Friday’s lineups: Tigers at White Sox

Jose Iglesias’ move to the second spot in the Tigers batting order lasted three games. That said, the Tigers offense didn’t look much different in those few games than the previous week or two, notably with Ian Kinsler in the fifth spot. Yoenis Cespedes, as expected, is in the lineup after leaving yesterday’s game with flu-like symptoms. With his numbers off Jose Quintana, he might have needed to be bedridden to miss that matchup. Rajai Davis gets a similarly favorable matchup in his return from the paternity leave list.

Last but not least, Brad Ausmus gets one more right-handed bat in the lineup against the left-handed Quintana by starting Josh Wilson at third base and DHing Nick Castellanos.

Some pregame stats and tidbits:

  • NumberFire released its weekly power rankings of baseball’s hottest and coldest hitters based on runs contributed over league average. Miguel Cabrera is eighth, creeping up one spot from last week. Anthony Gose, meanwhile, is the fourth coldest, based on the biggest drops in efficiency from last week. Considering Gose started 17 of the last 18 games, with one team off-day mixed in, gotta think fatigue has played a part.
  • Iglesias has struck out just five times in 76 plate appearances over the last month, good for the fifth-lowest strikeout rate among full-time players in that span according to Inside Edge.
  • Miguel Cabrera’s streak of reaching base safely is now at 23 games, longest active streak in the big leagues.
  • Actor LeVar Burton is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch tonight. You may remember him from his role playing Ron LeFlore in the TV movie One in a Million from the 1970s. LeFlore spent the final couple seasons of his Major League career with the White Sox after six seasons with the Tigers (he spent a year in Montreal in between).

tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Quintana)

  1. Rajai Davis, CF (11-for-31, 3 doubles, HR, 2 walks, 6 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (7-for-23, 2 doubles, walk, 5 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (9-for-25, 2 doubles, HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (6-for-9, double, 4 HR, walk)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-11, triple, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  6. Nick Castellanos, DH (3-for-15, 5 K’s)
  7. James McCann, C (1-for-2, triple)
  8. Josh Wilson, 3B (1-for-2)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-5, double, 2 K’s)

P: Kyle Ryan

whitesoxlogoWHITE SOX (numbers off Ryan)

  1. Adam Eaton, CF (1-for-3)
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS (1-for-3, double)
  3. Jose Abreu, DH (1-for-2, walk)
  4. Avisail Garcia, RF (0-for-3, K)
  5. Adam LaRoche, 1B
  6. Melky Cabrera, LF
  7. Gordon Beckham, 3B
  8. Tyler Flowers, C
  9. Carlos Sanchez, 2B (1-for-2)

P: Jose Quintana


Gose, his Babip was 500 in April and went down to 407. 100 for June and 405 for the season. Add his 26. 3 SO% ( career 27.3) and you have a player in regression to the mean. He ran out of luck, even is he is able to keep his Babip around Jsckson level, 270-80 is the expected average being generous in the estimation
If he is tired, 94 games is his career high, it could get ugly

Finally, I get my question answered. The Oakland A’s have just called up a switch pitching reliever.

Pat Venditte, he pitched here in Maracaibo in 2009. 1-0 ERA around 5 in just 7 games. He was seen as a curiosity not as a pitcher and was, as usual here anyway, released quickly. He was 23 YO and lacked control. It is not the best path to MLB. As his father should have expected, he needed twice the time .

Tigers go very quickly and very quietly. ….and another team who doesn’t score much score right away.
Go Tigers!

Great slide by Rajai.

and Kins leaves him there.

Just shocking not one of these underachieving bums gets a hit when it counts.

#3 Miggy: Shattered bat pop-up.
#4 Yoenis Double
#5 JD K
#6 Nick Tied
#7 McCann K

Somehow, with the team struggling , Castellanos found his beat after the failed play at 3B

This team relly needs Casty to contribute more on the offense. His bat is supposed to be his plus-side. I really hope he finds his stroke this month.

He’s the only one who hasaid contributed tonight.

Rod made an interesting point about the ERA being over 5.00 since Avila has been out. I didn’t think about that, but his absence is certainly on factor contributing to the ineffective pitching…

By my calculations through 6
2 ground into double plays
1 pick off of Kinsler
1 stranded triple
No offense

Josh Wilson #1

Some real loud mouths at that game tonight……super annoying

The fans are so close to the field, unlike Comerica.

That pitch twas way out of the zone

Kinsler’s head is so far up his own butt right now he shouldn’t even be on the field.
You have Romine there too if you are worried about defense.
Surprised you haven’t said much about the ump GK–he has been awful on the low strikes.
I noticed and am thinking about theat ERA comment by Rod. I am surprised I didn’t realize that. I guess because I have a soft spot for rookies (especially good ones) and a bit of a hard spot for Alex after years of futile offense.

Oh I am thinking it and screaming at my tv. But what does it matter.

Ryan as part of a six rotation or Greene get his tune up at Toledo?

Throw them in the dirt and the Tigers bats will follow. They will swing at anything!

Great ab’s by Miggy Yoenis and JD there.

I hear ya Kathy. Pretty stupid approach agains a guy who doesn’t comman anything but the splitter. If something is not coming in above the waist then why swing. The pitch is unhittable. Reminds me of Valverde in his prime.
I agree taking out Ryan but do not have the same confidence (stubborness) that Ausmus has in Joba. Base hit–point proven. Geez. Here we go.

Joba is out there so it must be the 8th inning.

Would not be surprise we get burned once again on a predicatable hanging slider.
If you are a hitter you just sit and wait for it

Good. If nothing else it shows that Brad is maybe starting to get it.

Interesting that Hardy is the go to lefty here and not Gorzelanny. Gorzelanny has been a disapointment.

Wow. Soria. Best move for sure but telling. They must have no confidence left in Nesbitt. Rightly so. AlAl is too wild for this situation with two out.
Hold your breat fans. We have to believe that these guys are not somehow, going to find a way to do the thing that would not surprise any of us one bit.

Ian, if it comes t you don’t go home!

Ausmus booed….

That big man with the red shirt is one of the ones screaming. He’s in the first row.

Ausmus is overusing McCanc. He should play Holaday once in a while. Im aware he played yesterday but it was the first in a week

Jose played a vry nice game.

Oh fudge

No comment.

And I was trying to be positive

Well struck but Gose catches that ball

Not exactly sure that was catchable.

Over and out. What’s thepoint

I can’t even speak…..thank god our last six batters just threw their ab’s away.
Is everyone going to call for Sorias head now?

Every team seems to hit more home runs than us.

Were 23rd in homers. And #1 in suckiness

The Tigers just don’t score enough runs. Period.

to pitch 2 games in a week does not help a pitcher, especially a reliever. The problem are the 8th inning guys

To me, Jose is a guy who can be a leader on a team. He’s matured in the past 2 years and he has that attitude like Jeter. That’s how he comes across to me.

This team is cursed….WOW!
The worse seems to happen when you expect it….not only now the but last two years….as well.
Ausmus must attend church more frequently…..leave Wilson in there regardless
of the final result.

lol, yes, our Tigers–number one in sukiness.

oops, suckiness

Miggy…..nothing again per usual can’t hit when it’s dark out scary
Cespedes. ..nothing
Jd……nothing at least he had a good ab and put up a fight

Quickly and quietly

4 K’s for JD tonight.

just weak. It’s pathetic.

I was in a conversation earlier this week about the team ERA minus Avila. I checked Baseball-ref and just now checked it again. I get 3.85 with Avila and 3.90 without. Any stats experts want to help out since I’m not real good at the stats thing?

Maybe I misquoted Rod, or he made a mistake. Perhaps he was talking about one one pitcher or a group of pitchers? Sorry…

No, I heard Rod say that too. I was planning to check it all along.

Not sure of the numbers but I hears something with a little wider spread than what Rich is thinking but I don’t have any idea where to find that stat.

Totally pathetic. …

I can’t swear on here but you get my point.

Only the Tigers can have 2 men on base with no outs and not score. The Tigers need to turn a triple play.

I hate these guys right now….totally pathetic totally unwatchable.

Hit by a pitch. Game over.

It hit him in the guy, just like this loss.

gut, sorry.

A fitting end to the game…

Perfect ending.

Hit by pitch….you can’t make up this
s–t. Am I the only one that thought once bases were loaded it was over?
They will win tomorrow!!!!


I think the ball was a catchable but in any event Ramirez’ in the 10th doesn’t get Eaton safely into 3rd with Gose out there.
Just sayin’
Ausmus has a lot to learn and for a lifelong baseball guy with a very credible history as a MLB catcher—I don’t understand why he doesn’t see things as I think he should.

Rajai is NOT a late inning outfielder and most certainly not a late- inning CFer

It’s Kinsler that’s making me crazy. Brain dead on the base paths and brainless ABs. Personal issues or something? I don’t get it.

Tomorrow is another day. Lets hope this club can turn it around and soon . If not DD will have to put his plan B in effect . Wait till ticket sales start to slide . Then vendor start to lose money . It will not be real prerry .

Hello from Charleston.
1. Ryan.
2. Ryan
3. Ryan
Goodbye from Charlestin.

“It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart”

The Fister trade, agaIn:

Still the worst in my book. As soon as Nora mentioned him as trade target i checked his stats and I liked what I read..He was my favorite pitcher above Verlander since the go as a Tiger

How long of a losing streak before there is a manager change? 10, 13 games? Not saying I want him fired, just really wondering. Jimmy never lost more than 7 in a row.

What side of the cup full or empty cliche are you all on?
I am on the quarter full side. That’s positive isn’t it?

All I know is they’re five out with 106 to play. This baseball season as a whole has been hard to figure.

Nobody is second guessing the call that went wrong: leaving the rookie for the 7th. 84 pitches but a rookie with Price pitching today.
Or he does not trust the “surprising” BP?
Wilson has been reliable in low leverage situation. It was different last night
Joba inability to get the 3rd out forced him to use , Soria. A good call since he had 2 four outs saves

Other than Phil Garner after six games in 2002 as part of a general housecleaning, Dombrowski hasn’t fired anyone mid-season here. He can’t in good conscience fire Ausmus while there are still key players injured. Brad would have to do something unforgivable to get fired, and losing ballgames doesn’t meet the criteria.
The Detroit organization takes a pragmatic approach to things.

i dont expect baseball on TV today. The soccer equivalent of the World Series , the Champions,will be played in Berlin and soccer will be in every sport channel here around the world .Today and most of the next week.
They need another starter. Harang? they dont have enough to get Hamel. And they need a solid set-up who does not need a rookie to bail him out like Hardy did for Joba.Rondon?
VMart should be the bat they need

I didn’t second guess leaving Ryan in for the 7th because I agreed with it. Even a good bullpen is dicey over four innings. Somebody won’t have it that day and you want to avoid finding out which one.

Can’t expect the mere presence of Victor will change things automatically. Sure he ca hit like crazy and protect Miggy but he himself will need to work himself (if possible) into game shape all while adjusting to MLB pitching.
A very important pice that really needs to get going is JD. If he looks like it isn’t going to happen then send him down to get fixed and bring up Moya. This team still needs a BIG LHB and Victor will not be that coming out of the gate.

If JL survived 2009 ..
I dont miss him, he had better teams.

no one is immune to the baseball blues it seems, not even Soria. as J.J. Cale put it, the team is currently on a train to nowhere

if McCann is to blame for the ERA of the pitching staff. Who gets the credit when the BP had the lowest ERA in MLB during may?
The starters are great for 6 inning and then fall when go well beyond 100 pitches. And McCann is to blame. Who gets the credit for the six first innings?
His bat? T Miguel, JD and Cespedes kill RHP Their numbers are better vs RH than Avila´s
Correlation does not mean causation. especially since Victor was absent in most of those games too

Price ERA with McCann 2.88. with Avila 2.92
Anibal 3.11 Avila. 7.72 McCann ( the sole pitcher used to be battery partner with him).
Simon.2.96. McCann /Avila 3.00.
Greene: 5.16 with Avila. 5..21 with McCann
Lobstein: 6.08 with McCann. 2.14 with Avila

Again, my rough math came up with 3.85 Avila and 3.90 McCann/Holaday.

Seems to me the onus is far more on the guy who is throwing the ball over the heart of the plate waist high.
McCann has done a pretty nice job and has a MLB future ahead of him.

The future for McCann is now. Holaday should play more to keep him fresh.
McCann should remain the regular once Avila is back. Not 50/50

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