Verlander throws 45-pitch simulated game

Verlander 005

Justin Verlander threw 45 pitches over three innings in a simulated game Wednesday afternoon at PNC Park. What it means for his chances of pitching in an actual game soon remains to be seen. 

Manager Brad Ausmus said a day earlier that Verlander was expected to throw four innings of about 15 pitches each, possibly longer if he felt good. Verlander said the session ended earlier due to shoulder fatigue, not pain.

Verlander threw all his pitches, including the curveball early, though he didn’t throw any in his third and final inning once he felt fatigue. The curveball was the pitch on which he strained his right triceps nearly three weeks ago, and he didn’t resume throwing it until his last bullpen session Sunday in Cleveland.

Verlander 002Between simulated game work, long-tossing and warmups, Verlander estimated he threw the ball about 80 times. Whether it’s fatigue or something else, it would seem unlikely that the outing would be his final hurdle before rejoining the Tigers rotation.

Kyle Lobstein filled Verlander’s rotation spot Sunday against the Indians, pitching five innings of three-run ball despite eight hits. Detroit pushed back that rotation spot for this weekend’s series against the White Sox at Comerica Park, moving up Anibal Sanchez and Shane Greene to pitch on normal rest this weekend.

Detroit will need a fifth starter no later than next Tuesday against the Yankees, also at Comerica Park. Assuming Verlander isn’t ready, Lobstein would most likely fill the spot once again.

Verlander seemingly had his velocity going against a trio of Tigers hitters — utility infielders Andrew Romine and Hernan Perez, along with bullpen catcher John Murrian. He also threw a decent number of sliders.
Verlander had been sitting down between innings to simulate the game process of cooling down and warming up again. After striking out Murrian to end his third inning, however, he went back in without a wait.


what a bummer

You are a lazy Douche talking crap from behind a keyboard in your parent’s basement .

c’mon again? perhaps a more substantiated comment would be nice….

this isn’t MLive you know…

I’ve had it with the whole JV fiasco. He’s just turning soft and wants to justify picking up his paycheck and taking it to the Tigers. No visible pain when this phantom injury occurred. No tests to verify an injury. Never seems to be healing and probably never will. It’s all in his head and he doesn’t want to face the fact that he’s scared his career is heading south. I don’t see how he can look at himself in the mirror every morning. Feel free to hand this to him and tell him to prove me wrong.
It just really torques me because I was one of his most ardent supporters when he struggled through last year. I had high hopes for his recovery this spring from the core muscle surgery which kept him from developing fully last year. I feel guilty for even saying these things but the whole situation simply appears suspect.
What a convenient excuse this will provide if he can’t get his game back on track.


WTF dude? Fiasco? JV strains his throwing arm and misses 1, maybe 2 starts and it’s a “fiasco”? What would you like him to do–ignore the injury and do serious damage to himself so that the Tigers are then on the hook for completely damaged goods for the rest of his contract?

What would give you any reason to say that this injury is “all in his head?” Have you examined him personally? Are you a doctor? A sports injury specialist? Do you have any qualifications at all?

Good grief.

That can’t be good huh?

Shoulder fatigue? I’m still mad at him for not showing up for Opening Day.

Another example of the Carl Pavano Curse. And of course Barry Zito comes to mind; Sabathia and on and on. It is the downside of baseball business today; position players/ 5 or 6 years; you might survive it. Anything above three for a pitcher is playing with fire. For our sake, I hope JV recovers. Welcome the comments also redman, but a little courtesy doesn’t cost a whole lot.

Whatever hitting prowess the Tigers had in the 1st two series is disappeared and that includes Miguel

Thank you very much, your blog commenting lists are great help to me in building inbound links to my blog.

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