Ausmus: Tigers met with V-Mart postgame for DL move

The decision to put Victor Martinez on the 15-day disabled list, Brad Ausmus said, came out of a postgame meeting Monday night that included Tigers brass, including owner Mike Ilitch. It also included Victor Martinez, who pleaded his case to avoid the DL.

The decision, however, had already been made.

“He was upset,” Ausmus said. “He wasn’t upset in an angry way; he was upset because he didn’t want to go on the DL. He’s got a warrior mentality, and he fully wanted to show he teammates that he could play through pain, but I think it finally came to the realization to him that it was more than just pain — it was an injury that had to be taken care of. …

“As emotional as it was, Victor, he’s a good person, so I think he understood it. He didn’t want to have to go on the disabled list, but I think deep down he understands why.”

When Ausmus got the managerial job a year and a half, he talked about the difficulty of cutting players and dashing players. This didn’t compare quite like that, but it wasn’t easy either.

“It was difficult. And it wasn’t a short conversation. We spoke for while. Sometimes you’ve got to. I’ve got kids, and sometimes you’ve got to give them bad news. Victor’s obviously not my kid, he’s much too old, but he’s a great person, and I care about him. It’s hard to give good people bad news, news they don’t want to hear.”

Asked if Ilitch had anything to say, Ausmus said, “I would keep any conversation with Mr. Ilitch to myself.”

Here’s what else we know coming out of Ausmus’ pregame session Tuesday:

  • Martinez aggravated the injury at the top of his left knee – not the meniscus area, but above it – against Kansas City at the start of the last homestand. He was coming off an encouraging series in Chicago before that. From that point on, his at-bats seemed to regress. “We kept seeing signs that he was getting better, and still being able to play,” Ausmus said. “By the end of the game last night, we just felt like we’ve slid too far backwards, and he needed to be off the field,” Ausmus said.
  • When Martinez had four days out of the lineup, he had a cortisone shot in his knee. Monday was the test to see if it made a difference. “Watch the video, he ran as well as he has run all year down that line,” Ausmus said. “It’s just when he hit the bag, it grabbed him just similarly to the way when he jumped out of the way of certain pitches. He’s probably no worse today than he’s been on any other day. It just looked bad after he hit the bag.”


This move took too long, but I understand its dynamics. So, no faultfinding. Just get V-Mart healthy and fill the requisite holes. Later on, just sue the shit out of everyone V-Mart. Just kidding.

Maybe I’m not kidding. Diagnosis, prognosis , treatment and outcome never got on the same page. If folks get paid for getting it done, what about those folks who don’t? Accountability seems in order.

Will Wally Joyner please tell Cespedes he is NOT Joe Mauer.
He can’t afford to put himself behind in the ount every single at bat. Doesn’t matter if he gets one down the middle or not he generally will not swing. Suddenly he is behind 0-1 then swings wildly at a breaking ball to get really far behind.
His bat avg with 2 strikes is pretty woeful.
Smarten up and make yourself a better hitter.

Just out of curiousity, but it seems like only 4-5 folks regularly contrbute to this blog. Is it really this boring? MLBN goes for opinion and debate. It seems like outsiders/opinions are shunned here. Hey, cannot mess with Texas, build a fence!

I would have to disagree with you – we get heated here often, however this has mainly been a very agreeable blog where folks express themselves without getting lambasted like on many other blogs where things get downright nasty. I don’t even look at other sites, lots off folks here with some fantastic baseball insights and Tiger history

Sanchez is having another sucky game. Guess he wants to go to the A-S Game and figures his only chance is as a Home Run Derby pitcher. Back-to-back-to-back! Nothing cheap.

6 bleeping runs with 2 outs….gotta be kidding. I’ll check in on the score every so often but with a team that seems destined to score 2 runs a night it would take a miracle.

Well, okay. I sometimes like listening to myself as many of you other listeners do.

Verlander will comeback next July

Yoenis! Thanks for proving my point. The very next bat he did the same damn thing.

As Miggy goes, so goes the the Tigers.

Okay. Sanchez got rocked again for whatever reasons(?). Maybe no command and fastball was not there? I am starting to like Wilson a lot.

Hey! Lotsa fun so far. Best thing the Tigers have going is Wilson, the guy ElT doesn’t like.

Just put Romine at 3rd. Nick has to be the worst defensive 3rd baseman in MLB.

The stats would back you up, defensively.

Castellanos has been better defensivel IMO. Now compared to last year that does not exactly say a lot.
My problem with him is his hitting does not justify a starting position on a contender. Then again, I’m not so sure this team is a contender. They seem to have no identity, often play to the level of the opposition and are astoundingly inconsistent and dependant on one guy to make them whole.
I don’t know how the hitting can do this same thing year in and year out where it seems they are eating out of opposing pitchers’ hands.

Yes, he’s a tad better which says to me he’s probably the worst defensive 3rd baseman in MLB.

Casty probably needs to be dished out a little humble pie. Perhaps a demotion might actually help him.

Hey, Darline, I try to comment on this blog. Maybe being from Illinois causes others to doubt my allegiance, I don’t know. Right now I can’t find anything else to say about this team. I try to be optimistic. Anibal really blew it but the rest og the team is stymied by this Nelson? Just incredible.

So happy I didn’t shell out for a ticket to see this crap on this chilly night.

Are they bummed out because of the departure of Victor?

Well, it’s not like they didn’t know he was hurt. I don’t think that’s it. jmo, thouh.

Any one watching base ball knew VMART has been hurt . Maybe DD has been praying for a miracle . However he will be on the DL for awhile . Tigers bats had better start showing up . Kansas City gets yet anothert win . Tigers gotta figure out how to get a win tomorrow night .

There is no team leader…just a team slugger….a biug kid who likes to have fun…
enough is enough…get serious! Put your heads together guys….try emulating
the KC team, they’ve got their heads together.

There is no team leader…just a team slugger….a big kid who likes to have fun…
enough is enough…get serious! Put your heads together guys….try emulating
the KC team, they’ve got their heads together.

I want to reply to Darline, who does indeed add useful content to the blog here. I can only speak for myself, obviously. This is my 10th year participating on Jason’s blog and I used to comment a lot (probably too much). I get ten years older and begin to run out of things to say. I know my comments are much briefer than they used to be, and also more benign. Sometimes it feels like I’m watching the same game over and over and that I’m repeating myself.
We do need new voices so please keep volunteering your thoughts. I’ll try to get more engaged.
By the way, I rarely comment during games because I’m busy watching.

I almost never comment during games, because if I complain or get excited by the end of the game my comments might look really silly since the game changes quickly. I can’t complain about a pitcher screwing up the first inning when I know darn well they could pitch fine the rest of the game

Quote of the game, ” The Tigers got something going with two outs in the 8th.” Tells you how much Mario knows. This was a truly humiliating effort by the team tonight. One of the worst teams in the Majors makes mincemeat of the team two straight nights. Going throu the motions. No passion! No grit! So many AB’s so one or two pitches. Sanchez is in a fog. Collins is not the answer. Miggy is so impatient at time, tying to carry this team on his back. Cespedes nor Nick don’t know what a walk is. We are fooling know one if we think this team makes the playoffs this year. Yes, we haven’t had the full team healthy yet, but two runs or less in 19 of 40 games does not lead to the playoffs. Right now this a dysfunctional team at worst, and average at best. My loyalty does not waver, but the expectations were set too high!
1. Alex Wilson.
2. The Gose peg.
3. Kinsler’s leadership.
Look out for Lohse. Right now we are primed for the broom!

People rip on Lobstein but he’s been a better and more consistent pitcher then Sanchez has this year.

It appeared Sanchez fell into the same mechanical problems as during his earlier woes. Jeff Jones couldn’t fix him in game this time. At any rate, we’ve barely played above .500 baseball since he arrived here, no matter how well he pitches.

This team is not as good as they looked the first couple of weeks, but they can still compete. It will be a struggle however. The lineup is built to revolve around Miggy and Victor and doesn’t work so well when one of them is ailing or struggling.
Ironically, the bullpen has been very good. The defense is very good. Overall, not a bad team but not a power. There has also been some bad breaks.
All in all, expecting them to win more than they have been may be a frustrating experience for fans.

I bet we will start seeing media blabbler about the devastating injuries they have had to key players this year.
Truth is they may have been key players but not THIS year. And one could argue the team has been improved by attrition. Soria over Nathan, McCann over Avila, any minor leaguer with two legs over Victor.
I won’t go as far as to say Lobstein over Verlander but the won loss record between the two would probably not have been too significant .
Injuries haven’t hurt this team as much as focus, and connection.
As Greg said, they appear dysfunctional.

I read at least four blogs each day . However I may not comment on each one. I try not to be very negative . That being said Tigers gotta get in high gear. Two or three runs a night will not make it . When you lose 2 games to the Brew Crew there are problems . John is right they need a team leader and they need to show passion . It looks like they are just going thru the motions .

Well said Rich. Appreciate your comments as well Darline. I comment much less than I used to. I think I started back in 04 or 05. Honestly, I don’t do enough baseball homework to contribute at the level most of you do. Plus I just get lazy. But I still keep up with the blog for the most part. Only saw the last 3 innings of tonight’s game. 3 hits, ouch. But this team has its moments. I actually like this team better than most since 2006. Iglesias is a special talent, very entertaining to watch. Gose actually dives for balls and seems to have an excellent arm for a CF. Cespedes plays excellent D as well. McCann looks like he can handle catching. Miggy is a legitimate gold glover. Kinsler is as good as anyone at 2nd. JD is coming around a bit. Casty has his moments. So they laid an egg tonight…..Uh, maybe 3 nights in a row. Unfortunately their offense tends to be streaky. Still the D, overall, hasn’t been nearly this good in a while. VMart and Verlander have been injured. Those are 2 big pieces missed. BP is near average. Soria much better than average. We have been spoiled by great SP for some seasons now. This year there is a bit of an identity crisis with SP. But they still hold their own. Biggest disappointment for me has been Sanchez. What’s going on with him? If he doesn’t get it together, SP is a little thin to pick up the slack. And when is JV coming back? El T, why do you say next July? Did I miss something or are you saying he won’t fully recover this year?
I do think, and maybe naively, that this team might be better built for post season than Tiger teams we’ve seen in recent years. Offensive speed and defense finally present. Question is, can they get there over 162? AL Central is so far the strongest division in baseball.

This July, he will be pitching again according to some sources

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