First pitch scheduled for 4:40pm

  The window has finally arrived. It might only last for a few hours before the storms arrive, but they’re going to try to get this one in. Lineups remain the same from this morning.


The price of beer/food should be reduced when they force people to hang out at the ball park for hours like this. It’s bad enough the prices are nearly tops in the MLB.

Do you know what the paid attendance was for today? It will be interesting to see how many fans are left for the game.

Nick just cannot buy a hit. How many LOB does he have now?

Wow! Miggy goes from 1st to 3rd on a single. After his foot/leg problems that is encouraging. I had just wondered why VMart couldn’t score from 3rd on a fly ball to the outfield in the 1st inning. Not deep enough? I can’t see the game here.

Neither I but Miguel was second in MLB from first to second ,two years ago? before Fielder ? because VMart was unable to go to second with a would be 2B

Another great win. They certainly did go Greene today. Almost another shutout.
The only run the Twins got in 3 games was unearned. Cleveland will be more difficult. It may help if Brantley is still not playing. First test for Simon and Lobstein.

Very strong start by the Starting staff with a 0.00 ERA and that’s without JV, Max & Porcello although against an overmatched Twins team! It will be a dogfight with the Royals this season as we are both 3-0 and send Minny & the Pale Hose to 0-3 in our division. Cleveland and the Pirates will be a better indication of our pitching depth and how they play on the road. Go TIGs!!

Three things I really liked about today’s game:
1. Green is a really nice color.
2. Gose can fly like a goose.
3. Julio is no fake.

Burt Blylevin couldn’t stop running his mouth on Twitter today did you all see that? Trashing Detroit not once but twice and when he was asked about it during a rain delay said said we should go F??? Ourselves? Suprised me

Three nice wins this week . Tigers have to really be prepared for the Tribe . Things will not be like the series they just finished .

While I assume Miggy and Vmart are still rounding into form….and of course JV being down right now……..the 3 wins are quite welcome

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