Price optimistic about making next start (updated)

David Price spent Saturday morning undergoing an MRI exam on his injured right hamstring, which revealed a mild strain. The Tigers will hold off until early next week on a decision regarding his next start, but Price sounded optimistic as of Saturday morning.

“I feel fine,” Price said.

Manager Brad Ausmus has some flexibility with the rotation to wait a couple extra days on Price thanks to Monday’s off-day. Though Price’s turn in the rotation comes up next Thursday against the Twins, Ausmus could move up Anibal Sanchez and Shane Greene to pitch without the extra day of rest, and wait on Price as late as Saturday in St. Louis, when the Tigers would need a fifth starter.

Price injured his hamstring when he stepped on Alex Gordon’s bat while backing up home plate on Gordon’s seventh-inning RBI single. Home-plate umpire Alan Porter tossed Gordon’s bat out of the home-plate area to avoid any potential contact with Eric Hosmer, who was rounding third. At nearly the same time, Price was running to back up home and ended up where the bat landed, stepping on the bat with his right foot and rolling it.

“He just threw it in a bad spot. I know he didn’t mean to,” Price said. “It’s just one of those things that happen. I’m a fan of Al’s, so it’s all right.”

Price has yet to miss a start as a Tiger. He missed six weeks as a Ray around this time two seasons ago with a left triceps strain.


Smyly and Jackson on DL, Price injured.Someone should call Adames

Franklin had a day off of his rehab, in case you were wondering

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Price seems good to go. Speaking of Alan Porter, he is IMO the best ball/strike umpire in MLB. Straight rulebook zone, no giving or taking of certain pitches.
Avila, with his surgical history on that knee, should have been far more proactive. Not smart of him.

What is going on with the Tigers? Sanchez is again throwing HRs and lacks command, Castellanos can neither hit nor field well, JD continues to struggle offensively and now can’t catch, Cespedes is struggling with the stick, JV, AA and Iggy are hurt and Price is a question mark. Given that I have posted this things are now certain to turn around.

DD needs to take a long hard look at the team . Next weekend in St. Louis will not be any easier . Two runs scored at home is not acceptable . Nor will it keep you at the top of the division .

Not a good start for Anibal. Hope he settles down. Guthrie is one KC pitcher who the Tigers usually do well against. They need to get it going before the KC BP gets into it.

Bases loaded. More KC scoring could be too much. Anibal doesn’t have it today. Maybe tomorrow things will look Greene-r.

Hey, hey! Don’t give up yet. Sanchez finally threw an inning without giving up a run.

Not giving up but they aren’t handling Guthrie as well as usual. Miggy still having nightblindness? Oh, wait, it’s daylight.

Tick tock. Time is running short. 5 Tiger runs in the 8th and 9th inning?

Miggy? Miggy Who?

Looks kind of like Sanchez’s rough start caused the rest of the team to become disinterested in the proceedings at hand.

Well just got home it’s going into the 9th……I gather Sanchez stunk again and looking at the box scores Tigers superior lineup (and I use that term loosely ) was befuddled by a below average pitcher? Does that about cover it?

I am finding it harder to sit through a complete game. Where is the excitement, the drive, the swagger?

I missed taking a nap. The Tigers didn’t. I needed something positive here. Wife on chemo. I start radiation soon. California call tells me the IRS has a tax fraud case on me. Refrigerator broke down (23 yrs old). Needed new sump pump. Water softener needs to be replaced. These are our “golden years.”

Hope things go better for you and the wife . I am a cancer pt and have some idea what you are going thru . Not a easy situation at all for any of us . Wishing you the best .

Sanchez just has not been consistent and giving up these home runs on a regular basis! Where is the Sanchez of 2013? At $16MM/yr, I think we could do better by July deadline. The offense stinks and when the SP’s are on the bullpen adds drama and when the SP’s are off, the bullpen is lockdown?? Now they may need another catcher depending on how Doc performs.

Not the same Sanchez they got from the Marlins . Tigers have to turn this around tomorrow . Seems like when Miggy is off the rest follow behind. So many left on base again today, Tomorrow has to be much better .

Wow. What happened? Guess I’ll watch the replay at 8:00pm. 5 earned runs on Anibal.
The loose body in a knee is a first for me. Loose matter is more what I am accustomed to hearing when it comes to a diagnosis. I’m excited to see McCann get the opportunity and Holaday is probably jumping for joy. Was J.D.’s error the reason for the unearned run.
Will be so happy when Iggy can return. When he’s on the field, he plays so hard it’s no wonder he has a strained groin. I don’t know what they are going to do with JD. Something, I hope.
Kansas City is good. Hope we can win tomorrow.

Iggy out until Tuesday? Makes for a very short bench. It seems in spite of all the Tigers’ mediocre performances, aches and pains, the team is hanging in there with a record comparable to most first place teams except the Cardinals.
It could be much worse. Boston talking about a real shake-up, Cleveland and the ChiSox playing poorly, Milwaukee already with a new manager, Colorado losing 8 straight, Seattle not doing well in spite of the King and the Cruz, and the Oakland roster turnover not successful so far.
The Tigers need to play well for a change on national TV Sunday night. Hope Greene can get back to his early season form and wish Miggy could see the ball better at night.

OK, I’ve watched the first few innings. The Royals came out hot. There were some odd hits and that error sure didn’t help. Top of the 3rd inning and Tigers trying to slug their way as usual. Nice hit by Yoenis and good base running. Anibal looks a little frustrated. I’d do just about anything to get on base. The Tigers are very predictable and not very creative as far as getting on base.

OK, the 4th inning and they(KC) are just getting the bat on the ball and they fall in. Just threw to Casty at 3rd. Maybe he was trying to see if Nick was awake.

This team relies so heavily on Miggy. Admit it or not–they do. And when he is off, (which happens more frequently now) they are very unlikely to play anything but “lacklustre” ball.
Shouldn’t be that way but I feel it is.

1 Julio gets a hit.
2. Jobs survives an inning.
3. Nicky gets both ribs.
Nothing else to say, except Miggy is no longer money in the bank.

yesterday we got a lil bit lucky – i said at the time. today, we got a little bit unlucky. It is what it is. Bernie Sanders in 2016.

In fact, season long luck.Their expected record is: 16-15

Looks like Smyly is down for the year with a labrum tear. Surgery is likely.

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