Rondon struggles in latest rehab outing

For all the encouragement on Justin Verlander’s rehab start, there was a flip side Saturday night in Toledo against Columbus. It was Bruce Rondon’s outing, which gave a lot more reason for concern than his last few outings.

After debating a call-up earlier this week, the Tigers decided to send Rondon back to Toledo for another rehab appearance, stretching him out to two innings. To try to make sure he got those innings, they stretched out his pitch count to 40. He ended up going one-plus innings, facing four batters in his second inning of work without retiring any of them, and giving up four runs on four hits and three walks.

It was a step backward for a reliever whose recent throwing seemingly had him on the verge of returning to Detroit’s bullpen for the first time since September 2013.

“To me, he really struggled,” Mud Hens manager Larry Parrish said. “As bad as his line looked, it was probably worse than that. … It was a real battle for him tonight.”

Two of Rondon’s three outs came on a double play after he loaded the bases with a hit and two one-out walks in the seventh inning. Clippers catcher Adam Moore lined out to left, and Xavier Avery threw out James Ramsey trying to score from third.

The escape for Rondon proved brief with the top of the Clippers order due up in the eighth. Francisco Lindor tripled and scored on a Michael Martinez singled before Jesus Aguilar homered to left-center. After a Zach Walters walk, Rondon’s pitch count was at 39, and Parrish had to get him, much to his frustration.

“If you consider yourself a big-league pitcher and you’ve got 40 pitches, and you get one inning of work in against a Triple-A club, you’d better be frustrated with it,” Parrish said.

The mechanics were not consistent. All three walks were on changeups out of a lower arm angle, Parrish said. It was a reminder that for all the throwing Rondon has done on his road back, he has had precious little game action.

There has been no indication that Rondon isn’t healthy. His velocity Saturday was more mid-90s than 98-99 mph, according to reports, but he was pitching in a longer outing.

“His velocity is fine. It’s a matter of locating,” Parrish said. “It’s great to throw 98-99, but it still needs to be located.”

The outing gives the Tigers a difficult decision in the coming days. Rondon reaches his maximum 20 days on rehab assignment on Tuesday, after which the Tigers must either make a roster move with him or keep him on the DL and not pitch him. Rondon has minor-league options left, making it possible for the Tigers to keep him at Toledo long-term.


Saying it again, but the Tigers have placed a large wager on an unproven-even-when-healthy young reliever.

Yep Zumaya all over again. Although even he had some success.

i wonder why they’re trying to stretch out rondon to 2 innings? hardy & alex wilson already have that covered.

Building strength . They started Villareal with Toledo

Hardy was DFA by KC. Why? Because he does not fit their formula: flame-throwers with control. Dan has complained about his slow pitches, KC agreed with him
I keep hearing Rondón is another Zumaya..
Kelvin Herrera is another Zumaya, he clocked 102.8 in 2012 and he is still pitching. Treinen is another: 100.3 MPH .. ,sinker,
Rosenthal, closer of the vaunted Cardinals, 100.4.
Caminero: 101.4
And of course Chapman. 102.8
Zumaya was irresponsible. We dont know if the Rock guitar hero thing was an urban legend or true , but he re-injured himself carrying garbage out of his house in flames and was photographed with a keg over his recovering shoulder
KC BP is built on Zumaya like pitchers,and every other good BP:
“Pitching’s tough, man,” Napoli noted. “It’s a lot different than it was. Everyone’s throwing 95 and has a 91 mph cutter or slider. It’s tough.” From the Tomasse post I quoted yesterday.
Fans have make fun of DD hoarding power arms. He was right but he needs new scouts, power-arm with command is the key to build a modern BP.
Rondón and Nesbitt are the closest pitchers the Tigers have to Kelvin Herrera or Aroldis Chapman

Now, since Rondón could be optioned. Nesbitt too ? and call up Krol and go with 3 LH releivers?Or put back Nesbitt in low leverage situations ? like he should do with Wilson too?

Just option him. The last thing to come back after TJ surgery is command, let him pitch in Toledo and then decide around the all star break.The bullpen really hasn’t been the problem its been the bats.

well thank gawd. my off season prediction of Danny Worth pitching more meaningful innings at the MLB-level than Rondon or Hannrahan was almost going to blow up in my face.

“Anibal Sanchez will start on Tuesday and Shane Greene will start on Wednesday against the Cubs, Brad Ausmus said.”
Ryan remains in the BP?

Rondon has never been more than a power arm to tantalize. He is an injury in waiting and while waiting he is a very mediocre alternative to a good pitcher with command of a lesser fast ball. DD invented “Bruce Almighty”. If he ever gets here he will be a novelty that disappoints………………….again.

Tigers won because they got a couple of things they have been missing: Ks from their starter and homers from their superstar.

Two first spots: 2 for last 27.7 for last 29

Samargarine usually has a rough first inning but one run wasn’t what I was hoping. They did run up his pitch count if that will help.

So now Ausmule sits their hottest hitter and better fielding 3rd baseman, Josh Wilson. Would any of you played JW over Casty today?

So here we go again. A HR from a player Simon should never have had to face this inning because of Miggy’s error.

Well just when you are feeling good with an early run …next thing ya know miggys first error and a 3 run homer. Ugh

Could very well be a rain shortened game better not sit on their hands

Error came back to bite the Tigers . They really have to get it in gear today. No excuses ….

Dont dive. Evidence n

Guess they are already packing it in for the day Here in the 3rd…..this team lacks something. Quit and quiet outs and please don’t anyone tell me that Samardzjia is unhittable. His high 4 era speaks to the exact opposite.

Don’t walk the #9 hitter ahead of the errant dive. That’s the larger mistake.

They really can’t return to their 1 or 2 runs habit, can they? It’s not going to win this game if they do.

Josh Wilson…why isn’t he playing? He was like a shot of drenalin the team needed.
This manager has a lot to be desired.

Because he can hit …at least right now.

Alfredo getting 1st two outs having hard time getting the 3rd

We are so lucky to have Iggy. And luckier still that the treatment for his stress fractures has apparently been successful.
Samardzija is a better than his numbers.
Rich has said this more than once, we have a team that really needs to get its share of homers. We have had a pronounced lack of them recently. JD is hitting line drives today. Good to see.

His numbers this year show he is very hit table kinda like Anibal. It just so happens that the few good starts he’s had have come against these aweful tigers.

Yikes JD. Kind of defines what has been going wrong lately eh?

To bad Miggy grounded into his billionth double play before that homer. Too bad he just didn’t strike out yet again

chipping away….there may be hope yet

I didn’t even finish typing the above message but o=o=o=ok=k=k=

Simon dealing now.

They actually came back after that error/HR in the first inning. This is a good habit to develop. Cespedes, JD, Collins, Kinsler made big contributions. They didn’t even need any Wilsons today.

Another much needed win . Tigers gotta get ready for the Cubs who have been playing good .

Collins creating the kind of “problem” a team wants

Cabby is still “Gold Glove” in my books. Tough hop on a scorcher.
JD just might be bringing us some hope.

Just finished watching the game. I DVR’d it right before I left for work and then came the text message and I was so afraid to read it. Happy surprise! Tigers win. Started off kinda slow and then they came together.

Back home in Roanoke.
1. Simon says, I can throw 8 if you can.
2. Collins becomes the next batting champion.
3. Got to the starter; very important with our flops against opponent pens.
Julio goes yard. Slowly getting the cogs of this machine back in motion. Maybe Ian and the Tigers bottomed out at the same time. it was a plus to beat a quality pitcher today.

It is official, JD is back. Miguel 10th, Cespedes( he has been better than his a career numbers since the go, what you see it is what the Tigers wanted.) 30th and JD 44th in hard hit rate

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