Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Astros

The good news for Jose Iglesias is that his bruised left knee remains a day-to-day injury after X-rays and an MRI showed no major structural damage. With a day game and a West Coast flight today, he might not have played even if he was feeling perfectly fine. Andrew Romine gets the start at shortstop. Dixon Machado is headed up from Triple-A Toledo (presumably in time for the game, despite the traffic mess) to fill Kyle Lobstein’s roster spot, but is mainly depth for the time being. Bryan Holaday gets the start behind the plate, catching Anibal Sanchez for the third consecutive start.

The Astros, meanwhile, give Jose Altuve his first day off this season. Marwin Gonzalez starts at second base, while George Springer moves to leadoff.

tigers1957logoTIGERS (career numbers off Roberto Hernandez/Fausto Carmona)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (0-for-2, K)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (4-for-22, double, 3 walks, 6 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (14-for-39, 2 doubles, 3 HR, 2 walks, 8 K’s)
  4. J.D. Martinez, DH
  5. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (2-for-2, 2 doubles)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Rajai Davis, RF (9-for-21, 2 doubles, walk, K)
  8. Bryan Holaday, C
  9. Andrew Romine, SS (0-for-1)

P: Anibal Sanchez

astrosreallyoldlogoASTROS (career numbers off Sanchez)

  1. George Springer, RF
  2. Marwin Gonzalez, 2B (2-for-4)
  3. Luis Valbuena, 3B (1-for-3)
  4. Evan Gattis, DH (1-for-3, double, K)
  5. Colby Rasmus, LF (4-for-19, HR, 2 walks, 11 K’s)
  6. Chris Carter, 1B (0-for-6, 5 K’s)
  7. Jason Castro, C (2-for-11, 2 doubles, 4 K’s)
  8. Jonathan Villar, SS
  9. Jake Marisnick, CF

P: Roberto Hernandez


Cafardo, Sundays Notes:
Indications are that Martinez should be able to return from his disabled list stint because of soreness in his surgically repaired knee as soon as he’s eligible.

Let’s hope so. This lineup doesn’t work without him.

An interesting matchup. The team with the most HRs in baseball facing a pitcher who has shown a significant penchant for giving them up.

I was hoping McCann would catch Sanchez. Oh, well. Hoping he has a good game. Go Tigers!!

Awesome start …

You dont want Oso Blanco Gattis with the bases loaded

Well considering the tiger’s have a 2 run minimum. …Anibal has already given up too much.

Two run maximum I mean.

What? Why would you not walk Gattis and go for a DP?

very discouraging already

Another bad start. It’s a shame, because when he’s on, there’s is no one better.

Sanchez annual trip to DL? Who’s next from Toledo?

Rod is right. These guys are covering the entire plate and half of the other batting box. Need to come inside hard a few times. Hit one if you have to.

For all the grief JV has taken for declining and being hurt……he was never as bad as Sanchez is this year. Pretty damn disappointing.

And now you get caught stealing……excellent. Start couldn’t be much better.

Impressive job by Romine. With all these infielders here it is time to give Kinsler a blow. He is starting to get obsessed with the LF seats and is a negative offensively right now

dadgummit……Gose would have been tying run

Hope the 5 runs helps him out and settle in.

Now get mean, Sanchez.

omg! 5 runs. Now can Anibal settle down?

Well good for Holaday…..we exceeded our two run max let’s hope Sanchez settles down now.

Question? Roberto Hernandez sounds familiar. Is he the pitcher who had a different name at one time for some strange reason? Cleveland Indians?

Yes, we need a Simon- Hernández match-up

Fausto Carmona

Strategy: Keep Gose off the bases.

It works for both teams

McCosky:Miguel Cabrera in last eight games has come to bat with two outs and nobody on 10 times. Not sure if that means anything, but not optimal

Time to give Kinsler a break

Not optimal at all. Has to affect his focus. Seems like not too long ago some were complaining about Gose’s lack of hitting? And he was hitting above .300 at the time. I didn’t get it. Seems a little critical. He’s been swinging hard and connecting, especially lately.

One more inning and done

Team responds, Sanchez responds.

Maybe 1+ innings.

Sanchez righted the ship and the hitters got hitting. Looks like Ian could need a day off.

time for Al2

Anibal is done, Brad. Don’t wait any longer.

He is playing with fire

Guess Anibal didn’t straighten himself out. Taking out a pitcher too late. Excellent.


I think we all knew with over 110 pitches and missing his spots it was Gorz that screamed “Get this right Brad”. You took a good comeback from Aniba but again failed to recognize the situation once again.
If Ausmus doesn’t start improving he should simply allocate this part of his job to Jeff Jones.

Character time. All eyes on Superman in the late innings

My guess is that Jones was in on the decision. They both screwed up

With Anibal on the mound I guess we can assume its another loss. I wonder how much the other teams pay him under the table to give up homers. Oh wow. He just gave up another to the Astros to tie a game he was leading 7-3 at one point. If I was playing against Anibal I would send a limo to his hotel to make sure he doesn’t miss the game.

I’m not as good as many of you with the finer points of baseball but I knew it was time for Anibal to sit. He had settled down after the first inning but with the Gattis HR and 114 pitches, how could BA let this happen? Now a good series win may be lost and instead a possible split series could happen on any fluke play. The Tigers were hitting Hernandez but what about the Astros’ BP? And then there is the Tigers’ BP.

And now he takes Wilson OUT! After pitching to one batter? Wilson has been one of the better BP pitchers.

Anybody else curious (especially with two strikes) why we haven’t tried to get a high hard one past Gattis?
He seemingly like anythng down so why not change the eye level?

Miguel. ..batting. 342 with 10 homers and 31 rbi / 9 doubles and 1 triple
Gattis…..batting .201 with 8 homers and 28 rbi / 6 doubles and 2 triples.

I guess it’s about making the few hits you get count…..not only about a batting average. That’s what I have been saying is that as terrific as his average is, it seems a little artificial to me.

I’d much rather blame Brad.

With many possible innings to cover in pen why run through so many pitchers now?

I think it’s a combination of CYA and desperation.

Screw it …..these guys exhaust me to know end and that’s from top to bottom including the manager.

We actually got lucky when Carter was stopped at third. Davis couldn’t even get his throw to Cabrera in the air. No way Carter would have been cut down had he been going full speed.

And he had the advantage of the 3-2 count with 2 out.

Maybe, Sánchez reached the downside of the hill. This and two more on his contract

Mighty Miguel strikes out……AGAIN!

I think the Sanchez we saw today is very encouraging. He was done and his manager let him down in not understanding that.
Brad has been very deficient in knowing when his starters have “stopped”.

This is bad. The Astros are running on Davis, for good reason. No one is covering the base in a rundown, so Holiday does so at second. Where was Nick? This is ugly. Well, at least Sanchez only gave up 2 HRs.I

Oakland next and this team will be hard pressed to beat them.
Brutal baseball, no mojo, poor managing, struggling key positional players and an over-rated bullpen that is returning to normal.

Nesbitt has more innings pitched than Gorzelanny. The rookie with no experience above AA has pitched more than any other but Soria and Wilson

I repeat Kinsler needs to sit. He is a liability right now

Had Kinsler being on base.

Still would of list by 1

Redemption time for Nick

So I predicted a split and got it, although it was an odd series. I can’t believe that going up there hacking at everything is a recipe for success, so we’ll see how Houston is going forward.
I think this weekend we missed having Avila behind the plate. Dan asked about changing Gattis’s eye level and I thought the same at the time. It seemed that we pitched to their strength all weekend.
Brad removed Sanchez at the right time, said nobody ever. That was an obvious gaffe, and where are his assistants in all this?
I maintain that Bob Davidson is the worst umpire in baseball on a consistent basis.

Oh yeh. A meaninglessness homer by Miguel.

Well, I’m not going to agree with that, Gk.

When Cespedes played for Oakland, I thought he was a guy that could hurt you but was fairly easy to pitch to. I still think that.

Third place team now. Below the Twins even?

Little Leaguers 12 and under should not be allowed to watch the Tigers when they play like this.

Sure looked like the Tigers might pull it out . Then the Astros put it in high gear and the rest is history. This was a game that could have been won.

personally, Kinsler will respond when Miggy gets his act together….right now
Miggy seems to be consentrating on his stats, rather than his team efforts.
What bothers me is that our announcers keep saying how teams fear him…
obviously,now, they’ve found his weakness….and it’s working.
Kinsler is not at fault here….he’s been the catalyst for this team…Miggy is
the problem…..too much money has clouded his ability.

What does Miggy have to be happy about ? He seems to have that smile on his face most of the time . Looks like they are just showing up at the park.

I don’t mind to get pummeled by a team if it’s their day. But we embarrass ourselves into another loss that we should have won; players no one knows come through for the Astros, and Superstars on the Tigers simply bow down to the pressure. We are now a third place team, and I’m beginning to think that’s where we belong. Easily could have been a four game sweep with grit and grind. It’s missing right now. Kinsler is in the outer limits right now; Rags cannot and should not play right field. Use him at DH if you will, but please get him out of right field; I feel sorry for Anabal;made some corrections, great stuff till he was out. Brad is always a pitch too late. This dummy saw it and everyone else did too. In a certain situation. use your best available pitcher, not one that meets the criteria. Leyland was stubborn like this, and Brad should be a lot smarter.
Miguel’s HR came at the wrong time With due respect to Darline, we needed the big hit when he struck out. This is another loss that is a bitter pill to swallow.
1. The five run respnse in the first.
2. Doc’s hustle.
3. The add on runs which should have been enough to win.
The first HR was the warning sign that Anabal was done. Never should have gone farther. We strike out 14, get 15 hits,score 8 runs and lose. BUMMER!

Poor Miggy is sure taking a beating lately. Personal stats above the team….I doubt it. And I don’t have a problem with him or any other Tiger smiling. I think some expect too much from Miggy, they want him to be the clutch hitter, the catalyst, the clubhouse leader. He might not make every Tiger fan happy, but he is a guy that some other teams would love to have.

Yes. And that is a fact that needs to be taken in consideration when the time is right.

Love Miggy. ….wouldn’t trade doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to do better. He has 6 rbi in last 10 games….5 of those ten games he didn’t get any.
He’s not driving in runs at the same pace we he needs to be especially without Vmart to come in behind him. He has a whopping 4 rbi in all night games with 1 hr. That’s a giant issue since most games played after dark?
Anibal has to do better. Ian has to do better.

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