Nathan starts long-tossing, Rondon still on hold

Joe Nathan wasn’t expected to pick up a baseball for at least a week after his elbow flexor strain. A week has passed. So after Justin Verlander threw his simulated game at PNC Park early Wednesday afternoon, Nathan was spotted in the outfield long-tossing, up to 120 feet.

“It’s nothing to write home about,” Nathan said, “but for the first time playing catch, it came out of my hand better than I thought. The ball was really carrying today. It felt easy, too. I wasn’t trying to jump on anything. It was just kind of floating through and getting there with ease.

“Not getting too excited about it, but the first session went according to plan.”

That puts him on a path towards a return, though that’s still a little ways out. He’ll continue playing catch this week with the possibility of a mound session at some point this weekend, then more work next week. That, in turn, puts Nathan on a path towards returning to the Tigers bullpen, where Joakim Soria has filled in skillfully at closer.

Asked if Nathan will retake the closer role upon return, manager Brad Ausmus said, “That’s the plan. We’ll see what happens, but that’s the plan. The most important thing, obviously, is to get him back. Our bullpen is stronger with Joe in it.”

Bruce Rondon, meanwhile, is not throwing again yet. He was playing catch at some point last week, then was held back for treatment over the weekend. He has not yet resumed throwing.

“He’s scheduled to pick up a ball Friday,” Ausmus said of Rondon, who opened the season on the 15-day DL with biceps tendinitis.

Asked what that might entail, Ausmus said, “They told me he’d pick up a ball, so I can’t tell you. He might pick it up and put it right back down.”


Nathan can take as long as he wants before returning……the longer, the better.

Soria, a real closer. A set-up is needed

Hey Jason. After that game you’re trying to get us going:-)

9 games. 8-1. Never would have believed it. Greene and Simon both 2-0 with 2 shutouts in a row. Soria already 4 saves. He is going to have to be an easy-going guy with Ausmus still saying Joe is the closer. Hoping VMart gets it together. Where is Cespedes’ power? Casty only hits in non-stressful situations?Miggy iggy Ian and JD very good. Gose-Davis platoon good. They need JV Price and Anibal to pick it up.

Price??? Be serious. He has had 2 starts and has pitched 14 1/3 innings without allowing an earned run.

1. Not a single lead off batter made it to first base.
2. It sounds like a recording, but no walks or errors leaves the Pirates scrapping to get on base.
3. The Sherzer- less Tigers are pitching just fine. I saw potential in Greene last year, when we didn’t touch him in two starts for the Yanks.

After watching the first nine games, I’m here to register a complaint about…………..nothing.

If the Tigers keep winning like this we will NEED two closers. Just kidding. Why can’t BA just have Nathan setup until (or if) Soria needs help and Joe looks better? e can use the injury as an excuse.

that’s the best option….

i have gotten the feeling joe was a good teammate. never, not once. that’s why he can’t set up.


hey! 4 tigers pitchers are listed on espn’s cy young predictor page.

Cy Green – even ESPN knows about him now!

I stepped away briefly after the top of the 9th, when I returned I saw the last pitch from Soria. I was amazed. Not only is he getting saves, he is so effective that it must have a positive effect on the team (not to mention the fans). When Nathan returns, why not put him in the 8th inning role?

I don’t understand the negative comments about Castellenos I keep seeing. His defense is much improved and he is a hitter. I know he hit into a couple DPs in Pittsburgh, but no one has hit well in that series. We did face their 1-3 starters. Castellanos is not a concern, at all.

Regarding Nick, part of the problem is expectations for him were set very high. Another is that Nick hit MLB when his game still needed refining, especially on defense. Consequently, Nick is a work in progress and continues to get on-the-job training.

If Brad is going to put Nathan back in the closer role after the excellent job Soria is doing he better get ready for some harsh comments. I got tired of Leyland’s…….”he’s my guy and I’m sticking with him” mentality. We don’t need Brad to do the same. Go with the winner and that’s Soria. 2015 = World Series ring or bust!!!!!

Yes, whatever happened to sticking with the hot hand? Of course, Soria can’t close every game so a 2nd closer might be needed. See how Nathan handles that before handing him the job outright. Ausmus seems to be suffering from a Leyland brain cramp.
Speaking of brain cramps, see what Robinson Cano pulled. A real Boehner.

Re Nathan, Brad said what he had to say at the time. It’s just how it works. His comments to the media/public is not necessarily what he’s thinking. Let’s wait and see what happens.

Davis was signed to platoon and ended as regular with good numbers at bat and good defense. He is a veteran but a new guy, Gose, came and took his spot before ST
After a pretty bad half season, the Tigers traded to good prospects for Soria who was allowed to rust and then rushed into a game. Nathan , whit only half season more than Soria cant be moved without hurting his feelings and disrupting the clubhouse because he is veteran
So Rajai´s feelings does not matter? He is a veteran but the clubhouse has no problem with his demotion but it will have a problem with the demotion of Nathan?

where did you get the impression that anyone in the club house not named joe nathan would be upset or disrupted? he isn’t a big enough person to take a set up role. that’s the only issue here.

I remember not long ago we couldn’t sign Benoit because we didn’t want to pay a setup man 8MM. Now we want a 10MM set up man…but probably won’t even get it. DOH!

Will McCann, finally, receive the opportunity to play consecutive games? They cant expect him to hit well rusting on the bench

Tigers PR
Lineup vs. CWS: Gose 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, J. Martinez 9, Cespedes DH, Castellanos 5, Avila 2, Iglesias 6, Davis 7. Price starts

was he ever healthy!?

Frustrating. On tw counts. We wee 2 inches from two runs.
And Kinsler could have at least scored one with intelligent base-running. He was standing 15 feet before 2nd base—he should have been two steps beyond 2nd base. Would have scored easily. Kinsler can be brilliant on the bases and at times, a little dense.

Geez- anopther base-running blunder. Nobody out and Miggy coming up and Rajai goes on contact?

Casty is much better if he stays on his feet. He often dives for balls that he does not need to extednd for.
Boy Price is incredible today—his team needs to get him some. He is out-pitching Samar at lelst in terms of hard hit balls.

I hope Price likes Detroit as much as we like him. I’d love to see him stay.

waaaaaaaiiiit….why the HECK is A FRIDAY game being played while the 99% are still at work? uuuggghhhh!

Come on Tigers, win this in the 9th. I want to get back to my yard work.


Wow, how sweet was that? Price & Soria….how can you beat that combo?

Did Ventura wait too long to challenge?
Seemed clearly out but that ump was in perfect position.
The home plate ump was extremely good today.
Avila won that game with his bunt–also his game calling.
BUT, if he can bunt like that in that kind of pressure situation why doesn’t he bunt for hits against the shift/

That was the strangest play. I thought for sure he was out after the replay.

That was a great bunt that Avila laid down . Too often we see guys in the big league that just cant bunt . Seems easy it’s not . As for Ventura he waited too long to request the appeal .

Kudos to Ausmus for leaving Castellanos in the game in the ninth. He made a nice play at third in the top half, a clutch lead off hit in the bottom half…a blind ump, beautiful bunt, and clutch single later and we got away with a W. I’m sure that’s not exactly what Ausmus was thinking but it works. Jeff

It was a tie game . BA wanted Nick to hit. That’s why he left him in. Then he subbed Nick out for Romine for baserunning purposes and to play defense if the rally didn’t work out. All ended well and kudos to BA.

That was payback for Hawk. I finally switched from MLV-TV in the fourth the the MLB app. he was really nauseating today. It’s hard to fathom that our last three starters are 24 innings with a single run. It’s scary, but let’s ride it while we can. Julio looked lethargic in all 4 AB’s today. If Rags doesn’t take off on the Kinsler swing, Ian might have beaten it out. Quite a rally killer. Samwhat’s his name was very good today. Three things stood out in today’s game:
1. As a big time pitcher, DP truly has great command of his fastball.
2. Igloo’s winning hit, especially being sown 0-2 in the count.
3. As Dan said, the Avila bunt was picture perfect; if he could hit .240 consistently, his other talents would warrant him as a top notch catcher.
Sale Vs. Sanchez tomorrow! Can we keep this pitching thing going? Stay tuned, and enjoy the ride.

interesting info from jason’s white sox colleague, scott merkin.

merkin tweeted that the video crew said nick was safe. so no challenge, ventura goes back in. then when ventura came out second time it was too late b/c we had already switched romine for nick, so the play was dead.

you missed a good game jason. hope its for rest & relaxation reasons!

Tomorrow is Binoculars Day at Comerica Park, Tiger fans, so remember to bring yours.

Sign Price NOW. He eats innings. Price goes deep and saves the Tigers from the BP. Any additional cost for him is worth it. Price is only going to become costlier with time.

Ventura botched the game for them.

He sure did almost hard to wonder hat his thinking was . Tigers got a huge break !!

Smardjah got caught watching the space launch hehe

Davis cf, Kinsler 2b, Cabrera 1b, Martinez dh, Martinez, J.D. rf, Cespedes lf, McCann c, Perez 3b, Iglesias ss

The Tigers are going to slow Justin Verlander down, Brad Ausmus said. He’s not going to pick up a baseball until Sunday.

Your previous reports about JV’s type of injury and possible recovery time now look pretty solid, unfortunately.

Anibal is still serving up home runs. They will have to battle against Sale.

Sale is one of the best in the game


Foul tip

But for today and the last game he pitched, Anibal is definitely not “one of the best.” Is it time for his annual trip to the DL already?

On a side note, I have to watch Gameday here. I don’t think I have ever seen such crazy pitches labeled on this site. A pitch at the waist is called a ball in the dirt? The first strike called on Miggy in his second at-bat nearly hit him? And so many other weird calls. Is it the umpire or is it Gameday?

just got home 6th in inning 12-2. What’s up with Anibal? Two games now he’s been bad….hurt..tipping pitches or did he just STINK?

An abberation, just like today’s weather?

Aberrations don’t usually last 2 days

Anibal is smart and talented. He’ll figure it out.
How long before we see Kyle Ryan, Buck Farmer and Alex Wilson?
I don’t see Hardy lasting long. Lobstein is a question mark and is here because he is a southpaw and Joba and/or Joblo can’t be counted on.

For that matter the guy I am watching this year is in “A” ball–Joe Jiminez.

If Anibal keeps going the way he has lately, the hitters at the A-S HR Derby contest will be asking him to pitch.

McCosky: Nathan could come back next week.

Since 2013 season, not impressed with Sanchez as he has spurts of effectiveness then has terrible innings of multiple runs (home runs). Hardy is not ready for prime time yet! Get the bad game out of your system every 10 games would be a nice season. Bounce back on Sunday!

Sánchez was the AL leader in ERA, 2013
And had the best FIP in 2014 among the Tigers starters
4 HR so far, 4 in 126 IP in 2014
6 perfect innings and then the HR. Today, a misplay in CF and he lost concentration and then he went down
Probable cause, a mechanic issue. Of course, ST was the time to check the video for it.
BTW:He had two bad outing after being traded before helping the Tigers to clinch. One bad games plus one bad inning are not the end of the world

5 HRs in his last 2 starts. And 2 multi-HR games in a row. He stinks right now and needs to get the ball down, per his own admission.

ElT: I’m just saying that 2014 he was not in synch (injuries/rain outs) the entire season and had an average year for Sanchez after a solid 2013! In Spring Training 2015, he seemed to regain his 2013 command early but, then gave up several HR’s towards the end of ST. He has not been the consistent SP we need as a #2/#3 yet! The TIG’s do need him to win 15+ games and eat innings this year!

Maybe this is just payback for “stealing” one yesterday. Go Tigers!!!!

1. Four solid Innings from our bullpen.
2. Cabrera’s good AB in the first to drive in Rags.
3. Defense still holding/Gose makes another great catch.
Mark this one up as never meant to be. Every teams goes through these types of games. Somewhat disappointed in Sanchez. It almost looked like batting practice in the fourth. Time to take the series. KC loses.

I just told myself…eh, i don’t even feel like watching the game – I know we lost (I saw the score)….I’ll just go see what Greg said and call it a game.

your onto something ElT. anibal gave up HRs in his last two ST outings too. so this may have been going on since march 29, but b/c it was ST, it was written off as insignificant.
& makes sense that its mechanical because his first game of the season went well.

time for jeff jones to work his magic so we can have our old sanchez back!

Today: Davis cf, Kinsler 2b, Cabrera 1b, Martinez dh, Martinez, J.D. rf, Cespedes lf, Castellanos 3b, McCann c, Iglesias ss

I watched the whole game yesterday. The first thing I noticed early on is that Anibal shook off signs from the catcher early on. Maybe he knew his fastball wasn’t where he wanted it to be. Also, it was a good time to watch the BP guys as most of them haven’t pitched in quite awhile. JD just missed a big HR. Go Tigers! Let’s win the series!

V-Mart is hurt.

The White Sox replay showed him hobbling on his right knee immediately following his cut on his single.

April in the D. Yup!


From the right side, Victor can hit. But not run…

Victor just got his 3rd hit. In an 8 run ball game can somebody please tell me why he is NOT being pinch run for (considering his physical condition)?

I thought they’d take him out while he was standing on 2nd base. You can see he has his left knee wrapped. He looks like he has trouble walking let alone running the bases. They say it’s the top of his knee he’s tweaked, but that whole knee is a mess.

At any rate take him out while he can still walk .

His right knee was bothering him today, not his left one.

I wonder how much it would take to sign Cespedes?

Nice work by Castellanos.

After scoring only 12 runs in the last 5 games, the Tigers’ offense woke up today against a pretty good pitcher in Quintana who doesn’t seem to be another Sale. Hope this is a warm-up for the Yankees.

Perez warming. DH

Avila PH-DH. An unusual move by a manager who is traditionally concerned about an injury to a starting catcher.

V-mart may be hurting but not bad enough that he couldn’t hit. 3-for-3 and an RBI. If he can heal soon maybe the power will return also. Seems like he had a slow start last year, too.

no more days-off for the rest of the month. maybe brad should let gose&davis alternate as DH for a few days to let victor heal more.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong cause I don’t see players as often as the rest of you. Angel’s build reminds me of Zumaya and Rondon. Right?

I reviewed V-Mart’s first AB on Chicago’s Comcast archive. It is at minutes 31 thru 34 and includes a profile replay. I could be wrong, but it sure looked to me like his right knee buckled on him. Otherwise, he was desperately favoring his left knee and finished his swing awkwardly on his backside in compensation for it.

1. Four double plays, and of different varieties.
2. Not only hits for the guys, but lots of extra base hits.
3. Krol’s fastball looks better with each outing.
Bring on ARod. I like our team this year. Defense is “top dog”.


KC won in bottom 8th. Thought maybe Tigers could get a 2-game lead on them. Porcello 8 runs in 5 innings. Sorry to hear that.

me too – love Ricky

The way Ausmus is using VMart is a mistake.
Why on earth would they NOT have Verlander take an MRI?
Will Soria have to reduce his ERA to under 1.00 in order to get even considered as closer?
J.D. and Miguel are tied with Anthony Gose in stolen bases.
Apparently Gose needs to get on more. Hard to do sitting the bench when he is only hitting over .390 and snatching everything hit between J.D. and Cespedes.
Does it seem the Tigers “press” a little more when playing at Comerica?
Hernan Perez seems very redundant at this point.
Castellanos really does look better defensively.
Does management really think Hardy and Ryan are viable sefties at the Major League level?

a) Vmart should be batting lower in the order until he’s ready to bat behind THE MIGG
b) I know the usage of GOSE also seems awful..but who do you want less of?
c) Tigers used to do better at COPA…at least offensively
d) Perez is redundant….but then how do you solve the problem and even use to change it? AND DON’T say another OUTFIELDER.
e) Casty does look better you’re right…i think it’s footwork, familiarity, etc. and a guy name jose.

I mean “Lefites”!! (not sefties)

Thought you had a new term there for leftie/selfie’s.

I do, at least in the Detroit bullpen: “Leftovers”!

at least we’re getting our CLOOGY back soon

One morning (what do you mean it’s afternoon?) thought: Our “adorable underdog” Royals seem to be turning into a gang of paranoid punks. They’ve learned to win, now learn to behave appropriately.

re: the royals…..I am still tipping my cap to the way they treated our organization during the “Miguel Triple Crown” thing. It’s the A’s that I’m not a fan of – they’re fans should be kept in the zoo!

I was referring to the KC field personnel, not the organization or fans, both of which are top notch.

AH word yes

Turns out Verlander had an MRI on Thursday and all it did was confirm what they already new.

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