-8, 2 doubles, 2 K’s)
  2. Ivan De Jesus, LF
  3. Todd Frazier, 3B (0-for-3)
  4. Jay Bruce, RF (0-for-6, 2 K’s)
  5. Brayan Pena, C (1-for-2, walk)
  6. Chris Dominguez, 1B
  7. Eugenio Suarez, SS (1-for-3, walk)
  8. Johnny Cueto, P (0-for-1, K)
  9. Billy Hamilton, CF (0-for-4, K)


Scioscia spoke out on replay. He is also chagrinned. He and Ausmus sound like they are on the same page as far as that issue is concerned.

Now that it’s begun, we’ll probably hear more complaints. Someone just had to go first.

I’d like to hit Price 8th, as the Reds (and Joe Maddon) are doing. He’s likely to be in the game a long time.

Makes a lot of sense. I’ve been asking for that pretty much every game against NL teams in their parks. Really seems to make a lot of sense with the way our 9th slot has been producing this year!!

I have the feeling david price has a nice swing and I look forward to watching tonights game. How nice to see McCann more than holding his own behind the plate. Alex better plan on being a FA after this season.

Kevin Brown ( that KB? I dont know,Wagner retwitted him)
He looks like you could beat him in a foot race. (Bat looks okay, though. Good number of hard-hit pulled balls.)

Darline mentioned this above, and here’s a link to the LA Times article re replay. The article has good information so I recommend it.

Down 2-0 I don’t see this turning out too well.

Normally being down 2-0 doesn’t always spell doom but when the Tigers decide to take a hitting nap, 2-0 can be too much to overcome.

David is having to throw too many pitches and our batters are going quickly. Unless something changes I donto think David will get his 3rd consecutive complete game. 63 pitches through 4

A couple of low pitch innings would help. He is capable of that. The real problem is getting to Cueto which is seeming to be insurmountable.

This Gameday is messed up again. Third night in a row. It had Cueto pitching to Hamilton, Phillips and DeJesus. They went down in order. Thank you.


There you go, GK! Some real action by Miggy. At night, too.

What’s with the delay? Miggy’s HR landed in KY?

Really enjoyed seeing Cueto’s reaction in the dugout. Talking to himself like he made a mistake. Truth is, Miguel just plain beat him. Thought he was acting a bit cocky. Guess 2-0 did not hold up tonight.

Miggy’s homer probably spurred 250,000 more voted for Hosmer.

I guessed that a couple weeks ago. Probably hacking because it’s pretty easy nowadays for the tech heads.

The game is expected to resume at 10:10 p.m.

Rain delay too long for Price to return? Oh, boy, the BP.

Thanks LT
Very important, timely, clutch homer by Miggy. He is hitting balls into the Miggazines again. Carrying the team on his shoulders

Here comes Alex Wilson. Hold your breath.

This will be one of those games that will either endear AW to Tiger fans or place himself on the Fan Feces List.
He seems to be a bit of a lightning rod for (dis)approval even here on the Blog.
I like him but will agree he does not have the out pitch that excites fans or negates opponents enough.

To add to that, I would think that a more important attribute for a mid-inning or a long reliever is the ability to induce ground balls, especially with our middle infield

I was just thinking Casty better do something good. I have absolutley no use for him, but that’s just my opinion.

Too bad miggy couldn’t get that ball he usually does.

Article today mentions that Chapman would not be a consideration for Tigers saying they are happy with Soria as closer. Well IMO we have been blessed and lucky with Joakim this year and no way do I expect him to continue with the stats he has produced to this point. He has slowed down considerably and the Ks, which are so important in late innings, have really dropped off. I fully expect DD to completely fail to recognize or be proactive here, he seems to be in perpetual delusion when it comes to constructing a bullpen.

I hear you Kathy. I was disappointed to hear about Ausmus not considering a demotion. If we had a team that consistently won 2 out of 3 games then you can wait for a guy to get his act together but when you have a .500 type team then that same guy becomes an obvious liability.

Look at all the Tiger fans at that game cheering on Collins!!!

Gotta freaking be kidding me…..stupid second base

I’m dreading this. Oh, please get us out of this, Joba. You know Bryan Pena was ticked off the Tigers let him go and he always lets us know it.

second blown save, second save opportunity

Cespedes failed but the ball was hit hard

(insert dirty word) Can Jabba ever get through 3 batters? He is atrocious.

When will Ausmus learn that Joba can’t get the third out and then waits for a runner
to get into scoring position totake him out…what the…F…Ausmus must go and take Joba with him….

Oh, goody, The Cuban Missile.

And yet Ausmule keeps running Jabba out there in the 8th inning of a close game no matter how badly he has pitched so many times in that situation. Square peg in a round hole.

No Slick Rat available in our bull pen. Have to find a dependable arm who can come in late and get the required outs. Too many missed chances.

Romine hasn’t played in gk’ows when and now he’s got to face Chapman.

Does Chapman pitch more than one inning? If not, let’s hope for extra innings.

Some of those pitches aren’t all strikes.

Chapman is gone! Can there be some hope now?

Tiger hitters are too anxious at the plate….KC batters are patient and are smarter
hitters…when will our hitters learn? Wheres Wally?

Pitches /PA: KC 3.65 Tigers:3.82. League average 3.80. Tigers are to patient

I hate myself for saying this……damn, the Royals are a good team!
Come on Tigers, win this one.

It’s late. My eyes want to close. Did I see what I thought I saw? None of Hand’s pitches hit 90 mph? Maybe I’m not the only one whose eyes are closed.

Out at home late, how sweet is that?

I’m tired, too, but don’t want to give up. That was a great relay to Kinsler and McCann to get that out.

Take that, Pena. We’ve got a good catcher in McCann.

I must be tired too, typed late instead of plate.

Must have been a bang-bang play but now Al can’t get more than 2 outs just like Jabba?
Tigers best coming to bat. Can they do it?

It must be miserable hot and muggy at that game with all the bugs flying around.

No hitting into DP’s, Tigers.

Pure torture.

By my count we’ve struck out 11 times tonight.

Brutal, a walk now.

Walk and another kinda botched play by Miggy. Hope he’s ok

Miggy’s face won’t be pretty tomorrow.

Just because Phillips crouches down ump it doesn’t make it a strike. 1st pitch to Phillips

On my way to bed. I love these guys, but odds of winning diminish more with each inning. Hopefully, the AM will prove me wrong.

Disgusted. Krol shook off McCann on 3 straight pitches and then proceeds to throw a ball. Man on 3rd, and Pena up. You just know how this is gonna end.

Crappy play lazy play by Yoenis. Won’t even talk about how Frazier should of actually been struck out. But that’s just a technicality.

That was pretty bad. Great arm but sure took his time.

Acted like he just didn’t give a crap.


Riddle me this Batman: How does the ground ball get called foul by the 1st base ump? Is it not the home plate ump’s call untill it reaches the bag?

Yoenis is a bit of an enigma. As is another Cuban (Puig), they hustle like crazy most times but other times show a surprising amount of laziness or apathy. That was a very, very poor play by Cespedes. Alarming, actually.
Cinci fans must be feeling like Tiger fans usually feel in these kinds of games.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the Cuban in them. Other players do the same.

OK guys Badenhop in-gotta make him throw strikes. Sinker ball will miss the zone often enough if you let it

Anybody know the anser to my ground ball ( the DP grounder to Miggy that was called fould by the 1st base ump)?
BTW—Yoenis owes his team a good at bat here.

I have no idea. It didn’t look foul to me. Maybe where he actually caught it was on the other side of the base. Didn’t show much replay, either. That was dirty, though, because Miggy threw the guy out at home plate. Just a dirty call.

I thought so too…….but I see umps do a lot that boggles my mind.
What boggles me even more the Tigers hitters. Just when you think hunk these guys are turning it around they regress. I understand Cueto and Chapman were faced but heck they’ve faced some hittable guys since. 6 hits a few walks.

The sound of silence of the Tiger bats is deafening.

This game was supposed to be over in less that 2 – 2 1/2 hours and then the rains came.
I gotta call it quits. My grandson is staying with me for a few days and I made him go to bed at 10:00 thinking I’d be in bed by 11:00 or so. Go Tigers! Make my day!!!!

Miggy may have well caught the ball on the foul side of the line (it was close) by my argument is it is NOT the base ump’s call untill it passes the base.
Since the home plate ump called Fraser out at home he obviously did not call the ground ball foul. I think this could have been a protestable call.

Is that a reviewable play I don’t know.

Wilson in at 2nd, Romine at 3rd, Kinsler out, Soria in with Gorzo warming up.

Except for Hardy–every reliever we have had in there has deserved to be the losing pitcher in this game. Get busy Dombrowski.

Grand Slalami off Soria.

Ugh…….tired and pissed. These tiger’s are just bad. Relievers got lucky a lot getting out of jams. Best reliever winds up being the worst. But hell 6 hits all night a lot of ab’s against some pretty mediocre pitching. Their just not that good, Ive got to face it.

And Dombrowski is happy with this pen? With Soria? Joakim has been fortunate all year and it has been catching up with him. It was only Nathan’s inability and injury that turned him into the closer to begin with.
Krol was awful. AlAl was less than good. Joba was brutal. Wilson was hittable. Soria was rusty and unable to throw a quality breaking ball when he had to.
At least we were spared having to agonize with Gorzo tonight.
This performance by the pen is not a one off. The success they had for a while was an anomaly. Mediocre arms and non-strike throwers do not change. And we have too many in our pen

I thought the key to the game was Wilson giving up the triple to .214 hitting Dominguez. That’s when I began to lose interest.
Dan, I think it’s the homeplate umpire’s call but I’m not 100% certain of that.

Soria’s body language gave him away….just knew this was the end, as usual.
The team is so unlucky or is it certain players….the worse usually happens
to this team when you expect it….Joba….Soria, on an on….

Glad I did’t see it.
1. Tom wasn’t used.
2. Nathan’s on the DL.
3. Nicky was spared from looking any worse than he did.
Kudos to Mig. Also to Romine for lasting 8 pitches against Chapman.

Saw this quote: “You never want to blow leads late in the game so you’re not happy about it but overall the pen did a pretty good job,” Ausmus said.
Well Brad, by saying that you have proven to be part and parcel of the problem.
Not sure which game you were watching for 6 hours.

Joba cant pitch in high leverage situations, It was the same in 2014.
Krol, we know why he was in AAA , Where have you gone Doug Fister?
Al2 was good
Wilson, I have said it before. mop up duty , low leverage situations
soria , mismanaged. Ausmus sent him to DL and now allowed him to lose rhythm
Hardy is OK

According to Fangraphs, the home run by Todd Frazier was the first Joakim Soria has allowed on a curveball since the 2008 season

Stayed up til the middle of the 11th so was very disappointed to see the outcome. I need a series split as my in-laws are all Reds fans and I don’t want to face them this weekend as the loser. Walk Frasier from now on – he is killing us. That was a really terrific relay from the outfield and Miggy’s homerun was awesome. Weren’t there folks here questioning his hitting just a mere few weeks ago? Fans can be kind of fickle, usually Soria is being praised here as well. Easy to criticize when we lose I think. The NL scenario hurts us in the extra inning games where we have to take out pitchers for a hitter, albeit Collins and Rajai did their job, but I think it hurts the AL teams when it happens. And seriously, a few losses by the Royals would be helpful, geez.

Glad I missed the end.

I agree, fans are fickle. Frustration breeds blame.
Are we far enough into the season to see the writing on the wall? Without any changes to this team I think this is what we can expect for the rest of the season. They look like they are back on track, but it doesn’t last. Will DD do something to fix his mistakes or sit back and continue to blubber about how great the team is? I am tired of hearing him say “he’s our guy”.
Right now the main reason I watch games is Miggy, Iggy and McCann.

That was one of those games where I get bored spending so many hours in the TV room so I go into my office and put the game on a tablet that I prop up in front of the computer screen then I half watch the game while doing things on the computer and set a 1:30 AM deadline after which I’m going to bed and then they lose just before that time and I’m just glad it’s over because I stopped caring two hours ago so I go to bed and then sleep till 10 AM and that’s bad because I have chores to do and here I am drinking coffee.
The end.

Next time I’ll prop the tablet on the piano and play songs from “Titanic.”
They lost because the first game, where Price outpitches Cueto, got rained out. After that all the bullpen pieces had to be used in undesired situations and the hitters got all of six hits in 13 innings.
There’s a lot of bad luck this year so far and the team isn’t strong enough to play over a lot of it.

Ditto…… all but the piano and titanic. 6 hits in 13 innings is bad. Routine balls hitting the bag at 2nd bad. Relief pitchers being extended because of extra innings throwing more pitches than they should bad. Frazier bad. Me tired and mad. JV better going deeper tonight or we are in real trouble.

Team does not hit good enough with RISP
Castellanos struggles hurt the team
Bullpen depth and talent
And though coaches acountability is very hard to measure I am starting to wonder about Wally.

ElT…I do not understand your dislike of Wilson given how you like metrics. Although I am a traditionalist and like ERA because it considers errors, I realize WHIP takes more into the final analysis. It along with OBP and SLG are generally considered the most important baseball variables according to Lewis (Moneyball) and Houser. So, I think Wilson is a nice acquisition as he not only has a team-leading 1.85, but also has the top WHIP of 0.82.

I don t like or dislike Wilson. Just the facts: Inherited runners scored:6 of 15 : 40 % Better than his career avg of 53%
1 Sav opp: 1 Blown save, 2 Save situations: 1 hold
His ERA is good 1.84 but he allowed almost half of the runners to score
He is a reliever, his ERA is meaningless
He is OK in the 6th or down by 3 . No with the game close
Since he, together with Speier,is the compensation for the lost draft pick, I expected a little more than a journeyman

I guess we don’t see it the same. I don’t value IRS as much as you as it too often speaks to small samples and applies to only certain situations. For me WHIP and ERA are more meaningful stats and encompass the bigger picture for individual productivity… Different opinions, different perspectives.

He is paid to prevent those runners from scoring. The sample for ERA is equally small.

Dan…Regarding RISP, I feel the same way. So, I checked it out. Guess what? As a team the Tigers are 8th in MLB with a .276 BA. Go figure.

Darline, doesn’t totally surprise me but the RISP in late innings and clutch situations are the ones that have been haunting us.

Dear frustrated fans…you could be bored rooting for the KC team, their wins appear so easy…you can just shut off the game and know what the outcome will be…instead of watching tense unpredictable games…never easy. it’s almost like
our lives depend on these games…just a note..Ausmus is learning, the team inherits his thinkiing and personality (a lot to be desired)….The team needs late inning heroics….which is lacking.
Davis should be playing all the time..
Note..Todd Frazier is a burner, who for some reason has a vendetta against the
Tigers……something happened last year in a game last year, in which he was angry
about something and was yelling at the Tiger dugout….since then he has bombed
Tiger pitching like he owned them. I think it may have had to do with Tigers releasing his Brother Jeff at the time….just a thought.
All in all Todd is also a home-run threat against other teams(as records show),
but loves Tiger pitching even more.
Todd and Jeff were outstanding players for Rutgers U, NJ

Todd Frazier hasn’t faced the Tigers since 2012?

LOL, Rich. You had more run-ons than the Tigers.

That’s the way my brain was working at the time.

The important stats for relievers vary according to the job assigned, and that can change often. I think Alex Wilson is basically a pretty good pitcher based on the visual test. As is often pointed out here, Detroit didn’t spend much time thinking about the back end of their bullpen.
That said, the bigger issue is doing the overall team things required to win each individual game. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Okay then it was in 2012…what difference does it make? He killed us. Then and

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