Memorial Day lineups: Tigers (without Cabrera) at A’s

Miguel Cabrera gets his first day off of the season today, which puts the Tigers starting lineup in flux pretty much all the way around. Hernan Perez starts at first base. Meanwhile, with Jose Iglesias out, Dixon Machado will make his first Major League start as the Tigers shortstop.


  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. J.D. Martinez, DH
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. Tyler Collins, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Hernan Perez, 1B
  9. Dixon Machado, SS

P: Shane Greene


  1. Billy Burns, CF
  2. Marcus Semien, SS
  3. Josh Reddick, RF
  4. Stephen Vogt, C
  5. Billy Butler, DH
  6. Max Muncy, 3B
  7. Mark Canha, 1B
  8. Sam Fuld, LF
  9. Eric Sogard, 2B

P: Jesse Hahn


Has there been any reports on Jose?

Well, at least some fans will be happy with Miggy out. There have been quite a few folks who have posted their dissatisfaction with him. I am not one of them. But, what do I know?

He needs to do better … can you justify 4 rbi in night games all season he’s hitting 200 points lower at night barely above 200…..? If you think that seems ok when 85% of games are played at night you can expect about 15 more rbi’s in night games for the rest of the year. Wow is all I’ve got to say when the guys primary responsibility on this team is driving in runs. I probably would of given him the night game off instead of a day game when he actually performs.

It’s a day game today.

I get it that guys need a day off, ian would of been my first choice

Rest someone who is struggling. Miggy is on a hitting streak and went 2-4 with a HR yesterday.

Plus, he has 6 RBIs over the last 10 games, which projects to roughly 100 for a 162 game season. You can’t shoot a hole-in-one every hole anymore than you can go 5-5 with 4 RBIs every game.

Heck, you should be happy as a lark. You are entitled to your opinion. I don’t agree with it and I don’t think your statistical presumptions hold an ounce of weight over the season’s length.

It’s being reported that Miggy’s ankle has been barking.

I dont think it will …heck if they do hold up Tigers are in a serious amount of trouble. We are now nearly 2 months into the season though. I ♡ Miggy but this this statistical pattern has to charge. Does he need glasses I don’t know BUT he has to average more than 2 rbi in night games per month frankly we are lucky we’ve played a lot of day games.

Meanwhile Yankees spanking royals early

James Schmehl ‏
Brad Ausmus said he’d be “shocked” if Jose Iglesias need to be placed on the disabled list. Said he’s still listed day to day

Hey GK…are you watching any of theses games? Miggy is strugglying w/men on base…no clutch, no hr’s, only meaning less rbis, I’m sorry buddy but , he’s not the
hitter he’s supposed to be, at least not lately. This is an interesting lineup today.
I hope it works .

Brad Ausmus said Miguel Cabrera’s ankle has been cranky the last few days so it was a good time for a day off, especially after the flight

Nothing unexpected after surgery and fast-track ST

Excuse GK, I believe that message was meant for Darlene.

It’s the body of work that is important. Not a single letter or word. In any event, I’m sure you are pleased Miggy is out of the lineup. What do I know? Maybe you and some of the other Tiger faithful are right and the Tigers are better without him. Good luck with that.

That isn’t what anybody said but that day night split has to change unless of course we can get everyone to change their games to afternoon affairs.

An exciting game today. Tied 2-2. Tigers 2 DP, A’s 2 E’s.


Totally agree

Especially with guys that can bunt

4 runs is all they’ll need. Not impressed by Machado. Screwed up a few plays. Wrong pitcher gets the run support. Will be in 3rd by night end.

Has the stench of this game reached all the way back to Detroit yet?

Yes it has reached Michigan already . After yesterdays game it really had me wondeting . 50 plus years a diehard fan something has to change .

A bush league lineup poses as major league calibre

Brad left the starter in way too long again! 4 runs is way too many for the Tigers to comeback with this lineup. Another great start to a road trip with a loss against a sub-.500 opponent. This team stinks during this “weak” stretch of games.

Making another avg. pitcher look like Cy Young. It’s amazing how often that happens. One thing I thought wouldn’t be a problem with this team was hitting.

Okay, I understand Miggy getting a day off, but Davis and Romine too? That’s the one question of which I’d most like to have an answer. He sent minor leaguers out there and got the predictable results.

As I said Brad must think it was “Throw-Away Day” in Oakland.
Good luck with “three Tigers” on this one Greg

I believe that this pitcher has never made it past the 5th…it’s gonna be a complete game shut out today.
Rich I agree Ausmus I like for the most part he’s done a few things this week I just dont get at all

Does anyone here have any hope at all for Hernan? I just don’t get it.

Brad did do me one favor today. I had time to learn three new piano songs.

Greg…The best thing about this game is there is nothing about which the fans can pound Miggy.

I think what’s bugging me about this situation is it feels like he has lately and frequently been made a scapegoat for team failures, and unfairly so in my estimation.

The FSD crew is bustin’ on Greene, but I thought the floodgates opened with the misplays by Collins and Machado. I guess everyone sees their own version of the game.

We are fortunate to have you on this Blog, Darline. The only reason I browbeat Miggy is that I often forget that a Hall of Fame career is a .300 career average. That means the best get out the other 7 times. With Miggy, he is in the World hall of Fame, and all of us expect him to hit 5-10. We, as Tiger Fans have been spoiled by watching one of the top 5 hitters in baseball history. Believe it or not, I’m the biggest Miggy fan around;it’s like when I coached my boys in Rec Ball; I had to quit because I expected Miggy results from them; thankfully, they both ended up as all state performers, and the older boy played college ball. So really Darline, everyone just has that expectation
that when Mig comes to bat, it will be all right. To be very honest, I think we miss the heart and soul of Victor not being in the lineup, and especially Miguel. Their’s is a special bond among players.
Actually, I am stalling Dan, but here goes.
1. The Nicky defensive play was the best of his short career; moved pretty good for a “Hunk”.
2. Hardy had another fine outing.
3. A grand slam would have tied the game; sadly we didn’t get a grand hit today;(not talking about the singles)
Brad tipped his hat that he didn’t care about this game when he allowed Perez and Machado both to bat in the eighth. Knowing the splits, unless it were an ankle flare up, why wouldn’t you rest Mig on Tuesday night instead of Monday afternoon? Kinsler not only needs a day off, he needs to be into a hypnotic trance. Julio was all about free swinging today. Cespedes petered out as a clean up. And I repeat, where is the upside for Perez? Keep Machado up if you will, and let Hernan find his happy place.
Then bring up anybody else. Collins, too his credit, had two solid singles, but he was brought up to be Mr. Lefty Thumper, like the two homer kid from Houston. Don’t see any upside here either. I need to shut up now; these sour grapes are making me want to throw up. Oh yeah, before I throw up; Mr. Green Jeans pitched well enough to win.

To be fair, if we had kids like the Astros have (talent) DD would of traded them in for some thing already.

FWIW: The 2011 StL team has the record for DP in the NL . You need players on base to hit into DP and hit the ball very hard
Yes, it is puzzling that a fast team hit that much into DP but bunting is not the answer.
Dixon Machado? the nerves of a premature call up. His defense is stellar. I was expecting him at SS with Romine at 2B for today but Miguel´s ankle said not today

Pérez? the depth is the IF was squandered to get Simon, Gose ( looked bad at early in the game , again) and Price. There were not many trade chips and Pérez and Machado is what they have If Iglassias ( as some fans call him now) cant keep it

The team during the night
246 /.320/.343/.664
But 17 BB 18 SO during the night and 13, 15 SO BB during the day. He does not need glasses since he is covering the strike zone more or less the same. The ball is not running when he hit it during the night.. maybe he is not hitting it with the barrel or just the weather
So far, they have played 23 night games and 22 day games

Ausmus? I cant understand keeping Sánchez yesterday and his fixation with Joba but he is contending and they are playing over 500. The lineup? You play the cards you were dealt

Chavez had a 2.89 ERA before the game, his 1-4 is due to lack of RS

Maybe one good thing you can say for the Tiger players. So far it seems like there is no internal revolt against Ausmus’ strange decisions. Or maybe there should be?

Miggy is the most dangerous and exciting hitter (if not player) on the planet. But he is not producing (clutch and late) as he is (and we are) accustomed to and it is OK to point it out. I know I don’t think any less of him or blame him.
This team has a fixation on him and it is unfortunate they don’t play well when he struggles.
I am sure someone will come up with some stats now to disprove this theory.

I think what we are seeing, is he doesn’t get to bat when people are scoring position. They walk him. Which is the right move for opposing managers. JD and Cespedes aren’t enough protection. We miss a healthy VMart. Also, Kinsler has been clearing the table the wrong way a lot lately.

I admit I am a very intense fan of Miguel. It seems since he won the Triple Crown everyone expects him to be the same Miggy he was that magical year. His struggles take center stage no matter what is going on with the rest of the team. Greg’s comment regarding Miggy missing Victor in the lineup is probably spot on.

3rd place in the AL Central – say it ain’t so! Turn the page, fellas!

remember: its memorial day, not labor day

The sole team leading the division by this day to end as division leader in 2014 were the Tigers if ESPN in español was accurate

Cabrera, without Victor behind him, is being pitched differently. He could stand up there and draw walks every AB but who wants that? So he tries to get something done and you get more singles than homers. I thought this was obvious?
What is definitely obvious is that some people are expecting too much from this one guy. I can’t even believe we continue to have this conversation. Let it go.

I agree it has a lot to do with Vmart Ive said that which was also dismissed On here. But 2 months into the season his day /night splits are dramatically different. At some point it can’t just be a statistical anomaly when is that point? Those day night/ splits have zero to do with Victor. But I will never bring it up again or suggest it might be something else like his vision or he has to do better.

Oh he very well could have a vision issue that’s being worked through. There are many people who read our comments here but don’t comment themselves and I was addressing Tiger fans as a whole. There is some crazy stuff out there.

One last evidence for Miguel:

He is not the problem. The team being unable to hit well and play functional baseball when he is “off” is the problem. The “spectre” of Miggy in or out of the lineup, hitting or not hitting should not spill over to the rest of (and particularly the middle of) the lineup.
Joyner probably shold be chatting with Cespedes. Yoenis ai a bit of an enigma. He rarely walks but which suggests aggressiveness but very often won’t shwing at the first two pitches. So he is not taking pitches to walk he is taking them for some other (unknown to me) reason. He takes too many pitches that are gifts to whack and then falls behind in the count. Someone should remind him that players lose about 40 points in Batting average when behind 0-1.
100 points when behind 0-2.
Miggy is a pretty darn good first pitch hitter. Cespedes should learn something here.
Casty has been swinging more on first pitch-his problem is that he more often than not fouls it off-thus putting him at 0-1 (and 40 points off!)
This club really needs Cepedes to play up to his power potential.
As to Kinsler. Man- is this ever getting ugly. He needs a break. I don’t expect any better hitting fro a replacement but they have to do something to get Ian thinking right again.
Machado took a bit of heat from yesterday’s performance which was not pretty. But one can see he is capable of some pretty fine defense. Still, I am a little puzzled why they would recall a shortstop for the presumably few games Iggy will miss when they have Romine who is more than adequate for short periods and actually able to generate some action and production when given the opportunity. He has a knack for a well-timed stolen base, good base-running and the occasional important base hit.
Splitting playing time among 3 middle infielders with no power seems to be a pretty inefficent way of managing your bench.

what bench? lol

Those are all good points, Dan. I said yesterday that it had always seemed easy to pitch to Cespedes and maybe this is why. He needs a good hot streak; that would help a lot.

The consensus here… they are trying Machado before DFA Pérez
Pérez was traded in Venezuela to Tigres, Guillén ´s team

At least that would be a reason for starting him yesterday, El T. The only one I can see right now. Interesting point.

we probably could have gotten SOMETHING for perez a few months ago…

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