Joe Nathan undergoes Tommy John surgery

Joe Nathan underwent Tommy John surgery and flexor repair on Wednesday. The closer confirmed the news via text message on Thursday, the first day of his rehab.

“Everything went very well,” Nathan texted.

Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press first reported that surgery took place.

Dr. Keith Meister performed the surgery in Texas. The surgery came exactly a week after Nathan left his rehab appearance at Triple-A Toledo with a severe elbow injury, later revealed to be tears of the ulnar collateral ligament and the flexor pronator. The surgery ended his 2015 season after four pitches, a one-out save on Opening Day against the Twins. At age 40, his career is also in serious question, but he said he will rehab with the intention of a comeback attempt.

“Already back in there doing some exercises,” Nathan said.

Given the procedures, he said he’s unlikely to pick up a ball for eight months, which puts the start of next season likely out of range for him.

Nathan remains on the 15-day disabled list for now until the Tigers need an extra spot on their 40-man roster, at which point they would move him to the 60-day DL. Some have asked on Twitter why the Tigers don’t simply release Nathan, but beyond not serving any benefit, it would actually cost them money to do so. For the Tigers to collect any insurance on Nathan’s contract, they would have to keep him on the roster the entire season.


My comment on the above is are the Tigers going to consider moving JD or Cespedes up to ba cleanup until Victor becomes menacing again?

Consider it, yes. Actually do it, no. And I wouldn’t either. Don’t like to mess with a .682 team.
And unless there is some evidence that rest would do Victor any good, I wouldn’t do that either.
Yeah I know, I’m no fun.

Even before the injury, I tough Cespedes belongs in the clean-up spot. He is the prototypical 4th bat.

This is not so dissimilar from the Joe Nathan situation in that I wonder what it would do to VMart to bat 7th. Clearly Brennan Boesch refused to be fixed at the AAA level, and Joe Nathan didn’t see himself doing anything but closing games. I suspect VMart is also this way, but the fans don’t treat him the same because – when healthy – he produces.
If it were me, he’d go right to the 15 day DL. But of course I’m no Brad Ausmus!

And I thought all along that Brad was your older brother, Evan Ausmus.

it was all the noogies, wet willies and wedgies that instilled all my anger towards him. to be fair about the only thing I have a beef with him is the bullpen management and even that has been OK this year.

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