Tigers season-opening streak ends at 32 innings without an earned run

The Tigers’ season-opening streak of scoreless innings ended Thursday with an unearned run. Their streak of innings without an earned run stayed intact long enough Friday to reach record territory.

Not until the Indians put up five consecutive hits in a three-run sixth inning off Alfredo Simon Friday did the Tigers finally yield an earned run. That ended their season-opening streak of 32 innings without one, tying the modern Major League record established by the St. Louis Cardinals to begin the 1963 season.

The Cardinals’ stretch was also the shutout streak the Tigers were aiming for until Joe Mauer scored with help from a Yoenis Cespedes error in Thursday’s season-opening series finale against the Twins. Detroit became the third team in Major League history to go three games without an earned run allowed to begin a season.

The other team was the 1943 Reds, who went 31 innings into their season without an earned run allowed.

“It doesn’t happen often,” manager Brad Ausmus said. “It occasionally happens. It rarely happens at the beginning of the season. That’s why it’s more noticeable.”

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it was a fun streak. just keep having fun, fellas. and doing everything right.

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