Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Athletics

Same lineup as Tuesday — not that there are many good numbers against Sonny Gray, who has allowed a .210 average and .512 OPS to right-handed batters, compared to .185 and .510 to lefties.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigerroarlogoTIGERS (career numbers off Gray)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (0-for-3, K)
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-2)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (4-for-8, 2 HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-3)
  6. J.D. Martinez, RF (2-for-3, double, K)
  7. Tyler Collins, DH
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. James McCann, C

P: Anibal Sanchez

elephantlogoATHLETICS (career numbers off Sanchez)

  1. Billy Burns, CF
  2. Ben Zobrist, LF (3-for-16, 2 walks, K)
  3. Stephen Vogt, C (3-for-7, triple, 2 K’s)
  4. Billy Butler, DH (6-for-21, 2 doubles, walk, 5 K’s)
  5. Josh Reddick, RF (1-for-13, HR, walk, 4 K’s)
  6. Brett Lawrie, 3B (4-for-8, double, triple)
  7. Marcus Semien, SS (2-for-8, double, 4 K’s)
  8. Stephen Canha, 1B
  9. Eric Sogard, 2B (2-for-10, double, K)

P: Sonny Gray


We can assume Iggy at SS batting in the 2nd spot? Kindler batting 5th?

This autocorrect likes to name Ian, Kindler instead of Kins.

Going to need a clean defensive game and Sanchez on top of it.
Meanwhile that Michigan softball game is on at 8.

Anibal. …….needs the DL when JV returns. Ridiculous. Doubt Tiger’s can score 4 off of Gray.

It seems his career downhill began.One year too early

Looked like Sanchez tweaked something on that awkward play at firstbase. Went in the tank starting with the next pitch.

Second inning. Down 3-0 already. Will this be a 6-game losing streak?

Has Anibal been as good as you’d hope? Not a chance but at some point these bums have got to score some runs. You can’t expect your pitchers to be perfect every single time out there. They give up 2 runs and it’s too much. Yes they miss Vmart yes they miss Avila but there are plenty of hitters on this team underperforming. fact every one of them.

5 for 54. Kinsler

I was wrong about Gorzelanny. I liked the signing

I never expected tigers to win this game tonight (he’ll it’s better bet to assume that they will lose) Gray is an excellent pitcher. KC facing Kluber tonight they’ve already scored 4.

I guess that was Nesbitt swan song

Yes, two terrible outings in a row. I believe an Angel is going to have his wings clipped.

I see nothing at all I like in Gorzelanny.
Nesbit doesn’t have a solid out pitch or really very good stuff.
He’ll be a Mud Hen soon.
Can’t keep Krol down forever.
Time for DD to rethink the composition of this team and not for this year

When was the last time Soria pitched? I know he is supposed to “save” games but is he rusting in the BP and with lack of work will have a bad outing when he does pitch again?


Wow. DOA. Just getting worse every day. Everyone is clamoring for changes, but there doesn’t seem to be much more they can do, short of a trade. I expect that if things don’t get quite a bit better, they will look at trades by around the All Star break. But, please, please, however much they aren’t hitting, DO NOT TRADE A PITCHER!

We got what we expected……a loss. Tomorrow is another day.

Kinsler is 5 for 55? Who does that? Stick him in the 9-hole and let him try to hit as many homers as he can, since that’s what he’s doing anyway.
For what it’s worth, the Tigers had a 9-20 stretch about this time last season. Worse than this stretch.

Kinsler sees the disorganzed movement of this team…the man is used to playing
with professsionls, and it’s not working. Kinsler is the key to a winning team…You forget the key hits he got plus the great plays he made…It’s the team as a whole.

I know he makes great plays in the field. I didn’t say bench him, I said hit him 9th; minimize his ABs until he comes around at the plate.
The part about playing with professionals…….you mean the Rangers?

Hope springs eternal; that means we’ll score at least two in the day game tomorrow. Seriously, what can anyone say that hasn’t been said? The Norm Cash system for batting order should be tried; leave Miggy at three, and draw from the hat for the rest.
It could not bring any worse results. The A’s would have won tonight with no out field
needed. The BP is now sinking down to the poor performance level of the offense.
I guess this game was a chop to the knees. Last place here we come. I love my team, but I don’t see a major recovery. Anyway, I’m on my way to Charleston, SC to celebrate my 40th. Wedding Anniversary. Will check in and out, hoping that Victor is the new Bionic Man.
1. Anabal only gave up one HR, and his ERA dropped a tad.
2. Tigers played errorless ball.
3. Nicky had a nice 9 pitch AB.
Almost even with Cleveland and Chicago in the lost column.
One sees glimpse of why Houston parted with Julio. Kinsler’s slump is nothing short of amazing. Give Fields a chance tomorrow.

Greg, you’re not old enough to be married 40 years.

I expected little offense tonight with Sonny boy pitching . Rich is correct last year Tigers had a terrible 2 weeks then bounced back. However I have to assume DD is watching each game like a Hawk . You can count on the boys from Toledo to hold the team up.

Actually 29 games is more like a month of bad baseball.

All three guys in the OF made some spectacular catches. Thank goodness.

Time to play Romine at 2nd
Play Fields
Lead Iggy off

Kinlser was traded because he refused to make space for the young talented IF and his complains about Michael Young being moved from 3B in spite he cant play it anymore.As I mentioned well before the trade, Texas was ready to call up Odor , his family in Maracaibo was looking for a house in the USA because he was set to be called up. And that was before the end of the season .When a team thinks an AA player is a better option…
I still like the trade, anyone but Fielder, but it is time to bench him. He cant take the daily grind

Oh how I wish Rich.

Finally, McCann gets some rest.
Gose 8, Iglesias 6, Cabrera 3, Cespedes 7, Kinsler 4, J. Martinez DH, Collins 9, Castellanos 5, Holaday 2. Greene

Just play and bat Kinsler fifth until …..what?

Why not play Fields? I don’t get it. There probably couldn’t be a bettr time to do it.

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