Nathan to have Tommy John surgery

Joe Nathan will undergo Tommy John surgery after being diagnosed with tears of the ulnar collateral ligament and flexor pronator in his right arm, ending his season and potentially his career.

The tears are believed to have occurred during his rehab appearance Wednesday for Triple-A Toledo, where he left the game after 10 pitches holding his arm. He had been on the 15-day disabled list for the past two weeks with an elbow flexor strain but was hoping an inning Wednesday for the Mud Hens would be his final step to a return as soon as Friday.
Nathan was examined Wednesday evening in Detroit and received the news.
“There’s no good time to have an injury like that,” manager Brad Ausmus said. “I don’t know that Joe’s done pitching.”
Nathan is expected to be at Comerica Park later Thursday afternoon to talk about his situation.


We get to see how diplomatic Brad is now with the other side of his mouth when referencing his new closer, Soria.

Ausmus further added “…and he’ll resume his closing duties once his recovers” JK JK JK JK

I gotta tell you I know that some are rejoicing about this. For one I think that’s just kinda mean. And secondly if anyone thinks this is good for the effectiveness of the pen I think it’s crazy…he was still better than a lot of pitchers in our pen even if it wasn’t as the closer.

I’m thinking to myself….sure that might be true….lemme go check the stats….and thats when it hit me: Joe has a 0.00 WHIP and a 27K/9 this season! Holy COW – he’s our BEST pitcher! 😄

And you are 100% correct, Gk.

This was the last year of his contract so I don’t think we will ever see Nathan pitching in Detroit again or even pitching anywhere due to his age and long recovery.

It was painfully easy to see the Nathan and Rondon things coming, and that’s why it’s painful.
Of the current relievers on the club, I see only Soria, Alburquerque and Gorzellany here at season’s end.

This year and I read on the Internet 1 million dollar buyout for 2016

There is some insurance. Not clear on the percentage.

Henning said 50%

in my book, it’s a blameless injury. player tried to play thru injury which most will, then rehabbed, and injury worsened with comeback attempt. seems likely he’ll retire. Tigers ended up paying for past performance with Nathan. then again, that’s often the way it goes in free agency.

when it rains it pours: how’s rondon feeling after his rehab session on tuesday – I see no word was given, yesterday?

oh he must be OK if he’s trowing today. well thats encouraging.

I am not rejoicing. I am sympathetic to his situation, he was once an effective closer and it is sad to see this happen to him. It was a bad signing to begin with, and his attitude was something I don’t like to see from any Tiger.

Check twitter. ….a whole lot of nasty low class comments..
Turned out the not be consistently effective but in 2013 he had 1.39 era. So to think it was a mistake at the time. ..I sure didn’t think so. I was excited.

are you implying at the time it was a wise signing? a quick look at his date of birth, injury track record and fastball velocity decline…..all very clear

Sorry to hear about this. I was as frustrated by last year’s performance as most people were, but he was in his late 30s and two years off major arm surgery. Also, it’s never good to hear about a serious injury to a pitcher this late in his career. Nathan was a great reliever for a number of years; just wish some of those years had been as a Tiger.

Joe was fine up until he came to the Tigers. By that time, there was a lot of wear and tear on the arm, especially with TJ surgery in 2010. Most players hang on too long until they injure or embarrass themselves into retirement. My favorite all time Non-Tiger player, Willy Mays, played two years too long, and in the end embarrassed himself. I wish Joe well, but I said from the beginning that it was a bad signing. Thankfully, Soria is in place already, and we can move on minus Joe.


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