Torii Hunter: Joe West “had dinner reservations”

Torii Hunter was in a pretty good mood when Monday started. After seriously contemplating retirement at season’s end, he was back with the Twins, making his return to Comerica Park, and batting cleanup behind Joe Mauer.

He was less pleased by game’s end. While Brad Ausmus’ move to pull David Price for Joe Nathan drew its share of critiquing among the sellout crowd of 45,030, Nathan’s game-ending strikeout drew a heavy amount of second-guessing from Hunter, who was called on a check swing by plate umpire Joe West without an appeal to first.

“I think he had dinner reservations or a concert to play in,” Hunter said. “That was terrible. All I ask, everybody asks, we come out and do our job every day. That’s what I do, I come ready to play, do my job, I battle at the plate. We ask you to do your job as well. And Joe West needs to do his job. And he didn’t do it well.”

It was a slider from Nathan, and a pretty decent one at that. He got a first-pitch swing and miss from Hunter on a fastball, registered at 94 on the Comerica Park radar gun, and worked his way off the plate.

“I thought he swung, so I said he swung,” West told a pool reporter. “They’re all great players, and any time you get called out at the end of the game on something like that, they’re going to be upset, so I understand that.”

Also, West said he did not have dinner reservations.


oh torii – be real – it was borderline

torii needs glasses me thinks

Porcello extension for 82.5

Being an extension: 95/5

“I noticed early on that they put a tremendous amount of thought and attention into doing everything the right way — meticulously detailed scouting reports, a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable training staff, state of the art facilities …”
“What really sold me on the idea of staying here for many more years was the people. Players here work their tails off and are on a daily mission to win”
So , the Tigers do not have that. He talks like someone who nwver saw anything like that
“From what I have been told, there’s no better place to win than in Boston.”

But ignored Scherzer´s advice

might be reading too much into his comments. nothing overtly negative about Tigers in that.

those are some strong words from Rick. i look forward to seeing him on the mound with our fellas to bat.

Rick received very nice extension money for one solid but unspectacular season. What does that make Price worth? Lock him up when it is still possible.

Rick Porcello or Yoenis Cespedes.
Time will tell but we got an EVERYday LFer.
How important is that in Tiger Land?

Price is probably lost to FA….imo. Yoenis too. JD gets locked up…

Jays re-signed Santiago after saving the 100 K bonus

those guys are ruthless! i hate the jays!!

They will pay him while on DL for no less than two months

Toronto GM likes to scour the waiver wire and shuffle the 40 man more than most

He was with the Jays. Brooke his neck collar and was released to avoid paying him 100 K . Now, they re-signed him and will pay him way rehabiliting

I don’t have a problem with any of Porcello’s comments, he is free to speak his mind. But, Mr. I might not be happy. And show me a player that doesn’t praise his new team. I will miss Rick and wish him well.

Torii is treading dangerous waters with that comment about Joe West publicly. It was borderline for sure, and I understand in the heat of the moment barking at Country Joe, but putting out comments like that to reporters will never do you any good.

I thought had a legit beef … it wasn’t a swing and it was clearly a ball

And while T. Hunt was discussing Country Joe’s culinary plans, it’s worth noting that Joe Nathan threw a 94 mph fastball and several sliders that were disappearing.

many encouraging signs on opening day and Nathan’s brief outing near top of list. Iglesias stealing 2 bases+infield hit and Avila going yard opposite are right there too.

looked like a swing to me. Joe should have asked the 1st base ump though. Torii struck out looking earlier in the game as well. Show some class Torii.

i agree why not just appeal to the base ump, considering the game situation.

well because he is country joe, of course! That still doesn’t give torii an excuse to act like a child after the game to the media.

Funny, it is a common expression here, even on TV. But from a player .. that is a first

Cubs-Cardinals rain-out. Extra time to wash down the walkways? More time to move in the Big Johns?

or slap price tags on catheters [sic]

I just can’t believe they didn’t bring in at least 50 porta-potty’s. Were they too cheap?>

Torii has always been over-rated as far as being a “class-act”.
Last year it was the homosexuality gaffe. There have been other misguided public comments.

was opening day this year a debut of joe nathan’s new role? The coveted CLOOGY??? CLoser Of One GuY? I think we may have found a role Nathan can really excel in!

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