Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Athletics

In addition to the roster moves, the Tigers did some shuffling in the batting order. Jose Iglesias moves up to the fifth second spot in the lineup, with Ian Kinsler moved down to fifth. Brad Ausmus said he thought about it on Sunday and ran it by Kinsler after the game. Kinsler told him that he’d been considering going to Ausmus and proposing the idea himself.

“Things weren’t working,” Ausmus said. “We looked at it, I looked at it, tried to find ways we could mix it up and try to score more runs.”


  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  6. J.D. Martinez, RF
  7. Tyler Collins, DH
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. James McCann, C

P: Alfredo Simon


  1. Billy Burns, CF
  2. Ben Zobrist, LF (3-for-12, triple, walk, 3 K’s)
  3. Stephen Vogt, C
  4. Billy Butler, DH (1-for-3, 2 walks)
  5. Josh Reddick, RF (3-for-4, double)
  6. Brett Lawrie, 3B (2-for-3, 2 HR)
  7. Max Muncy, 1B
  8. Marcus Semien, SS
  9. Eric Sogard, 2B

P: Kendall Graveman


Is Jose going to be on Kinsler’s back?

You comment just to point out a typo?

I like the lineup, hope it works. Makes sense to have a speedy singles hitter in front of Miggy and Kinsler is hitting behind a speed guy too.

Maddon like move to get him going, I guess

#Tigers attempted to trade Hernan Perez before he was claimed by #Brewers, but general manager Dave Dombrowski said interest was “minimal.”

That’s too bad but not unexpected. I hope Hernan gets a chance there. Can’t see him as anything more than what he has been though.

I was supposed to be at this game tonight. My son’s friend received 4 tickets from his employer and invited both of us. Then, he decided he just wanted to go with this home boys. Good seats, too. Go Tigers!!!!

Not my son, though. He said if I couldn’t go, he wouldn’t either.

Quick and quiet……….I think they said this pitcher hadn’t gone more than 6 innings. .today just might be his day

6 Tiger batters, 20 pitches. Digging their own grave by helping out Graveman?

Simon says,”I’ve settled down. I’m holding them. Where is my run support?”

Run support? Got none for you, man. Impotent.

Are ever going to get BIG hit again?

I just don’t get it. One problem I didn’t think this tram would have is hitting. And it’s gone on for a good part of the season now.

Simon looks to be a little out of sync which is to be expected under the circumstances. But, the hitters have no excuse.

Great AB for Castellanos

Like Miguel before him, went with the ball .

yea nick! does he get 2 or 3 RBIs for that at bat?

thanks eltigre! we must have been typing at the same time. chuckle.

it’s 2-just looked it up.

Wow! 3 runs. A gift on a wild pitch and then a clutch hit from the least expected player with the lowest BA in the line-up, Castellanos.

It looks like coming home and getting a day off helped our guys.

Not all of them. Gose, for example, has stranded 6 runners. Simon over 100 pitches. If he makes it through the 7th inning, it will be time for Jabba in the 8th. Stubborn Ausmule just has to do it.

and the bunt was misguided. Now, Iglesias lost concentration

a better throw…

Anybody know how GIBBY is doing?

Iglesias lost the papers…

Simon betrayed by the left side IF

right side too, Kinsler

Defense……..here in the 7th Pretty Aweful.

Bad enough Ian is abysmal at the plate he is no taking the contagion out to the field with him.
Tough breaks for Simon. Casty cost him too. He should have been able to handle that quick throw from Iggy.
What the heck was Kinsler thinking. For that matter what the hell was Lawrie thinking?
He got away with 3 bad base-running choices.

going for second was not that bad. the other two, yes

Casty is a klutz and Kinsler is out of it.

3 runs not enough.

THUNK. Game lost.

The frustration is growing. Simon will join Price in the rebellion
And Angel will gives his spot to Rondon

Whatever. ..apathetic it’s obvious they don’t give a crap. If you can’t hit and score more than a few runs on a nightly basis better find a way to do everything else well.

Simon and Price for sure are giving their best.Simon came from his father funeral to pitch a pretty good game only to have an undeserved L

Apparently Wilson has been so good he has solidified himself as a long reliever.
Nesbitt has solidified himself as a AAA reliever.

And Kinsler needs a week on the bench

Great AB by the “Big Fella” swinging at crap above his head.

Wilson has pitched mostly in low leverage situations while Nesbitt received the JL special , throw him into the deep water and wait to see if he swim

Do you see whyI was seeking a word of encouragement. We have gone from bad to badder!

Had hoped tigers get a win tonight on home turf . Three runs just is not enough. Get more runs and give up less.

And if you think we can get three runs off of Sunny tomorrow, you live in the ozone.

I agree about Kinsler. Maybe not a week but he needs to sit out a few and get his head cleared.
Miggy is frustrated.
We will again hear the rhetoric about this being still very early in the season.
That can also mean it can also get worse, not necessarily better.
This is a god awful ball team on the field right now.
I don’t know why we put ourselves through this.
Wilson has been dependable. One of the few I can really feel comfortable with on the mound.

Misery loves company, Dan!

awesome catch anthony gose!

A flashy, risky play cant erase the preposterous bunt and goin 0 fer. And his trademark SO

Reminds me of ’08. Not good.

This is just ugly now.

And it is only getting worse. Brad needs another plan and soon.

gose is going through a slump, like just about … everybody.
hang in there eltigre🙂

His Babip is 450. His fall will be hard

Right now, Our leadoff is more Ghost than Gose! Nothing there. Igloo saw 8 pitches for four taps to third. Miggy looks like he ‘s lost his love for the game. Crisped es had decent AB’s. Why Ian was at 5 is beyond me. He needs to be watching from the dugout. Julio is doing his best roller coaster immitation. Collins did okay. Nick actually had 4 okay at bats. JMac was steady. What was missing? Hits when you must have them; passion; desire; hunger. No desire to win. Defense was ridiculous in the disaster inning. We have gotten all we’ll get out of Nesbitt. Don’t question the move, but would have brought in Wilson or Hardy. More than likely, we will be below .500 by weekend.
1. The good approach by Nick on the rbi AB. Should do this much more often.
2. The Gose flew lika a Goose in the late innings.
3. Miggy’s defense is more dependable than his offense.
This team continues to embarrass on a daily basis.

I have not read as much here lately as I used to so I apologize if this has been discussed, but did Fox get rid of Jack Morris? Have not noticed him announcing at all? Rough game to watch after the slam, felt like crying like the kids that caught the ball.

Adversity has a way of showing us what we’re made of and baseball adversity is no different. We’re going to see what the Tigers are made of in the face of this adversity. These guys want to play well and win, I have no doubt. Jeff

It’s tough when 2nd and 3rd basemen are deficits based on lack of fielding or hitting (or both) on any given night. Simon didn’t deserve to lose this one but he effectively put everyone to sleep with all the walks. Now Perez is gone (as he probably should be). Not a lot of options for IF. Why not DH Nick to take defensive pressure off him. Play Romine at 3rd. Give Fields a shot at CF. At least he’s not going to feel the futility the rest are feeling. Changes don’t necessarily need to be permanent but there need to be some. They’ve got to get off this ride and soon.

Reasonable ideas. Agreed-not yet a time to get crazy. Fields? Very uncomfortable with him. He has really done very little, if anything, to replace a CF hitting .300 plus, with range and an arm (albeit with questionable accuracy).

Hey Gang! JUst watched the conclusion of the KC/Cleveland game…..Cleveland is a team to be reconded with….they got a nice run going, The Tigers could be in the cellar within a week, especially the way they manage to lose games….Brantley
is a steady clutch hitter….he managed the key hit in the game….Cleveland 2-1.
KC is losing games they normally win…
Tigers get a breather with both Minn. and KC losses.

Yes Greg it does. I almost feel Miggy should be put out of his misery. He doesn’t deserve this. He is too good and too much a baseball purist to deserve this.
Deserves to be in a better baseball situation.

Hold on, all. It’s not yet time to jump ship. Maybe some tinkering and possibly putting BA on a short leash. Maybe it’s time to look around for an experienced skipper. Maybe internally with a guy like Lamont, who has had years with the Tigers as a player and coach, has finished first twice with the White Sox and has wone a MOY. Or externally , with someone like Baker. The Reds certainly look lost since he left.

I almost hate to mention it, but maybe even Ozzie. He’s definitely a firecracker, yet seems to handle the clubhouse and maintain the respect of his players. And being a Latino probably wouldn’t hurt given the composition of the Tigers. He’s sort of a Billy Martin without boxing skills?

Ausmus: Both bunts in third were hitters on their own. Didn’t have issue with Gose bunt, just didn’t get a good bunt down
The second was just indefensible.
Everybody was waiting the McCann bunt and it was perfect to advance the runner. I did not like it but it was well done

Wagner thinks Rondon is not ready to be called up

Is that for medical issues, arm strength concerns or something else?

And out of curiosity, given your familiarity with Latins, what’s your take on Ozzie at this point in his life?

14-13 at home. 14-12 on the road. Before the last trip they were far better on the road

Ozzie Guillen does’t have much of a filter when it comes to running his mouth. Not sure DD would want to put up with that. He picked meek Ausmus after all. But, did I love the drama when Ozzie was in Chicago, hell ya.

Tonight could be the night. The Tigers might show a good pitcher who is boss. Trying to convince myself.

Regarding fans jumping ship, there’s been a lifeboat drill every season for the last four years, each of which resulted in division titles. It’s as much a part of the baseball season as the All Star Game. I’ve never known anyone to actually take the leap into the sea.
But seriously, this has been an ugly stretch with more issues than answers. The field manager can only do so much and that’s when a team requires strong but calming leadership from the players themselves. It’s pretty obvious that Victor and Torii are missed and that is becoming a subject for the media. The Tigers don’t lack desire, but they are putting far too much pressure on themselves, to the point where they start to find ways to lose.
One thing the field manager can do is redefine on field roles. It appears ours is headed in that direction.

I am not real happy with the post game chatter from the boss or Kinsler. The killer soul-devouring play was actually Kinsler’s. It absolutely drained the Tigers of the feeling they could win. Yet, in a post game interview Kinsler remoarked about the out they should have had at third. Not cool.
Ausmus on McCann’s bunt basically saying it was stupid. Perhaps he should be looking in the mirror. It was a bunt that put two men in scoring position with only 1 out. Oh yeah, right, now I understand. Ausmus (under the Busmus) now. Who the hell does the rookie think he is putting men in scoring position with than two out? Doesn’t he know that we can’t score runner in that circumstance. Much better idea to swing away and hit into a DP I guess.
McCann is one of the few guys on this team that one can actually get excited about.

As to the lineup/ Not Gose then Iggy but the other way around dammit.

Guillén wants to be a manager. He liked the McCann bunt and did not like at all the Gose bunt. He still like “the little ball ” while I like the Earl Weaver approach
He is not well informed about the Tigers, he claimed that Al2 was sent down a couple of times..When? His partner in the booth is a Tigers fan and was not fully informed either
Kid Rod and Santana had a lot of problems with the Mets, the GM was Mexican and the Manager from DR. Scisocia did pretty well with KRod Despite the rhetoric, especially from Venezuelans , we are rivals in baseball not brothers.
Having a Latin manager could be a disadvantage,but not with Guillén. Im pretty sure that he would be tougher with Venezuelans to show he is not biased. Kind of JL with Avila.

Rondon was not sharp.He was hit hard. The E is misleading, it was a well hit ball. Wagner was , mostly, retweeting but I guess he was endorsing them

Sorry, but no Baker . He is an arm breaker

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