Volquez serves suspension, Royals shuffle rotation

The fallout from last week’s Royals-White Sox fracas began having an impact Monday, when KC starter Edinson Volquez dropped his appeal of the five-game suspension he received for throwing a punch (that missed) at Jeff Samardzija.

Volquez begins serving his suspension Monday. It pushes back his scheduled start against the Tigers by a day, from Friday to Saturday. However, it leaves the Royals needing a spot starter for Friday. According to MLB.com’s Royals reporter Jeffrey Flanagan, that could fall to Chris Young, whose 12 wins for the Mariners last year in his comeback campaign included two victories over the Tigers, both of them six-inning quality starts.

Yordano Ventura’s seven-game suspension remains on appeal, keeping him on track to face the Tigers next Sunday.


Kinsler leadingoff,Iglesias second, Gose 9th.Official

Cris Perez is a FA

Do you think the Tigers will seriously take a look at Perez and/or Soriano? Both seem to have some problems. So what else is new? LOL The Brewers are in a mess. Any word on the status of Broxton, Cotts or F-Rod? More problems?

My understanding is that the Tigers aren’t close on Soriano. Lot of concern about his second half last year. Waiting on Rondon at this point.

It’s been a long wait—-3 years running.

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