Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Cardinals

Left-hander Tyler Lyons draws the Tigers’ right-handed heavy lineup. Between injuries and no DH, all that means is Rajai Davis starting in center field over Anthony Gose. Right-handed batters are hitting .261 (75-for-287) with a .770 OPS against Lyons for his career, compared with .191 (18-for-94) with a .539 OPS from left-handed hitters. Davis, meanwhile, is 9-for-29 with two doubles, a triple and a home run off lefties this season.

The Cardinals get Randal Grichuk back from the disabled list and immediately put him atop the batting order against David Price. Peter Bourjos moves down to eighth, while Jason Heyward gets the day off against the left.

Reminder: First pitch is 2:15pm ET, an hour later than the usual day game thanks to the time change.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio


  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-1, walk off Lyons)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS
  9. David Price, P


  1. Randal Grichuk, RF
  2. Matt Carpenter, 3B
  3. Matt Holliday, LF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  5. Mark Reynolds, 1B
  6. Yadier Molina, C
  7. Kolten Wong, 2B
  8. Peter Bourjos, CF
  9. Tyler Lyons, P


One of the most encouraging aspects of the last two games is the fact that Miggy (and supporting cast) has been that this has been done without Victor. Hopefully the time off for Victor will be beneficial for him. I am still not convinced that a stint on the DL is not in order.

I sure hope Gorzelanny is able to do a better job against LHB. He looked terrible yesterday against Wong and Heyward.

I’ll bet Ian Kinsler is not happy that he will not face Lackey this weekend. Ian has tagged him for 4 homers in his career!
Should we start a good natured pool on when Ian will get #1 this year?
Ian has been a rock this year- so no sarcasm intended. Though I do wonder where that home-run ability he has has gone to.

Kinsler switched to a smarter approach. And you don’t see all those pop ups, do you? Forget the homers.

Way to go Miggy!! Number 400 to dead center. What a blessing to watch Miggy when he’s on. Think we’re going to get this game in? If it’s not an official game and it get’s called, does that mean Miggy will have to hit number 400 a second time?

That’s right. Got to go five.

I think someone really goofed. Didn’t they know rain was coming? If I was paranoid, I would think the Cardinals planned this to get rid of Price. I believe the home team decides if the game can start but then the umpires have charge after that. If this delay is long enough, Price may not come back out. If there is a rain-out, Miggy’s HR is also washed away.

That’s right home team decides if it starts….umps make all other decisions. I’d hope the Cards wouldn’t do that. I know white soxs mess with that stuff

OK Rich. I will forget them.

May as well, since they’re not there! 🙂

Where’s weather man Evan with a forecast?

Looks like a good day for a night game. About 6 PM? Meanwhile Miggy has 399.5 homers.

Looking at St Louis weather radar its almost past.

That’s not a good first inning for Price. Never mind the HR. It’s the 30 pitches. I always figure 15 per inning.

Very generous strike zone for 1 pitcher today anyway?

It is official, the 400 goes to the record

Able to watch live today on Fox Midwest Sports. Did I hear that right? Price has given up 3 HR until today and now 3 more?

Yes that is correct

His change-up in not working

Too many Cardinal solo shots. …..way too many tiger’s stranded runners way to many might just cost them this game.

I just got home. Oh, mercy. It will be a miracle if David makes it out of this still tied.

Good job by Heyward to not score on that obvious scoring opportunity. Great job by Price and Nesbit.

What the hell is wrong with Ausmus?
Perez? He is giving away an out and then has to burn a reliever who has thrown less than a handful of pitches.
At least it should be Victor against the southpaw.

That was downright stupid as well as pathetic. I don’t see what this club seems to see with Perez.

Price is a quality pitcher and a class act. He pitched deep again for a quality start, which is even more impressive given rain delay issues. He stays in the dugout, waits to personally pass the ball off to his reliever and competes impressively. Price doesn’t make the game all about him. He’s a gamer in the ilk of Warren Spahn, or several others from that era.

He’s mature an not self-centered.

I’ll go with that.

So now it will need to be an inferior pitcher to toe the slab. What a waste.

My thoughts exactly. Is Victor that lame right now? A right handed chance to bat.
How is Perez ever going to get in the swing of things this season?

Even thoug David had trouble with the tater tots today he was certainly impressive. Especially getting Carpenter when it really, eally counted.
I fully expect Joba to be at the centre of a controversy tomorrow in Tiger fandom

Throw up on a walk.

Peralta is killing us. I wish he was playing third.

I don’t know how he can leave Joba in there.

Caught a terrific break right there. Way to go, Miggy!

Joba owes Miggy dinner if he gets out of this.

Nesbitt has been pitching a lot recently, I thinks he was there for that out. He is taking over Al2 ´s job

I honestly don’t understand what management thinks when it comes to Joba. We are unbelievably lucky to not be behind after he came in. They can’t be so obtuse so as to think he can actually be depended in tight and important situations.
Ane Perez? They are trying to protect his waiver status and in doing so are adding zero value to their bench and diminishing any trade value he had as a player able to attact any meaningful compensation.
Sorry for going on about this.

Oh, merciful heaven another walk.

make casty bunt

of course not. C’mon Brad–be a real manager

JD out, Gose in as well as Romine—at least in my managerial world of strategy

Good job by Rajai.

I generally regard Davis as mediocre in the OF, but he came up huge on that play.

Damn- not sure why Soria didn’t try to change the eye level of Adams. Tough break with the home plate ump not remembering his own strike zone
Soria scuffling here

What a game!

Miggy has jump started his team.

That was some great game! Fielding gems by Rajai and Miggy. Iggy came through with a hit when it really counted. Hardy did well against a tough team. I haven’t seen Soria as much as the rest of you but he didn’t seem as sharp today. Do I dare get my broom out tomorrow?
Oh! 400!!!!!

Cespedes has generally been a real plus for this team. Have heard his hustle being questioned in the past but have been very impressed with that attribute in as a Detroit Tiger

No way does Ausmus sub in Davis for JD for defensive purposes. Davis takes poor routes and his arm is barely CF-worthy. On the other hand, JD usually takes decent routes, has an arm the other teams respect and can run okay. The topper to the deal is that JD is a much better hitter, especially over the last 7 games should his spot come up in the order, and has real good pop.

To me, Davis has proven a very pleasant surprise for the Tigers. He is going on 35 and has put on pounds over the last 10 years. But the guy still competes and can still play, especially in situations suited for his success.

All turned out well for the Tigers . Remember tomorrow night is a 8 pm ESPN game.

I think Darline commented earlier about what a quality guy DP is. Watch him in the dugout; he is the team’s biggest cheerleader, whether he’s on the mound or not. At the end of tonight’s game, he was first out of the dugout to congratulate his team. What a gust of refreshing air; thanks David for being a Tiger. The bird was a ;ittle tougher tonight, but it surely tasted good again. We are starting to get a little grit about us; need more of that to hang with the Royals. As far as Miggy goes, all of the superlatives have been used; thanks Mr. Dombroski for allowing us to see this little boy of baseball, play like a superman.
1. Thanks to the Cardinals for some lousy base running on their part; we couldn’t have won without you.
2. I continue to be amazed at how improved the overall defense is this year from last.
3. The Price strikeout of Carpenter in the 7th.
Kudos to Ian, Igloo, Miggy, and Nicky. Another good hitting night, albeit runs were a little tougher to come by. Soria showed how good he is because he labored in the ninth, yet still got the job done. Do we dare think Broom Time? A stretch maybe, but at least plausible now.

It was a good one. My feeling about Gose coming in for JD is simply he is a better CFer than Rajai and Rajai can track balls down that JD can’t.
It is not a crucial move by any means, but it is an upgrade. Another plus is that by the time the late innings roll around a LHB can be a good offset to a RHB as many late inning relievers are RHP–and Gose is hitting over .350.
Romine for Casty is a more obvious late inning replacement scenario–my point is that Gose was brought in to PH and then his speed and glove is wasted in possible late-innings.

FWIW: Davis is second in UZR/150 while Gose is last and Martinez is 7th among Tigers players.
DRS Davis 2, Gose 0 and JD -1
E? Gose 2, JD 1 , he has misplayed the ball more than once while Davis has yet to make his first.
Davis used to be a great CF, still has some in the tank
Cespedes is the best OF of the team
Gose Babip :515, 29,9 % SO rate , he will crash hard.

To me, Davis is only mediocre. You are correct in saying he has some left in the tank, but he doesn’t have enuff to play everyday and baserunners will go on him, whereas they seldom do that on Cespedes or JD. Moreover, I’ve seen Davis take lots of poor routes, only to be saved by his athleticism.Lastly, no way I want JD out of the lineup, particularly when he is hot.

Besides, JD is not Nick. He’s solid and doesn’t need a caddy like Nick needs Romine.

Weather report for St Louis not looking good. Can Tigers break the habit of not playing well on national TV? Will they be too anxious to get home for the Brewers?

We are very fortunate to have both Gose and Rajai. One factor late in ball games is OF arms. They are a bit like Mastercard….priceless.
We got a huge break on a bad decision by Holliday yesterday. Good for us because if Gose were out there he would not even have considered trying for 2nd.

Scheduling the finale of a one-off series for 8 pm on Sunday is not a very bright move, but we’re talking ESPN here. It makes about as much sense as conducting All Star voting in May.
Brad has succeeded in resting Victor for three days now. One to go.
I’ve assumed Perez is on the roster because management is wary of Iggy’s health.
Is there a separate BABIP for fast runners who beat out a lot of infield nubbers?

no there is not said BABIP. it is also a function of ballpark.

STL weather does not look promising for an on-time start tonight. Don’t know how late they would start a game before calling it? Eastern MO weather report from Dr. Oswald?

Yeah Jay I’m 50/50 on this one. It could just miss to the east — or it could direct hit.

Evan, is the title a recent (PhD accomplishment? If so, congrats!

oh naw i just rebuilt my home computer and needed to reenter my info here. i got a phd in 2013 (atmo. sciences)….hence the weather forecasting penchant. However, my current job is ending soon….and i’m trying to get a job as an MLB data analyst.

A little tidbit from GWilson on the BYB site: 80 years ago

The only other time in franchise history that the Detroit Tigers have won three straight games while posting at least 13 hits and a team cycle in each game was July 1935. That club featured Hall-of-Famers Cochrane, Gehringer, Greenberg, and Goslin in the 2 through 5 spots in the lineup and brought a World Championship to the city.

GWilson is great – always enjoy his stats

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