Nathan to make rehab appearance in Toledo

Joe Nathan could be ready to return from the disabled list by the end of the week. And the Tigers, in turn, could soon have to make a decision on a closer.

Nathan, who has spent the last couple weeks on the disabled list with a right elbow flexor strain, is scheduled to make a rehab appearance Wednesday for Triple-A Toledo. The Mud Hens have a 10:30 a.m. game scheduled as part of a School Celebration Day promotion, meaning much of the crowd at Fifth Third Field will be school kids on field trips.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Nathan said. “They said I could start the game. I said, ‘No, thank you.’ I said I’ll treat it as a regular routine, but I think that was more so I don’t have to throw at 10:30.”

Though Nathan said he hasn’t discussed the next step beyond that with Tigers officials, he said he could probably be ready to return on Friday after a day to rest his arm.

Manager Brad Ausmus was noncommittal on such a timetable, though that isn’t unusual for him given the way rehab stints for Justin Verlander and Bruce Rondon hit obstacles.

“It could be one [rehab appearance],” Ausmus said Tuesday. “We’ll see how it goes.”

Ausmus has steered clear of questions about the closer role for the past several days. That included his postgame press conference Monday night after Joakim Soria wrapped up his fifth save in as many opportunities with a perfect ninth inning.

“We’ll worry about that when Nathan comes back,” said Ausmus, who said last week in Pittsburgh that the plan was for Nathan to return from the DL as the closer.

The time might be coming up this weekend.

Nathan said he has been very happy with his recovery from an injury that has given other relievers more lingering problems.

“From a lot of the history with this injury, it’s a big question mark. It could take a long time,” Nathan said. “Flexor injuries before, from the guys that I’ve known that have had them, can tend to linger on for quite a bit. Credit to the training staff and patience. We did the right thing when we needed to, and hopefully we’re on the tail end of it now.

“I don’t want to say we’re out of the woods by any means. We still have bruising and stuff to deal with. But from where it was to now, it’s very minor.”


Keep him OFF

I don’t think there is one person, other than Joe Nathan, that wants to see him pitch in Detroit again.

Maybe they will trade him. Or they will give him away for FREE

Tiger’s hitters have seen a total of 15 pitches in 2 innings. Not good.


One of the best 1B on the game fooled by a second year player

continuing to waste opportunities.

Squandered opportunities. ….and now our famed pen.

Ian Krol’d.

Well… time.

Or should I say infamous pen.

Wings win…..they showed up tonight.

Lobstein is a HS pitcher, throwing with luck. No location, not overpowering, no separation with 86-80 and no out-pitch. The rotation needs a boost in the event of injury, which will happen again even if JV gets back ok.

hey the tigers are going to win tonight, too

No chance. BP for the Yanks is too good to overcome at this stage.

Heck, they won’t even use their big guy in the ninth.

Nick has become more reliable, a good thing. But, he has virtually no range.

Why is V-Mart out there? He needs to heal to help the team. He presently has very little power and clogs bases when he gets on. See last night’s game when JD had to get in a pickle at the direction of Omar to score him from second on a deeply hit ball.

V-Mart is out there because he put himself in the lineup, of course!

Really? And if so, is that a good thing?

naw i don’t know but it sure seems like the players making big bucks are running the clubhouse. nathan closing, vmart playing…


Yep. Miller couldn’t throw strike 4.

ugh, jose.

At least they made it interesting.

Or torturous?

Nick has developed a habit of diving at balls he des not need to. Very often he will make the dive but the ball around his armpits and not finger tips. Tends to make him look good but not very effective.
I think he is going to learn.

I don’t think he gets there if he stays up. No lateral quickness. He just needs to be reliable defensively and then pound the ball when he hits. He does that and then he is a valuable piece.

No team wins when its pitchers give 9 free passes. No team wins when it grounds into 4 DP’s, with most coming at the top or middle of the order. No team wins when you have to use 4 Bulls in the same inning. The WS game last Sat was a whooping; this was an embarrassment. In spite of this, I saw three things that I liked:
1. Avila had two solid AB’s. He really needs to focus on driving the ball to left center and left.
2. For a five(Spot Starter),and a weak five at that, the Lobster kept us in the game; that’s all you can ask for.
3. A guy with one knee had a great 10 pitch AB for a walk. We know what he can do with both legs.
Julio was game on, as well as Gose; he did misjudge the one fly; if that’s the worst he does, we will be fine. Ian and Miggy gave us nothing tonight. At least, we still are in first place, and the Price is right is on the mound tomorrow. Still, a fun team to watch this year.


Nick Castellanos, DRS: 2. Iglesias: 3

that was the pen we were expecting, I for one am thrilled it has not had many meltdowns. Lobstein kept us in the game, thought he did a fine job. Kinsler had a chance to do something a few times last night and hit into double plays. On the Nathan subject – it figures he is coming to Toledo since I am going to Thursdays game – geez

The wet ball did not help Al Quadratic. Hardy made his case
One of the DP was just luck, the ball was shot to Eovaldi´s glove

One way to handle the Nathan situation when he’s ready is to “ease him back in” by using him in non-closing situations and then just………kind……..of……..leave……it…..that……..way……….

Exactly Rich. Last night, for instance, would have been the perfect game to give him 1-2 innings. See what he does. Late inning holds whether behind or ahead should be his role, that role only changing should Soria struggle or get injured. Right now the closer role is for Soria to lose not for Nathan to win. There is a clear distinction there. Would have to believe BA has made that decision. Nathan knows it too. Is he on board?

Will be interesting to see how Nathan fits back into the bullpen. Hopefully, we do not see drama, hear excuses, or watch our team lose in the 9th due to BA making a poor “closer” choice. The fans can only sit back and watch this unfold, it might be a bumpy ride.

clearly the Nathan situation could have been handled that way….unless…..Ausmus already said it’s Nathan’s job when he comes back! dangit Ausmus!

there seems to be a deep seated ire for Joe Nathan in the Tiger superfan’s psyche

No ire on my part. I just want ol’ Joe to contribute and I think it should be as a situational reliever.

Well not at all apparently. He left his rehab start with an injury.

good news out of the Nathan rehab! lol. Woody – if someone made a disrespectful gesture towards you off on television — you’d have some ire for that person, maybe? Or if they threw the rookie under the bus?

IMO it’s like this: if you aren’t performing but can man up about it…then fine, no problems. BUT if reacting poorly to criticism…then you gotta go.

While some are rejoicing over Nathan’s injury issues, the Tigers have to find a reliever since it won’t be Joe, at least for now. Counting on Rondon is hazardous.

Easier and cheaper to find a setup than a closer

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