Cespedes leaves with flu-like symptoms

The struggling Tigers offense has lost its second cleanup hitter in three weeks, albeit temporarily. Yoenis Cespedes left Thursday’s series finale against the A’s with what the team called flu-like symptoms.

Cespedes, who has taken over the cleanup spot with Victor Martinez on the disabled list, fouled a ball off his foot in the second inning before striking out swinging at a Jesse Hahn changeup. He walked back to the clubhouse as Daniel Fields began warming up. Fields replaced him in left field for the start of the third inning.

Considering the Tigers entered Thursday having scored 18 runs over their last nine games, any loss of a productive hitter is a big one. Cespedes entered the day batting .286 with seven home runs and 28 RBIs.

For Fields, called up Tuesday with Rajai Davis on paternity leave, it was a sudden entrance for his Major League debut. The son of former Tigers player and current Tigers hitting coordinator Bruce Fields became the first Detroit-born player to take the field for his hometown team since Dave Borkowski in 2001.


Right now I think we are all feeling a little sick.

The tigers should be embarrassed. They bat against sub par pitching and can’t hit , it’s disgusting to watch them . I still support them and root them on but with all big bats , they can’t hit anything .

Really makes you appreciate Cespedes. Not a good debut for Daniel.

Aside from Daniel’s muscues, the defense has been good, but they still are not hitting. It’s ridiculous.

miscues. Sorry about that.

Editing is a problem for me, too. Is a reply the only current way to make corrections.

A question mark would have been appropriate to my other remark. Help, if you can. Thanks.

I don’t know, I keep waiting for that inning where they suddenly put up a 6-spot. I would have never thought this club could lose seven in a row.

Looks like last place in the division to me. This same thing happened in ’08. Just a huge disappointment and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

Meanwhile Krol keeps throwing zeroes.
Gorzelanny remains our LLL (Low Leverage Lefty).
Doesn’t deserve to be here.

Our boys just might be coming out of the fog. Good to see hits in the 9th.

At least there is some life.

GK…If it wasn’t you re: Kluber, it might well have been on another site. In retrospect, I’m not even now sure now I commented in 2014.

James Schmehl ‏:Brad Ausmus on Shane Greene’s issues: “There’s something we’ve seen that could be a solution, but I don’t want to get into that right now.”

The problem witth Greene? Minor League ERA: 4.39

Acercar y mover está asimismo libre como opción.

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