Verlander to 15-day DL, Lobstein starts Sunday

As expected, Justin Verlander isn’t starting Sunday. Kyle Lobstein is. The Tigers are hoping that’s the only start Verlander will miss. His triceps strain, however, is an injury that has already lingered longer than anyone anticipated.

“We’re not going to put him out there until he’s 100 percent, especially at this point in the season,” manager Brad Ausmus said.

Verlander’s trip to the 15-day DL became official on Wednesday. It’s backdated to March 29, two days after he left his spring training start against the Blue Jays with a right triceps cramp. It’s now classified as a strain, and while the soreness isn’t enough to lead to an MRI or other follow-up tests, it’s putting a cramp into Verlander’s rehab process.

“Early on, it was kind of grabby, I guess,” Verlander said. “Right now, it’s just kind of achy. It just gets tired quickly.”

On Sunday, it was apparently grabby, which limited Verlander during his bullpen session in Lakeland. That led to a postponement of Verlander’s scheduled session facing hitters.

“It just kind of grabbed me a little bit,” Verlander said. “The next day it was sore, which was why I wasn’t able to [face hitters] on Tuesday. Obviously, if I was sore the day after throwing a bullpen like that, it was probably not the smartest move to go right back out there and try to pitch in a game on Tuesday. So that is what set everything back a little bit.”

Verlander threw long-toss Tuesday instead and felt fine, then flew to Detroit last night. He still has to face hitters before he pitches again, and the Tigers will set up a simulated game for him to do that. For now, though, there’s no schedule for when that would take place.

“Some days are really good. Some days it’s a little cranky,” Verlander said, “but definitely a lot better than it was a few days ago, or a week ago. So, it’s definitely trending in the right direction.

“It’s obviously taking longer than I would like, but it’s just one of those things where you can’t really speed up the process. You’ve just gotta wait until you’re ready.”

Ideally, Verlander could return at some point next week. Ausmus did not rule out next week’s Interleague series at Pittsburgh, but he noted that the off-day next Thursday after that series gives them flexibility.


sure wish he wasn’t someone else’s problem and we could have moved forward with Max and/or David. Not that when we resigned him I wasn’t excited….but hindsight is 20/20

was, not wasn’t

I have been pointing out his now 34K pitches ( including postseason) and his 120 plus pitches games.Still, I like the contract. A full career without injuries ( dead arm in his first season but ) is impossible for a player. The jury is still out

Nolasco missed badly but Cespedes did not have the eyes on the ball. His head ended the other way
That is why Avila cant hit second. No way he scores

Nice 3rd inning. Wish Gose and/or Castellanos could have gotten his first hit of the season. Hope the long sit doesn’t throw Anibal’s rhythm off. As it is I can’t expect him to shut out the Twins for the second game in a row.

Man it’s fun to watch a team that can run. Nice hit by Gose! Is Iggy as fast as he looks? Jeff

My friend who is a Twins fan came by the office to watch the first couple innings….he left pretty sad. Gunna be a long season for him.

The Twins did Gardenhire a favor by letting him go. That is not a good club.

How about that Iggy with 3 hits already! And Gose, this is going to be a fun year!

Gose, Iggy and Avila are all glove-first players. If they each hit at least .250, the big bats will take care of the rest offensively. My concern is the pitching. Rotation depth and bullpen quality are issues yet to be settled.

The offense is as good as advertised

Hunter´s former player curse is working the wrong way

Suggestion for Casty. Get a “baseball player’s” cap. Scrap the skateboard cap. Give it to Joba.
Be a ball player.

don’t let it get to you. trying to get the kids to look as they should is a fools errand.

Starting pitching so far no runs allowed for 15 innings.

The bad call took him out of the game

Good day for Nesbitt debut. He will be on National TV here

Now we’ll see what the bullpen looks like.

Nerves were killing him

Iggy looks like Ruth and Gose looks like Gehrig. The pitching staff looks to be full of Cy Young candidates. Dreaming of 162-0 and playing the Twins each and every game this season. Gotta love it when things roll this way because trying times will come.

A laugher. Let’s not get too used to it.

I had some good (and poor) opinions of Ausmus’ moves the other day.
He gets a pass today for sure but the realy good move was letting Gose swing away early in the game with men on 1st & 2nd and nobody out. The Tigs were ahead 3 zip at the time and a bunt with the speedy Gose would have been in order–Ausmus let him swing. Good move. yes good result, but also a good move.

Alex, Iggy….both looking pretty good……super glad to hear it…..

Bullpen looked good. Now it’s time to go Greene. Then who has the weekend vs Cleveland? Simon, Price, Lobstein?

Joe Nathan to the DL.

This could mean Nathan is gone for a very long time . At his age we might not see him again on the mound .

Well, there goes my “Let’s go Joe, you got this” approach. I have a feeling he won’t return from this injury.

Still undefeated Evan. That glimpse on Monday became today’s reality. We might have ourselves a ball club. I know it’s the Twinks; it’s Nalasco, not Sell, but on the diamond, these guys have some moxy. Twenty four hours ago, would you have believed that AA would lead the majors in walks and OBP? Would you have even imagined that the Igloo would be a hitting machine?? Kinsler for MVP? Gose for mayor ? Sure is fun, and enjoy while we can. so many great things from today; Here are my three things to like:
1. Playing the game in real time; no shuck, no jive. these guys went out and played nine solid innings of baseball.
2. No heroes needed. I see the making of a real team here. Yes, we need Miguel and VMart. But if all contribute when needed, no hero needs to emerge. Just the Tigers will do.
3. Sanchez was pitching today like a batting practice machine. The only difference is that the Twins couldn’t hit the ball. We really forget how much pitching talent this dude has.
Time to get Nick going; VMart will be fine. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Green Jeans tomorrow. Wow!

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