Verlander begins throwing program

Justin Verlander is throwing again. The 2011 American League Cy Young Award winner, sidelined since late March with a right triceps strain, threw 50 times off flat ground Wednesday afternoon after doctors reviewed his MRI exam and decided inflammation had sufficiently subsided.

The Tigers confirmed that Verlander was examined Wednesday by Dr. Anthony Romeo, an elbow and shoulder specialist at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, to review the results.

“He was given the clearance to resume a throwing program designed to return him to full competition,” the team’s statement said.

Shortly after that statement came out, Verlander was at U.S. Cellular Field playing catch with teammate David Price. Ausmus said Verlander told him he felt fine afterward.

It’s still a long way from throwing in a game, and manager Brad Ausmus acknowledged that Verlander likely faces a lengthy Minor League rehab assignment once he’s ready for game action. Still, the clearance means he can at least start making progress.

“He’s not going to be off the mound for a while,” Ausmus said Wednesday afternoon. “There’s no real set timetable. He’s able to throw, he’s able to catch on an everyday, every-other-day basis. It really just depends on how he feels. …

“He’s got to start building up his arm strength again,” Ausmus said, “basically from ground zero. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”


“Samardzija dropped the appeal and will serve the punishment immediately”

I guess Sale wil do the same tomorrow

Scherzer, ERA:2.11. 2-3 Porcello, 4.38. 3-2. W-L is useless for pitchers evaluations

Sale isn’t throwing that many strikes. Fast, yeah, but not too many strikes. Ian could have had a walk.

Well, he’s found his groove now.

Take that, says Victor!!!

Guess Vmart has his guy with binoculars out in left field tonight.

At this rate Simon won’t make it through 6

Two nights in a row a tiger’s pitcher has an inability to throw strikes. Are you kidding me.

Kyle Ryan, Krol (pitched today), or Zeid for tomorrow?

Victor! How sweet it is. First HR off a pitcher like Sale. Great triple by Rajai, too.
How sad both Greene and Simon have no control two nights in a row.

Thinking McCann would of liked some of those pitches for Alfredo that Sale is getting.

Guess Cespedes isn’t as good at throwing guys out. Bounced the ball in.

Slipped out of hand, it happens especially
In cold weather.
Time for Kisler to get dangerous

Heh, the UMP gave him the outside corner and he went for the middle

Run to home on contact , try to keep the inning alive?

I think J D is taking his ABs into the field. Lazy play allowed Johnson to get to third from a standstill

Simon”s strategy must be to get Sale cold in his dugout

Sale got at least 10 pitches called strikes even though they were outside.

How much did the White Soxs pay that ump for some of these strike calls? Honestly

a lot!

Is AL the best idea here in a close game?

This sure has been a long game. At least, it seems that way to me. I hope the Tigers can take it.

Well, can Miggy do something here?


didn’t answer!

Why is Miggy not getting the BIG (game-defining) clutch hits like he use to?

Another crappy AB by Miggy here in the 8th. Pretty disappointing and frankly it’s gotta stop.

Victor is……finally.

Dombrowski is counting on another inexperienced minor league relief pitcher to anchor the bullpen. So far he has had very mixed results with that plan.
Our RHB are dreadful right now. (Except Rajai and Iggy).
JD needs to go to Toledo and the only reason I say him and not Casty is that there is no real option at 3rd. They are both completely and utterly lost

Gotta be f’ing kidding me.

No comment.

Good job Castellanos for that ERROR
Good job Joba for not bailing him out.

I’d like to take Nick’s glove and stomp on it. Joba’s really stinking it up.

I guess they’re gonna just leave Joba out there to blow it……or not.

Too late as usual for Ausmus.

Casty is afraid of the ball. He is the most awkward 3rd baseman I have seen since Don Mattingly.
What a brutal day for the kid.

DD should be real proud of himself for the Joba signing. He did save a lot of money, after all.

These kind of games hurt the losers more than inspire the winners. Deserve to be swept after the way they have been playing.
Not sure why Ausmus felt 7 pitches was too much for Angel.
He sure loves Joba and it seems it will take an act of the divine for Brad to realize he is not going to fulfill the setup role.

No, he’s not a set up man, but Brad must think he can “will” Joba into it.

23 LOB.

Bad baserunning. …why not cap off another crappy night of Tiger’s baseball

Totally disgusted.

Miggy left 5 runners stranded …Cespedes and Castellanos 4. Nick made a very costly error and Joba was not able to overcome. Ausmus typically left him in there too long. Mccann a stupid baserunning error that cost us,at least tying it up.
One of Worst teams in the game making you look pathetic 2 days in a row.
Ticked off

To think that they actually knocked Sale out of there only to have Casty and Joba BLOW the game. This is the second series they have lost this year.

Wobsnosky thinks Joba willbe without a job by 6/1

Welcome to the bigs James! But- not blaming him-heck at least he battles and to play the way he does after digging himself out of the dirt and peeling himself of the backstop today (thanks to Simon) –you gotta appreciate the drive he has.
Can’t afford to lose but when you manager manages dumb it is really even more debilitating. The Joba thing must die. It’s not there.
Horrible discouraging loss for this team.
Back to Casty- why was he even playing the field in the 8th? Because he was 0 fer with 3 Ks and due up in the 9th? C’mon Brad—-think.

There is an option at 3b, Romine cant hit less and has a glove

I’m starting to question Brad’s brain.

Tigre- yes that is true, but winning s teams almost always have big 3rd sackers who contribute with some power.
The truth is they would be further ahead with Romine though.
I just think it is probably more likely we would see JD go down to straighten himself out since he can be directly swapped for speed, defense AND a LHB.
If they send Casty down-who does one call up?

1. VMart gets his legs under him.
2. Julio actually walked three times instead of striking out each AB.
3. Absent the base running blunder, the starting catcher for 2016 had a nice game.

Joba was all hut and no arm tonight. What a disgrace to maintain a tie or lead through 8, get the first two outs, and then give up hit after hit. This Pen is definitely all Bull, minus Gordy, Wilson, and Nesbett.(Soria has been a game saver all year.) Al has lost command, as have Simon and Green. Hardy is up and down. Somebody needs to step up or step aside.
To lose to this team again is a major blow, even early in the season. Miggy’s magic is very inconsistent. He’s burned a lot of runners this year. Nick must be going through the sophomore jinx if there is such an animal. He looks awful. Liked the idea of moving Cespedes up; would move AA or McCann up too, and drop Julio to 7, until or if he gets it going. What started out so promising was our starting pitching. We didn’t need the BP then; now we need somebody in the 4th. or 5th. inning.
Sweep time tomorrow; Abreu and Gaarcia will have a field day with the Lobster; and yet, he is throwing the most consistent in the 3-5 starters. Just wish we could get a clean game that doesn’t take 4 hours and 5 pitchers. This was bad!

Just think folks….more than a hundred games left….I think Miggy’s having too much fun, don’t you? Laughjing all the way to the bank….He has been listening to all these
broadcasters saying how great he is…..well maybe he is, but …so far he has been very disappointing in the clutch….Victor’s the main man.

Some bright spots for the Tigers, but in the end it was an ugly loss when even Sale looked ugly and proved extremely vulnerable. ChiSox fans will bring their brooms to the Yard tomorrow. The mighty Lobstein stands in their way. Here’s hoping!

I’ve been compiling a list of everyone who cost us the game tonight but it might take all night.
That was a garbage game from the start and a sad excuse for big league baseball by both teams, managers, and umpires. I’m going to assume the clubhouse personnel did their jobs correctly.

Why he pulled Gorzelanny and Nesbitt ? Gorzelanny has good numbers vs RH. The later was a starter , he could go two

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