Opening Day lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

A couple twists in the lineup for Brad Ausmus today: Rajai Davis starts in center field and leads off rather than Anthony Gose, who’s 1-for-11 in his history against Phil Hughes. The other item is Alex Avila, whose numbers off Hughes are worse, batting eighth, with Nick Castellanos moved up to seventh.

Torii Hunter, meanwhile, returns to Comerica Park at the same time he makes his return to the Twins. He’s batting cleanup today for Minnesota, right behind Joe Mauer.

TIGERS (career numbers off Phil Hughes)tigerslogo

  1. Rajai Davis, CF (7-for-26, 4 doubles, walk, 4 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (4-for-23, 2 doubles, triple, 2 walks, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (16-for-34, 4 doubles, 5 HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (7-for-27, 2 doubles, 3 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (3-for-7, double, HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B (2-for-6, 3 K’s)
  8. Alex Avila, C (1-for-15, 7 K’s)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-4, K)

P: David Price

TWINS (career numbers off Price)twinslogo

  1. Danny Santana, SS (3-for-12, double, triple, 7 K’s)
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B (4-for-18, double, 2 HR, walk, 3 K’s)
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B (4-for-23, double, 4 walks, 6 K’s)
  4. Torii Hunter, RF (8-for-23, double, HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  5. Kennys Vargas, DH (1-for-5, walk, K)
  6. Trevor Plouffe, 3B (6-for-12, double, walk, 3 K’s)
  7. Oswaldo Arcia, LF (0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  8. Kurt Suzuki, C (5-for-23, 3 doubles, HR, 10 K’s)
  9. Jordan Schafer, CF (0-for-3)

P: Phil Hughes


well look at that. we made it!

Gose, 1 for 10 vs Hughes

Sorry, I have to read carefully before commenting. It is 1 for 11 as you said

And, good weather, too. I kept keeping my fingers crossed because until yesterday, rain was predicted toaday. Supposed to get up to 62………a regular heat wave for April 6th. I never thought it would get here fast enough. Greg, good to have you back with us.
Lots of before the game “goings on” on FSD so I have already parked myself in my favorite chair and am ready to get this season started. Go Tigers

Why isn’t opening day a National Holiday?

ahhhh pre-game FSD lol…..the DET TIGERS Kool Aid never tastes as sweet as it does on Opening Day!
National Holiday for opening day? I’d be all for it, as it is, I only recently matured to the point where I don’t call off all obligations. On another note, my 7 y.o. daughter starts softball this week and I have my first assistant coaching gig! Pretty excited!

My usual Opening Day comment:
For, lo, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of the singing of birds is come,
And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.


– Bob

It was supposed to be smiley face.
— Bob

Not playing Gose does not make sense to me. The idea was that, yes, he has not YET hit much but that they were putting faith in him to do so—especially against RHP.
Playing Avila on opening against Hughes is totally to be expected despite the low bat avg. Should have been the mindset with Gose too.

Was just going to say the same. The splits in this case is not a good reason.
Questioning the lineup already. 🙂

JV threw off the mound yesterday. The last few pitches were not so good. What does that mean?

Was it 10 or 11 years ago, when Demitri hit those homers. Man those were the days. I had season tickets that year I believe. My car was so crummy I didn’t need to lock it parking in the cass cor.

@DaMeathookYoung: On this date 10 years ago, I tied a Major League record by hitting 3 home runs on Opening Day 2005 against the…

“Phil Hughes has reverse splits,” Ausmus said. “Not only that, but Rajai had a nice year for us, so part of me was glad it was reverse splits. It gave me an excuse to kind of play Raj on opening day. So it was a combination of factors. But the main factor was that Hughes has reverse splits.”
The veteran over the newcomer? If reverse splits were the reason, McCann would be the catcher

Perhaps they should fire Ausmus before the 1st game! AND BRING BACK JIM! *uncontrollable and hysterical laughter erupts*

1-2-3 First Inning. Great start to a new season. Really not liking three guys in the booth. Does Gibby really have to be there?

I listened to the TV broadcast the other day…for fun….and boy i hardly recognized them! I know I’m in the minority —- but I need Jim Price and Dan Dickerson, DAILY!!!

Torii Hunter. What a smile!

J. Deep Martinez!!!!!!!

I like that knickname Evan

i debuted it last year, and everyone seems to like it!

My 3 good things so far is the score!

Alex just said, “split this!”


I guess that’s why Avila is playing? Lol

Here we go!

Free riders stopped the works with lawsuits.

you talking about rooftop owners? because I feel the Cubs signed contracts with those owners……and then backed out like indian-givers


cespedes can get BOOKIN round them bases!!!

Starting to get a feel for why Oakland tanked offensively after trading Cespedes last year. Jeff M.

that’s a decent point.

Will Ausmus pull a JL and leave him go over 10? or will he call the BP?

either way it’s the wrong move or the right move……depending on your view of Brad.

When Price is on his game he is typically very efficient. It’s fun to watch him just go right at hitters…not over-thinking things. Jeff M.

Any day the Tigers can stay away from that bullpen is a banner day! They certainly have a great shot at that on this day. Jeff M

Devon Travis just went yard for the Jays. Good for him.
When Price is on like this, he makes the other team look inept and disinterested. What a joy.
— Bob

Nice play

gotta go get him

As us needs to send himself to the showers. Jeff


No way. It was right call to let him finish. 99 pitches and no stress. He made the right pitch, just hit in the wrong spot. Now we have to hold our breath.
— Bob

a 100 pitches limit allows one 100 pitches. regardless of situation.

he hurts his arm…..season is lost.

1. Price
2. Cespedes
3. Kinsler/JD/Iggy

I won’t expound, , but Price is what you want for your Opening Day pitcher all day, every day.
If Nathan screws this up, maybe then they will get rid of him.

I would have given him one more hitter. Instead we now get Joe “Who?” Jeff

great game though! Look forward to watching it later!

My stars of the game:

Price – exceptional
Cespedes – fun to watch
Tiger Defense – several solid plays to back up Price

Honorable mention: Alex Avila for overcoming the splits against Hughes and Kirk Gibson (lol) for a good game in the booth. It was a little shaky the first couple of innings, but Gibby rebounded like a boss and got some chemistry going a bit. 😄


pretty happy for Alex – hey to be fair – if he has a great season it’s a huge boost to the team!

I agree. If he can just get off to a good start for change it will be a huge boost. The last couple of years he seemed to be under .200 in late April and trying to dig out all season.
— Bob

Great game out of the gate. With only a small running snafu from Iglesias but other than that they sure played great baseball today!! I was terrified to see Nathan come in but he buried those nice slider’s that Torii just couldn’t stay away from (although I’m not really sure Torii didn’t actually check that last swing. He sure was upset with the call).

want to mention that Joe brought his SLIDER to the ball park today. That’s what I needed to see today! Hot d@mn!

Wow! great 1st game to start of 2015. Price was efficient, Cespedes is an athlete (2B, 3B and a great catch), Iggy 2 singles and 2 stolen bases, Avila 2 hits and a solid game as backstop, Kindler 2 hits, J Deep a long ball and Nathan getting Toir on that slider to end it! Pretty good day for starters!!

Watched a nice enjoyable game today from my nice enjoyable chair due to my not nice unenjoyable foot injury. Couldn’t have paced if I’d wanted to.
We got a peek at the defense that’s going to win a bunch of games; it’s the one thing not discussed enough.
My new Nathan approach is “Let’s go, Joe, you got this.” Try it.
I like all the FSD Tigers announcers but two in the booth will work best. Glad that’s how they’ll be doing it.
JK Simmons with the first pitch. I just watched “Whiplash” on Friday night. Excellent movie and a well deserved Oscar.

And now I switch to the Nats game to watch Max pitch opening day.

injury or not, THAT sounds top notch

Well, Evan, no losses this year. What a game of glimpses that we saw today.
Did we see Cy 2015 on the mound today?
Can Julio not put some pop into the opposite field bomb?
Can the Igloo not flat play the coolest defense around?
Is AA the new VMart on going to left field?
Isn’t it nice to have Kinsler as your every day 2 sack?
Can Nicky C make good contact more often to get that run in from third base?
Are we going to have an All star defensive left fielder?
Can Joe—– Well can he?
Three things to particularly like about the game.
1. No free rides for the Twinks. They had to hit their way on.
2. We won handily with no major contributions from the M and M’s.
3. Lead from start to finish.

Nice looking Team. Nice potential. Can you, Joe, Please?

Some things I liked and some I didn’t.
Casty tends to take those called 1st strikes then fouls off a fastball and now into a hole. But, he drove in a HUGE run and was robbed of a hit actually. That was a great at bat, as was the base on balls before that.
Iggy looks like he is going to be linchpin for the team.
Cespedes finally gives the Detroit Tigers an everday, solid, impact left-fielder—finally.
I like Brad’s handling of the 9th but I thought he was wrong to not pinch-run for VMart.
I also thought taking Casty out for D in the 9th was unnecessary and probably not a good decision. The kid should have been rewarded for the efforts he has made in the off-season. Boost his confidence on opening day and a 4 zip lead. If he was concerned about defense then he should have been putting Gose in as well.

Joe West didn’t ask for help on the check swing? What’s up with that? Still, Nathan had some bite today.

SO Hunter with J West help. Back to back outings on consecutive days will reveal thereal Nathan. He is not younger.

Aggresive runing is one thing, reckless running another. The offense will be there and will be better than in 2014

The other thing that was realy nice to see was the way Miggy turned Iggy’s great play in the hole into an out. He is under-rated at 1st IMO.

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