Miguel Cabrera’s 400 homers by the numbers

The home-run log at baseball-reference is a tremendous resource when anyone comes up on a milestone home run. In the case of Miguel Cabrera’s 400 career home runs, it’s a treasure trove of trivia, statistics and trivial statistics. You know about the ratio of Tigers homers (262) to Marlins homers (138), but among the tidbits:

  • Cabrera has hit home runs off 278 different Major League pitchers. Bruce Chen and Phil Hughes top the list, having surrendered five each.
  • Just over half — and by that, I mean one home run more than half — of Cabrera’s 262 homers as a Tigers have come at Comerica Park. By contrast, less than half of Cabrera’s home runs as a Marlin — 65 of 138 — came at Dolphin Stadium. In all, Cabrera has hit more homers on the road (203) than at home (197).
  • The only other Major League park to host at least 15 of Cabrera’s home runs is Cleveland’s Progressive Field, which has seen 23.
  • Cabrera has homered in 37 different ballparks. One current park he has not homered out of is the new Marlins Park. In fairness, he had a groin tear in his only series there at the end of the 2013 regular season.
  • The Indians (38), Twins (35), White Sox (25) and Royals (22) top the list of Cabrera’s home run victims. The only National League team with at least 20 is Washington/Montreal with 21.
  • Though Cabrera has a well-earned reputation for opposite-field power, he still has pulled more of his home runs, according to baseball-reference — 166 to left, 87 to left-center, then 70 to right, 70 to center and 28 to right-center.
  • Cabrera has by far more home runs on the first pitch (91) than any other count. Next-closest is the 0-1 pitch with 52. The lowest? He has two home runs on 3-0 pitches. He also has more home runs on 0-2 pitches (19) than 2-0 (11), probably because so many pitchers choose to walk him when he gets to 2-0.


Great stuff Jason. Thanks for writing this up. Really fun to read all of those stats in anticipation of number 401 tonight!! Go Tigers!! Let’s get out the broom!!

nice stats! Hey if they kept stats on telling jokes, smiling and having fun, Miggy would also lead the league there as well.

Great play by yoenis

RHB and he was leaning to RF

National TV Psaint Drying Contest.
Simon is the most boring pitcher I have seen in a Tiger uni in a long time.
I can’t see how he can possibly win 15 games.
Lynn seems to have complete control over the strike zone.
Hope we can bust some bats out pretty soon.
Cards have a good pen so simply running up the pitch count is not a strategy to rely on.

Made a comment a while ago about the wastefulness and uselessness of Perez on the roster. It was commented on that he was there as inssurance if Jose has problems (injury-wise). Well- not sure why Romine simply doesn’t fulfill that role or Dixon Machado should a DL stint ever be needed. Perez is not going to get any better wasting on the bench and realistically not much better even if he were to be playing.
It won’t be long before we start seeing some of the youn’uns from Toledo. Krol seems to have been banished. He certainly hasn’t hurt himself the way he has pitched in AAA. And Cabrera has thrown very well. Management really needs to keep a short leash on some of the guys they have been accustomed to and overly loyal to.

Fire the defensive coordinator, Castallanos gave Holiday the 2B

Ya gotta accept the fact that Nick is more offense than defnese. And that is hard to do considering you analyze his offense. At some point Nick has to become more than “potential”.
Josh Donaldoson with the Jays sprawls and gobbles up Peralta’s single.
I still have hope for Nick but I don’t see the natural athletic ability that other “phenoms” have. He will likely be, at best, a .270- .280 hitter with 15 homers and 70 RBIs.
Not enough to compromise your lineup.
And yes, I like the guy.

We have a catcher who can hang onto the ball. What an arm Cespedes has.

Gorzelanny has been a huge disappointment. He’s kind of a bookend to Joba.

Well the boys sure didnt put their hitting shoes were not put on today.

Not over yet, gk. 1 run to tie.

Alex who?

Did Wong catch that clean? It almost looked like he trapped it.

Can’t win them all.
I agree with Dan’s comments regarding Nick. I expected to see much more after all the hype about how good he is. On the other hand, I am liking what McCann is doing.

Pitching was fine, defense good….hitting left a bit to be desired. All in all pretty good to take 2 from cards in their house.

I think that these ESPN guys are possibly more annoying than Buck and McCarver.

Good game. The ESPN crew talks a little too much (especially Schilling) but I give them big time props for sticking to the game at hand. Beats the heck out of Fox 1.
By the time Avila gets back, there may no longer be a job there. McCann is learning quickly.
Until his dust up with Matheny in the 8th, Larry Vanover was as good as Carapazza was bad yesterday.

McCann has done a great job filling in . Taking 2/3 from the Cards is better than I expected . Nothing to be ashamed of for the Tigers.

1. Never really out of the game. Had a chance to tie or go ahead in the 9th.
2. Ian’s bunt single.
3. Yoennis’ peg was super; JMac’s play was super plus!
Good three game series on the road. KC back on top for the moment; moving toward Sparky time.

can to sweep a team like that. they do many of the little thins right. terrific catcher. good series really. what was wrong with joba – sheesh. hopefully nesbit rebounds.

*hard to sweep…

Successful series against a quality baseball team. McCann can actually field throws from the outfield (and infield), he made a fantastic throw to nail a SB attempt and hit and ran the bases like a non-catcher. He seems to be the real deal.
A timely long-ball from our 4-5-6 hitters would have been nice but maybe another time.

When is MLB going to investigate Chris Davis’s Steroid use in 2013? Because in found guilty it would result in Miggy getting back to back Triple Crowns. Chris Davis has never had a year like that EVER!. He ows Miggy an apology and a Triple Crown!!!!!

He had medical authorization to use medication for ADD and it was revoked without a reason. While there has been abuse ,some really need it to live a normal life ( eg: Tejada).

the problem, of course, is determining who really needs it and who paid their doctor to say they really needed it. wasn’t ARoid prescribed steroids the year he did all that damage?

does anyone know if there is a relationship between playing ST and being physically worn down in the fall? Not youngsters, but older players (30+).

I love to watch this Tigers team play defense, and I haven’t been able to say that since 1987. Opposition rallies are being snuffed out before they even get started.

kill rallies, win games. win games, win series, win series, go to playoffs. get to playoffs, watch bullpen implode. [grin]

seriously though, the defense is exciting. Rich — what is more exciting to you: a good defensive team, or one good on the base paths?

“Bruce Chen and Phil Hughes top the list, having surrendered five each.” Both Chen and Hughes are excellent pitchers. This goes to show that Cabrera is one of the best hitters ever. I like how Cabrera is a showman who teases fans, donates to charity and always smiles for the cameras.

Ugh Lober….Two solo shots. Ugh

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